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tv   WNCN Today at 530AM  CBS  February 18, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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-- corr font. we are starting -- corfont. 35 in durham. also in the 20s around rocksbroo and sanford. 39 in clinton and fayette i have. so let's go to your -- fayetteville. wall to wall sunshine but you need a jacket with you. 33 at 8:00 a.m. lunchtime, only looking at 44, and 50 is the afternoon high, no why near as -- nowhere near as warm as we were yesterday. the warmth will return for the weekend ahead. details on that coming up. let's check in with traffic right now if you are heading out the door. this is i-440 and six fort, not a lot going on in this correction. a quiet start to our thursday. if you have to hit the roads, know they're fairly empty. >> let's look at the drive time conditions. i have some speeds on i-40
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rdu this morning, 75 miles per hour. if you are coming in to downtown alae on i-40 you are looking at 6 amiles per hour. more on traffic and weather in about ten minutes. thank you a lot. today state lawmaker also be in raleigh for a special session regarding redistricting. they want to approve a new map that features new congressional districts. that's right, it was struck down by federal judges who found two were gerrymandered. we will go live outside the legislative building with emma wright. >> reporter: two of north carolina voter districts were created based on race which is illegal. now they have until tomorrow to get it fixed. >> if you plan on voting prepare to cast a balance load twice. they're expecting to hold two primaries. one for the presidential
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congressional races the price, not cheap. it is expect today cost millions and some say voter turn out won't be great. >> it is making us create a separate primary. turn out will be lower than it would have been on march 15. >> this is the new map of the congressional districts. the now fourth districtdistrict includes durham wake and orange county. two current congressmen, george holding and democrat day price price both live in the newly recited district, potentially putting them open. >> it it -- it is not in the best interest of all of the citizens. >> this is a heroic gleet if the map gets final approval they expect to pick a new date just to hold congressional primaries. lawmakers are expect today reconvene this morning at 10:00 reporting live, i'm emma wright. >> thank you for following the
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now to a developing story involving app billion fbi. the ceo -- apple and the fbi. used by terrorist farook. they need have access to any records in his phone in order to track leads to isis. >> the fbi wants apple to invent new software to bypass a key security feature that erases all data after ten wrong pass code attempts. it would allow an unlimited amount of attempts to the pass word. >> they're not asking apple to redesign the product, or to create a new back door to a product but simply asking for something that would van impact on this one device. >> the order could endanger phone privacy for hundreds of millions of law abiding citizens across the country. apple has five days if they
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some johnson county -- johnston county student also be fleeted with additional security when they head back today. officials contacted moms and dads and parents and grant panders to let you know it is -- grand parents to let them know it is safe to go back to school today. they are seeking the death penalty. melissa's ten-year-old daughter who spoke in court yesterday was only eight at the time she distefano covered her mother's body. she didn't know anything happened because she was sleeping with a ceiling fan because it was noisy in apartment complex where they live. ? happening now a man is waiting extradition from alabama accused in a 2008 sexual assault case in fayetteville. dna linked it man, joshua watson to an attack on ford brag road.
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the apartment parking lot. it was re-- she has since die though. the 18 month old baby boy shot during a durham day care is out work this morning. on eners told wncn the facility will remain closed. there have not been any news in the last year, we -- we are also told no arrests have been made so far. aureole police officer praised for using sign language. tuesday afternoon as they tried to get the 16-year-old girl down. the d.o.t. camera picked up the officer communicating the teen using sign language. witnesses tell us the teen came down after the officer helped her communicate with another woman they brought too the scene.
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know what i am saying he didn't let whatever he had on his mind interfere with what was going on why the fact he knew sign language. that's an amazing skill to have. the officer has not been identified. >> incredible story there. there are some really disappointed unc tar heel fans, and happy duke fans. they traveled for the bat tool blues for nearly the entire -- battle of the blues. and in the final seconds the blue devils pulled it out. they get the win, 74-74. it is a good time to remind you wncn -- we are less than two weeks, in addition to march mads and masters, we will have hit cbs programming including ncix big bang theory. we are also expanding to add a 5:00 p.m.
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it will bring you the latest trout the at a da you can find much more information at -- latest data. you can find much more information at alyssa is pretty good about her brackets. >> time now is a38:00. our battle of the blues coverage continues right here and you will hear from unc and duke fans filing out of the done dome. >> these two officer have disgraced themselves, disgraced this badge. >> two police officers face charges after two women say the offersers sexually assaulted them repeatedly. >> make sure you have a winter
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learn more at >> welcome back. this is say live picture from the raleigh durham international airport. a quiet start to our thursday and a quiet day for the majority of us, plenty of sunshine like we ended yesterday with. however, yesterday was warmer. today it is going to be chilly for us. the low 30s close to freezing through about 7:00 a.m. we are at 35 at 8:00 this morning, 9:00 a.m., 38-degree, you will notice though the sun rise happens before 7:00 a.m. this morning. let's get to the temperature, 26 in sanford, 29 again raleigh we are at 33.
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henderson reporting 31. odd we will top out at other. yesterday we hit 57. that's a drop for you: we 60s this weekend. more on the weekend warm upcoming your way the just a few minutes. mike. sounds great. alyssa. thank you so much. it is now 5:41. i felt a really dense pain. >> a woman accuse of attacking a pregnant woman and cutting the unborn baby from her womb is on trial in colorado. still to come here today, hear more testimony from the victim,
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pipes in flint, michigan to >> welcome back. here is your top story, officials insist everything is safe after cleveland high school after a threat made its
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officials contacted parents and said from an abundance of caution they plan on having additional security on campus today. >> state lawmaker also come for a special session. republicans want to approve a map unvailed that features new congressional districts. the existing one was struck down by two districts that were gerrymandered along racial lines and voters may is to take part in a separate pray mary for congressional race. >> the first round of the battle of the blues, goes to duke. >> speaking of the big game. everyone is still talking about this one,. >> they sure. we had two crews coffering the big rivalry. >> >> reporter: a lot of disappointed fans out here on wednesday evening. they packed the bars and restaurantings watching that game with duke.
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a lot of people end up in the streets. that's what police were trying to prevent. they had extra officers on hand, just in case. we spoke with fan all night. they came from all over country to watch this game. while some fans might be disappoint window the outcome, both sides admit it was a good game. >> it was really good experience. if anyone want today go to game it would be fun for them because the games are so exciting. >> it was his first duke-unc game here in chapel hill. we had really good seats and thought it would be a win for us today. >> that's why we love this game, in two and a half weeks or two weeks you get to redo it again and no telling what's going to happen. let's go, devils. >> chapel hill police had additional officers on stand by, the goal was to have people celebrate responsibly and
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have happened here. in chapel hill, amy cutler,. >> our battle of the blues conch continues throughout the next half an hour as well. wncn will have sound from the coaches as well as highlight ifs the game. >> starting next year, guns will be allowed in class rooms at the university of texas. the university's president called it the greatest challenge to his presidency and reluctantly approvalleded it. he does not believe guns belong on campus but state law there changed last year. >> two lapd officers charge. the two were partners were one vick was arrested for identity
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her she asked to be an informant. it began. they ranged in age from 19 to 34. happening now a trail underway for the woman accused of attacking i preliminary won't and then cutting out the baby from her stomach. lane is on trial for the march 2015 attack on wilkins. wilkins answered a craig's list ad for baby clothing and lane attacked her. she took the stand and described what happened. >> i remember when she stabbed me and she continued to try to choke me. >> on the heel of her hand over my wind pipe. i remember everything going black. >> lane is accused of taking the baby girl to hospital and claiming the baby was hers. the baby did die. unreal.
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underway in la county. the truck slammed into a power pole and transformers as well and crashed on to the truck. one person died. more than 200 people lost power as a result. after a weather delay, demolition on the boone bridge is scheduled to get underway this morning. the bridge became obsolete. this is the first of two blasts to demolish the hold bridge. the second explosion will take place at a later date. hard to believe we were recently battling ice, snow, all sortsover crazy weather. >> we have the 60s for this weekend. >> we started monday with ice and snow. >> i will take it. >> who's boor bebee queuing. >> here is a live picture, pretty quiet start to our thursday morning.
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would encourage you to pick out the-jacket. 33 in raleigh, upperment also out toward sylal i city, and ray forreporting. hour ere here your hour by horrific 38 des, 44 allot lunchtime, high of other. yeah, that's cooler than where we should be. yesterday was warmer. we will make it back to the mark but not today or tomorrow. here is your future forecast. all we have to worry about is sunshine today. sunshine at lunchtime and throughout evening. tonight when we deal with clear sky, it pave it is way for colder temperatures. that's what we have out the car. otherwise not a lot changes as we see more sunshine into tomorrow afternoon. with the sunshine, temperatures
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>> normal for this tim of year is this yellow line. that's 56 but we are below that mark but look at the weekend, we jump into the mid 60s saturday and sun. it should back to 6 on monday. keep in mine, monday listen bing which a factual basis stay up new the upper 40 and other. pet the her. filtering in those car length. 66 on saturday, and boy does that look nice. 66 around for sunday. and this could be a late day shower toward sun set. otherwise we are dry over weekend. chance for rain returns toward monday. the wash out day looks to be tuesday and the increased rain chance toward wednesday but by
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around million wednesday afternoon. >> what do i know ifen this thursday morning? we will switch gears. ifs that time of morning. we have a few more cars out there. one closure at trailwood drive. that road is closed at -- so watch out for that. junction boulevard closed so some bigger areas there, just watch out for that if it is along your morning commute. jump a street or two over to avoid this construction. more on traffic and weather close to 6:00 a.m. talk about a blast from the past it has been decadens since
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dock and marty >> today sylvia burrwell will visit flint, michigan and will discuss the next steps. flint's mayor called for the old pipes to be removeed and replaced. -- but the governor will coat them. >> driverless cars in downtown raleigh could be a reality if the city wins a $40 million federal grant. raleigh is one of 77 citys to apply for the u.s. department of transportation smart cities grant. officials teamed up with nc state to create a france portation vision that's me i visit i key-friendly. -- i key-friendly. >> it gave fuss opportunity to
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ant these problems a little differently. it led us to looking at ideas we otherwise wouldn't have considered. >> it will be narrowed to five next month with the winner bag announced in june. >> >> this is neat stuff i had a chance to be part of. those were part of the what's next piece. i had a which a chance -- along with some talented stuns working to -- a league vehicle freak at about a penny per mile. i got a chance to drive that. it consuming less energy and electricity than a tell sa. far less than a 100,000 pound train. they would like to use those car 50s cross wake and durham county. >> if you drive it up you can make it happen too.
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seek receipt for weeks but we now know about the couple who bought the ticket they both collected their third of the record-setting jackpot. they chose a lump sum of $529 million as if it really makes a difference. 500 something million. that kim to about 328 million after taxes. they hid the message mr. everybody until last week. >> was hard. everybody was saying you are from melbourne beach, did you win doryx you know who won. >> the first day i was late for work they suspected i wonment i had to say i condition purchase a ticket. i didn't lie. >> she has -- she is now his lucky charm. >> he will refire his job and
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>> the first thing she's going to go. >> all right. all right. >> awe? >> when it comes to decision 2016, could there will be a shame up in the rep race for
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on this thursday morning that could send voters to the polls twice in the next month. >> why the army sergeant general was in town, plus this. johnson, yes. >> it was a night full of big plays in the dean dome. we have full coverage of the first round of the battle of blues. >> what a great game. i saw the first half.
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>> i couldn't stay awake. you know how it is on this shift. >> happy thursday. we will go right to alyssa corr front. >> there's not a lot to watch in the weather front. we will head into the after. checking in right now, now at freezing in raleigh we are at 32 daughter, 35 in durham. franklin county is in the 20s. and 38 in fayette april clinton. get straight your fast forecast. it will be at 3. 44 at


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