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tv   WNCN Today at 530AM  CBS  February 23, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> good morning, guys. well. it is not a pretty forecast. we are looking at cloudy sky, rain back to our north and west and then also back too the west it is developing now pushing into portions of chatham, orange, durham county. you have seen rounds of shower, take the bum ere umbrella and know -- take the umbrella and 43 right now in durham and raleigh. still barely in the 40s around south hill and down around sand hills, 48 in fayette april rayford as we start off this tuesday. here a look at your fast forecast, best chance of rain is throughout the morning hours. low visibility at 8:00 a.m. 49 at noon and noon could be the driest part of the day but i'm not going to promise you completely dry weather. it is just an isolated shower will be possible. high today of 52. that's cooler than yesterday. rain possible for your driver home as well. more on the storm threat for wednesday coming up right now
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i will show you i-40 and miami boulevard. it is that time of morning where we are starting to see a few more cars but you will notice there's some mist on the roads, if it is not raining the roadways are wet causing low visibility. bringing you closer to raleigh this morning, we are looking at i-40 both in the green, eastbound and westbound. we are look at 64 this posted speeds on i-40 westbound and eastbound looking very similar. we will get to more on that coming up. right now i will send it back to mike. >> thank you. happening right now, a late night crash that spend three people including a child to the hospital. these are pictures from the scene from the novo company police. a car with three people enside ran off and ended up in a parking lot. the car hit several parked vehicles: ems took three people to hospital. some of the vehicles hit had
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debris in parking lot hours after the crash happened. right now they have not filed any charges but they are still investigating. we will keep you update. >> also, holly springs are investigating a late night crash. it happened around 11:30. no word on any injuries or if police are going to file any >> >> today people throughout the country including in the trihang almost show their support for apples decision not to comply for the judges order. apple ordered -- the judge ordered apple to develop software that will allow federal agents to hack into the locked iphone. so far, am has resisted. victims and expected familys are expected to take action through their attorneys filing a bee of support for the department of justice. at 5:00 p.m., supporters are expected to demonstrate in 50 different appling -- including one in durham.
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help the fbi unlock the i phone. 38% are side being the apple. today the raleigh police union will vote whether or not they want off duty officers to work security at the upcoming beyonce con it. >> the sister-in-lawer has crown -- concert. the singer has drawn a lot of hype after her super bowl half time show. we have more on what the police and community are saying. >> beyonce is expected to perform to a sold out crowd. typically raleigh police officers are hired to work security at the stadium but depending on how the police union vote goes, they play to look elsewhere. >> not everyone is crazy in love with beyonce, the pop star is drawing plenty of heat after this super bowl half time show. some people say the performance
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and violence against police. now raleigh pd may be the latest to boycott. >> i am surprised by it. i think it is not going hurt her any bit. it will probably just put the spotlight on her more. >> she doesn't say anything against the police except treat everybody fairly. fact that police have a problem with someone saying treat us fairly, is a testament to the police instead of a testament to beyonce. >> raleigh police are off hire ere hired as off duty security guards for big events including concerts at carter finley. a spokesperson for police union says members have exes forked specific concerns over -- expressed specific concerns over the black panther images and think it was disrespectful to the police profession. >> the vote is expect today take place tonight. beyonce expect today per --
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life in prison for the man convicted of killing a raleigh mother. a jury decidedtravion. he killed melissa huggin -- huggins-jones. his family was relieved he avoided the death penalty. >> i am very thankful his life has been spared. i the only thing i can do is guarantee those who love him and care for him will continue to mote same him to be the best he can be and from now on make the correct decisions to better his future. >> 2002 other people are charged, one is serve a life sentence and one awaiting trial. jury selection underway for family of a murdered shaw student. mcqueen was killed 20 years ago.
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year-old edwin but brought back thanks to adds vances in processing technology. it is a battle in one city that could have statewide ramifications. last night hundreds of people turned out for the city council meeting. they voted to include gay, lesbian and transgender people. a controversial part of this would allow public bath room that is correspond to the gender identity. they spoke passionately to the city council ahead of the vote. >> you are going to top gates of hell for an enemy to come in to rob, kill and destroy. i'm asking you in jesus name to repent of your hell bent way. >> i believe that god, calls all of us to come together as one body to be able to live inny with one ere man -- live in harmony with man kind.
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they urgeed it general assembly not to step in. the action by the state if charlotte approved the ordnance. he hasn't commented at this point. we will keep you updated on the time. the time check is 5:37. >> still ahead, the man accuse of going on a deadly shooting rampage in michigan is in jail under no bond. >> everybody needs to get that straight, my daughter is not dead. she's alive and she's fighting for her life. i want everybody to understand that. >> hear what else the 14-year- old's mother had to say about
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was with when they you're unpacking already? yeah, help me find some mugs. sure. (beep) hey... o.k. they'll do. wake up to the mountain grown aroma of folgers. the best part of wakin' up so, where do you want to start? i think this is a pretty good place.
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>> welcome back. a good tuesday morning to you to. we are tracking a dreary day for you. seeing a few more cars over belt line this morning, now seeing steady rain, but roads are wet across wake county and visibility is low but we are seeing showers now pushing into portions of chatham county out toward pitsboro and orange county over hills better row very light rain and we will slight you off to the north and look at mecklenburg county. it is pretty much the entire county seeing wet weather toward clarksville and down toward grand april even northern portions of vance county. take the -- grandville and even northern portions of vance county. take the umbrella with you. temperatures are cooler than yesterday. 42 in henderson and 48 in fayetteville. your day hour by hour, showers
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throughout 10:00 a.m. 47-degree, noon should be drier for you are us, 49, 50 at 2:00, the high today is 52. we could see more showers develop for evening drive and still tracking the threat for storms tomorrow. the updated information on that coming up in just a few minute. >> thank you, alyssa. we want to remind you, wncn will soon be the home for the ncaa tournament. that means you can watch supergirl, scorpion, starring chris o donald one of my favorites right here on wncn. you can find much more information on wncn. time now is 5:42. coming up a brawl breaks out at a chuck e. cheese, what may have started that fight and when it comes to driving distractions, the list includes texting, talking and putting on
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welcome back. good morning. the time right now is 5:44. raleigh police officers will decide how to handle bee i don't know seas a concert in may. in -- beyonce's con insert may. off duty police officers off work concert at the stadium. today supporters will show apple decision not to comply with the order. the judge ordered apple to help in the san bernadino investigation to unlock one shooters iphone. >> and republican presidential candidates are fighting for votes. don al trump expect today win but second place is up for grabs -- donald trump is expected to win, but second
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>> at last check, two of the hitters still in intensive care. they say the writers are all still very experienceed and they were traveling a bike friendly route. the drivers daughter told wncn her mom was coming up over the hill and did not see the group. she says a car was passing in the other direction and her mom panicked. one victim tells wncn he doesn't remember a car coming in that other direction. >> that's why she seen the bicyclist. >> troopers ares are still looking into whether she was on the phone but say alcohol and speed were not factors. right now a 15 year-old in florida -- a 15-year-old in florida is accused of shooting and killing her ten-year-old sister. the girl was reported miss prosecuting their home. they found -- miss prosecuting their home. the state attorney says they want to try the teen as an adult, investigators are still searching for a motive.
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michigan man accused of going on a shooting rampage that left six dead saturday is in jail under no bond. jason dalton admitted his involvement. dalton shot eight people at an apartment complex, restaurant and car dealership in kalamazoo, michigan saturday night some far no motive has been determined and official versus not found a connection between dalton and the victims. if kicked he could be sentence today life in prison maybe more. new this morning. the parents of the 14 cereal girl who was nearly killed in smart -- 14-year-old girl who was nearlied killed. abigale's heart stopped beating all together but that's when she squeezed her moms hand giving doctors and her mother brand new hope. >> breathtaking. it was a miracle on its own. you don't expect it and then all of the sudden it is there. >> vickey and her husband have sat by their daughter's
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they say their little girl is now fighting for her life. >> abigale is strong and was a vibrant, beautiful young lady. she did not deserve this neither did her grandmother or those other victim. >> yeah, so tragic four others with abigale were killed including barbara who despite no blood relation abigale called grandma barb. they would go see shows together just like they did on saturday night. she remains on a ventilator in critical condition. next month another deposition will take place regarding bill dozen a bi's defamation -- cosby's deaf mission lawsuit. yesterday his wife -- defamation lawsuit. yesterday his wife answered questions. she spent about two and a half hours answering questions yesterday exam and did rest of the seven or eight was a back and forth between lawyers about what she should answer. a passenger hurt in a
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of hawaii has died. they and three family members were ton tour helicopter when it crashed at pearl harbor last week. two others are still in hospital. they're expect today be okay. federal agencies are looking into what caused the crash. now to this story. the search is on in connecticut for the group of people who started fighting at a chuck e. cheese. they say at least a dozen people were involveed in this one. the incident may have started after two women bumped into each other. witnesses say hinges escalated -- things escalated quickly the group actually left before officers got there. no one was seriously injured. one child was knocked down and one got minor injuries. >> chuck e. pose, get it together, people. >> plenty of cars going at a
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the satellite radar, very busy this morning. you can see big rain from the southern portions of georgia, alabama through western portions of north carolina, into virginia this morning. now w the rain is falling around our area, it is mainly north and west now of wake county. here in wake county, we have wet roads that may impact visibility but the steady rain across northern portions of chatham county, orange county into person county and northern portions of grandville into mecklenburg county, that's where the heaviest rain is up toward south hill, virginia, make sure you take the umbrella with you as you head out the door. i mentioned reduced visibility. a while and a half in raleigh. two and a half through dunn. less through fayetteville and rayford, close to two miles visibility as well. take your time this morning, remember i talk about it a lot. if you encounter the foggier
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the low beams. the temperatures outside, cooler than where they were yesterday when we were talking, 42 in henderson, and lewisburg while down around the sand hills, you are in the upper 40s around fayette april rayford, pine hurst you are at 46. as you plan your day today, your tuesday, 46 at 8:00 a.m., best chance for rain throughout the morning, an isolated shower at noon, upper 40s, high today of 52. that's cooler than yesterday and still the threat for a few showers for the evening drive home. sheer what it looks like, the rain throughout the morning, by lunchtime, most of us are starting to see at least a little drier conditions, isolated shower for about 6:00 and then after that a few showers developing for us. those continue. this is mid out the tonight, heading into our wednesday. scattered somehow e it will get interesting -- scattered showers, it will get
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storms 1:00 wednesday afternoon, the storm threat will be increased for us. continuing through the evening drive home and then should taper off throughout the evening. but here is the storm risk. we are looking at your severe weather outlook. damaging wind gusts tornadoes all of central and eastern north carolina you could that slight risk and an enhanced risk through wake county, the 95 corridor, make sure you have a way to get weather alerts wednesday afternoon. low 50s for highs today and durham and raleigh that's included tonight 46 showers possible with areas of fog here a look at the next three day, tomorrow, 69. that temperature spike really going to help fuel those storms. back to 54 on thursday, sunny but windy as well. it really is chilly for friday and the beginning of the weekend ahead. >> it is 5:52. let's take a look at traffic. if you are ready to head out the door, here is i-540.
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please buckle up and get to your destination safely. i have a construction reminer for you this morning. this is on i-40. we are deal being intermittent lane closures. be alert in that direction especially with weather the way it is this morn. thank you a lot. 5:52. here is today's pet. meet ruby. you are looking a little guilty in this picture. the red miniature dauschaund will soon be 15 years old. >> she's like yep, i ate it.
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new fresh step with the power of febreze. odor control worth celebrating. it is 5:55. former dallas cowboys running back, joseph ran doll faces more charges. he was thrown out of a house
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that's when three people claim randall hit them with his car and forced his way back into the party. the victims are okay but randall faces a list of charges including aggravated battery, drug possession and damage to property. investigators actually arrested randall two years ago for shoplifting, the cow byes released randall -- cowboys released ran doll some time in the fall. -- randall some time in the fall. 200 rattle tim letter snakes could be released to a island. residents worry that they have go to the woods while the officials say there's no motivation for that. there's a lot of food, a lot of habitat. a century from now, they will never approximate off the island away from that spot. >> mount zion is a 1400-acre island off limits to the public. no word when the proposal would be put into place.
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start of a movie to me? they move them to an islands. the pilot of a small plane that crash landed in a los angeles neighborhood walked away with just bumps and crash catches. they even lost a win outside of -- a wing outside of a small airport. historic swell hit the shores of hawaii. some of the wavers hit cars there. crew hearsay to shovel debris off the road. -- crews had to shovel debris off the road. the massive waves were big enough to erode the sand almost to the road. something that rarely happens. >> that's incredible. >> heard old saying never go to bed angry but what about never get behind the wheel angry. >> really? that's a no no. driving while angry, sad or
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chances of crashing by 10%. applying make up or interacting with rear passengers had little impact. speeding was the most dangerous, increasing the risk of an accident by 13 times. driving related -- were present in 90% of crashes. >> there's a lieutenant of angry drives in the trihang -- a lot of angry drivers in the triangle. >> coming up in the next half
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about bee i don't know (vo) when i first took jake home we ate anything. until i decided we both needed to eat better. now jake gets purina cat chow naturalsndoor a nutritious formula for indoor cats with no artificial flavors. it helps to control hairballs and maintain a healthy weight. so these days, we're both eating better. naturally!! purina cat chow. nutrition to build better lives. on air, online, where ever you are, wncn today starts now. >> right now, people throughout the country and right here in the triangle plan to rally in support of apple's decision to fight a court order, what some people are thinking about this debate. >> and beyonce's super bowl half time show is prompting a
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could decide about her upcoming concert. hear from the family of a murdered raleigh woman, they speak directly to her killer. the sentence the jury handed to smith and how he reacted. >> good morning. thank you for watching on this tuesday morning. so glad you are with us. let's go straight to alyssa on what to expect today. a know there's a lot of fog today. >> there's fog and there's rain for some of you. take your time as you head to your morning destinations. here is where the rain is falling around chad dutch ham, into vance -- chatham and vance county. i drove in on some of the main streets and they're still wet. that's going cause some visibility concerns for you. currently a bit cooler than where we were yesterday. 43 in alae and durham and now we have 48 in fayetteville, and


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