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tv   WNCN Today at 530AM  CBS  February 26, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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apple to respond to a new court order. hear what the agency's director had to tell lawmaker. plus the national weather service confirms three tornadoes did touch down in our viewing area. we're going to breakdown the damage in each spot this morning. good morning everyone, thanks for being with us. >> yes, it's friday. something to smile about. let's see if we can smile about this forecast with meteorologist alyssa corfont has for us. good morning. >> good morning i'm smiling because of both it's friday ask the weekend ahead looks really nice. as we start off our morning you'll notice pretty clear conditions and that's one big reason that we are much colder this morning than say where we were yesterday. remember we woke up to the 40s yesterday, today the 30s all around central north carolina. so it's 34 in raleigh and louisburg, 33 right now in durham, now, some of you have been at freezing a little warmer throughout the morning, we've had a few freezing temperatures around pinehurst, raeford and sanford, right now they're back to 34.
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to start off this friday. so here's a quick look at your fast forecast, colder than we were yesterday. 45 at noon, now, it's still going to be on the breezy side but yesterday we had gusts approaching 40 miles per hour today they'll stay in the teens to 20-mile an hour range. high of only 50 this afternoon, back to 44 quickly by 6 p.m. again though the weekend is looking nice. i'll have a breakdown. here's i-540 and aviation parkway not a lot going on. no problems on the roadways this morning. let's check in with our live drive conditions and speaking of heading out to the airport we'll check in with some speeds i-40 westbound at about 65 miles an hour and coming in eastbound we are looking at very similar speeds around 70 miles per hour. other check on traffic and weather in ten minutes.
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authorities forced their way into a home for a man responsible for a deadly mass shooting. >> investigators worried additional victims could have been inside that house. once they got inside they discovered no one was there. >> just hours before the gunman walked to the manufacturing plant we worked and started shooting. four people including the gunman now dead, 14 others hurt. >> yeah, everybody said that there was gunshots and a shooter and we kept hearing pop pop. >> it was near the end of the workday when authorities were were called to a shooting and then word of an active shooter are inside excel industries. >> it didn't matter who it was. no specific target he was just shooting anyone that got in his way. >> he shot someone in the plant's parking lot. >> he yelled and just went -- and then entered the building. >> authorities say there were
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>> inside the building he shot a total of 15 people, four were killed, including himself, the shooter. >> the sheriff says the gunman was killed by law enforcement after he went on a shooting spree at four locations. authorities have not yet revealed a motive but say he was employed at the plant. one man is recovering after a shooting in an apartment complex in raleigh. the call came in around 8:30 last night. police say the victim drove himself to wakemed. police have fought released any suspect information yet. well, just a few hours ago -- >> the highway principal released the name of a woman killed in a crash in wake county. investigators say winta hill died when she did not yield to the white suv seen here. three others went to the deputy necessary moore county looking for leads after somebody shot a 25-year old near an abandoned house.
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just before 6:00 last night on main street. the victim is recovering in the hospital and is expected to be okay. anyone though with information is asked to contact the moore county sheriffs office. investigators in durham county hoping for new leads after canvassing a neighborhood. they're searching for the gunman in a drive by that injured a grandmother. now, someone fired into the home on february 12th injuring her so badly that doctors had to amputate her leg. anyone with information with information is asked to call crime stoppers. the town council voted 7 to 1 to approve a proposal for a 22-acre shopping center. >> that's where we find wncn's emma wright with a look at the debate. emma. >> yeah, a lot of people have had problems with this since the idea was first proposed over a year ago. we're here at an intersection of carpenter fire
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the stste would be built. now, people spoke out to the cary town board yesterday and say they like their streets like this, they like them empty, they say if that store and shopping center comes in the traffic is just going to get clogged up there's going to be a lot more people cutting through their neighborhoods we're going to show you some video what, if this proposed shopping center looks like. we're told it's going to be 22 acres, it's going to be anchored by the publix. a lot of people against it however there are a few people who say it's a good idea and say it's helping a part of cary that really doesn't have a grocery store. >> i find that the one store that we do have does not serve my personal needs and my family's needs. it seems that 55 is the great divide. we are at that section and backed you
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isn't going onto serve our needs either. >> over the past hour we've heard from both sides people who are for and against this shopping center. coming up on the news at 6 we're going to hear from the cary town board the planning and zoning commission they're going to explain why they voted the way that they did. well, this may not be a surprise the national weather service has confirmed three tornadoes did hit our area during wednesday's storm. one moved through granville and vance counties, one was in wayne and one his durham. >> it's clear from all the debris and damage left behind. the twister that hit in againville made its way all the way down in oxford. winds reached upwards of 125 miles per hour. in durham the strong winds brought large trees right down on the homes. the national weather service says an ef 1
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one woman says that she had to take shelter inside of a closet. >> you could feel the shake. >> the inside walls were moving inside the closet. you could feel the whole force of the tornado and the hail hitting the back door here. >> now, she says she and her neighbors very lucky to be alive of fortunately no one was killed or injured and definitely that's the good news. >> well the severe weather man company specializing in free removal stayed very busy. we caught up with some of the workers and made a couple of stops in chapel hill. the owner says as soon as the storm hit his phone started ringing. >> thankfully they'll have a good weekend with sunshine and drier weather to clean things up. the fight surrounding apple and the fbi continues.
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come what the tech company has to do today. plus andrews dries tears in the courtroom. later who took the stand and what they had to say that's next. and temperatures chilly this morning.
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38 in louisburg. well, unwed that terrible storm on wednesday and yesterday all that wind as people were trying to clean up. >> we are getting a break today and this weekend so just wait until sunday. perfect. 34 degrees right now your drive time forecast showing we'll be right around 34 at 7 a.m. as
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climb calling it 35 at 8:00 this morning back to 38 by 9 a.m.. no weather concerns though for you this morning other than it is quite chilly. so make sure you have that heavier winter coat. here's a look from our neighborhood network from shaw university we're looking towards downtown can clearly make out that beautiful skyline this morning. 33 in durham, 38 in roxboro, south had hill you're at 35, also looking at the mid-30s being reported in clayton, 37 in littleton, clinton and goldsboro then this morning. now, you do need to factor in the wind because there's enough of a breeze out there that for some of you is making an impact. wind chill in siler city right around 30 degrees. so so as you're temp 35 make sure you have a jacket and the sunglasses we'll see the day. 45 at noon, high today of 50, we're back to 44 by 6:00 this evening. again a closer
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when the 60s will be here coming up. well, there was some scary moments for crew members along a u.s. coast guard vessel. it capsized while respond to go a this happened just before 5 in the morning yesterday and it took nearly two hours to make sure everyone was safe and no one was hurt. well, a security guard in paris is being held a hero after helping save people during last year's attacks still to come what he's credited with doing
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since welcome back. in this morning's top stories right now investigators in the state of kansas searching for clues after a workplace mass shooting. >> the gunman killed 3 people and hurt another 14 of them.
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condition. also the national weather service has confirmed that three ors did strike down in our area wednesday during all those one moved through granville and one in wayne, also the one in durham. right now no reports of any serious injuries. the candidates wrapped up tuesday. it was a brawl right from the start. rubio and ted cruz they tag teamed donald trump ripping his position on immigration, his privileged background and conservative credentials. today is the deadline for apple to respond to the department of justice's new court order issued surrounding the phone belonging to one of the san bernardino terrorists, now, if the order stance up to legal challenges apple would be force today create a new customized ios firm wear that would remove the pass code lockout on the seized iphone. >> last week apple reiterated
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federal authorities want apple to unlock the phone as part of their investigation. meanwhile the fbi's director made his case to congress. investigators want to get into farook's phone. he was one of the killers in the mass shooting. they want to unlock the phone to look for any possible terror connections, apple is refuses saying it will open a precedent. he told lawmakers that he loves privacy and encryption. >> part of me thinks that the great i don't want anybody looking at my stuff and then step back and say, you know, law enforcement which i'm part of really does save people's lives. >> some in congress back a new law requiring so-called back doors into smart phone security. apple's reportedly working on a new operating system that could never be unlocked. a security guard working
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attacks as emerged as a silent hero from that night. >> a man named didi was in charge of security at the time. the 35-year old saved hundreds of people by opening the side entrances and all the emergency exits to the venue. in the weeks after the attacks he began meeting secretly with survivors aftermath. >> being able to say thank you to someone about that night was -- was something really good. i mean, to feel and to -- being able to hold someone in my arms and just telling him you you saved my life. >> now, he has not been back to work since the attacks. three months after the paris attacks the eagles of death metal returned to perform in paris. today a massachusetts
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his defense attorney asked for his client to serve 26 years in prison. he killed then raped his teacher at his high school back in 2013. right now a case surrounding sports caster erin andrews continues in tennessee. a therapist testified that she was anxious and depressed after the man who stalked her was let out of prison. she is suing her stalker and the owner and manager of a hotel for $75 million. her lawyers say the hotel management was negligent allowing him to book that room beside her. today we expect to learn more about an operation to round up murder suspect and the gang members. our very own joined authorities earlier this week as they conducted what's being called operation 0-hour. today we should learn more with about those in custody and what they're accused of doing. be
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air and online for all the updates. new information about a crash in johnston county involving four best lists. troopers filed charges against the woman accused of hitting them all last weekend. the crash happened saturday. williams is facing several charges including four counts of impropers passing resulting in serious injury. one of the people she's accused of hitting is questioning why all the charges against her only misdemeanors. >> a bit disappointed, mainly because, you know, it seemed like the charges minimal. >> the johnston county district attorney declined to answer why the drive is facing a spokeswoman more wakemed says one of the best lists hit has been upgraded to fair condition but another one he is still listed in critical condition. flames engulfed a historic
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100 years after another massive fire at the same estate. the property was sold to owners who built a new house in its place well 100 years later flames once again shot through the roof of the home. no word on what started that blaze. and a good morning to you. time is now 5:50 on this friday. 34 degrees and this is a live picture from the raleigh durham international airport, a quiet start to our friday. it's still going to be a bit breezy as we head throughout the day so keep this in mind as you get ready to head out the door. 38 in roxboro, 35 in south hill, 33 in durham, sanford, pinehurst and raeford as we check in with those areas all at 34 while fayetteville is still sitting at 38 degrees. so i'll break your forecast down hour by hour for you calling it the mid-30s at 8 p.m., 45 at noon and you'll notice the afternoon highs eventually topping outright around 50 degrees. we drop back
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hey, who's not planning for the weekend right now. 30 as we start off our saturday morning, 44 at noon, 51 an afternoon high but look what sunday holds the 60s. so we just have a few more days to get through before the warm up is really here. 36 at 8 a.m. sunday morning. 55 at noon and 62 our afternoon high. let me show what you these next few days will look like on our future forecast and i think you're really going to enjoy it because we dealt with a lot of destruction from storms on wednesday but today, hey the winds calmer, the sunshine is around, yeah, we'll see a few clouds from time to time but nothing that's going to have a negative impact on your forecast. a cloud or two overnight but tomorrow morning will likely be colder than where we are right thousand. i think we'll start off saturday in the 20s, saturday afternoon pretty sunny conditions for us. so 50 our high today in raleigh, 49 in durham and 54 in fayetteville. fast forward to tonight i was talking about it being even
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really important thing here is the winds going to be much lighter so we won't have a wind chill to worry about as you wake up tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon 51 and sunday 62 degrees our high on sunday. as we head into early next week you'll see that warm up sticks around for us. 66 monday, 66 tuesday, yeah, we could see a shower or two monday but i think the better rain chances actually going to develop wednesday into thursday, that's a cold front coming through the area and you can clearly see the temperatures going to drop back into the mid-50s as we head towards thursday afternoon. right now on this friday morning it is time to check in with traffic. i'll show you first i-540 and capital boulevard early on this friday. there are just a few cars out there in this direction. great news to report on a friday morning. now, not so great news county. it is near ben son and vehicle. it's on highway 242 but it's near the intersection with i-95.
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the look out here we know that emergency crews on the way to this accident and we'll get you more information as it comes
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. one neighborhood is just not happy about an led project throughout raleigh. 30,000 lights like these being replaced with led energy saving ones and it's not setting well with many. they're concerned about lights already up being too close to their homes and some say they are too bright. >> what duke energy is pushing on us -- what they're called roadway lights, and they're very high tech design, they're really really bright. they're like five sore six times brighter than the lights we have now and
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>> now, they stress they are not against led lights. they just don't want big bright ones and would be willing to help purchase alternatives. monday as you may know wncn will become cbs north carolina. >> yes, so get used to this sign right here. we are excited this big change which will bring you a lot of new programming line up including major events like march madness. >> a lot around here very excited about march madness. and we're adding cbs prime time shows including hawaii 50. it follows a police task force that's setup to fight crime in hawaii. and you can shout out book em dano. be sure to keep it on wncn because next up at 10:00 is the hit police drama blue bloods. the show in its
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police officers with the nypd. >> you can find a full line up and answers to all your questions, we're sure that you have some and just switch over to cbs right now on there's a link on the top of the home page. all right, well right now a unicorn is back home this morning after getting loose and running along a california highway. >> yes. >> had is the sweet juliet she's 20 years old and poses as a unicorn. it techniques hours but finally they got her back home. luckily no one including her was hurt. how sweet was she? well, pictures showing a boy in afghanistan showing a blue and white plastic bag as a soccer shirt has gone viral and changed the world. >> now, he's got the real thing. and he was imitating his hero
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he sent him here's already looking at him and he yelled and then entered the building. >> right now at least 3 people killed, more than a dozen injured after a mass shooting in the state of kansas. our justin quesinberry has all the latest. plus a controversial vote at a cary town council, what the city decided on okay. >> and a fiery battle on the debate stage last night. good morning, everyone of thanks for watching wncn today. i'm russ bowen. >> and good morning to you, happy friday i'm stefan chase. we're going to get you over to alyssa corfont for the forecast weekend >> i think we all have ear to


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