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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  March 8, 2016 6:00am-6:59am EST

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right through north carolina and our region. >> we'll look at why some groups are urging voter toes say no to a multi-million dollar bond issue. good morning, on this glorious tuesday. get outside. >> he's excited about the forecast, can you tell? >> i'm stefan chase. we'll have more on why russ is so excited. >> because the sunshine and warm temperatures today. if you enjoyed yesterday, we've got an even bigger treat headed our way. sunrise is still in about 35 minutes. we're not seeing anything popping up to the satellite and radar with a few high, chin louds out there this morning. currently 48 degrees in durham. 50 in fayetteville. at the bus stop, kids, you need a light jacket but this
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75 degrees is our high temperature by this afternoon. not as cool across the area this morning. warming quickly up to 67 degrees by lunchtime. 75 our high temperature by 3:00 this afternoon. i'll have your complete forecast coming up. for now, we'll take a look at your morning drive. no major issues to tell you about out there. traffic's moving smoothly on 440. grab the sunglasses before you step out the door. that sun glare may be an issue this morning. coo enin mind, if you travel in this direction, you may arun into delays. the colder is closed by exit 301. things are tight with the barrier set up, too. we have the exit ramps closed street. more weather and traffic coming
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the primary election is just a week away in our state. today. donald trump is expected to hold a large rally in fayetteville tomorrow as well. north carolina's emma wright joins us live from the calvary baptist church just south of is headed. emma, a lot of excitement, i'm sure. >> reporter: very much so. senator ted cruz is expected to be at the calvary baptist church here in raleigh. we're told he's going to be speaking around noon. this event is free and open to the public, but you have to register online beforehand before you can just show up. ted cruz has been hitting the ground running over the past few weeks. he's been trailing behind republican front-runner donald trump in most polls. he is also ttiling behind trump in delegates. however, the cruz campaign has been making a name for themselves in north carolina,
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his wife heidi was in town in cary last week. she spoke at a conservative convention. so many people say our country's in crisis. we need a strong constitutional leader to bring this country back to the greatness that it is and re-ignite the promise for everyone. >> reporter: we here at cbs north carolina have been keeping ai close eye on the presidential candidates coming to town. coming up at 6:30, we'll tell you who else may be making a visit to central north carolina coming up soon. reporting live in raleigh, i'm emma right, cbs north carolina. also on the primary ballot, voters will be asked to narrow down contenders for democrat for governor. roy cooper has been facing off with spalding. he has not released much information. republicans are choosing
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moss and c. robert bali with all. voters head to the polls tuesday and will have another decision to make outside of picking candidates. the connect n.c. bond will appear on the ballot as a referendum. justin, one wade county group is not a fan of the plan. >> reporter: not at all. they rallied outside urging people to vote down that proposed connect nc bond. they say the state is running a take on debt. the bond is $2 billion in new debt to go toward a wide variety of projects. members of the group say they don't know what many of the projects even are. governor mccrory urged a yes vote saying the improvements are long overdue and necessary to promote job growth. members of the opposition group say they don't believe this bond will help produce more workers and the state will
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>> we should use that funding to properly prioritize our state rather than taking on a debt. >> if we're going to recruit industry in piedmont or western north carolina, if we can't find the talent to find those jobs, we won't keep the industry that we have. >> the governor says interest rates are low and the state is paying off its existing debt quickly. the group opposing the bond is not buying that. russ, stefan? breaking overnight now. investigators in california are looking into what caused a commuter train to derail last night and bunch right into a creek some. >> more than a dozen people were hurt and officials say it is a miracle no one else was killed. >> reporter: the derailment left part of the first car of the train submerged in a nearby creek. passengers are stunned everyone made it out alive.
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i wasn't sure in we were going to turn over or not. >> reporter: the accident happened after the train reportedly hit a tree on the tracks about 50 miles outside of san francisco. >> as soon as i knew we were stable, i started listening to the screams and people crying for help. >> reporter: 214 people were on the train at the time. 14 are about hurt, four seriously. the al immediate saturday county sheriff's office says it was a difficult rescue operation. >> the front rail car was partially submerged, so we had to get in there and get wet. the water is dark and muy, so a scary incident. >> rich howell was on board. he was reunited with his family overnight. >> a couple of people were injured and we had them positioned on the ground. the people who were severely injured, we left them in place inside of the car. >> reporter: the train was headed from stockton to san jose.
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not hurt to their destination. don champion, cbs, north carolina. service on the line where the accident happened has been canceled today. scary stuff indeed. >> for sure. today, great day. pancake lovers have a reason to flip out because it's national pancake day. ihop is giving away free flap jacks and guests are being asked to consider leaving a donation. it will help out the children's miracle network hospital. since 2006, they have raised nearly $20 million to charity so you can eat out on delicious, warm pancakes. perfect for your breakfast and help area children. >> yeah, a great cause indeed, the kids and our stomachs. tensions escalate in the korean peninsula today. coming up, hear from the state department as they issue an ultimatum. >> grocery store whole foods is back in hot water after a new
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reasons. sunrise? lots of sunshine in the
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i'll let you know what you welcome back, i'm meteorologist kristin ketchell. skies are brighter ahead of sunrise, which is at about 6:35 this morning. we're going to see a few clouds out there this morning. you can see the light gray color stopping up on the satellite there, but we'll see plenty of sunshine throughout the day today. it is 50 currently in raleigh. 50 is our current temperature
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the drive time forecast is looking good. grab the shades right before is up rise. up to 54, though, already by 9:00 a.m. those temperatures continuing to rise up to 67 degrees at lunchtime. 75 our high temperature. that's a normal high temperature for the end of april. so we're very warm today. skies staying clear through tonight, and even warmer weather headed our way for the rest of this week. i'll have the complete forecast coming up. whole foods is drawing criticism once again for a new product they have. take a look. these oranges have a lot of people seeing red on social media. so much so that it's prompted whole foods to act. this picture is a pre-peeled orange sitting in plastic containers at the grocer. the picture went viral on twitter after thousands of retweets and rants. whole foods tweeted it. now they've pooled the product from store shelves. still ahead on north
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>> i love my fans -- did i let my fans down. i've let the sport down that i've been playing since the age of 4 that i love so deeply. >> why one of tennis' top stars
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we'll hear morning. senator ted cruz is the latest presidential candidate planning a campaign stop in north carolina. the republican will be in raleigh later today speaking at the calvary baptist church and school. gop front-runner donald trump is also in fayetteville tomorrow. meanwhile, hillary clinton plans a stop in our state for thursday. cbs north carolina found out in durham county alone, 500 guns were reported stolen.
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up at other crime scenes. voters will improve four states today all across the country. it's being dubbed super tuesday 2. michigan, mississippi, hawaii, and idaho all have primaries or caucuses for today. the state department is not taking north korea's threats like after comments monday. state department spokesman john curry issued a warning. >> the north has a choice. kimkim jong-un has a choice he can make. that is to ratchet down and focus his resources and energy on the people of north korea and on peace and security there in the region. >> the north made the comments in response to military exercises between the u.s. and
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peninsula. south korea says north korea has tried to hack their officials' smartphones about. today, it has been a few years since crews started searching for the wreckage of malaysian flight 370 in the indian ocean. the plane veered off course during a flight from malaysia to china and vanishing. it washed up on reunion island, and that is last year. today is the deadline for the families of the victims to file for compensation or sue the airline. yesterday, a modern day legend said good-bye to the sport he loves. after nearly two decades of nfl football, peyton manning, one of the most unflappable quarterbacks on the field let his emotions show at a retirement news conference. >> i revere football. i love the game. so you don't have to wonder if absolutely. absolutely i will.
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manning retires as one of the nfl's greatest players, it its only five-time mvp and leader in passing yards and touchdowns. also last night, the city that first took peyton in, indianapolis, paid homage to the quarterback. they put up his jersey number 18 in lights. the first pick in the 1998 draft, manning spent 14 years with the colts and won a super bowl there. mean while, maria sharapova rocked the sports world and says she failed a drug test at this year's australian open testing positive for a drug she says she was pre-scribed a decade ago for health issues. it was added to the world and tie doping agency's list of banned substances in january. sharapova says she never checked that list but did keep
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>> if i was ever going to announce my retirement, it would not be in this downtown hotel with this fairly ugly carpet. >> she went on to say she hopes she gets another chance to play tennis. >> nike didn't waste any time serverring ties with her. police in illinois have a lot of questions for a driver. when you see her car, you'll understand why. take a look at this video. a tree sticking right in the grill of the woman's car. when the officer got close to the woman inside of the car, yes, he smelled alcohol on her beth. this happened back on january 23rd, but police just posted this video to their facebook. the driver told police she didn't remember striking the tree, but it's clear that that's exactly what happened. >> wow. >> i can't even having a little
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windshield, but can you imagine a tree? >> and driving while drunk is >> absolutely. let's change this to a little brighter note literally, not figuratively. >> this morning, we're going to start things off with a live look from our tower cam here. sunrise at 15 minutes and you can see the skies brighter ahead of the sunrise. it's 50 degrees in raleigh. we'll see the temperatures rising quickly through this morning into this afternoon, too. satellite and radar showing a few clouds outside. we'll see mainly sunny skies throughout the area. a nice tuesday on the way. that's the case across much of the eastern half of the country. a quiet stretch of weather. always a welcomed change in march when really anything can happen here from cold weather to severe weather. let's be thankful for the weather we've got in store for
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48 currently in durham. 45 degrees in syler city. this afternoon, those temperatures are climbing quickly. lunchtime. 72 at 2:00. today. we hit highs in the upper 60s yesterday. than that. so a warm tuesday on the way. that's not only the case for today but for tomorrow and thursday as well. the area of he republican shear sitting off to our southeast will keep us sunny with high temperatures today, tomorrow, and into thursday into the mid and upper 70s. as we head into friday, we're still warm but clouds thicken out of the deep south that may bring us a few showers. the warmth continues. looking at a high of 75 in raleigh today. 76 degrees in fayetteville. tonight, temperatures fall to
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mainly clear skies, patchy fog on the way but a mild, quiet night for us here. the seven-day forecast has temperatures continuing to rise up to 76 degrees on wednesday. 78 degrees on thursday. our record high temperature in raleigh is 81. so we'll get close to that on thursday. friday, we're still warm with more clouds and a high of 74 and the low 70s through the weekend with a chance for a few showers. let's take a look at that morning drive. we're taking a look at the durham freeway and briggs avenue. we've got no major issues there. you can see it's dry now that the sun is starting to come. the sun glare may be an issue for the morning drive this morning. we have closures in the fortified construction zone for you here. the shoulder is closed between exits 293 and exit 301. watch for things getting tight in that area.
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exit 298 for south saunders street. be careful out there this morning at rock quarry road. there is a wreck right there so please use caution. russ, stefan? >> it's one of the things we just love to do, just kidding. >> what's that? >> washing clothes. you could be doing it all wrong. tradition ale trends in washing your clothes could be just the wrong thing. >> plus, a controversial hire from one of the biggest tech companies in the world. why some people are upset with
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especially if taken with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin, or blood thinners. manic episodes or vision problems may occur in some people. may cause low sodium levels. the most common side effects are nausea, constipation and vomiting. brintellix did not have significant impact on weight. ask your doctor if brintellix could make a difference for you. . so how do you wash your clothes? you could be doing it all wrong. the hotter the water, the cleaner the clothes, right? experts say that is wrong. it used to be the case because
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hotter water, but new detergents work better in water below 75 degrees. in fact, heat may help stains dig deeper into your clothes. >> that is a good tip for mae to know. apple users are facing a new threat and google is turning heads with a controversial new hire. jill wagner has our coulden assumer news. jill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. seven apple customers were targeted by hackers over the weekend. it is the first against mac computers. they used a software known as branson ware to prevent further infections. google made a controversial hire, chris poole. he started the 410 web site in 2003 associated with offensive and illegal activity. it was one of the first places
6:26 am
he'll reportedly be helping google witness social networking option there. interesting hire there. >> it certainly is. there is a special google doodle today in honor of national women's day. what is it? >> reporter: google asked girls and women to complete the sentence and said one day i will -- >> so you can press play with the have it yo and the answers. one wants to open huron lan. now see you tomorrow. >> that's greet. just ahead, a family law office goes up in flamesp.
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good morning, everyone. i'm russ bowen. >> glad to have you along. i'm stefan chase. ahead of a visit from a presidential candidate, we have justin quesinberry with new shocking numbers on gun crime in durham. >> let's go straight to meteorologist kristin ketchell with what we expect today. it is going to be nice. >> reporter: a gorgeous day on the way. outside, temperatures are already mild. take a look at this. a beautiful sunrise. sun's starting to come up here. the sunrise still in a couple of minutes, but it is shaping up to be a fantastic day here. satellite and radar showing mostly sunny skies throughout the day today with temperatures
6:30 am
50 in fayetteville right now. temperatures in the bus stop this morning, right around 49 and 50 degrees. this afternoon, the short sleeve shirts, t t-shirts, they are all okay. 75 degrees. a very warm afternoon for us. not as cool this morning. we're warming up quickly by lunchtime. 67 degrees. 75 our high temperature today. we normally see these temperatures in late april. enjoy the sunshine. i'll have your complete forecast coming up. for now, let's switch gears and get a check on that morning drive. right now, we're looking at i- 440 and the lake boone trail. normal traffic volumes on the major thoroughfares this morning. 440 this morning is looking good. we have a shoulder closed between exit 293 and exit 301. there are spots where it is a
6:31 am
also the exit mp closed at south saunders street on both sides. we have one wreck at rock quarry road. avoid that area or leave yourself an extra minute or two to avoid that traffic. more weather and traffic coming up in a few minutes. back to russ and stefan. >> thanks a lot. continuing to make its way through north carolina. the leading two gop contenders are headed to the tar heel state today and tomorrow. cbs's north carolina emma wright is joining us now from the calvary baptist church outside of raleigh. emma, tell us more. >> reporter: senator cruz's first stop of the morning. he's coming off of 1010 road and he will be speaking around noon. the tickets are free, but you have to register online interested in attending. senator cruise has been trailing behind front-runner donald trump for the past few
6:32 am
they've both been hitting the campaign trail hard. senator cruise's wife was in town last week. donald trump is expected in fayetteville tomorrow. all the way, both candidates have been trading jabs. >> donald trump is someone who has been, in his own words, part of the establishment his whole life. >> i would love to take on ted one-on-one. that would be so much fun. >> reporter: wncn's political reporter bo medic will be inside as ted cruz gives his speech at noon today. russ, stefan? >> he is showing up in the tar heel state. we have bill clinton yesterday campaigning for his wife. are there any democratic visits planned? >> reporter: we know hillary clinton is scheduling a stop next week. we haven't had any word yet on where she will be. as for bernie sanders, no word as he will visit north carolina before next week's primary election. reporting live, i'm emma right, cbs north carolina.
6:33 am
emma. thank you. we may soon be the gop's newest presidential candidate. this morning, we have more. one member on the committee says paul ryan is the party's best choice at winning in november. take a listen. >> i just believe in it. i believe he is the right person to unite our country, to unite our party, and he's the best leader that i know that can win elections. >> he says he will put $1 million of his own money to push paul ryan to run. speaker ryan has disavowed the group. voters in michigan, mississippi, hawaii, and idaho have primaries or caucuses today. at least 150 republican delegates are up for grabs. cbs correspondent don champion has more from new york. >> reporter: campaigning in
6:34 am
donald trump had ted cruz in his cross hairsp. >> lying ted cruz who really is a liar. >> reporter: cruz claims he is the only candidate who can beat the billionaire. >> they vote for john kasich. they vote for marco rubio is effectively a vote for donald trump. >> senator clinton leads bernie sanders. >> the sooner i could become our nominee, the more i can the republicans! >> reporter: sanders told a crowd in ann arbor that clinton was wrong when she accused him. of the bailout in 20 roll. >> oh i voted to defend. >> what i did not vote was for the crooks on wall street. >> reporter: michigan is expecting record turnout today.
6:35 am
monday, we learned that the republican field will not speculation. former new york mayor michael bloomberg announced he will not seek the nomination. he said he fears it could lead to a three-way race that would only benefit donald trump. a fire in cumberland fayetteville. firefighters arriving on scene just after 6:00 last night saw from that building. you can see crews on scene with two ladder trucks. the office is home to downing and downing attorneys. they were closed at the time, so no one was injured. at this point, crews are trying to figure out the cause and the cost of the damage. several investigations are still under way in a north raleigh neighborhood. this morning, police say a teen was raped during a home invasion. the girl says the two men duct
6:36 am
any clothes on and sexually assaulted her. it's no information on whether they are connected to the break-ins. animal shelter animals described as severely neglected are ready to find forever homes. the aspaa has been caring for them once they were removed from the haven shelter in january. a three-day adoption event hopes to place hundreds of can thes and dogs into. we want to make sure we're matched up werep pope. it starts in sanford and what you need to bring with you on the ground breaking for the new boehner bridge is
6:37 am
it will mark a historical day as construction over oregon inlet gets started. transportation officials say the new bridge has been more than two decades in the making. >> the grunt breaking ceremony will be at 10:00. >> i have so many extraordinary memories at oregon. we had a place at nag's head. so we would go to oregon inlet after dinner and use a string, my brother and i, and use chicken legs as the bait. >> so you have something else to look forward to. >> then we'd sit around the tables and pick cbs news all night. good stuff. >> a opinion cake is a dish tushing safety trend for uber. the ride sharing company says not to fast. that's coming up. >> we're off to a gorgeous start to the day already. temperatures are near 50 degrees. we'll let you know how long the
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back. caress presents the world's first body wash with fragrance release pearls. touch your skin to release fragrance up to 12 hours. caress love forever. you need to find a way to get outside today. >> it's going to be warm so it's the perfect day to take your lunch outside. take a look at this. no words needed. just gorgeous this morning. taking a live look at our live camera. the sun is officially up. we're going to see a lot of that sunshine across the area today. our satellite and radar showing just a few clouds out there this morning. we'll still be dealing with mainly sunny skies across the area today.
6:41 am
really nice tuesday for us. we're sitting at 50 degrees in raleigh right now. it's 48 degrees in durham. 50 in fayetteville. so much warmer than we were this time yesterday. that's how the afternoon is going to end as well. temperatures are still falling a degree here for your drive time. grab the shades before you step into the car because you will need them. it is going to be a sunny commute. warm temperatures this afternoon. 67 degrees at lunch. 75 our high temperature by 3:00 today. i'll let you know how long the sunny skies and warm weather is sticking around. complaints about personal security for a popular ride- sharing service uber. buzz feed news claims they have screen shots shing uber has had thundershowers of customer service complains that include the word rape or sexual assault. uber says it's getting a lot of attention for the wrong reasons.
6:42 am
are real but not to jump top conclusions. the company says results include any words starting with the letters r., a., p., e., and misspelling the word rate could be to blame. 1 in every 3.3 million rides have been the result of rape or sexual assault. coming up, guns stolen in break-ins and burglaries being used in other crimes. we're digging into how many guns are actually ending up in the wrong hands coming [ female announcer ] most of the time it's easy to know which option is better. other times, not so much. so it's good to know
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cholesterol blocking plant sterols than olive oil. and a recent study found that it can help lower cholesterol 2 times more. take care of those you love and cook deliciously.
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welcome back. now to a story you'll only see on cbs north carolina. we are digging into how many guns are being stolen and ending up in the wrong hands.
6:45 am
quesinberry has a look at this disturbing trend. justin? >> reporter: stefan, police tell us thieves are by passing jewelry and going straight for guns. nearly 400 guns were reported stolen in 2014. in durham county, the sheriff's office reported 150 stolen guns. many of the guns are swiped during home and car burglaries. some of the weapons are ending up at other crime scenes. >> i'm speechless now. i'm just wondering where they're getting them from. >> it's scary. >> you never know who could have one. it could be the person sitting beside you. >> if you are going to own a firearm, you should lock it up. >> durham police recovered 67 of the stolen guns and confiscated another 600 for various reasons. cbs north carolina is being told they do not resell confiscated guns.
6:46 am
year-old was hurt in a drive-by shooting was closed now for good. the owners of the tatum christian center packed up and moved out. we found these kiss carded items. a regular monday night church meeting was packed with shouldn't members concerned about the forum. they have been meeting for more representatives from the church, and even gangs neighborhoods. a local minister says it starts with education and action. >> we can do this. it will take one day and one step at a time, but we can do this. >> reporter: the biggest thing she say think need to do is
6:47 am
spending at least 26 years in rid. logan mclean were dating and shot and killed. the only thing missing is a picnic table. >> we have a picnic table halfway there. >> oh, can you show me where it isp. >> yeah. and sunglasses today because we've got lots of sunshine in the forecast and also warm temperatures. we're taking a live look from our tower camera here in north raleigh looking toward the east. the sun is up, and it will stay with us all day today. that's just a beautiful picture right there. we've got our picture perfect afternoon with the satellite and radar showing a few clouds out there but really nothing to worry about here. we're dry and quiet across much
6:48 am
things are on a quiet note in the next several days, this is always a change from march as we transfigure winter to -- transition from winter to spring. >> 51 in roxboro and south hill, virginia. it's 49 in goldsboro. 50 is our current temperature in fayetteville. lowest temperatures are climbing fast today up to 59 at 10:00. 72 by 2:00. our high temperature 75 degrees. that is a typical temperature that we would experience in the end of april, but we've got it in early march. i think we'll take it over the next few days. we've got sunny skies and temperatures still in the 70s through today, tomorrow, and thursday, thanks to an area ever high pressure off to our southeast here since high
6:49 am
and that will lead to high temperatures climbing into the 70s over the next few days. by fry, a few clouds are moving in. we're still dry and warm ahead of a system pushing into the deep south. if showers likely on saturday and sunday around 70 degrees. it's 75 degrees, our high today in raleigh. looking at a high of 74 in durham. the temperatures fall to about 50 overnight. a mild night, mainly clear skies. some patchy fog likely in spots. our wednesday looks similar to today. 76 degrees for a high. 78 degrees on thursday. our record high temperature thursday in raleigh is 81 degrees. by friday, we're still warm but we're cooler than thursday with the high of 74.
6:50 am
end of your seven-day forecast here. showers likely saturday and sunday. temperatures are still in the low 70s. a few showers likely mainly during the afternoon hours on both of those days. so we'll watch that closely. don't forget that we turn the clocks ahead. we spring forward one hour early on sunday morning. it's that time of year. so the forecast looks great. enjoy the sunshine here. let's switch gears. time now is coming up on 6:51. we are taking a like look right now. look going it and the shoulder is closed at 301. the exit ramps are closed to the south saunders street exit. we've got a wreck at rock quarry road at new hope road. if you are heading into raleigh
6:51 am
downtown, we'll take about you 15 minutes. it is one positive thing about losing the super bowl. the durham rescue mission will treat homeless men in the area to a dining experience like nothing they've probably ever had. courtesy of governor mccrory's super bowl measure, the net jay prepared from the executive chef. the say the respect la is being denatured. new to a this north carolina streetlight update. >> thanks to your generosity, a dying map and his dog sleep easier. >> i was just in awe.
6:52 am
fighting a rent hike that he just couldn't afford after selling family heirlooms. >> with six months to live, he didn't want to leave his home. after we shared jack's story, donations have poured in to help jack and his dog. >> i can't express how grateful i am. i got a roasted chicken today from meals on wheels. i thought, my gosh, it's going to take me three weeks to eat this thing. >> jack tells us he will only use the money for emergencies and to pay his rent. we reached out for management for comment. >> if you missed it, you can watch it again at that is where we have the link, also, to the donation page. >> for anyone else who knows a story like that, that we might
6:53 am
it is currently 6:53. >> iymaning a little backwards here. it's 6:53. don't panic. it's not that late or that early, whichever way i inverted the numbers. >> we're going to send it right now to studio 57 in new york where nora o'donnell has a preview of "cbs this morning." >> good morning. we're at the skin now. we'll ask him about trump how necessity's recovering are -- how they are recovering.
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. here's a quake look at news you need to know before you head out the door. ted cruz is planning a campaign stop here in north carolina. the republican will be in
6:56 am
calvary baptist church and school. donald trump is expected in fayetteville tomorrow and hillary clinton plans to stop in our state on thursday. it's not a million dollar question, it is a $2 million question. primary voters in our state are being asked to give a thumbs up or thumbs down to a bond referendum called the connect nc bond. in oppose it and proponents say it would spur job growth. who wouldn't have two themes up on this forecast? >> i give it two thumbs up. the forecast grabbings great here. 75 today, 76 tomorrow. could make a run at some record high temperatures on thursday. our record in raleigh is 81. i wouldn't be surprised if some spots were a little close to that. we're a little cooler for your weekend. 70 on saturday, 72 on sunday. we'll have the chance for a few
6:57 am
we change the clocks ahead this weekend and spring forward one hour early sunday morning. so change those clocks before you go to bed saturday night. let's take a look at the current commute right now. moving better than a lot of mornings here. normal congestion going on here. keep in mind we have shoulder closure. >> a lot of sunshine today and warm temperatures too.
6:58 am
6:59 am
after this. good morning. it is tuesday, march 8th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." a california commuter train derails into rushing water.
7:00 am
out of the wreckage. donald trump launches new attacks after which advisers admit it was the worst weekend of his role. >> the first major american artist producing in cue back for more than 50 years. but we skbin today's "eye opener" with your world in 90 skojds. >> it slid for quite a while. i wasn't sure whether we were going to turn over or not. >> a train derails in california. >> no one was killed but you can see how serious it was. >> a vote for any other candidate is a vote for donald trump. >> a vote for john kasich or ted cruz is a vote for donald trump. >> raise your right hand, everybody. do you swear that you're going to vote for donald trump tomorrow? raise that hand. i love you. i love you. >> hillary clinton and bernie


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