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tv   North Carolina News at 600PM  CBS  March 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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ronald raben a republican from harnett county. this arena crown coliseum seats 8500 people and the seats are starting to fill in as you can tell. i would say there's at least several thousand people inside. people are traveling from far away. some drove as far as 14 hours to get here. for them, they believe in trump and his slogan make america great again. talking with some of them in here today you get a sense of the frustration with the establishment and washington. they say trump doesn't have to answer to the establish plent. and that's why they why they say he is what america needs. >> i want a president that's not a puppet and i think a lot of people up here in washington i think a lot of them with puppets. >> he said whoa sport military and the veterans and especially you. >> can he shoot from the hip and it's what everybody is thinking.
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it but notes afraid to say it and -- but he is not afraid to say it and you need someone not to be afraid to step on somebody's toes and say that hurts. >> reporter: the movement -- the most recent polling haze trump ahead of ted cruz and he's candidate that draws supporters and he draws staunch opponents. many have been critical of his policy positions and they show up to these types of events and, of course, that impacts security nate rodgers will have more on that in moment. but there are already thousands in here and there will be thousands more that are showing up eager to hear what donald trump has to say. and, of course, we will be here and have a full recap ahead on the news at 11. live in fayetteville, beau minnick cbs north carolina. >> thanks and tonight's event
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and cbs north carolina nate rodgers speaks with folks outside and what are they telling you? >> reporter: lots of people are filing in. supporters of donald trump. as you can see behind me a group of folks not too found of the g off f front-runner's presence. about 50 or se people arrived here -- or so people arrived to rally against trump. including the chant red, brown -- white red -- black white red brown we don't want trump around. >> his message and rhetoric very much so i did voids us. and he talked very about muslims and about latinos and we just don't think that's america at all. >> black white red brown we don't want you in this town.
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major police presence here since 7 this morning. thr assisting secret service and. [audio not understandable] and highway patrol. ace said. [audio not understandable] it has been peaceful and we checked with the federal police department and the sheriff office to see if there's any serious security concerns reported and they say there's been none reported thus far. nate rodgers cbs north carolina. >> all right nate rodgers reporting live and what trump supporters stay in line politicians took a stand against the candidate in raleigh. support for marco rubio -- marco rubio stood outside the capitol saying rubio is mature and develop versed in national security issues and trump is disrespectful and has yet to gave detailed plan for the nation's safety. >> senator rubio has been there and understands foreign policy and he understands serious
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it can't be made into a joke. we scoot cannot as country and -- cannot as a condition dry and leader to be relegated to a you know -- country and leader to be relegated to a butt of a joke. >> the race has been devisive for the republican party and they will support the party's nominee. now in other side democratic presidential candidates hillary clinton will be here tomorrow. she is planning to visit hillside high school in durhamch the doors open tomorrow afternoon before 2. and they expect full coverage here on cbs north carolina. a 15-year-old durham boy is dead after a driving by shooting last -- drive-by shooting last night. a second man was injured on the 1400 block of maplewood drive. new since 5 we are getting an exclusive look inside the home where the shooting happened. mario boone was the first reporter on scene last night and mario you found this could be tied to another drive by shooting. >> reporter: in just last couple hours the sheriff office confirmed to me they are
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shooting that happened here at this house is tied to another drive-by shooting that happened a few blocks away. now since 5 only cbs north carolina was allowed inside themaplewood drive home sprayed with bullets in tuesday night's drive by shooting. you can see where one bullet blasted through the front window. another round splattered broken glass across the that- year-old -- 25-year-old tim stevens was wound and his 15- year-old cousin was killed. >> my brother is the only one taken. and he could have been somebody else. >> reporter: pounds brother keshon blue says four people including a baby were at the home during the gunshots. >> my brother bled and he was in front of my housech. >> reporter: this makes the second drive-by shooting in this neighborhood since february. just a few streets away a 72-
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similar fashion. shooters in that case also have not been caught. and now we have learned that the sheriff's office is comparing notes with city police to determine if the cases are linked. >> please, come forward with any information any information come forth please. >> reporter: now family members told me earlier that they are willing to offer a cash reward for information in this case. they want you to call the police if you know anything. reporting live in durham mario boone cbs north carolina. >> thank you and in less than 24 hours after that shooting another one. this time in broad daylight close to where children were playing around 3:30 this afternoon on ridgeway avenue in durham. a man was shot in his arm. they are calling the injury nonlife-threatening. police are looking for the gunman behind it. here's positive news construction is underway to expand a tire manufacturing plant in wilson. governor mccrory among those at the ground breaking at the
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it will cost about 164 million dollars but they will make 3,000 more tires a day. official say this will help the company be more competitive globally and the wilson plant says the county's largest single industrial employer employing almost 1800 people. and a food trend seen in big cities like new york and philadelphia is coming to raleigh soon. morgan street mart and food hall will make its home in the warehouse district across from citrix. man behind the project describes it as an upscale food court. and he he hopes it will -- he hopes it will gib maller -- smaller businesses and restaurants to set up shop. >> the idea is to zone in on low kale and identify great young chefs starting up and businesses that are established. >> he says they are hoping to have the market and food hall up and running by spring 2017. north carolina known as first in flight because the
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maned airplane night here. >> that's right. and now the state is becoming first in new kind of flight. we are talking about drone flight for commercial use. as steve sbraccia shows us, theindustry is about to take off. >> i can can see we are heading towards them being used in way more application than what they are used now. >> reporter: travis jack began as hobbyist but saw the potential of using drones for commercial purpose and created fly boy area photography. >> we do commercial real estate. we do promotional video and can work alongside a licensesurveyor to do aerial survey. both regular ground based and air based video. >> reporter: and companies like amazon would like to deliver packages within 30ments using drones. some say there's a great public safety benefit using drone technology.
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scene of a medical emergency like maybe a heart attack. perhaps traffic is slowing the response perhaps it's miles away in a rural area. >> the probability of survival if you go past 11 minutes reduces to practically zero. >> reporter: researchers say we ought to be using drones to send medical equipment like automated defebruary lators to scene so dispatcher can guide the person on the scene how to eu it -- use it. >> if it can carry a defibrillator it could carry ghiew coast for someone with a die petic -- diabetic episode. >> reporter: he is researching on how it could be done and the professor is working on the bigger picture.
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should carry medical items. >> reporter: the electrical aviation assist tem can aid first responders. but the federal aviation administration says not so fast. the faa won't allow a drone flights right now a drone has to be within sight of its operator right now. and that's part of what's holding up the widespread use of drones. as the drone industry takes off, it's estimated that it could be an 8 billion dollar indid of the try in the next threures -- industry in the next three years as the business soar. and the industry will need support companies and they will want to locate near the drone makers. >> it could potentially mean tens of thousands of jobs and initial employment for the state of north carolinaa because when you look outside the drone or uab industry there's auxiliary companies that have to come along. >> reporter: fears of overcrowded skies and drones crashing into aircraft has to be addressed. >> it's not just the unmanned
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aircraft and maintaining the separation so everything is connected and sharing what they need. >> reporter: drone developers and the faa work on collision avoidance systems, this state is working on trying to become the center of the drone industry. in a niche between toys and military drones. >> we are the industry is headed is more of a working drone right. it's going providede public safety resources and pipeline detectionand and a sis swimmer safety along coast to prevent shark attacks and there is definitely a big disparity what's available and what's coming soon. >> reporter: and lucas predicts we will see some of those practical applications coming into our lives in about 6 months. in raleigh i am steve sbraccia cbs north carolina. >> fascinating what drones are capable of doing. >> it will be nice for the packages to get there in 30 minutes. >> absolutely. drones are popular. let's bring them here and create more jobs.
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morning on fort bragg as more than 100 paratroopers return from serving in iraq. >> we will hear from a military wife happy to have her husband back home. >> and you knew the perfectly warm and dry weather was not going to last forever and that looks like the rain here behind me will be here a day earlier. i will take you through what weekend and friday will look like in a few minutes. >> i am todd gibson at acc tournament.
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equality and doing what's right. senior deputy attorney general, one of the "most effective" state senators, josh stein fought to make schools safer, cracked down on domestic violence, and stein took on scam artists who prey on seniors. stein: we need an attorney general with the independence to stand up to the special interests and who will always put the people of north carolina first.
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there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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tons of excitement at acc tournament not even two full days into action. >> cbs north caroline todd gibson joins us live from washington, d.c. duke and nc state just wrapped up a short time ago and it came down to the wire. >> it did. georgia tech and clemson are going to play but they won't tip off until another 45 minutes and if that lives up to the one we saw between north carolina state and duke it would be great. wolf pack, and duke was hot on fire in this one. nails the 3-pointer and finishes with 22 points. and barber the drive for two of the game high 29 points. and marshal plumlee17 points and 10 rebounds and 4 blocks and possible broken nose he
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the freshman in the first acc tournament game, talied 22 points and the steel and the basket and -- the steal and basket. state hung tough. the double clutch three pointer and he has 15 points and it would not be enough. the base basket and foul the devils and it survive and move on. >> i always wanted to play and coy tell the intensity of each game that it's always going to be a-- usually it's close and everybody is there they have one mission and that's what we have to wayne acc championship. >> disappointed we lost but i am proud of my team because we never let down you know wefought the whole game and had a chance but we couldn't pull through. so, it's des appointing but i am happy of the effort. >> that was cat barber after
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know what his situation is as far as nba he he may come back may not. he talked about it and will address it with the coach and his parents and talk about it and whether he comes back or not. we will talk about that later. that's the story from dc. now back to you where duke knocks off nc state a great gimme guys -- game guys. >> such talent here. thanks. another absolutely gorgeous day outside. look at this. tons of folks getting out for a walk or bike ride whatever you want because it's a perfect day for that. i am in the weather center with chief meteorologist wes hohenstein and it's never too early to talk about the weekend. we hope the trend will continue. >> it will but that means all the warm weather we are going to have to do yard work so we have to be careful what we ask for. >> that's true. >> and it look like the rain situation as we head into the weekend is going to change up. so high pressure is in control keeping us warm and you see the rain back to the west. that's what's coming here this weekend. we have been talking about it all week but now it look like
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more on that in a second and lets get this first sun just going down behind the clouds off in the distance as we look to the west. and as we look at temperatures that are still holding in the 70s. or high today was 78 and it's still 73 right now in raleigh and 75 in fayetteville and even up in the mountens they were getting in on the 70s. asheville was in the 70s and now 67. and while we will cool down abit with the weekend rain still, above 70 degrees. now tonight, even by 8:00 we are down to 68 degrees. 66 at 10 as we go hour by hour. and we will leave dry tonight and leave a few fair weather clouds in there. and by early tomorrow morning, on your way out the door to work and school, 55 degrees with a little bit of patchy fog and check in with alyssa starting at 4:30 to help steer you out the door and the roads. and in the meantime, we have got high pressure still in control tomorrow. but it's not going to last much longer. that high sliding off to the east. our winds out of the south
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tomorrow other than a few extra clouds. the changes come on friday now. so that cold front is going to sneak in earlier and so it's a small chance of rain friday afternoon with the front. the front is weak. so there's not going to be a lot of rain ever with this system. and there's not a lot of cold air behind it. maybe a few degrees coolers a we get into the weekend as that front now looks to slide to the south. so it's going to be warm. just not as warmp and -- warm and it's going to be wet but not severe weather. not expecting flooding rain just scattered showers as we head towards your weekend. no rain tomorrow. just few extra clouds. here in the capital going up to79, 78 in durham and 80 down in fayetteville and the 7-day forecast will take us from the high today of 78 up to 79 tomorrow and still expected to be the warmest day. 76 friday and 70 on saturday and as for when we will get the rain on friday, i wouldn't cancelanything. most of the day is dry.
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lunchtime is dry and just small 20% heading knot afternoon and early -- into the afternoon and late evening. kind of the same situation on saturday and i mentioned the cooler weather. you can see it's 70 saturday and 74 on sunday. of course this is the weekend we turn the clocks ahead one hour. that's the 73rd too many remind you but getting into next week monday and tuesday, guys, small chances of rain but temperatures still in the 70s monday, tuesday and wednesday. tomorrow's record by the way 81 and here in the triangle 84 in fayetteville and close but i don't think we will break it. >> and daylight sakes time is another thing. >> and drinking-- and time for the rain. >> very true thanks. 150 paratroopers back home tonight after serving in iraq.
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thos at devry university's college of business, we're looking for what the companies you'd want to work for, are looking for: the go-getters. students who want to go places, in the business they're in now, or the start up they haven't even started yet. at devry we teach, what's been business-world tested. so if you want to learn today, and make an impact tomorrow- you're our kind of student. our kind of different.
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that is story we love sharing with you. another emotional homecoming this morning at fort bragg. >> paratroopers with the 86nd airborne wropped up the deployment in iraq and family and friends gave them a warm welcome. they were deployed in and husbands and wise be a daughters and sons and daughters reunited for the first time in several months. >> i am thrilled. i am happy and ecstatic and so proud of him. and everything that he does for our country and our family. >> miss him for nine months and i want to spend sometime with them. >> a lot of laughter and smiles and tears of joy. that is last group of 82nd
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it marks the end of a successful deployment. >> great to mark that ending. >> welcome home. another debate about vaccinations generating discussion in the state. >> more than a dozen student at a school ordered to stay at home for thee weeks of the girl you -- weeks. coming up here, the girl is just one of them. new at 11. >> the chicken pox debate park can be can can be sparking outrage why the health
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we will be well technically it's winter tomorrow morning right? >> so you say but it's hard to believe that. >> it doesn't feel like winter. that's okay. >> as you said yesterday sharon we like this kind of winter soon the bus tomorrow 55. maybe a little patchy fog and close to 80 by the afternoon.
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hope to see you tonight at 11.
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the spring home event is happening now.
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>> pelley: deep trouble in the south. floodwaters swallowing everything in their path. >> it's a disaster. i feel sorry for these people. >> pelley: also tonight-- >> there's only one person did well tonight, donald trump. >> pelley: two, actually. bernie sanders pulled off michigan impossible. a decorated veteran accused of attempting to murder a pastor has been arrested at the white house. and the man behind the mania, remembering the fifth beatle.
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with them, really. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: the national guard is rolling in louisiana tonight. the governor has declared a state of emergency. more than 14 inches of rain and counting have fallen near shreveport. roads are washed out. water is rising to the rooftops. in oklahoma and texas two people have drowned. tonight, warnings and watches stretch from the gulf to illinois, and david begnaud is in haughton, louisiana. >> reporter: whispering pine drive in haughton, louisiana, is one of the hardest hit areas. the heavy rains quickly flooded homes. over 100 have water up to the roofline. cars are submerged, leading to water rescues. >> it's a disaster. >> reporter: we first spotted carol through her window with her husband and their two grandchildren.


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