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tv   North Carolina News at 1100PM  CBS  March 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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i am going to make it bigger and better and stronger than ever before. >> reporter: others made their opinions known and it did not go over so well. >> deter out. >> we counted 19 times that he stopped is addressed as people were escorted out.>> gets out of here and go home to mom. >> the crowd don't really care what they think. >> reporter: on the issues he discussed topics from the military to foreign policy and education. the wall came up also. >> we are going to build the wall and not have any problems. by the way mexico is going to pay for the wall. >> reporter: his address last about 55 minutes and for some his message on the economy resonated. >> we need a leader and a
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knowledge and sense to get our country back together. >> reporter: they say he is just a man they can believe in. >> i think his plans are excellent. >> we will keep winning and making america great and you will love your president. >> reporter: this is the second rally in south carolina this week. the next he will be heading to miami for the presidential to make our night. deputies say two people were charged. >> outside protesters clashed with supporters. nate rogers has that part of the story. >> reporter: protesters began a demonstration at the entrance but as time went on, the group moved closer to the door. more than 100 people arrived around 5 pm to rally against the gop front-runner.
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for fayetteville say they wanted to be know that they don't agree with his agenda. >> a lot of people that were protesting the person. we are protesting his supporters and what they stand for and racism, sexism, homophobia and everything that he stands for. >> reporter: there has been major police presence here. includes a secret service and highway patrol. i will tell you almost a circus out here. decide you have trump trump supporters. police are saying everything is under control. you police said nearby just to control. on the rogers.>> one opponents afternoon. the crowd. his supporters say they're energized for next tuesday's primary. senator thom tillis endorsed
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>> that visits are not over. of the democrat site hillary clinton will be enter have tomorrow. doors open at 1:50. she also had a stop schedule and raleigh but that was canceled. she's on the national stage with the debate with ernie sanders tonight or go both candidates promise not to deport undocumented children and supports with action on reform. >> if the congress does not do its job as president of the night states, i will use the powers of that office to do what needs to be done. >> i am committed to introducing reform with a path to citizenship in the first 100 days of my present she.
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on immigrants and called to build a wall along the mexican border. you can find much more including updates on visits and how to get tickets right now at new at 11 raleigh police officer stopped a burglar from cracking and atm at a business. >> you can see as the police walked in and stop the robber there in his tracks. amy cutler talked with the business owner today was dealt with something similar before. >> reporter: this is the second time that his business has been targeted. that suspect got in and user crowbar to guarding -- get in. the video shows that man with a crowbar inside the business. he is trying to break into the atm but there is no use. uses arms go up and police with guns drawn come in. it happened just before three early wednesday morning.
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as robert henderson. >> people know so they felt that they can do into a machine which are heavily armed was still in there is an enormous safe. >> reporter: the owner telling me that burglar triggered the security alarm when he first forces way and. clearly ignoring the signs that remind people that they are on camera. this is not the first time this business has been targeted. back in august back in august 2 men wearing universe be and robbed him at gunpoint.>> it's people doing dumb things and these guys tried to rob was and
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>> reporter: he learned from that experience and make sure that none of his employees are there alone. he is hoping this incident serves as the incident for any would-be burglar. >> meanwhile there were no arrests made in that first burglary but there is a $5000 reward being offered for any information leading to arrest. amy cutler cbs12 airliner. relatives of a boy killed and last month -- lysates drive- by shooting are baking the gunmen to come forward. david pounds was shot last night. bullets tore through the home with her was people sitting. >> please come forth any information, please. >> a central grandmother was hit in a drive-by just blocks away from the shooting.
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entered a one euro baby inside a daycare. also man injured in a separate shooting and this one and broad daylight on bridgeway avenue . was shot in the arm around reject 30 this afternoon. this recent streak and crime has leaders more concerned. we spoke with one this afternoon. >> we have a strategy to reach out to those individuals that we nor gang-related or who are at risk and perhaps involved in some of these incidents. we want to hear from them.>> the same group says the main goal is to diffuse whatever tension is causing this to happen. were learning more about apartment fire the man rescued by neighbors is in critical condition. hospital officials are confirming that he is being treated at the burn center. the fire happened last night on bashford road.
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they had their issues with the six largest healthcare provider resolved they actually did it. >> the insurance department intervened on behalf of blue shield customers to find out the problems. mike hyland has more on how the provider is responding.>> this could all lead to fight for blue cross. in the meantime, customers want the issues fixed. he has been keeping a file and all the issues she has had with the blue cross. it started in january when her son was trying to get his medicine. >> they said he did not have any insurance. i stayed on hold 20 hours and probably spent another 10 to 15 hours talking. >> reporter: she got help from the state insurance apartment getting her sons plan figured out. >> i was not a happy camper and i was very stressed out.
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are still billing problems. the shirts apartment tells us it had to reopen 70 cases earlier this year. with people facing similar problems. >> there has been some progress made but the progress has been slow. that is certainly frustrating. took back he launched an investigation and says blue cross could face a penalty of up to $1000 per day per violation. the department has received 8700 calls and 1900 formal complaints. he says he needs a here for more customers. >> it helps both to another full extent of the impact of the crisis. >> they need to be held accountable because i think it is inexcusable. >> blue cross blue shield sent us a statement apologizing for the problems and sing their been resolved. the company is in the process of adding any more people to the call center to handle the
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the blue devils and wolfpack and with a broken nose. the finish is that the wolfpack home. a report you will only see on cbs north carolina the push against drones. the last few days of winter continue to feel more like summer almost. tomorrow's highs closed the 80s. really warm and now after that
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--. drones are used recreationally but the state is looking to take it further. >> were talking about their commercial use. steve shows us how this new industry is about to take off. >> reporter: we can see that we are heading towards them being used in way more applications. travis began as a hobbyist but soon saw the potential of using drones for commercial purposes
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>> we do commercial real estate , promotional video, work alongside a l'anse's surveyor to do aerial surveying. both regular ground-based an airbase video. >> reporter: companies like amazon would like to deliver packages within 30 minutes using drones. some say there is a great public safety benefit using drone technology. an ambulance like maybe a heart attack -- perhaps it is miles away in a rural area. >> the ability of survival if you go past 11 minutes reduces to practically zero. >> reporter: researchers say we should be using drone's ascent medical equipment like the latest was seen that way and
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person at the scene on how to use it while the ambulances are on the way. >> you can easily imagine that it could carry glucose for someone or an asthma inhaler for someone with asthma. >> reporter: is researching how that could be done while his professor works on the bigger picture. >> there's a lot of debate on whether the drones should carry medical equipment. >> reporter: ava was developed by a raleigh-based company and it could aid first responders. the federal aviation says not so fast. the faa will allow it. a drone has to be within sight of a doppler radar. that is part of what is helping out the use of drones. is estimated it could be an $8 billion industry in the next three years as everyday uses sure.
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the industry will lead -- need all kinds of companies and they will want to locate near the drone makers. >> it could mean more appointment for the state of north carolina because when you look outside of the industry there is auxiliary companies that would need to come along. truck but fears of overcrowded skies and drones crashing also have to be addressed. >> it is not just the man aircraft it's that maintaining that separation. >> reporter: drone developers and the faa work on collision avoidance systems the state is working on trying to become the center of the drone industry in a niche between police and military drones. >> the industry is headed toward more of a working drone. summer safety along the coast to prevent shark attacks so
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disparity on what's available and what's coming to the market. took mike predicts will start to see those practical applications in about six months. in raleigh, steve north carolina. >> that is interesting. so we are seeing one operate this year but still of you weeks out for severe weather season. >> today we follow students for the tornado drill. the national weather service encourages schools and families to take part in the trail annually. they hope everybody will be ready if a real storm hits. the kids knew to get the hallway and cover their heads.>> i learn about how you need to cover your head and protect your organs because that's the most important part.>> the tornado drill takes place every march as part of severe weather preparedness week, which we are in the middle of now. i did a story looking back on
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five years ago. that's on our website if you want to check that out. no severe weather right now we have high pressure in control. we have brain that stretches from north to south across united states with the cold front. though showers will they look close will not be here until friday. has changed over the past 24 hours. on thursday we have no rain in the forecast. starting off 55 degrees. there was three days last week that were colder than our morning low. that is a warm up we've gotten. alyssa will be here tomorrow morning to help you get that out the door weather wise and it would jump up to 65 at 9 am, 74 noon and clouds tomorrow you will notice those but there will be a degree warmer than it
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last couple days we had great super sunset. here's one that kay brought for us. we get super sentence in the wintertime and you know that is called to think about jumping in. now it's time to think about getting in the water and going to the beach. sunsetting about 6:19. if you have one just as good, drop me an email. tell me who you are and where you were when you took the picture. so there is a high pressure not going to move for tomorrow so the weather we had today will be similar to tomorrow just with a few extra clouds. you notice here comes the cold front in the rain but now it looks like it will sneak in here on friday. and look like it was going to hold off into the weekend but just a 20% chance and temperature still were above normal. we will
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nothing significant this weekend as the front start to drape across our state. it is a very weak front. it does not have a lot of cold air behind it so still warm this weekend and the rain the moisture that comes with it isn't all that great. rain chances only 20 to 40%. not a washout. i would not cancel anything outdoors. it is the last weekend of winter. it would not feel like it so here is what we have some a morning starting off around 60 and partly to mostly cloudy date. mid-60s by lunchtime. is only a 20% chance of rain and a little bit more cloud cover. we still start around 60 on sunday. close to 70 by lunchtime on her way to highs in the low 70s.
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weekend just with clouds and better rain chances. no rain tomorrow a few extra clouds and 79 for your heart tamayo -- high tomorrow and raleigh. after that 79 we go up to 76 on friday and then back down to 70 on saturday. for the rain on friday not a washout in fact most of the day is dry including morning. we will have a small chances on friday afternoon. the rest of your seven-day forecast keeps us in the 70s. may be -- even into next week we do keep rain in the forecast until next tuesday. our best chance is on sunday which by the way don't forget is the day we begin daylight saving time. don't forget there is no s on saving. >> it has to be on my top five people list.
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the end to bother him do we?>> state lawmakers are gathering information on the use of body cameras. today lawmakers met to discuss the issue. they want to decide that video can be a public record and if so what policy standards need to be in place. they want to see if the state should mandate the use of body cameras which is something the state sheriff's association opposes thing lawmakers should not tell them how to spend their money. >> the need for this equipment and ability to pay for it is a local decision and historically those decisions have been local . the shares believe they should continue to be local. >> body-camera's cross between 750 and $59 each. they're being urged to conduct a full study before enacting any new legislation. rallies warehouse will still -- soon be home to a high-
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harding is behind the project. he has a building for the full hall -- food hall. he hopes that it will make it less expensive to show off their food. >> it's an opportunity for smaller businesses and we tell to get issue in the door in regards to expensive lease. >> they're hoping to have the street market and food hall up and running by the spring of 2017. is a story that's generating chatter in the charlotte area. katie hedrick is one affecting kids being ordered to stay home from school for 21 days. because she never got the chickenpox vaccine. some of her classmates have the virus and they do not want to risk the nonvaccinated students getting sick so they're being ordered to stay home.>> we love the story more than 100
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families tonight. >> we were there as they returned this evening. the troopers were deployed in support of operation. husbands and wives, fathers and daughters, sons and mothers all reunited for the first time in half a year. >> i am thrilled and happy and a static and so proud of him. everything that he does for our country and family. >> i missed him for nine months. >> this is the last group of airborne per troopers from -- they say it marks the end of a successful to appointment. living up to its hype even hundreds of miles away. cbs north carolina todd
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next it came down to the wire but duke was able to pull out the matchup today. >> todd gibson has the highlights from our nation's capital. >> reporter: marshall plumlee was not about to sit on the bench for long even know -- >> his nose is broken and it says a lot for him to come back in the game and make the big play. >> reporter: that play with just over a minute to go giving to a three point lead.
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because it was my elbow. >> reporter: his game high 29 points on enough to keep his team from falling. it could be his final game with a pack. >> with us losing every game we still came out and played. >> it always sucks to lose. this is just kind of like right there. >> reporter: they get their chance at the above at the tournament tomorrow at noon against the panthers.
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