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tv   North Carolina News at 430AM  CBS  March 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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have a great day. it's taken months but today nearly 700 animals rescued from an area shelter go up for adoption. plus this, a tremendous bang. passengers had to make an emergency landing after their plane was hit by lightning. where the flight was headed and where it ended up. >> and duke who they face. happy friday, everyone. >> good morning. happy friday. we've got your morning news, a check on traffic. first alyssa
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good morning to you at home. cloudy skies as as we start off this friday morning. make sure you're taking that light jacket. these clouds aren't going to hang around for long. so let's go ahead and get to our temperatures as we're starting off this friday morning you're seeing a lot of green on there right now a lot of 50s, even a few 60s and even a few 40s. 55 in raleigh, 59 in clayton, 52 south hill. i mentioned the 60s and sanford you're now at 46 degrees. for your friday 51, cooler temperatures this morning. we climb to the mid-60s at lunchtime, a nice mix of sun and clouds and not as warm as we head into the afternoon. our high today 72. keep in mind normal highs for this time of year still right
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we're still above normal as we head towards 6 o'clock this evening. so maybe you're firing up the grill celebrating the end of the work week. so let's go ahead and get to your traffic updates as you're getting ready to head out the door this morning. we are looking at pretty clear conditions. look at this all in the green as you're traveling north of raleigh, traveling south, if you are on 440 westbound this morning we're looking at speeds close to the posted speed limits. let me take you to a live picture outside and look at this pretty dark as we start off this friday morning just a few cars out there. many area roads looking very similar of so if you're getting ready to hit the roads buckle up and get to your destination safely. i will have an update in about ten minutes. breaking overnight in texas police shot and killed two suspected robbers and injured two others outside a furniture store. five people were robbing
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battle. two suspects were arrested but no officers were hurt. police still investigating. and this morning hundreds of rescued animals will be ready to find new homes. >> they've been brought back to the nearly 700 animals were rescued from a place called the haven which was a self described animal rescue but the ascpa says when they were rescued many of them were in poor condition we're talking about poor health, hungry dehydrated. they say all of the animals have been well cared forever since, and they were rescue and now they can hopefully find new homes. >> each animal is a unique individual. we want to make sure that they're matched up well with the right home so that
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>> and the adoptions start today at 10 in the morning. the owners of the haven facing several charges. right now the faa is investigating after a flight from rdu had to make an emergency landing in new york. the flight was head today new york city when the plane hit turbulence and strike by lightning. it landed safely. the pilot was diverted there because of the longer runways. >> out of nowhere. >> it was bad. >> pretty terrifying. >> my last meal was going to be a bag of peanuts and a cup of pretty intense. >> oh my goodness. thankfully no one was injured. today a murder suspect is suspected in a wake county courtroom.
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and a teenager shot and killed dias and rodriguez. police found their bodies last week. one suspect is still on the run. a week after a man and woman were found dead in a home in johnston county authorities announce an arrest. gerald paul junior of erwin is now charged of murder. dunn is accused of an accessory after the fact. two were shot to death inside a home. the mother says her daughter was friends>> it's always worse when you -- think that you can trust somebody and it being the person that you love, it's a friend and trust, and then they do something horrible. >> why would you do this to someone? how could you do this
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reasoning? and we don't know why. >> paul is already being held at the harnett county jail at the time of his arrest now accused of possessings meth. african american men more likely to be pulled over in durham according to a study. in particular the researchers found in issue was most pronounced when it comes to the department's high enforcement abatement team. they focus on issues like drugs and gang violence. traffic stops were looked at in the evening and compared the results of when it was still light out and when it was dark. they found it was 20% more likely to be pulled over. >> to those communities of that been most vocal with these concerns i want to say we heard you.
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report is evidence of that. the researchers did not find evidence of ration bias among female drivers and also looked at data from raleigh, fayetteville and did not find evidence of racial bias. minute dee hamlin spent 15 years as the communications director and started a week after 9/11. during yesterday's meeting employees thanked her for her service. well a baltimore ravens player is in critical condition after a motorcycle crash. plus sniffing out crime, one four legged officer does it one step at a time. and temperatures this morning generally in the 50s, a few 60s even on the map. 50 in
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cooler weekend all right so maybe a nice day today too before we head into a little bit of rain. >> one last day and the weekend not looking so pretty. let's take a live picture outside this is at the raleigh durham international airport 55 degrees as we start off our morning. i am expecting the temperatures to continue to drop before the sunrises this morning and just an fyi that happens around 7:21 this morning. rain moving off to our south. we're dealing with some extra clouds as a result. these clouds should break up gradually so not expecting cloudy conditions from start to finish just a mix of
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48 right now in south hill, 55 in henderson and roxboro, 57 in durham, also in the mid-40s around sanford and lee county. and can clinton you're at 61 as well. hour by hour you'll notice we'll northbound the low 50s at 8 a.m. this morning. at noon we're at 66. that's pretty pleasant still to take your lunch outdoors. 72 our afternoon high. now, normal for this i'm of year is right around 64 degrees. we're above that mark today but look what happens over the weekend a good chance for rain developing on saturday especially later in the day high of 58 there. we look at temperatures for the first day of spring on sunday. we fall into the upper 40s still a few lingering showers. now, the good news is milder temperatures will return earlier next week. well, right now firefighters
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california. flames tore through a home, no word on what started that fire or if there were any injuries. well, it's currently 4:42 in the morning right now. former sub be way spokesman is making headlines again. still to come the new lawsuit he faces and who else is named in it. later looking great and stepping out with confidence includes having beautiful feet. my newest beauty routine secret starts in the shower. discover the latest innovation from amop\. the new pedi perfect wet & dry. now get effortless hard skin removal on dry or wet skin. plus, it has 2 speeds and it's rechargeable. the easy way for touchably soft feet. suits me and my new shoes. new amop\ pedi perfect wet & dry. amop\.
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welcome back. right now the faa is investigating after a flight from rdu had to make an emergency landing new york. >> the plane hit turbulence and was struck by lightning. it landed safely.
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diverted there because the airport has longer runways and luckily no one was hurt. wayne county health officials concerned about a sharp spike in s is yphliss cases. it's mother-in-law doubled. nearly 700 cats and dogs rescued back -- are available for adoption. doors will open at 10 in the morning at the shelter on nash street. all right an update right now former subway spokesman jared fogle is at the center of another court battle. >> a lawsuit was filed by a plaintiff identified as jane doe. she is a minor. a married couple also named in
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lawsuit. the former head of foe angle's anti-obesity charity. they say he used hidden cameras in homes. foe angle is spending more than 15 years in prison and has already paid restitution to 14 named victims. baltimorer ravens quarter a back is in critical condition this morning after a motorcycle crash in florida. police have not released any details about the crash. the ravens drafted him in last year's draft. overnight head coach released a statement saying quote this is devastating news, our prayers and hopes him and his family. well, two of our local college basketball teams advancing, both unc and duke will play in games tomorrow. >> we have a look ahead.
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win against unc duke is is now shifting its focus to saturday's match up against yale. they'll be looking to build off their performance on thursday and continue to make a deep run. >> duke is moving onto the next round after a close game. >> they were really good. i mean, i've been doing this this is i think i've coached 115 ncaa games, and this team really is what the ncaa tournament is all about. >> duke fans excited in the performance of senior center who had a great game but made a promise to the team at half time. >> he told us he got us that he was going to be himself. >> we won because we had a 23-year old marshal, and these other kids developing players.
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hostile crowd but duke players say there was a familiar environment. >> they did a really good job of preparing us, being in those environments kind of helped us in this moment. >> in the second half we were very good, i mean, really good, and we had to be because they were good throughout. >> and as duke gets ready for the next round fans optimistic they can build off this win. >> hopefully they can build. so once you get started who knows? >> both teams set to practice today. we'll have full coverage for you in the evening shows beginning at 5 and 6. >> thanks a lot and like you just said it was a nail biter for fans in durham watching the back and forth. although duke is on spring break right now there weren't too many students hanging around it was still easy to find fans. they were spread is out across bull city at their favorite spot.
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brought everybody together and really excited some of the younger fans. >> sort of scary because duke may have lost. >> at one point i thought duke was going to lose and i was really worried but we won. >> we also ran into a married couple who not only taught at duke for 40 years but met there well. >> that's nice. even know unc is on spring break fans were still out to watch that game and these fans came a lot farther than main campus to watch it. we spoke to one woman who came all the way from south dakota. it wasn't just the came though the trip was also a reunion with her former college roommates and tell us no matter how far they get away from each other it will always be home. >> the place gets in your blood. it's not just a means to any
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it really -- it's part of your life. >> several people we spoke to yesterday made trips from out of state to be in chapel hill as well for the first game in the tournament. sunshine and wow, looking really nice. okay this story, people in texas dealing with record flooding. rivers ton rise from days of heavy rain. east texas may not have experienced flooding like this since 1884. the governor of texas has already issued a disaster declaration. got to feel for those homeowners. turning here back home it looks like we're going to face some rain of our own. >> yeah, over the weekend we're going to see that chance for rain. today is our last nice day. 55 right now. we drop to 51 before sunrise . remember that happens right around 7:21 this morning. after the sunrises it's going to be a slow start to warm up. 51 at 8 a.m.,
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so here's the view, not a lot going on in north raleigh, of course it is still early. i still think you want to take a light jacket with you. upper 40s right now in sanford while neighboring siler city is at 56, 57 in durham, mid-50s around roxboro and henderson and clayton and range of motion both near 54. as you're planning your day today we'll stay in the low 50s at 8 a.m. lunchtime. high today of 72. now, that is five degrees cooler than where we were yesterday but the normal high for this time of year is 64 degrees. so we're still well above that mark. we evening. we are starting off with a little extra cloud cover, a big change from where we are yesterday at this time but all south. that's the not going to tomorrow.
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start to need the umbrella again. 6 o'clock this morning partly to mostly cloudy. we'll quickly see sunshine today and end on a sunny note. as we head towards saturday clouds going to roll in overnight. i do think you'll start with more clouds from the word go tomorrow morning. lunchtime we could see a few showers most of the rain holding off until the afternoon and that will continue into the night and into sunday as well. so out ahead of that rain enjoy today. 74 in sanford, 74 in littleton, 73 in wilson, smith field and goldsboro later today. 72 in rocky mount. your high 72 in raleigh and carry today. chapel hill and roxboro near 70. we'll turn cloudy tonight, chilly temperatures a low of 44 degrees and then watch out for the rain tomorrow. keep the umbrella nearby. we're even colder for our highs on sunday in the upper 40s as we welcome
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spring season. thankfully that sunshine returns and will warm up up accordingly as we head into early next week. back into the 70s for next wednesday and thursday. on this friday time to get to traffic and we have two accidents now here in the raleigh area. they're actually on i-40 eastbound near airport boulevard also near wade avenue it looks like this graphic did not update for us accordingly but if you're on i-40 eastbound this morning word of a serious accident near airport boulevard. oh my, look at all of this police activity, emergency crews, lanes blocked. this is i-40 and aviation parkway this morning, a very serious accident has happened. so certainly avoid this area. we're going to work on getting you alternate routes.
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stay with i just love this story. the state capitol police has a new officer. >> take a look this is balou a
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he's especially trained to sniff out different types of explosives. so he's very skilled. his handler has been working with him for a few weeks and says he's a great partner. >> the explosive dog is a very important asset something that you hope you never have to use but if you need it it's there. >> so officer johnson and bal ou were part of the team that searched the arena before the ncaa tournament making sure it's safe. sea world says they want to turn the tied of negative publicity and redefine it's image. it follows backlash from the 2013 documentary black fish. the orcas in can't activity will live out their lives and sea world will replace the shows with new exhibits. sea world says it has not captured a killer whale from the wild in nearly 40 years. right now crews monitoring hot spots after a building
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the one story building was a welding shop. firefighters rescued three dogs from that building after the dog's owner grabbed them from the pen. luckily the dogs nor their owner was hurt. >> there's the rescue, wow. well, you're used to seeing water coolers at work but how about a beer keg. >> yep, beer on top 24/7. no matter what some of the spots when the taps flowing so the ideas and that isn't the only unique thing in the office also couches, ping-pong tables, what about wine? >> i'm not so sure about this. >> i like the idea. still ahead hundreds of animals seized from a local animal shelter will go up for adoption today. >> coming up we'll take a look at the conditions they once lived in and tell you how to get
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we'll be right good morning. thanks for watching. we'll have a look at your top stories and morning commute and there's something big that's breaking. >> also we're going to get more about the forecast because it looks like things going to shake up a tiny bit. good morning. yeah, we are tracking changes in your forecast. we're starting off with cloudy skies this morning with you more clouds over the weekend and eventually the chance for rain. no rain in our foreseeable future today. clouds gradually going to break up but as far as the temperatures concerned for some of you it's a mild start. we've climbed a few degrees, 55 in raleigh, 58 in durham, 59 in loyal, now, you've dropped into


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