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tv   North Carolina News at 600PM  CBS  August 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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beau? rudy giuliani was there but a number of different topics his economic plan that he announced yesterday which he says would reduce the tax rate for most americans. it would raise national this north carolina is going to have a lot of jobs coming back. your jobs are being ripped out. they're going to mexico and other places. you're going to have a lot of jobs coming back and a lot lower taxes and taxes will help bring those
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different now that -- he's a confirmed candidate. >> jones remembers the night well when this happened as a authorities were leading him out of crown coliseum in march a man in the that man was later charged. jones say he's not letding that stop him from returnings to the ral lee tonight. >> there's no feer. >> he has his ticket. he and is some family and friends will go. he's told the sheriff's office that he will attend and tell us he's only going as a speck tack toy -- spectator. >> between him or hillary clinton. >> i asked some of trump supporters about people who
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tonight it's not been like that. >> now just a few minutes ago actually i got a text from jones and he says that he did show up here and he was unable to get in. i asked what -- authorities stopped him from getting in. so there's that situation. we also have much more from our interview with drumps drumps. we'll be vag that be putting more of that on our website and will have it on our news tonight at 11:00. for now, the ral lee should be getting started here shortly and we'll be covering it. cbs north carolina. cbs increase was there and has
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bringing up the vacancy and he had a message to supporters of the second amendment. >> made it a theme throughout the speech. the taiks involving the supreme court. early on talking up his nra endorsement. >> if you pick two that are left, left, left it's going to be a disaster for our country. >> and at the end of his speech he said this referring to hillary clinton. >> if she gets to pick her do, folks. >> although the second amendment people may be there is. i don't know. >> a spokesman responded by e- mail with the line this is not o.k. a trump campaign spokesman trying to clarify his comments saying he was referring to -- ability to unify. it fueled critics who questioned his temperment. susan colins added her name to the list of the
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hate and by -- you all call them racist. >> let's deport trump. >> he pushed back by going after the opponent. >> shoint is going to be four more years of obama but maybe worse. trump ak knowledges how critical north carolina is in the general election and said he's got to win the state adding he'll be back a lot in th months. michael highland. cbs north carolina. >> now this that one on one conversation donald trump responded to the controversy around those comments. >> we have tremendous power that people like myself that believe in the second amendment. if hillary clinton gets elected he's going to decimated sect amendment if not abolish and do that through judges, through the justices of the supreme court but the second amendment people have tremendous power because they're so united.
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conversation online. and be sure to follow beau on twitter. you can live stream the rally right now. and expect a full report from fayetteville at 11:00. >> and this afternoon with a democratic -- who criticized trump's recently released economic policy. >> we've looked at it globally. of course, at the united states level and everyone says that he called a irreparable harm. >> trump's economic plan includes reshaping the american tax system to just three tax bracts. limiting business income tax and ending the state tax. a solution for now over election maps. they ordered the school board to revert back to the 2011 district lines for the upcoming november election. a u.s. district court rules the current republican
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>> absentee ballots have to be mailed out. >> let's send it over to chief meteorologist wes who -- the weather center. >> hi, shawn, tw gefng to you and you at home. things a lot different tonight than they did last night. there's not as much rain. it's still heavy. moving a little faster. not slow and causing flooding problem and a lot less lightning. not ster lightning as we start off to the northeast of the triangle. so we're in halifax and north hampton county. we kind of go to the west as you can see. wroaken license of showers both in northern nash and northern franklin county. most of rus dry here in the
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it did last night. unfortunately with less rain, hotter temperatures. that's what we had today many of us in the low the 90s. it's still 92 in fayetteville. it's going to be muggy all night long. those rain chances d.c.king in the next couple of hours. falling through the 70s. that humidity is with us all week along. when temperatures start to go up coming up in a few minutes >> . we're following breaking news right now in raleigh. police are asking for your missing 5-year-old child. take a look. here's his picture. his name is jaiden williams. he's about 3' 6''. he's wearing a blue t-shirt with yellow writing, black and white shoes. we're working to get more information on who he might be with and if he's in any danger. please call raleigh police or 9-
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community. a 15-year-old charged with killing his grandfather with a hatchet. still ahead today what neighbors are saying about the boy and the family. >> a historic building in jeopardy of being
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it likely served as john son county's fest integrated school until the state took it over in 1807s -- 1870s and offered it until 1913. >> this is, you know, one of bieldings that we know of in our state, in our country. >> it's a relic. it's a memorial. it set the tone. it started the roots of you are our education and our religious impact in the community. >> again they likely operated until 1913. the real estate agent says the sellers want to -- it's always possible someone
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piece of land. >> coming up next, three girls fall more than 40 feet from a ferris wheel in tennis. the ties they have to the north carolina state fair. >> i don't remember in 25 years of working here at the sheriff's office having someone being killed with hatchet charged with murdering his own grandfather with a hatch glft we're tracking some strong storms tonight but keeping an eye are we about ready to start a long streak? how many days in the 90s we
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cooper: governor mccrory wants you to believe there's a carolina comeback. but raise your hand if your taxes have gone up while those at the top are the ones getting the tax break. and raise your hand if you're working more for less. i'm roy cooper, and that's not a comeback. that's moving backwards. raise your hand if you agree that those at the top should pay their fair share. raise your hand if you agree
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that a comeback should include everyone.
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glnch a 15-year-old boy is charged with murder tonight. talking with neighbors who knew the family. he joins us now with their reaction. >> the victim here is 63-year- old joseph nalty. he, his son and grandson helped many of them move entire thoams -- move into their homes. the subdivision was created less than a year ago. it's a tight knit community. neighbors described the 15-year- old charged with -- as reserved. her son and the suspect were just becoming friends. >> it was more like the way he talked. it was almost like he wanted to tell me his whole entire life story the minute i met him. he was going through all of
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a lot of personal information. it almost felt like he was more comfortable around adults than my son who's the same age. >> deputy responded around mientd when he was found dead. sheriff's deputy said a motive is unknown. the name has not been released because he's a minor. he'll be in juvenile court this tuesday. we spoke with billy westful he does plan to ask the judge if court. the sheriff's office -- does not have a previous criminal background. we're live at the sheriff's office. nate rogers. >> thank you. a local radar community remembering the life of a promotions director killed in a crash last night. 41-year-old dee dee wakefield died near the leesville road exit.
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trailer jack niefd ahead of her. wake field worked as a director and said he shh a passion for country music and loved using her job to give experiences to others >> . it was not about herself. she would rather someone else go in her place to experience something like that than her go. >> the driver in the crash identified as brittany mcgreger -- three falling from a ferr sirks wheel. we have learned that the company who owns the ride was also sited for an accident. in the studio with what he's uncovered >> . we knew the name sounded familiar and even though this morning they said the company involved was not tied to the north carolina incident, public records are showing otherwise. >> in 2013 five people were
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vortex ride. >> i'm at the state fairgrounds. >> bake basted out of georgia was sited for the incident by the state and by osha. they owned that company. they're attorney fought the charges saying families was not the owner even this report shows an inspection for the vortex ride was paid for by ruby. this report filed with the st georgia is the ride owner. we pulled that business license which is in fact registered to dominique. >> i've reached out to the former attorney and have not heard back yet. a durham teenager in the -- granted a $10,000 bond. he was picked up by ice just
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the native is in the country illegally. the hearing is set for tomorrow morning. the gofundme has been set up to help reach the amount. the sheriff's office is changing the way they treat animals left in hot cars. after an incident that weekend at a south point mall they will no long very to wait for signs of distress. they only need to document the inside and outside temperatures of the war at least twice before they step in. and i'm center now. and we're tracking some storms again and we're kind of stuck in the 90s glvment our streak, our new streak is one day in a row in the 90s. >> of course, july was all about 13 days >> . yes. >> it's looking like the rest of the week is in the 90s as well. tonight though a couple of downpours. hopefully to cool you off. nothing severe. not a lot of lightning. these are just some good old fashion showers moving
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very slowly. and here we are south of the triangle. a few of them -- also getting ready to push into part of chatham county. we come back to the north. one of the heavier storms continue to move through parts of granville county. just around the -- back to the east around the i-95 corridor. the heaviest of those -- the strongest is moving into eastern parts of hal tax county to ridge square. getting -- a quick track on this for you. around rich squ few minutes. 6:47 and on up toward a virginia border. temperatures because there are fewer showers. a lot of us still pretty warm. 90 in rocky mount. 92 in fayetteville. it drops you down to 77 like they are in louisburg and the humidity remains very high. so our heat index values are
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100 in rocky mount. upper 90s down in the sand hills and this humidity will stick with us the rest of the week. the shower will not stick bus. around for the next couple of hours before we dry out. the clouds around as temperatures fall to 83 at 8:00. through the 70s overnight and you're out the door tomorrow morning with 73 degrees. and speaking of this humidity it's kind of coming at us from two directions. cowant to gel gheat flow from the gulf of mexico warm, moist air from the atlantic ocean. a little bit drier and hotter.
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as we head into the weekend and the end result means a new streak of 90s. tomorrow right at 90 in raleigh. 89 in durham. 9 in fayetteville. the same chances with he today. temperatures stay in the low 90s. our hottest day comes this weekend. saturday, 91. 93 on sunday. our hottest day and we'll back off on temperatures just a bit. add in some clouds and rain showers early next week as we fall do 80s. >> o.k.. >> at least it's not # 3. >> i was going to say. anything upper 80s sounds better than # 0s. >> 96, # 7. none of that now. just low 90s next week. >> jeff jones with sports. >> hey, there, guys. >> the 201 olympics. they're marching on to the big ir stories line involves local athletes.
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not because of the country they represent but because of their story. this year that athlete and that story are both from 19-year-old kathleen baker was born and raised in winston salem. for years, kathleen battled kroaps disease where ch limited her training. without the disease she was considered a favorite to win multiple gold medals. with it, she was a long shot to even qualify. well not only did she qualify last night kathleen turned inned best backstroke time. he certained a silver medal. how is that? overcoming the odds.
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alumbar mohammed. fencing has opened many doors for her. he's been on lake night talk show and met president obama and last night she made history as the first american to compete in the olympics while wearing a hijaw. he progressed to round of 16 and have another shot this weekend in the fencing team event. >> so while today is a happy day for a local olympians there are many heavy the longest ten yeur in coach. he has the second most wins in school history and the only coach to lead the tar heels to multiple acc
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away this morning at the age of 82. he's survived by his wife and four son and two granddaughters. he said he was a growth coach which he was. still second on the list for all-time list but focused on the fact that he's a better man than he was a coach. he was the first of many people to speak out on him. former rival coaches. former preliminaries even the acc commissioner. >> touched a lot of lives. >> made an thank you. >> we'll see you right back where should you start when you're told you have cancer? start with a specialist. start where you'll find state-of-the-art
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: trump goes off script and critics say over the line. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although, the second amendment people, maybe there is, i don't zika cases from florida mosquitos. >> we want to start a family soon, and this may keep us from doing so. >> pelley: new calls for tighter regulation of amusement parks after the tragic death of a young boy. and thousands hike the appalachian trail every year, but not the way stacy kozel is doing it. >> reporter: hang on, hang on. i have never heard that sentence


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