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tv   North Carolina News at Noon  CBS  August 10, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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good afternoon. glad to have you here. good afternoon. thanks for watching cbs north carolina at noon. >> covering fayetteville. an update we first brought you yesterday. shot while walking tuesday died at the investigator say the gunman opened fire hitting angela taylor nearnd andy and ike streets. witnesses sate gunman who was riding a cruiser-style motorcycle sped off on to bragg street. we are also following breaking news in arkansas. sebastian county sheriff says the sheriff and chief of police were shot while -- a man armed with a semiautomatic weapon. no word on chief's condition.
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has barricaded himself a nows. an armored vehicle and helicopters have been deployed. they have been called in to help. we will be following this story and update as you get more information. >> governor matt mccrory is taking the fight to the supreme court. he's asking the justices to reinstate the law that was struck down by the fourth circuit court announcement yesterday. what's he telling you today? >> reporter: russ, the governor knows we're less than three months away from the election and he not only hopes to have the law reinstated he hopes to have it done before the election. a federal appeals court overturned the law to vote. the judge's ruled law discriminates against minority voters. the governor says it's time for this to go to the
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process and ask chief justice john roberts to give north carolina our rights back to have photo id. as over 30 states currently have and if you look add other court rulings, court rulings have been been used. north carolina is a positive role model. >> reporter: civil rights group have plawed the decision that was made by the federal appeals court. right now there's no set timetable on when this will be focused on election come november. live in wake county. beau mimic. cbs north carolina. beau, as always, thank you very much. new result from public policy polling. the poll shows cooper an mccrory practically neck and neck with the attorney general ahead slightly 43-42%. the temperatures are rising again as we take a live look here over thraleigh skyline but with the heat comes a possibility of
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today. storm team meteorologist is here with a look at that first forecast. good morning. good afternoon now. >> reporter: good afternoon, good morning, we'll go with it. i want you to see what it looks look in cary. really a nice shot. we've seen a number of people out on the golf course already today. maybe it's too a golf course or running yourer errands these will continue as you head into the afternoon. let's take a look at your sat lead later composite. some isolated -- the mjt of us on the dry side. just south of our area. we're seeing some showers this afternoon. those will continue to drift northward overt next new furs hosm again, just keep the umbrella nearby. a lot of you on the dry side. don't stay inside just because of this. if you hear the thunder, that's when you head inside.
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goldsboro. 9 2 in fayetteville. plenty of humidity out there. it feels more like 92 in raleigh, 96 that heat index in wilmington. 97 in fayetteville. close to 90 later today and back to 87 at 6:00. 84 at 9:00 p.m. the best chance for showers and storms right after sunset this evening. i'll have a closer look at the rain chances for the rest of the workweek in the >> stand your ground laws were part of the conversation about the shoo death of trayvon martin. they are back in the spotlight. this time it's a raleigh case. shooting and killing thomas early sunday morning. he's white in his late 30s. thomas was black and 20 years old. he claims to be member of the neighborhood watch. something we found no evidence to back up but here's where the similarities do end.
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any evidence between copley and thomas. he hit thomas who was inside. we did ask the da to explain how north carolina stand your ground law works. >> the triggering aspect to that particular provision in our law is someone actually unlawfully and forcefully trying to come into your home. the general purpose of a neighborhood watan them in our community, is kind of be aware of things going on around us. if we see unusual activity or thicks that we feel like pose a threat to someone or to somebody's property to call 9-1-1 and to report it to law enforcement. >> we requested the service call for that blog over the last six months and find they were called four times as of this afternoon he's still behind bars on murder charges. a scathing new report been released by the u.s.
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department. a federal investigation after the april 2015 death of freddy gray. his neck was broken while he was handcuffed in the back of a police van. the police commissioner called the doj report a turning point and vowed to make changes. he says officers who commit -- donald trump is facing a new wave of criticism following campaign stops right here in tar heel state. trump is being slammed for stop hillary clinton from picking antigun supreme court justices. cbs new reports the republican maintains his remarks were a call for political mobilization but democrats say trump is trying to incite violence. >> if she get totion s to pick her judges, nothing you can do folks. although the second amendment people maybe there is,
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this comment wasn't a call for violence. >> mus organize and ge out and vote. >> they can be no other interpretations. give me a break. >> but democrats argue that's not what he meant and further proof he's unfoit lead. >> i don't find i attempt to row is backward -- say trump should drop out of the presidential race. >> hillary clinton is not without her own problems. auto a new batch of e-mails suggest a link between the bill clinton charitable foundation and the state department. asked a favor for someone looking for a job. another wanted to connect one of the foundations top donors to someone with influence in lebanon. neertdly two-thirds view
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she's still leading trump by 8 poin s in national polls. >> iany other election and any other -- in this story and these numbers they would be trouncing. >> neither of the e-mails involved the secretary or the foundation's work. craig boswell. raising money to free a durham teen. auto judge has granted him a $10,000 bond because hifa for it. a local group has stepped in to help. they raised thousands of dollars in less than a day. >> this chart the national white water center is set to reopen today weeks after a an ohio's teen death o forced shem to shut it down. contracting a require brain- eating aneba. they spent the last several days to make sure the levels weed out any danger. all of the weather was treated, drained and released into the river.
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shooting during a police department's gun demonstration. more on how a woman ended up being shot and killed during a classroom full students. local bee keerps are
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during a search of donny -- they found all kinds of illegal drugs including cocaine and marijuana. they ceased thousand of dollars in cash. he faces dozen of charges. he's being booked in the chatham county detention center on $300,000 bond. they believe faulty electrical wiring in baghdad.
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female patients and eight baby were rescued and move from the ward where the fire broke out and transferred to another hospital. west virginia deputies are investigating the death of a seven-year-old north carolina girl. authorities say the victim died from malnutrition after an ambulance rushed her to the hospital. the sheriff says the girl was visiting from north carolina and had only been there for three days. no charges have been filed yet but his department is working with officials here in north carolina. new information in horrific water park incident that killed a 10-year-old boy over weekend. a person familiar with investigation tells the associated press caleb was decapitated on the water slide at a popular kansas city water park on sunday. he was in a raft with two others when he road down the 168-foot tall ride which has beeadvertised as the tallest in the world. investigators in central
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a gun demonstration. the 73-year-old library board member was hit by a live round during training. investigator say the mishap occurred as they were demonstrating the use of lethal force. she died at the hospital. >> our entire police department anl of ou city aders are absolutely devastated for everyone involved in this unimaginable e. >> incble event. put on administrative leave. the florida department of law >> the texas department of health -- doctors believe a newborn girls death may have been caused by a mosquito born virus. i was born to a mother who was in a zika effected area and other -- in latin america and second trimester. >> the girl did suffer from
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travel-related case of zika. they say there's no evidence of zika actually being transmitted in texas. a maryland hospital is scramble after the babies at tested positive for t. just moved nine babies out of intensive care and into anothehospital. the children who tested positive for the bacteria may not be effected. but have yet to link. >> patient in the hospital who it end to get infections are those who are already very, very ill. >> the bacteria which is all -- tends to infect 51,000 health care patients per year. investigator believe the bacteria originated in water pipes leading into the hospital. the state's largest community college is getting even bigger. today wake tech broke ground on the newest campus site. the new campus will focus on
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customized work force training. >> we will focus on the businesses and industries in western wake county and in our rtp. we'll focus on high-paying technical jobs that isothat our people have a great quality of life here in north carolina. >> expected to be opened in the spring of 2018. if you're on a mission to get hold of some local honey now is the time to do it. >> oh, i the honey festival is underway. and there'll you'll be able to shop and sample honey products. >> joins us live and she lucked out. she gets to get all of that north carolina honey she also is telling us how this serves as a great learning experience. >> hey. guys it is auto great afternoon to be outside at the
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are selling and allowing you to take samples of their honey and in addition it that, we do have a really cool part of event going on today. we're preview raleigh restaurant week next week. this is danny with the downtown raleigh alliance. tell me about what ef with going on here behind us. >> going on behind me, we -- we had citi. giving out free samples which is going to be on their downtown raleigh restaurant week menu item and free samples of a water mellen -- next week. 15th through the 21st. we have a little bit more than 35 restaurants, you know, giving out these incredible specials. you have 20 or 30 three course fixed price dinners. 5 and $10 lunch options and a
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and also behind us we do have people giving us a sneak peak on what's on the mep ewe. >> exactly. believe it or not the honey that was on it, they grow right on their roofs. they were using honey they grow on their dish that's going to be featured next week. several other vendors that sell honey. you have steve hildebrand. we have heive scent honey creekside honey. we have strawberry honey. blueberry and they taste really different. >> awesome. thank you so much. sample some of the honey here and get a sneak peak of what's going on for downtown rl lee restaurant week next week. the downtown raleigh farmer's market continues so i'm going to do a little bit of sampling. very exciting to try what's on the menu. >> bring some back.
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mayonnaise. i know you were wondering. i love peanut butter and honey. >> i love peanut butter and honey. you will have to explain how that mayonnaise thing works. cinnamon whipped honey. oh, yeah. it's phenomenal. >> that's good. >> now i'm hungry. >> some steak too. >>let get to your forecast before our stomachs airport. really picture-perfect. look at those close. set against the blue sky. really not so bad here at the airport tcht is a bit humid. if you are heading on the lunch hour maybe you are heading into downtown raleigh for the farmer's market. just have that bottle of water with you. may stale -- need to stay hydrated over the next few hours. here's what's going on in our satellite radar composite. we've seen some showers try to develop western edge
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starting to see a few isolated showers. a few more of us will see a shower or rumble or two of thunder. most of us though are going to stay dry today. so let's get to those temperatures if you are heading out on your lunch hour. mid-80s. us also need the sunglasses. 92 in fayetteville. 87 in pinehurst and 84 in siler city. here's what i'm thinking we top out near 90. 87 then a most of rus seeing that wet weather. most of us dry at midnight as werop into the upper 7 0z. we'll continue to seat temperatures drop toen 5 by # 6 a.m. tomorrow morning and certainly feels steamy out. there look at. this due . temperature at 72 degrees. clearly butt putting news this that uncomfortable category. the unfortunately part is that humidity is not going anywhere. so when we see the heat in the afternoon the
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and into tomorrow so 6:30 this evening. just an isolated shower or storm. all winds down overnight. as we had indeed our thursday we'll start off on dry side. we could see that shower or storm develop as we head into the afternoon. keep the umbrella with you to be on the safe side. the majority are going to stay dry. high today of 90 89 in durham and 93 in fayetteville. overnight tonight temperatures drop into mid-70s. warm. it's going to be muggy. those ac units are probably going to be running full speed ahead now tomorrow we're very similar to what i am expecting today. high near 90 by friday those temperatures begin to climb a little bit more. with the humidity around this is what i'm expecting that heat index valley to look like as we head into friday. it's going to be a hot one for us. 102 in raleigh. friday afternoon. 104 in wilmington.
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let's go ahead and check in with the rest of the upcoming weekend fnlgt 91 on saturday. 93 sunday. chance for a shower or storm both afternoons. majority of us will stay on dry side. as we head into early next week. monday we will fall back into the 80s by tuesday and just a little friendly reminder for you normal for this time of year is now 89. those temperatures starting to cool back off again. 89 is not cool but it's not 90. >> it's not 99. that's what i >> we'll take it. >> that's a little bit cooler.
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other productions include jesus christ super star and disney's beauty and the beast. >> a minor league baseball team is growing in
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carried away with the price tag. they want to set a $35 million cap on stadium plans according to a report. the mayor has also told cbs north carolina they're trying to find options that do not include property tax hikes. meanwhile the city's baseball committee is negotiating with a houston astros to bring a farm club to town. stay with us as you take a live look outside. traffic along i-40 and miami boulevard. another update on the weather and what you can
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that is too funny. >> we shouldn't be laughing. a sea world visitor learns the hard way. >> she was trying to take a picture with ipad but got to closeful she snatched it out of her hand and tossed it in the water. he wanted to do a little texting. >> an employee warning saying as you can see the
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items. the visitor managed to pull the device out. >> i don't think it works. >> i don't think the dolphin wanted his picture taken. >> it needs to be big enough. >> thanks for the demonstration. >> that's how it works. >> today 90 our high. a stray shower or storm this afternoon. also looking for a high near 90 tomorrow. low 90s on friday. rain chances each and every day not only through not going to be a washout. some of you may get through the next seven days completely on the dry side. normal for this time of year is 89. we will drop back into the upper 80s as we head to next tuesday. the overnight lows mid-70s. >> we're liking that. >> mid-70s? >> better than mid-80s. >> with -- humid and hot. a great introduction. >> good jobs guys.
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here in the morning.
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justice with judge maybelline is real life because in everything we do, it involves the law. you came to court to testify about what you heard, what you saw and what you know. >> i don't have a hearing problem. this ear works good. this one works even better. >> she's firm. >> i'm not responsible for their ticket and i'm not going to pay for it. >> who says you're not going to pay for it? i make that decision, not you. >> she's honest. >> what do you have to say? >> i -- >> nothing! >> this is justice with judge >> maria de la cruz is suing caroline snodley on behalf of st. xavier catholic school in the amount of $20,000. she believes her civil rights were violated when the defendant fired her for having a child out of wedlock. >> all parties are sworn in, your honor. >> thank you. you may be seated. this is the matter of maria de


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