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tv   North Carolina News at 600PM  CBS  August 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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we've been reporting on involving people who live near coal ash department. she said she cannot work for a department and administration that deliberately misleads the public. last year the people living near ash pond said the water was contaminated. then they retract it saying the water was safe. then from ken rudo said he tried to worn them not -- warn them not to do it. they have been outspoken about discrediting rudo. then an open letter discredited rudo. davies blames it for her resignation. it shows how they set screening
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narrative. her resignation is immediate and a big loss for her professionally and personally. we reached out to the governor's office for comment. we're also working on contacting dr. davies. we'll have more at 11. >> thank you. governor mccrory said the state will take the voter i.d. case to the supreme court. political reporter beau minnick joins us with more on the timeline. >> reporter: address this month whether they would put a hold on the federal appeals court decision which overturned the law but time is important here as election day is less than three months away. we're going to be asking chief justice john roberts to allow photo i.d.
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he spoke about it at the donald trump rally one person, one vote. >> reporter: aclu of north carolina's legal director chris brook was on the legal team that argued against the law. >> these are measures that north carolinians have come to rely upon, made it easier for all north carolinians to vote. the governor is trying to take that away. >> reporter: he said republican led general assembly passed it. we asked brooks what he would expect from the supreme court. >> there's a real majority on the supreme court that has reservation billions measures like this, that make it harder to vote based on race. >> reporter: so what do north carolina voters have to say? >> i'm in support of
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>> i should show an i.d. >> i don't think it should be required. everybody's got a receipt to vote. i don't think anybody's stupid enough to vote twice. >> reporter: the law also did away with same day registration and shortened very very days. when it comes to early voting, a nonpartisan organization concerns. democracy nc is asking them to act sooner rather than later to implement their plans. >> we now have an election system that depends on high use of early voting. if counties don't offer plenty of weekend and evening hours at accessible polling places, we'll see disastrous train wreck at the polls. >> all counties must submit
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wake county residents who want to run for the school board or county commission can file their paperwork starting tomorrow. it comes after the judge ordered the board of elections to use 2011 boundary maples. this means all school board seats are up for grabs. the filing period ends at nonon august 17th. an update to a cbs north carolina story. a johnston county attorney is being sentenced to 15 th prison. in january we reported that joseph lee levinson pleaded guilty. levinson helped support a marijuana grow in six different houses. levinson works at a law firm in benson and raleigh. he bought the houses and used his law office to ill locally finance the operation.
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police said a person on this motorcycle you see on the bottom of the screen shot and killed 32-year-old angela taylor while she was walking in the bonnie dpiewn neighborhood. the mother of three was taken to the hospital and died. neighbors are on alert. >> especially if you work at neat or you have to go to the store late careful. >> if you know anything about the case, contact fayetteville police. a harnett county woman is in the hospital after having her purse stolen. charles brown was sitting in his car when he heard cries for help. he saw a man with a tire iron standing over a woman on the ground. he started running toward that man who took off behind the
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that's me. i've always been that way. i was brought up that way. the -- >> the 70-year-old victim is in the hospital and police are looking for the suspect. they have a $1,000 reward out for information that leads to an a?rees new options for college students. still to come wake tech is breaking ground. >> plus, absent members. how durham schools is looking to address the problem. >> here's a look at traffic and i-40. traffic is moving just fine.
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the state's largest college is they broke ground on the research triangle park. the new rtp will focus on bringing corporations to wake county. >> this is an important site for all of north carolina. this is the rtp campus for wake tech. we will focus on the businesses and industries.
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and will serve 20,000 students. backpacks, pencils and papers are some of the items handed out. it is to give students the necessary supplies. they even had foorksd games and free haircuts. you can drop off donations on rock quarry road. the durham school board considering a policy change when it com have the most absences and what the change would mean for them. >> i'm bill reh. the high was 92. we avoided any storms.
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cooper: when i go home to nash county, i rode my bike on as a kid. our farm that i worked on is still there. so is the field where i played football and the school where my mom was a teacher. and she was a good one. what we've lost is harder to see. i'm roy cooper, and this election is not just about one bad law. it's about bringing back our teachers, our jobs, and the companies that have left.
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the durham school board is making it easier for members who telecommute. >> reporter: there have been instances where board member important for our community to see you. they want to interact with you and ask you questions. >> reporter: but if board members telecom miewrkts the public doesn't get the opportunity. >> we want to make participating more flexible for those who might have a sickness
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>> reporter: some have done it already. one member called in july 1st and another called in on may 16 but he also messed two other board members since january. >> he's a busy man, busy community organizer and trainer. so he's missed a few board eminem meetings -- b there are things that aren't public. he's been doing some of the work. >> reporter: if approved, telecommuting could be used only three times in the calendar year. >> we don't want this policy to be used all the time. >> reporter: one more thing about the policy.
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acceptable forms. steve sbraccia reporting. next month raleigh firefighters will put up billboards to protest low pay. they've been protesting for months over pay. they're currently raising money to put up at least four billboards. they're also planning on putting up advertising on city billboards around town. >> each month that goes by, the pace picks up because they cannot afford to support their families. >> firefighters and police officers requested 7% raises. the council declined it, instead giving them merit based pay raises between 3 and 3 1/2%.
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bond. our aj janavel is in durham. >> reporter: for more than half a year, he has miles away from his family, all the way in georgia. sour -- supporters say it's because of the community that he now may be free. they've been working to bring the go fund me page raised $10,000 in two days. now the last time i checked, there were 285 people that donated to that go fund me and organizers say that it's because of those people that he will be able to get out. >> overwhelmed honestly. i knew we would get the money. i didn't know it would happen
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we got large donation, particularly from teachers. >> reporter: coming up tonight at 11 we'll hear from the teachers who have been here throughout fighting for acosta. i spoke to his attorney. if and when he comes back to north carolina, that means his immigration trial will be in north carolina as opposed to georgia. however, as far as document, the attorney has yet to see that. we continue to follow breaking news out of new york city. you're looking at live pictures of a man who is scaling trump tower using suction cups. >> they are trying to convince the man to come in through a window. the tower is not just the home of donald trump's campaign but
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nominee lives. looks like he might have a parachute in his back. all right. let's take a look at live on the links. skies are cloudy, a gorgeous evening. it's very humid outside. rays of sunshine for tomorrow maybe in the -- not as bright as today. it will remain steamy. dew pointsil through outthursday, friday and right into the weekend hours. as we look at what's going on, it's very quiet over the central part of our state. there are showers out to the west. you see a whole bunch of precipitation near the coast. that's because of the low pressure system that's been waiverring over the coast for the last several days. the circulation around that is
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that high is clockwise. so that's also rotating things to the northwest. any of the showers, instead of moving like most weather does, west to east, it's drifting off to the northwest. and as we zoom in there's one shower close by in richmond and montgomery county. there are a couple showers ne 90 in raleigh. 88 in durham. we'll zoom in to that one little shower. all in all, a couple sprinkles near aberdeen and pine hurst. there's not much lift in the atmosphere. so what we've got just humid. 88 at 7:00. 85 at 8:00. then we'll drop into the low 80s and upper 70s by midnight
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to clear. no problems weather wise getting out. 75 degrees and it's going to be humid and muggy. sun is up at 6:30. we'll see some low 90s tomorrow afternoon. the sun sets at 8:10. not much chance of any precipitation. i put that 10%. some of the computer models trying show an isolated shower or storm. if you're watching ton, fort bragg, 93 degrees. along the coastal area, 92 in benson. triangle and point north, partly sunny, hot and humid. 91 in rox broa -- roxboro. partly sunny skies. little bits of green trying to fire up mainly to the
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7 and the same story on friday. an isolated storm that could occur anywhere. this frontal system you see to the northwest of us will continue to stay to the north. we'll continue on the same pattern. so 92 tomorrow. 92 on friday. saturday 93. we'll see some hot weather with a 20% chance. one in five shot you'll see a shower in the y. chance and then that cold front comes tuesday and wednesday. we'll be up to temperatures around 8 degrees on wednesday -- 88 degrees on wednesday with scattered showers and storms. jeff, take it away with sports. i'm jeff jones. coming up he tells us why he's living by one word and one word only this year -- fearless.
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well, for blue devil fans, this season could have gone better. duke returns fewer of the starters in acc. one of the starters tore his achilles tendon during a workout. i'm not a doctor but i'm sure that ain't good. what p he would be back and healthy in less than six months. so now that he's back, the question is how scared is this senior quarterback of regur -- reinjuring it. >> i've moved past that. i've kept a positive attitude and i will continue to keep
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forward. >> help and his -- he and his attitude will lead the team. >> ed to in our area several teams held scrim images. todd gibson has the sights and sounds of high school football. >> the sounds of football are in the air. beating on each other, it's time to pop pads with an outside foe. >> carolina, wake up! >> going back to spring ball, actually. i'm excited for them. >> reporter: it features wes johnson. >> these are kids that are locked in and bought in and
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passion. >> reporter: scrimmages such as this is a two edged sword. >> we can't afford to get anybody hurt. so it's very important that we do that. we've got to make sure we take care of ourselves but be safe. >> reporter: they came out unscathed. that's the best news of the day with the regular season just around the corner. august 19th is fast approaching. we're nine days away from week one. for all you football fans out there, don't forget we'll be your home place. the expand coverage will feature more teams, more scores and an end of the week
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day with sad knew, john saunders passed away at the age of 61. he spent a lot of those years along nc's coach. the two developed a close bond. the cause of death for saunders has not been released. he is survived by his wife and two daughters. as recently as last week saunders was the keynote association of black
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appointments are available now. >> pelley: trump provides the ammunition. and clinton fires back. ( no audio ) >> pelley: also tonight, did an isis spy shoot this video of u.s. forces training syrian rebels? a police education course goes wrong, leaving an elderly woman dead. >> it's a fluke diswen, but it's just devastating. >> pelley: and an unlikely path to the olympics for a woman without a country. >> my sister, sometimes when she


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