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tv   North Carolina News at 1100PM  CBS  August 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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it's a case making national headline as man shot and killed and the home owner says he's protecting his neighborhood. >> good evening and thanks for joining us. tonight love ones came together to honor him and our amy has the story. >> reporter: friends of the man said they had to do something, they had to honor this young man and tonight they did. exchange park and comforted one another. >> he was like a brother. >> reporter: danielle harris orgized this event to remember the man -- and he was known to folks at cory and focus on hislife and not how he died. >> it left anger and hurt and
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garnered national attention, he was shot and killed early on sunday morning in raleigh. it happened at the hands of a 39-year-old man. he was trying to protect the neighborhood from hoodlums. >> there's a lot of murdering and killing and a lot of guns in america and for a young man's life to be taken and especially in raleigh we hear things about the cities in chicago and new york and other citi b thomas but felt it was important to show his support to come here. >> no matter what is going on, the best way to get through this is to have understanding compassion and love and that's the best way for us to heal. >> i love you cory. >> reporter: friendses are looking to get the word out at
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holding a fundraiser on august 18th for the family. new tonight, fire crews trying to figure out what sparked a fire in clayton. they responded to a home and the family of five and the dogs are all safe. the home is expected to be a total loss, the red cross is assisting the family. no word on the man's family or condition when he was shot in a parking lot today. we brought this to you as breaking news tonight at the chase turned into a physical altercation before the shots were fired. a third person is charged tonight with murder of a durham man. they took him into custody today and three others were accused of shooting him back in march. deputies say that they
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suspected puppy mill. a family purchased a sick family from the home and found nearly two dozen dogs living in deplorable conditions. they're all being treated and the charged are pending. well the temperatures are not going away any time soon. >> here's bill with the forecast. >> we have the heat state map here, 97 in in charlotte and the only relief in the mountains here. 70s in the mountains here and that's what it is at 11:00 at night. that's pretty warm and as we look at the heat index and it's still feeling like 100 out there and it's a muggy, muggy night.
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overnight. the temperatures will bottom out into the 70s and tomorrow morning 75 at 6:00 a.m. and 75 at 7:00 and warm again by 8:00. we'll have a few clouds out there with fog and the muggy conditions here. if you look at the futurecast, it's going to get hot tomorrow and we'll talk about the triple digit heat and we'll see the end of it is coming in about ten minutes. no one hurt after a bridge clansed this morning iin -- raleigh. crews search for two hours to make sure no one was trapped they found no one. three people charged in the death of a taxicab man. the man was shot and killed
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park drive. police found one of the suspects outside of the hotel and the other two in a hotel room and found items belonging to the driver and the teen that was robbed earlier in the day. >> it gave us the chills, all of us. i mean it's a sad thing that these type of action happen in our community. >> he was a husband and father of three and according to e buried in sudan. clinton and ross all have leads over their opponented, clinton leads over trump by 9 points --. ross trailed last month and now leads burr by two points and points over the current governor. there's plenty of time though
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candidates spoke at the technology forum. we have the story from greensboro. >> in the race for governor it's about leadership. >> you live in the best state in the united states, don't take it for granted. >> the governor and the attorney general each believe they're the right candidate to lead north carolina into the future. they weren't on stage at the same time but easp governor at the technology association. both talked about education funding. >> we see the other stats from the states and there's no return on investments here. we have a shortage of people going into math and science here. >> i believe in investment in education increases the tax revenue, because it improves
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working people. >> they also spoke about bridging rule and urban communities. >> you don't tear down the urban area in order to try to improve the rural areas you don't put them in competition fighting over splitting up taxes. >> every one of us if you live in a big city or small town in north carolina or anywhere in the nation you have to be communications and education and medicine. >> while this was not a formal debate today, cooper and the opponent have debated before and that will happen again on october 11th. on the national stage, poll numbers are widening for clinton including in north carolina, but trump is gaining ground from florida.
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tonight and made comments about clinton and obama. >> well i was being sarcastic but not that sar cas tick. >> clinton showed that they made more than 10 million and donated a million to charity. a federal judge didn't rule right away on the allow transgender studenting to use the bathrooms, they ar seeking an injunction to block a male from using the female restroom. 23-year-old dalton christmas and 29-year-old martinez are believed to be
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a tragic story unfolding tonight in charlotte, a track star and football player, one killed and one injured. the father says she was one of the top runners in the state and a cheerleader. her boyfriend is in icu butresponding, the investigators have not said what led up to to sudan today. they will join hundreds of sold soldiers. vandals taking aim at a tree and the frustration growing and the push for
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today a new childhood development facility was announced. the center will provide hourly care for those heading to a gym. an update to a murder
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for a man that was convicted ofmurder. tonight a drone strike killed a top leader in the islamic state. the officials say he died on july 26th. they designated him a terrorist just last year. additional deaths are expected in a several people are assumed dead but their remains have not been discovered the blast could be felt miles away. a man missing has been found in the national forest. they found the 66-year-old man not far from where his car had been found near a trail. he went missing from his moorhead home on wednesday and authorities have not released a
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are fighting the flood here and they're getting at least two feet of rain and we have the latest tonight. >> reporter: in the parish in louisiana, rains flooded out businesses and entireneighborhoods. people. were forced to evacuate. >> my house is flooded and i before. >> reporter: they had to take communities and pets to higher ground. >> where is all the water supposed to go? >> reporter: a man was killed while trying to escape and this was his friend. >> he got over and then went under and didn't come back up. >> reporter: they helped this
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>> i told my don't panic and i'm going to get you out here and rescue here. >> reporter: nearly 70 roads have been closed and warning people to stay off the roads. 24 people evacuated here and the water is receding and at one point waist high but there's more rain in the forecast. >> the durham boys club is asking for help. they need to raise $150,000 or be forced to close their doors. it's important to keep the club open for the more than 100 kids it serves. >> to know what is offered to them here and the fellowship here and they can look at the adults here and know they're in a safe place, we need more of
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on outrage tonight after vandals aimed at one of thetrees here. this was the only trees to be targeted here and the base was cut around here and nearly a dozen holes and a poisonous substance was poured around it. > investigation here and we're following up. >> the mayor is calling for anyone to come forward and call the police. relief for a church after their air conditioners were stolen last month. >> the business donated two air
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businesses like this and it's been a big blessing. >> it's our way of extending love and grace to them to the community that's been so good to us. >> they believe that the robbers wanted the copper in the units and their took the older units and left the newer ones behind. they will need the ac this weekend. >> it was so hu there's no relief. so hang in there, it's going to be september before we know it. 83 right now at the raleigh airport and there was a heat advisory today and tomorrow. there's one in north hampton county but we're not technically in the area, under the advisory tomorrow but that
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digit heat just staying below 105. so if you travel to the east here, you have a heat advisory from 11 to 8:00 p.m.. we have 78 in south hill virginia and 81 in roanoke rapids. the temperatures overnight won't cool much and we mentioned the mid-70s here. look at the turn around here and back up into the 90s here. in the triangle and no relief with any rain here. you know about the flooding here in louisiana and the persistent flooding here and it's just spinning the wheels here and producing all this rain. this high does bring a flow out of the south and brings in that humidity and there's really
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moisture in terms of widespread storms. we'll see a 6 here, and thesteamy skies here and the uncomfort index here is what we're calling it now and goes through wednesday and thursday of next week and staying into the 70s with the dew points. our heat indexes here, you will want to take that doesn't mean you don't need plenty of water and air conditioning here, this will knock you down here if you don't get relief here. 94 in fayetteville and 94 in pinehurst and dunn and 94 in smith field.
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here with the humidity. we'll feel like the 103 here and a little breeze will pick up tomorrow and that will help maybe. find the ac and that's the only true answer here. you can see there's no showers here and more of the same on sunday and we'll see the heat and the humidity. this frontal system up to so we'll remain partly sunny and this little push from canada will get to us by the end of the week. so 93 and partly sunny skies then 95 on sunday. you can see the core of the 90s here through virginia and north
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advisory on sunday. 94 and still hot and humid and still that slight risk we're talking late in the afternoon and early evening after 2 or 3 afternoon here. so that little window in just a one and five shot of a thunderstorm. then tuesday and wednesday, and 92, a slight chance of a shower and thursday 94 and then on friday, 88 and that's the day we h the same chance on thursday, with the 80s and a couple of storms will be around. our best chance on thursday and friday of next week. you know, i mentioned this earlier but it seems like i'm moving that 88 i'm moving that. so hopefully i won't have to do that tomorrow. >> you need to stop. >> thank you, bill.
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have been sold today. the state closed on them today. according to the governor the sale of the two houses means $7 million for the states and the he can and cam bridge houses are expected to get final approval for the sales and eight others are waiting for the approval. well today at the pnc state we caught about leaving home for the first time. >> between like moving in and leaving home and saying good- byes and leaving the place that you've always known it's exciting to start a new chapter. >> it's my new home and it's just so crazy, yesterday i was
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believe another school yearstarting again. >> that's right and our football starts soon too. >> will like that you said that, it's about college football, that's true. tonight is all about the quote that everybody is talking about, the upset in the olympic games and the biggest quarterback battles is taking
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well as you know football
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corner but some teams are still asking themselves who is going to be the starting quarterback? that's the position that the nc state finding themselves in. since the graduate here and the transfer is battling for the spot and tomorrow could be the day they pick it. the coach gave his realistic expectation here. >> well i well. i don't know how the defense feels about that. it's going to be competitive and you know i would like to see them not make mistakes and first and foremost manage the game. each one of them will have a bad play or two and how do they bounce back. >> the wolf pack here, kicking
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william and mary on september first. well for most of last season, unc scored at will and scored over 40 points per game and in other words it was amazing and the coach thinks that can get even better. >> we left a lot of points on the table here and you know when we went back and broke it down, for the other players, we could be ak than we were. >> one more time, how much better? well heck of a lot better and they know what they're going to be wearing at least. north carolina and georgia will wear their home uniforms here. well if you can't wait for football, the high school
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weekand every friday night, my friend and i will host the blitz on the cbc north carolina. now to a story that's just strange. i have a bad story to report from the olympics. one of the strongest teams has been eliminated, the u.s. soccer team was eliminated. coming into the olympics they were the heavy favorites and this was time to fail to advance to semi finals. here's what hope solo said, that we lost to a bunch of cowardses, the better team did not win -- she doesn't hold back here and that's another
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sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. >> the stakes were high too. >> well this is the number one team losing to number six in the world -- >> well she had a right to be mad but not
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