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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  August 16, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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unbelievable taste. enjoy i can't believe it's not butter! what you can expect when you step out the door and when we may see some relief. >> it's a big day in court for the former unc student accused of causing a tragic accident. what he's of his trial. and she's using north carolina's coal ash controversy as the evidence to back up her case. those stories and much more right now on cbs north carolina. good morning, and thanks for watching cbs north carolina. i'm russ bowen. >> taking a look at your morning commute. we'll head over to alyssa with the forecast. we're talking about the 80s as relief. >> i know.
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afternoon highs. right now though not a bad start at all. this is a live picture from our tower camera. it is 76 degrees right now. starting to see the color spread across the horizon. officials sunrise doesn't happen until after 6:0 this morning. tough stay tuned if tar beautiful sunrise in a half hour. right now satellite radar showing us on the dry side. so that's what we like to see on a morning drive. that rain we all know can really slow later today but worry about that after about 2:00, 3:00. in the meantime here's a current look at your temperatures. 75 in durham and siler city. 7 # in stanford. even towards pinehurst. clinton and goldsboro are checking in around 7 # degrees. goat what you need to know as you're planning your tuesday. 78 at 8 a.m.
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like 102. small chance for a shower or storm again after about 2:00, 3:00 this afternoon. continuing throughout that evening drive home. we were talking about 80s as releaf. i'll let you know when they arrive. let's check in with kristen. >> good morning. a few issues out there this morning. we've got an accident in durham right now. the right lane is blocked. exit 178. use some caution in that area. be prepared for some delays if you're heading that way this morning.
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we are all clear. 16 minutes for your drive there. that will take you about 8 minutes this morning. a live look outside at your current traffic conditions. at i-40 and lake wheeler road. traffic is moving along just fine but traffic volumes are north carolinaing. stick around. more weather and traffic updates coming up. >> thank you. the chandler case is back in the headlines this morning. wig turn. >> accused of causing a wrong- way crash last year. cbs north carolina's emma wright is live from orange county court with what his attorneys are requestinged emma? >> reporter: his stoarns are requesting that some of the evidence that was used against him be thrown out. they say it was collected illegally. they fired a motion and a judge will hear that motion today.
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and videos from his cell phone and autopsy pictures and dash cam videos can be used in court. he's akeudz of underage drinking at two bars in chapel hill back in the summer of 2015. police say he got into his jeep, drove the wrong way and crashed head on to a car. three passengers in that car including a 6-year-old girl died in the wreck. he's facing a list of charges including three counts of second-degree murder, fe impaired. he's currently under house arrest at his pants home many he is expecting to be in court later this morning. cbs north carolina will be in the courtroom. we will bring you updates on the news at noon and always on our website. that's reporting live in hillsborough. emma, thank you. search for a three-year-old missing girl is expected
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louisiana seen yesterday afternoon. price say believe he feel asleap and he disappeared during that period of time. they spent hours searching for her yesterday to no avail. >> has planted herself firmly in the controversy. in a letter to the epa brockovich urchls the federal government to set higher standards. the issue is that can cause cancer to those exposed at lie levels. state toxicologist testified that water test maryland levels bo of and the state was misleading people by saying otherwise. the gromp's office has denied that report in full. michael peterson. >> mine wheel was considered instrumental in winning a major settlement against
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company. michael peterson is trying to convince a durham court that he should be not be retried. he spent eight year if prison. that quuks was overturned after it was determined a blade analyst analyst. facing a second trial peterson and his defense attorney are trying to prove that evidence has been ruling. while an emotional outburst in a courtroom as a woman breaks down after siege her husband's alleged killers. thompson and braxton are charged with murder and the shooting death of raheem cummings. both suspects in jail without bond. >> nearly 23,000 dollars has
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funeral expenses. >> he was swimming with friends at big juniper lake when he jumped off a dog. he ran track and play led football fsm you'd like to help out we've posted a lung to a tbfund me account. his family -- another $2,000. all right. time check for you as you get your tuesday tarted. 6:07. stale ahead here on cbs north carolina you accused offed a did issue mitting 9/11. the statement that is putting him in hot water. and why supporters say he's being misquoted. >> the heat is having a big impact on schools around our area. we're live with how coaches are trying to protect players. that's at 6:15. the protection as we head into the afternoon with those hot conditions. roight now though it's pretty warm and muggy. 7 # in roxboro ford and south
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yesterday if you're like you tried your best to stay inside. it was really hot. >> you? >> i love the heat. >> you know it's hot when you stay inside. >> exactly. >> now it won't be as hot yesterday. we don't have a heat advisory. it's going it feel like the triple digit enjoy this. beautiful early-morning look before the sunrises this morning. officials sunrise happens in about 25 minutes. so we're just seeing that early morning color across the he horizon. it's really shaping up to be a nice morning. your drive time forecast. we're at 76 right now. likely stay in the mid-70s through 7 a.m. we start to climb. 78 by 8 a.m. into the low # 0s by 9 a.m. plenty of sunshine.
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no rain in the morning hours, that is. later today, we could see a storm or two just like what we saw develop yesterday. so in the meantime let's get a check on those temperatures. 73 right now in clayton and louisburg. also 73 in henderson. around the sand hills 76 in pinehurst. sanford at 72. planning your tuesday ahead. 90 degrees at lunchtime. maybe a little bit toasty. take it outdoors afternoon. more on rest of your workweek forecast. >> thanks. i'll take it from here. 6:11 is -- asking for your help in finding a missing 16-year-old girl. barber has been missing for a while. she was last seen more than a week ago at her home. she could be in johnston, harnt
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sheriff's officens to give us a call. back in may the north carolina teen who asked to walk in his high school graduation ceremony has take an plea deal. he is one of five charged in a deadly shooting allegedly sparked by a dispute. he spent >> time is 6:13. the last-ditch
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because we're only borrowing it from our children. ?? z23aoz zi0z y23aoy yi0y rudy giuliani may have take issue the cake l here's the comment that has everyone talk this
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came along, we didn't have any successful radical islamic terrorist attack in the united states. they all started when clinton and obama got into office. >> now, of course, giuliani was mayor when they took down the 2001 tours. a spokesperson said he was only referring to the time after the 9/11 attack and before president transferred out of the detention facility. the single largest tran form. the state department says nationals have afghanistan, yemen and the united arab emirates. all will be travel -- one the -- that's not come to pass. the current inmate population is 61.
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pennsylvania attorney general has been convicted of perjury marking a stun l hall from krais. >> one of the rising stars testimony took only about five hours to convict cain all of the counts against her. she leaked grand jury information to gain reveng. she faces up to seven years in prison. the governor is called on her to resign immediately. >> it's august and we're supposed to be >> very hot. >> very, very hot. >> well unless you managed to stay inside for the last few days you probably noticed it's really hot out there. >> for sure. those temperatures are having appear impact. cbs north carolina joins us live with how teams are beating the heat. justin? >> there's only one way to beat the heat for these young athletes and that's just not to be out here at
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this is some video that we want to show you right now of football practice from last month when it was hot but not as hot as right now. wake school sleersd decided to cancel outdoor athletics today and tomorrow. that includes outdoor games and practices. dumb -- the timing of all of this is not ideal because it comes just days boyfriend friday night's kickoff it the justing about football but allout door for thes tiny tomorrow plus canceling the training exercises yesterday for the young soccer players. if you want to know what's happening youer -- contact their coach. live in raleigh.
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if i'm going to run today it'sed in. don't you think if >> just skipping that all together. >> no, no, no. no excuses. >> ice cream. oh, man. come on. it is going to be another hot day w. e don't have any heat advisory. that's an improvement from where you are. improving denies. look at it beautiful sunrise. 6:4. it's 6:18 right now. a little ways to go but e i tweeted out one of these pictures as well. really looking like a nice one. let take look at your satellite radar composite. most of us on the dry side. no rain in central north carolina. we had rain late yesterday afternoon but that
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we have 73 in portions of john stone county around leiton, both right around 74 as you do start off your tuesday morning. so i want you to walk you through your day. 85 at 10 a.m. 90 at noon. staying dry through the morning. can't say the same though into the afternoon. an isolated storm or two possible at 2:00. make it to 94 for a high. back to 91 by 6:00. ju dry side. high pressure in control our weather and that's ushering in that southerly breeze which is bringing the moisture and making it feel humid. those unseasonably warm temperatures. we're looking at just an ice whrait storm until that front back it our west starts to move closer to us. when that happens, those rain chances are quickly going to juch up for us. show you the details. in the mean timelet map out the next 24 hours.
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will be. try at wednesday. the same situation into the afternoon. just an isolated storm in our forecast. as far as the drop ibs are concerned things are heating up ever so slightly. this area of unsettled weather. national return -- developing into a tropical cyclone. heading into the open atlantic. so not really a con tender for us just yet. 94 our high in in fayetteville. overnight tonight drop to 74. warmth is continuing the rain is tapering off quickly. still in 90s. those rain chances really jumping up thursday into friday. temperatures are going to back issue off as well. near 90 at it point in the week. let's check in with kristen to see what's the latest on the early-morning accidents >> pair of accidents
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southbound side. exit 178. that's for u.s. 70. use some caution in that area and orange county we also have an accident on i-8 5. that's near exit 170. that is blocking the shoulder and part of the right elaborate. traffic is moving freely through the area. watch for some delays in that area. we also have an issue in cary that we need to talk repairing damage and expected to be on scene until 3:00. expect that rain to be closed you want then. we'll let you know when it does reopen. as far as traffic goes your drive times not looking bad around the triangle here
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current traffic conditions at i-40 and lake wheeler road. you can see the traffic is picking up but so far no major issues there. more weather and traffic updates coming up. >> the nfl is giving four players a lung to a report of performance enhansing drug. cooperate or be suspended indefinitely. all four linked to pdes. peyton mannings was animalled however he was later cleared of any wrong doing. >> day ten of the olympics ended up less about the medals and more about individual moments. >> that was never more true than right here. miller dives right across the finish line. that counts, everyone.
6:23 am
female in track and field. that should be noatded. her 38th birthday with a win. she still ended one a bronze. they will glory today as they compete in the floor exercise final. >> they did a great interview after that. kind of mishap. listen, i do what i can and i'm pretty good. >> can't have everything. >> she's going to give herself a break. >> done a good job.
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apple may be finishing up a new feature and audi has come one a system that you never knew you needed until now. cbs jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange. good morning. >> good morning. at least 20 properties in the united including hyatt may have been hacked. malware may have collected names and credit card info date bagging to march 2015. they're advicing consumers to report any unusual charges to their card and apple next iphone could be water proof. they filed a a patent. apple files dons of pay tens if
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there's nothing like trying something new. especially when it comes to snacking. that's why we're introducing cheese dippers. the creamy cheese and crunchy breadsticks that go wherever you do. reinvent snacking. thanks for watching. it's 6:3 in the morning. thanks for tuning in. looking ahead to what could potentially be a graim-changing hearing in the
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good morning. >> good morning to you at home as well. yesterday was certainly going to be the hottest day of the week. we had that heat advisory. today will certainly be a toasty one. heat index values in the triple digit. we'll stay below that criteria. this is how we're starting off the morning. absolutely gorgeous. nice sunrise over international airport. 76 degrees right now. and you can see no rain showing up on our sat -- satellite radar. let's get those those current temperatures. 75 in wilmington. also mid-70s in pinehurst. we have 74 in goldsboro and clinton. 7 # in louisburg. your forecast for the day ahead a nice mix of sun
6:31 am
94 our afternoon high. feel more like 10 # and yes a stray shower or storm like what we saw yesterday. back to 91 as we heads to 6:00 this evening. right now i want to send it to kristen. you've been following some early-morning accident glsms i-85. one was just cleared. that's sce watch for some delays near exit 1706789 we have an accident in durham here. this is i-85 southbound at exit 178. that's the exit for u.s. 70. may run into some delays theres a well am road closure today. this is on dynasty drive to -- crews are repairing damage. the road is expected to remain closed until 3:00 this afternoon. if you're getting ready to
6:32 am
40 from u.s. 64 to rtp a 23-minute commute. triangle expressway all clear. a 15-minute ride. here's a leave look outside right now from i-40 at wade avenue. traffic on 0 looks good. let you know if anything changes in just a bit. >> the one final u, this c student including 6-year-old girl will be back in court today am hearing that could have a big impact on his case. once it does go to trial. emma wright has been following this all morning. what's the team asking for exactly? >> his team says some of the evidence against him but collectly illlily. they've filed a motion in the judge whether hear that motion today.
6:33 am
votes and videos from the sivings autopsy pictures and dash cam views will be throughout out or use. he's accused of underage drinking back in the summer of 2015. police say after that night out he got into his jeep, drove the wrong way down i-85 and crashed head on into ar kavment three passengers including a 6-year-old girl died in that wreck. a list of charges including three counts second-degree murder. he's also name in -- he is expected in court here in orange county later this morning. cbs north carolina will be in that courtroom. we will follow the story bringing youup states on news at noon and always on our website. that's
6:34 am
lee county deputies say that jason godfrey were fighting when he grabbed a pistol. while -- heist charged with murder and is being held without bond. tim kaine will be in fayetteville today am day after sair nationwiding a crowd in ashville. ? [ music ] ? he broke out the harmonica. not quite bill clinton but still pretty good. this is cain of a barbecue and beer and beforehand he was in full policy mode. >> donald trump says i'm going to be great for the vets. i'm going to be great for the vets. well, if you've been using every trick to get out of
6:35 am
veteran services your whole life you can't just pair cheult into a presidential race and say i'm going to be great for the vets. >> doors open at noon today for the event. truches will be back in charlotte on thursday. >> reinstate north carolina's voter id raw for the november election. it was recently overturned by an -- it discriminated gefns african-merp voteers. they're asking to set that decision align. there's precedent for the court
6:36 am
a zoning plan. not everyone is so happy about it. last night's vote came down to 3-2. the -- 400 square mile of unzone land. that's concerning to some who wanted the option of running businesses from their properties. sportth supporters argue it will help guide growth and keep unwanted businesses out of neighborhoods. >> the reason to pursue is the growth potential. in the noarn country of the corner but it's not going to wrong for rest ofs. >> it is 6:#. protests ma i have paused in milwaukee but the outrage is not done any time soon. >> no gun no. indictments, no people send to jail from the police force. at some point the community wants to know why.
6:37 am
>> appear arrest made in that wild fire that destroyed dozen of homes. appeared cereal arson itself. >> boyfriend you get ready to head. right around 37 in smithfield. lauren your forecast for the rest of the [music] >> dr. stanley: we can understand and realize, it's through the gospel that you and i can be absolutely assured at "absent from the body, present with the lord." we don't have to fear death. it's through the gospel that our
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don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. flonase gives you more complete allergy relief. most allergy pills only control one er than one. flonase changes everything. ? we have a lot in common many we're not going to be wearing these long sleeves >> . cold in the studios but hot outside. we are already is have a beautiful sunrise it talk about as well. it's 76 degrees right now. this is a live picture from our tower camera.
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very similar scene as we are this morning. so let's take a look at your drive-time forecast. stay in the mid-70s. and then we'll start it see those it weres -- temperatures climb. you can see i'm expecting that beautiful sunrise to stay around all morning longment a few more clouds around lunchtime today. let's take a look at the satellite radar. we are completely on 3 in heppedderson and louisburg. right around 75 in -- so as you're making planser for your day right around noon at 90. 94 our afternoon high and back to 91. just an isolated storm. and those isolated storms continue through tomorrow
6:41 am
chances. coming up in about 10 minutes. >> blame it is on bolt. fans celebrating his gold medal might have caused the painic at jfk airport. security footage shows people becoming extremely disruptive while watching the olympics. that may have set you have a chain of events that some people running for cover. police ended up flooding that scene and reports of shots being fired. no evidence that that happened but a inconvenience. coming out of the devastation from historic flooding. the men and women when losing
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officer-involved shooting. the outrage could only be a surprise on for those on outside looking in. person after person after person funned down no. gun. no indictments. no people sent to jail. at some point the community wants to know why. >> police have insisted that the slain victim beau office. more than a dozen people eared a 10 p.m. cur fie is expected to be in place under the age of 18. >> arrested the spotlight in the murder of a muslim cleric. certain of the apartment turned up a resolver and what -- officers were actually
6:45 am
after hi car but release. >> far no you though has been given. >> ples have arrested a man accused of starting a devastating wild fire. the 40-year-old faces 17 counts of arkansas son in connection to the clayton fire. it's destroyed more than 175 businesses and threatening more than a thousand others. as of last night it was only contained. at least nine people have dayed in louisiana where incredible floods have left the region underwater. more than 10,000 people are said to be staying in shelters. half of the total number of people rescued. not take an break neither have the volunteers who have made it their mission to help their neighbors. >> i'm so glad you're doing this. are you firemen? just good guys? >> my wife might disagree with that the statement.
6:46 am
and they just feel like, you know, somebody's there to help them. it just--you know, you see a look of relief. they're going to get out and get to high crowd. >> 17 feet above flood level. thousands of people remain without power. of course this morning the water's not expecting to recede any time soon. we are just days away from the kickoff of high school football. >> missing out >> reporter: the heat is keeping the players off of the fields like this one that you see mind me. wade county schools cancelled outdoor sports yesterday, today and tomorrow. that affects outdoor sports from 10 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. take a look at this video. you can see that -- high school athletes are used to
6:47 am
last week. they have spent part of the this heat is extreme. the high of # 6 yesterday and 94 today. wake schools gave games and practices a start up time of -- that's under 90 on a special thermometer or a heat indeks f. they have anything athletics fucials will be giving frequent water breaks. we don't have any word from any other local school systems about what blans are for outdoor activities today. life in raleigh. thanks so much. >> it's really good point too.
6:48 am
>> it's true. >> just taking care of him. i appreciate it. >> i feel for anyone out in the heat. >> get one of those gatorade bottles in the -- >> i feel bad for him but it's not nothing compared to the contractor and construction workers who are out there working. >> every single day. all summer long. we aren't going to see a heat advisory later today but still going to see triple digit heat index values over 100 and 103 maybe the range. this is a live picture. we are looking at -- i would say more clouds than sunshine from this view. orange county. this morning. no rain. that's for sure. that can slow you down. this is where our satellite radar looks like. absolutely no wet weather in our area. solet get straight to those temperatures. right around the mid-70s in durham and here in
6:49 am
harnick county. 78 at 8:00. a mix of sun and clouds. 90. then 94 our high. look here. it will feel more like 10 # and that's why we keep stressing this heat. you need to stay hi draited. they can't stay outside. check on your neighbors as well. check on 91 our temperature right around 6:00. set up hasn't changed much from yesterday. high pressure to the south an east. looking at a nice southerly flow. that's what's bringing in the warm conditions. a slow moving frontal boundary. that will brick us increase rain chances but not until thursday and friday when they go up. the temperatures will go down. we do have something to look
6:50 am
as we -- an isolated storm or two possible. very hard to predict exactly where we see that. on the dry side. overnight tonight drier air returns. today and tomorrow won't have to worry about where that umbrella is. we will stay on the dry side. here's our tropical satellite showing you an update from where we were yesterda within the next 48 hours. of course, if it strengthens the first to let you know. in the meantime # # our high today. 93 in durham and 234eu69 fayetteville. al to near 74. ac still running full blast. the next few days right around the low 90s but look at thursday. rain chances really go up for us. they stay heightened on friday. as temperatures fall back into
6:51 am
days over the upcoming weekend. just about 6:51. let me hand it over to kristen. >> good morning. good morning, everyone. not too many shes popping up for your tuesday morning drive just yet. we still have one accident durham here. this i-85 southbound at exit 178. that's your exit for u.s. 70. watch for some slowdowns in that area as that accident still in the pros of being cleared. u.s. 1. about 12 minutes. traffic there still looking
6:52 am
from i-40. you can see that we've got traffic volume north carolinaing. no major issues. a final check coming up. >> we'll be right back with some news to know wildfire you head out the door this morning. let's check in with dale to see what the cbs this morning team's working on. >> gork. we'll talk about plan to bring back cold war tactics ysm some families are paying used to. and the louisiana volunteers known as the kajun knave. and the u.s. women's volleyball star. ahead of their olympic final showdown. they don't mind those late-
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against the fayette man deemed responsible for a horrible crash. investigators say he was impaired when he slammed his mustang into another car. he's charged with involuntary manslaughter. he will be in court. we will be there as well for his appearance and let you know how it affects this case. >> environmental activist even brockovich has planted government to set higher standards for drinking water safety. the issue is over a compound that can cause cancer to those exposed at a lie hefl. state toxicology testified last month that water near coal ash pond tested above the rate deemed safe. the state was misleading people by saying otherwise. they have denied that report in full. . >> the search for a missing
6:56 am
yesterday afternoon by her mother's boyfriend. police say they believe that he fell asleep and that she disappeared during that time period. clormts and multiple lawrkt agencies spent hours yesterday. >> cam newton is asked a about about all of those thing. he doesn'tly necessary always provide an answer. it's sprawling in nature and fans. this is fantastic. it's making the rounds on social media. a baltimore tourist took a photo delivers bags of food to the homeless. >> oh. >> love to see that. >> he's doing lots of great things. talk about his fashion sense
6:57 am
>> i didn't see the hat. >> always cool too. >> let's get to our forecast. later today we are talking about very hot temperatures again in the meantime. right now we are at 76 degrees. this is a live picture from the international airport. 73 in clayton and louisburg. 72 in henderson. right now before you head out the door it's 77 in fayetteville and 76 in rayford. your forecast for the rest of the workweek 94 our high today. it will feel more like 102 at isolated storms and also looking at a very similar forecast. tomorrow 92 and then look at that rain chance. goes up significantly for thursday and friday. thankfully not as wet for the upcoming weekend ahead. what's the latest on traffic? >> not too many issues. your normal delays on i-40 at the clayton bypass right there. we are going to keep a close eye on your current traffic conditions through cbs this morning. but at this point main roads seeing normal traffic volumes. >> all right.
6:58 am
>> be prepared to stay in the air conditioner today. thanks so much for being with
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7:00 am
? good morning. it is tuesday, august 16th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." police apprehend a suspect accused of setting the fire that community. and he may be responsible for more. donald trump tries to get back on message, laying out a plan to fight isis. he promises to bring back cold war tactics to fight terror. and fighting deadly food allergies suddenly becoming a lot more expensive for families. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds.


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