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tv   North Carolina News at Noon  CBS  August 16, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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i'm stefan chase. >> thanks for watching cbs north carolina at noon. we start with sad and breaking news she out of gaston county. the search for a missing girl finding what they believe is the toddler's body. >> jordan ann dumont was last seen yesterday afternoon by her mother's boyfriend. police believe he fell asleep and the child then disappeared. helicopters, k-9 sent multiple law enforcement agencies assisted in the search. no heat advisory but temperatures are still scorching and potentially dangerous. melissa korff want joins us with more. >> reporter: good afternoon to you at home. let's go ahead and talk about
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just a few clouds at this point in time. we've been watching the camera throughout the morning and there has been plenty of golfers as we head into the afternoon. i'm sure those numbers will taper off as the heat and humidity taper -- get the best of us. 890 raleigh, 900 durum, 900 south hill, 920 fayette fell. upper 80s around clayton, to you need to factor in the humidity and this is what it feels like. it feels liquid hundred -- 1010 in wellington, 990 in raleigh. our heat index should top out in the low 100s. not going to be quite as hot as yesterday. that's why we do not have that he'd advisory as we head into the afternoon. nonetheless, take these temperatures and conditions seriously. 940, our afternoon high. storms starting around 3:00 and continuing through the evening
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a similar set up to what we had yesterday. 850 at 9:00. we fall back to 94 -- 740 by about 6 am tomorrow. tomorrow should start out dry. wake county public schools have already canceled outdoor activities for today and tomorrow. cbs north carolina's storm team meteorologist kristin ketchell is live at millbrook with the latest. >> reporter: alyssa, i'm standing on the field at millbrook high school and you can typically, we see athletes and the band practicing but it's all empty today because as you mentioned for the second day in a row, the wake county public school system has postponed outdoor athletics due to extreme heat. practices have been pushed back until at least 6:30 pm but that's only if temperatures fall below 900 on the field or the heat index stays below 1250.
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provide water breaks and closely monitor participants during practices and games held after 6:30 pm. students are advised to check with coaches to see how these cancellations will impact practice schedules. these cancellations are coming just days before the highly anticipated kickoff of high school football on friday. prepare for their first games of the season beginning this friday evening. again, these cancellations continue through tomorrow from 10 am to 6:30 pm. there will be no more athletics outside. something to keep a close eye on if you are part of an athletic team that practices during that team or you are the parent of a student that practices during the time. checking with the school and coaches to see how these cancellations and postponements will affect practices. not as hot as yesterday but
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every bit of 990. live in raleigh, meteorologist gretchen -- kristin ketchell. i'll send things back to you. >> good advice. thank you. in a couple hours, democratic vice presidential candidate tim kaine will be holding a rally in fayetteville. >> as -- we have a preview of what he is expected to discuss today. >> reporter: tim kaine will be in fayetteville at the botanical gardens about 3 pm holding that rally. this is his third visit to importance of the tar heel state in this election. tim kaine was in greensboro on august 3 and asheville for a stop last night. he is expected to talk today about hillary clinton's plan for the economy and contrast it from donald trumps vision, specifically regarding tax policy and investing in north carolina. we will be here. you can watch tim kaine's visit
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can watch for our reports tonight starting at 5:00. in fayetteville, beau minnick, cbs north carolina. >> we will live stream the entire event at it starts at 2:00 this afternoon. the republican party just spoke a short time ago about tim kaine's visit. susan mills said this about the plan for the economy: >> when you put a democrat in office, they want to tax us more. with more taxes, people cannot grow the economy, can't people because they are taxing us more. >> presidential candidate donald trump is heading back to north carolina. his campaign confirms a rally in charlotte on thursday night. cbs north carolina will have full coverage of his visit. some republicans in congress say hillary clinton lied to them during her 11 hours of testimony before the house elect a committee on
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investigator to look into the matter. meanwhile, donald trump unveiled his plans for stopping terrorist attacks. craig boswell has the latest from the white house. >> reporter: hillary clinton is facing more questions about the private email server she used while secretary of state. >> very serious issues, so many unanswered questions. let's face it, hillary clinton just is not -- has not come totally clean. >> reporter: republicans in congress sent a letter to the u.s. attorney in dc saying there may be evidence she perjured herself in congressional testimony. >> they went through every single email. >> reporter: lawmakers will be looking for inconsistencies with her fbi testimony when the agency turns over its notes to congress. that could happen any day now. clinton insists she was truthful to both the fbi and congress and says she did nothing illegal. donald trump shifted focus to foreign-policy with his anti- terrorism speech on monday. his main priority centered around screening immigrants.
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>> reporter: trump will limit or ban immigrants coming from countries with links to terrorism and he wants to give a litmus test that only allows people who respect america and its values to enter the u.s. >> what would you do? stand there at the airports and have somebody say do you believe in the constitution? >> reporter: trump promised more details after he is elected. they boswell, cbs news, the white house. governor pat mccrory says he will formally petition the supreme court to hear the case around the north carolina voter id plan. this comes after a supreme court justice, john roberts, was asked to grant a stay and reinstate the law requiring photo id before you can vote. a federal appeals court overturned it saying the law discriminated against minority voters. all 100 north carolina counties
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by friday. there could be a decision on what wake county school board members plan to do about a $17 million budget shortfall. producing custodial services from three to two days a week is on the table. also, postponing the expansion of the visual and performing arts programs but officials say there will be no layoffs and employees will get raises. the board members meet tonight at 5:30 pm. today, wake county schools unveiled a new school lunch item. students at the centennial magnet school were the first staff makes it fresh and in- house. that's one of several menu items made from fresh local ingredients. wake county says they are making an effort to incorporate more north carolina grown items into school lunch. >> as soon as the farmers harvest new items, such as sweet potatoes, we will start offering those in november and
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we are really excited about being able to support our local farmers in that way. together, all of these things provide the seasonality we help students will come to enjoy with their menu. >> students say they get the turkey pot pie -- give the turkey pot pie recipe a thumbs up. school lunches will be raised by $.25. middle and high school students, lunches to 50 -- $2.50 and elementary $2.25. >> causing a wrong way crash, killing three is back in court. his attorneys want key evidence tossed out. david hers has the latest from orange county.>> reporter: the hearing is still going on at the courthouse but the majority of the discussion will involve whether or not cell phone records will be allowed in the trial. in july 2015, troopers say kania drove the wrong way on highway 85 and crashed into another car and killed three people including a six-year-old girl.
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exactly happened that after -- that evening. the attorneys have asked to exclude the cell phone records from kania at the time. we will have more on that and what comes out of the hearing at 5:00 and 6:00. david hurst, cbs north carolina. investigators with the durham county sheriff's office need the public's help in identifying a suspect in a home break-in on august 11. you are looking at images caught on surveillance camera. contact police if you know who this person is. the search is still on for a wilson county girl missing for over a week. priscilla barber was last seen at her home. she is believed to suffer a cognitive impairment and could be in one of three counties, johnston, r-harnett, or wilson. a man faces two murder charges in the execution style shooting of a new york a mom and his assistant.
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apartment. a search revolve -- uncovered a revolver. the 55-year-old ihmam and his assistant were gunned down outside of their mosque on saturday. police say they were able to track down the suspect because he rammed into a cyclist shortly after the shooting. the cyclist took down the driver's information a person was there. he was there just prior to that. we have one video eight minutes prior, and then he takes off. >> funerals for the ihmam and his assistant were held yesterday. about 1000 people attended. authorities accuse a california man of intentionally starting a fire in lake county that has caused more than $10 million in damages and destroyed more than 175 homes. the clayton fire is only 75% contained. david pashilk is now facing 17
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it is suspected he has started numerous fires in lake county over the last year. he is scheduled for arraignment tomorrow. the press box at douglas mihal school burned to the ground in may. now, a teenager has been charged in the crime. the two-story building also served as a concession stand. no one was hurt. still ahead, -- >> this is our entire life. i worked my entire life. just >> we saw friends, neighbors, complete strangers rescuing people left and right. >> flood concerns continue in louisiana as homeowners begin to assess the damage. the latest on the deadly record flooding. she's a famous -- a famous
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raleigh-durham international airport has announced a new daily nonstop flight to seattle washington. delta airline service is set to debut the flight in june 2017. joining alaska airlines, which also flies nonstop to seattle, more than 146,000 passionate -- passengers are traveling to the -- are traveling between the two airports. this is the davis -- biggest debut since may. the dispute over martin luther king jr.'s bible and nobel priests -- nobel peace prize medal are up for argument. his children were fighting to get items back from a sister who wanted to sell them. a judge sided with the estate on monday. a well-known environmental activist, erin brockovich, is getting involved in the north
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to set higher standards for drinking water safety. one of the compounds that can cause cancer to those exposed is at the center of the debate. cbs north carolina has reported state toxicologists testified that water near coal ash ponds tested several levers -- levels above the safe limit and the state was misleading people by saying otherwise. the government denied the report saying bruneau lied under oath. flooding in louisiana has sparked the biggest disaster response since her can sandy and is blamed for at least seven deaths. 11,000 people are now homeless. much of the southern portion of the state is under flood warnings. omar villafranca is in baton rouge as homeowners begin to assess the damage. >> reporter: >> we're not going to give up. we are going to get back off and rebuild. >> reporter: overnight, voluntary evacuations were
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community. on monday, national guard helicopters pulled more people to safety from the unprecedented flooding hitting southeastern louisiana. we went along as they took us on a search and rescue mission into the flood zone. >> we are now flying over. you can see this area is covered in water. >> reporter: roughly 90% of the homes have flood dag washed out. christina broad and her boyfriend, brooks wilson, returned to their flooded home for the first time, monday. >> oh my god. i worked my entire life for this. it's washed away. >> it's like the end of your world. having to start over like that. >> reporter: more than 11,000 people have been forced into
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>> i never thought i would see this day. >> reporter: 20,000 have been rescued since friday, in large part due to the help of volunteers. greg's home is a loss but he's thankful for what he still has. >> we are homeless today but we are hopeful. we will be build. >> reporter: omar fee front car, baton rouge, louisiana. >> homeless but hopeful. we are certainly thinking about those folks in our prayers and well wishes. back at home, we haven't seen rain. it's just plain hot outside. >> it was plain hot yesterday and dangerous for some folks because we had that heat advisory. today, no heat advisory but still very hot. you need to take necessary precautions, especially if you or you know of someone who is working outside today, encourage those people to take as many breaks as possible and drink as much water as possible.
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and low 90s for many of you. 890 here in raleigh, 900 in durham. lewisburg and lillington, and clayton 900. raeford, 900. you have to factor in the humidity and this is what it feels like. 1000 in durham, lewisburg. 1020 in rocky mount. these numbers are going to for the most part hold steady as we head into the afternoon. i don't think it will fee we had yesterday. a slight break. you won't notice a big change until thursday or friday of this week. let's talk about this afternoon. feels like 1020 with actual high close to 940. isolated storms at 6:00 and dry by 9 pm. no rain right now on our
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to develop towards wilmington and a few isolated showers to our west. for the most part, we stay on the dry side. high pressure bringing that southerly breeze today, which means more heat, more humidity ahead of the stationary front. this front will eventually be the reason we see changes towards thursday and friday. in the meantime, a few isolated showers and storms this afternoon. very similar to yesterday. those wind down after sunset. we are dry for wednesday. we could see another round of isolated storms tomorrow. these are very hard to pinpoint because they are going to be so hit or miss in nature. i wanted to give you an update on traffic. we have this area of unsettled weather. 70% of this strengthening to a tropical cyclone. we will watch this closely but right now it's moving into the open atlantic. no threat to the land at this time. 940 in raleigh today, 960 in fayetteville. overnight, we should drop to
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which means those ac units will be running full speed ahead overnight. 920 our high on wednesday. 900 on thursday. that's the day things start to change with increased rain chances. same situation as we head towards friday with a high of 890. the upcoming weekend, 900 for highs saturday and sunday. just a few showers and storms throughout the weekend. 12:21 pm right now.
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nearly one of 13 children has a food allergy. families with severe allergies often rely on an epipen to deliver a dose of life-saving medicine if a child has a really bad reaction. >> the actual cost of the drug is only a couple dollars but the cost has risen more than 480% since 2009. vinita nair reports.
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far away in this household. >> this is our mexican pizza. >> reporter: it's a cautious time. of the six children, two have severe food allergies. it's why both of these girls never leave their area home without their feeney pack. >> it's always good to have it with me. >> you could get really sick if you don't have that? >> yeah. >> reporter: as abb, ellie's reactions were so severe she had hives all over her body. the epipen has twice been used to save her life. >> her lips started turning blue. she wasn't able to breathe. >> reporter: they have to replace the pins every year because they expire. they were as little as $80.05 or six years ago before they switched to a high deductible plan. >> it was $600 to refill it. >> reporter: in 2009, pharmacies page slightly more than $100 for a pack of two.
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says the manufacturer of the device has a virtual monopoly after its main competitor launched a recall last fall. >> this is a brand-name epipen. it's like kleenex to allergists. >> reporter: in a statement, he tells cbs news the epipen price has changed over time to better reflect important product features and the value the product provides, saying we've made a significant investment to support the device over the past years. >> are you fearful the price could continue to go up? >> yes. >> prices are based on competition and there's no competition. >> as we head to break, here's a
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here is one last look at your forecast.
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justice with judge mablean is real life because in everything we do, it involves the law. you came to court to testify about what you heard, what you saw and what you know. >> i don't have a hearing problem. this ear works good. this one works even better. >> she's firm. >> i'm not responsible for their ticket and i'm not going to pay for it. >> who says you're not going to pay for it? i make that decision, not you. >> she's honest. >> what do you have to say? >> i -- >> nothing! >> this is justice with judge man. tracy cosner is suing rappers marcus sims and damien milner in the amount of $5,000. she says the defendant canceled a scheduled gig and took a job with another promoter without her consent. mr. sims claims the weather was to blame for cancellation and he is countersuing because the plaintiff bad-mouthed him to others. >> all parties are sworn in,


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