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tv   North Carolina News at 500AM  CBS  August 17, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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good morning, guys. gorpg to you at home as well. another warm and muggy morning. as we start off our wednesday. right now though good news is no rain to speak of. that morning drive in should be on the dry side. it's the drive home just like the past few days that we could see a few isolated storms. keep that in mind.
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a degree. both at 76. 73 in henderson and louisburg. we have 77 right now in fayetteville. wilmington 76. pinehurst in the mid-70s. we should be right around 79. it's going it feel more like the triple digits this afternoon. although you're actually high should be close to 94. more on yo send it to al lee welcome back. roads look pretty good if you're on 95. all green which means you're not slowing down just
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a little longer. 5 to rtp and if you're taking 540 u.s. 1 about 16 minutes there. a live look outside now at i-40 where things are moving pretty well at 5:02 in the morning. >> all right. thanks so much, allie. >> breaking news this morning, we're covering a man wanted for the killings of a woman and three young children in greenville is now behind bars. >> emma wright in the studio with more details on the victim and how t unfolded overnight. emma? >> they had been looking for this suspect since they discovered four bodies on tuesday but still working to put together a time line of when the killings happened. he was driving a stolen car. he was captured around midnight near richmond, virginia. a concerned family member called police earlier in the day on tuesday and asked them to check on the woman and her three kids.
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having and lived at the townhouse. they're still working to put together a time line of events. that i say police forced their way into the home and they found those four bodies. what happened is very surprising. >> all the neighbors are in shock because this never happens. so when we find out about news like this, it's just very disturbing to all of us. >> greenville police say they haven't released the >> firefighters in southern california trying to get the upper hand against a fast- moving wild fire. nowhere near contained. it's forced more than 82,000 people from their homes. >> the raging flames tore through parts of san bernardino county. fire crews worked into the night to keep the blaze
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evacuate immediately. >> this fire is aggressive. some very erratic behavior. the so-called blue cut fire ignited tuesday morning. despite efforts to contain the blaze from the air and ground, the fire expanded in size and intensity in a matter of hours. as night fell the historic summit ip, a popular diner was among structures that burned to the ground. you can see home after home charred to their foundations. >> lauren anderson was driven from her home yesterday. and still unsure if it's still standing. >> you can imagine terror and sadness and concern. >> the fire caused traffic backups for miles as the area's main highway was shutdown. many drivers were left sweltering in their cars in
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go. >> it's been plagued by wild fires for months. they're hoping cooler temperatures will help them cut the fire under control. in northern california they've gained ground against the clayton fire. it's burned 35 acres. >> cbs north carolina has learned the body of a murder last week is on it way to sudan. he was shot and killed thursday in front of a hotel and now three people are facing charges. the cab driver had plans to be back home in sudan to attend his brother's wedding. his parents requested it be sent to them. people at a local mosque say it's important to make sure that happens. >> you feel like the son is
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it's also this is one of our customs back home in sudan. >> organizers have created a gofund me to raise money for that trip. that information's on our website. check it out if you want to help. within the week, a judge is expected to rule on admissibility of evidence. the former unc student accused of driving drunk and killing three people last year was back in court yesterday. his attorney says some evidence including the ce included in the october trial. his attorney argues a warrant was improp her serve. the family never objected and aside from the criminal case. he also faces a civil lawsuit from the victim's family. >> two separate accidents involving pedestrian yesterday. one happened just after 7:00 last night in garner at
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road. he's expected to be o.k. garner police say the driver stayed on the scene. no word if charges will be filed. a similar incident in cameron individual. one of them in wheelchair. this happened in the intersection right in front of the -- just before 4:00. both men were crossing when police say a driver turned on to overland road hen hit. both are expected to be o.k.. >> the voter id law lawsuit making its way to the u.s. supreme hear from those who sued to overturn the law in the first place. they're giving the group to august 25th to provide a written response. attorneys say -- attorney for the state say voting rules should not be altered this close to the general election. there could be a big development in fayetteville's quest for minor league baseball team tonight. city lead lrs discuss the possible signing of a
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with the houston astros. it's scheduled for today at 5:00. it's happening at city hall. >> a lot of exciting stuff with that. that's going to be really good. 0u 5:08 in the morning. >> then a spectacular can catch. a catch from last night's game between the brewers and the cubs you have to see to believe. >> let's talk about the temperatures. # 3 right now in louisburg. >> take a look at the maps now through fayetteville. everything is moving well but some changes later. what would cause delays if you're heading through this area.
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it's just way too much out there. stay cool, stay inside if you can. and we're in for another hot one? >> yeah. today could be the last one because tomorrow and friday i'm expecting some bigger changes to roll through. it's 76 degrees. it's very warm, very muggy. a live picture as we start off our wednesday morning. there's no rain to contend with. the drive time forecast wednesday morning. sunrise happens right around 6:36 this morning. in the meantime we're in the mid-70s right now. right around 77 at 7:00. 78 at 8 a.m. and into the low 80s we go as we head to 9:00 this morning. certainly going need those sunglasses for the morning drive in. expecting plenty of sun glare as the sunrises. so let's go ahead and check in with that satellite
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73 in henderson, roxboro, 57 in wilmington. planning your day ahead. that morning commutement lunchtime 90. an isolated storm later today. those updated rain chances coming up in just a little bit. >> all right: i'll take it. 5:12 is your time rooght now. are you ready for some football? i know i am. high school football teams are back on the gridiron. jeff joness a preview. >> donald trump sticks to his strategy and hillary
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police say
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devon tune took off. they're calling it domestic in nature and plan to release more details at 11:00 this morning. red cross volunteers will head to louisiana to help victims of the deadly flooding there. at least 11 people have died. it's expected to continue to rise in some placesment the deadly floods triggered the largest disaster response since hurricane sandy. >> authorities sa the care of his mother when he died. she had previously lost custody of the little boy. >> in the race for the white house. cbs north carolina has kimpled details of the next visit to the tar heel state. the trump campaign tells us they'll hold a rally at the convention center. that's at 7:30 sunday night. he's scheduled to attend fundraisers in our area as well. >> donald trump is revamping his campaign again in
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e-mail scandals continue to cast a shadow. the latest from the white house. >> donald trump insisted he's the law and order candidate after days of unrest follow a police shooting of an armed black man in milwaukee. >> crime and violence is an attack on the poor and never be accepted in trump administration. >> the billionaire trailing ll reason to change his style. >> you're not being honest with people. >> clinton campaigned in philadelphia where she voided more questions about her e-mail server. >> why they did not recommend she faces criminal charges. they sent a letter to the dc u.s. attorney outline of evidence of perjury and false statements by clinton when she testified
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last october. the fbi released notes from its interview to congress on tuesday with the expectation it will not be deseminaited or disclosed. it would rather see the report released to the public than to partisan lawmakers saying this is an extraordinarily rare step that was sawghtd by republicans to -- the justice department declined case closed. on the democrat side now vice presidential candidate tim kaine was in north carolina yesterday. with his wife by his side he spoke at the cape fair botanical gardens. he says they would make it a priority to protect and
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kaine's son serves as a marine. >> his wife addressed organizers and supporters for everything you need to know depending on where you are you'll need an umbrella. >> yeah. there's a small chance for a shower or storm later today. >> a small chance and hope to turn it into reality. >> some better rape chances tomorrow and friday. here's the view. pretty much all is quiet as we look down over franklin street to start off our wednesday morning. just a car or two out there right now.
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this morning. no rain, not even a lot of cloud cover. so that's why i'm expecting a lot of sunshine as we see that sunrise in a little over an hour, an hour and 15 minutes or so. farce your temperatures are concerned. 76 in ral -- pinehurst, siler city in the mid-7 0z. roxboro 73 degrees. so making plans if your very warm and muggy. not a lot of change there. 90 at lunchtime. we'll turn partly cloudy. 94 our afternoon high. factor in the humidity. it's going to feel more like 102 later today. just a small chance for a shower or storm after 2:00, 3:00 later today. let's work on the timing of these showers and storms. it's going to be hard to pinpoint where the rain is l thatting. just like the past few days very isolated in nature.
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storm or two for us. 5:0, 6:00. midnight tonight and then we should be dry for the start of our thursday. now thursday afternoon those rain chances start to climb for us. not going to be washout still. moving to the northwest at 15 miles an hour and on that pace, it could actually strengthen later with winds at 45 miles an hour. it could continue to strengthen. there's not going to be a lot of wind sheer. the water temperatures are warmer. both very conducive to seeing these conditions strengthen. let's talk about your highs. 93 in durham and 96 in fayetteville. warm and muggy. isolated storms taper off at midnight at the
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89 on friday. still chances for shower and storms those days. heading into the weekend a better chance for rain on saturday. a little drier on our sunday and look at early next week. monday just a lingering shower or storm. tuesday is that day i want to focus on. sunshine and a high of 87. looks great. yeah, unfortunately it's seven days a way. 5:21 right now. >> good morning, seven days away moving well if you're heading through durham at 5:21. delay-free for you there. if you head through fayetteville, right now is the time to do it. 95 all green which means you're going the speed limit. an area around 10:00 fort bragg.
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we are just two days away from the start of the high school football season. this years kicked off a rivalry the week. cleveland high school will start against clayton. we made out to cleveland's practice and had a chance to chat with their senior linebacker mple what should we expect to see on friday night? he told me we'll see a hard working group of brothers and win player is going to make all the plays. the player? himself. >> 35 all across the field. that's all you're going to see.
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oh, yeah. >> as you can tell he's one of the shy guys. if he gets that self-confidence thing figured out, whoa. he'll lead the defense for the game of the week this friday. highlights and reaction will, of course, be on the blitz. but that's all the time we have for sports this morning. don't forget to tune in at 6:00 and 11:00 this evening where we continue to break down the high school game of the week and take a look at some other local sports action. we'll see you then day. check this out. last night in the game between the brewers and the cubs, braxton pops one up and a spectacular grab. he made a leaping catch. pretty athletic. they won 3-1. great catch. very cool. >> time right now is 5:00 -- just about 5:27. >> greenville police are investigating a death of a
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>> plus before you head out the door your forecast. it's going -- we're finally going to see a change. finally see a change. it's been so hot but a little bit of a cool down on the way. it's going to be really nice. we have to get in the pool. we can't just -- in the 88 degrees pool. because it's got to be warm water.
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i know the community is going to have a lot of questions. >> breaking news here on cbs north carolina. police make an arrest after finding a woman and three children killed in greenville. >> and another sad story the
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today. how one group plans to gets county leaders to listen. >> another hot day on tap. it's mid-august after all. the answer we're going to get to her in just a moment. >> thanks for watching north carolina news. i'm russ bowen. it's 5:30 in the morning. >> a look at your morning news. more details about the forecast. storm team meteorologist has that. good morning. >> good morning to you at home one more hot day and then we're looking at some cooler temperatures and some better rain chancings toward the end of the workweek. a live picture from our satellite radar composite. some temperatures on the map. 75 in wilmington. 7 # in clinton and then northward 74 in the area. so your forecast for the day ahead, warm, muggy for


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