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tv   North Carolina News at 430AM  CBS  August 18, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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break nurse ton news2. police are investigating a shooting in wake forest that sent one person to the hospital. >> plus a mother of three, a veteran, a daughter murdered in her greeneville home with her three children. >> i mother. >> who's accused of killing the family and what happens in the case. >> 2 u.s. olympic swimmers say they were with ryan lochte are stuck in rio. what their attorneys say they have to do before being allowed to return home. >> not a fun way to end the olympics. good morning everyone it's very early, 4:30 a.m. i'm russ bow. >> i'm steve chase good morning. a look at morning nurse and check on traffic first the forecast. here's al core.
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home. as we do start off our thursday we're orne the dry side. that's good news. here we are, we are seeing a little bit of cloud cover here and there. so not as clear of conditions as what we saw for the past few mornings as far as the sunrise is concerned. let's talk about the temperatures, 78 degrees in fayetteville. 76 in pine hurts. 74 in sanford and sill. raleigh at 77. then we head northward, currently right around 72 in henderson, lewisburg and ahead. it will be a muggy one. 77 at 8:00 a.m. 87 at noon. nowhere near as hot as yesterday. 91. there will be a better chance for showers and storms and clouds in the afternoon hours. i will let you know how long the rain will hang around coming up. right now we have a check
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near lake wheeler road exit 297. it is out there, though, a heads up for you. fayetteville, take like at all this green and enjoy it for now. you're able to go the speed limit. if you're flying airport travel conditions look great. flying into these major airports your flight should arrive on time. always a good idea to check with your carrier first. i 40 at aviation parkway. if you are heading to no problems getting there. we have some breaking news we need to get to right now in wake forest. >> police blocked off a part of north allen road for a shooting investigation. beer ed is live on the scene for us this morning. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning steve an. what we do know is that the victim has been hospitalized. no further word on that victim's condition. we are live at the scene of
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avenue. just want to step aside so you can see what is going on. wake forest police have been here for several hours now. wee seen at least more than half a dozen officers, as well members of the ccbi team. they've essentially roamed off about a block of this area here in a residential neighborhood. , as well,, the shooting happened near the hope house which is awe community resource in wake forest whose primary mission is to help work with the youth. they work agencies and holds many programs, mobile food pantry, back to school giveaways. at this moment it's unclear whether it happened near or at the hope house or one of the several neighboring homes. but for right now investigators continue to mark evidence and gather it. we've seen a lot of flash lights as they continue to look throughout the neighborhood to see if they can figure out what caused this
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active investigation and bring you live updates. for now reporting live in wake forest, beer ed. 2 u.s. olympic swimmers are not being allowed to leave brazil until they testify about a robbery. >> they originally said teammates were rocked in a taxi and a gun praised to his head. but now lochte says the robbery happened after the taxi lawyers say he's cooperating fully with authorities. right now wildfires burning out of control near los angeles. you can see it here. firefighters have the flames only 4% contained at this point. evacuation orders are in effect for 34,000 homes. today homeland security officials will visit the
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after historic flood. 13 people are dead after flooding. thousands are still in shelters and flooding damage more than 40,000 homes. crews rescued at least 30,000 people there and 1400 pets. a 51-year-old durham man will be a rained in a johnston county courtroom accused of kidnapping three girls. the fbi found the man tuesday in selma. he abducted three girls ages 11, 13, 15. johnson county sheriff's ic abducting a 14-year-old last summer. authorities in johnson county say their records indicate he was once removed trump u.s. but theron sure -- from the u.s. but theron sure of his immigration stat is. the man accused killing his girlfriend and her children is in greeneville and expected to be rained in virginia today. police say dibon jab toone say
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before leaving town. a welfare check led police to find the four. they're trying to pinpoint when they all died. her family says they're in shock and want to remember the victims for who they were and not how they died. >> love the family, love their job and she had great potentials in life. she was looking for great things. >> i would hate honest truly to see another family what happened to mine. i wouldn't want that to happen to nobody else. extra tide to north carolina tomorrow. co-workers of raleigh shooting victim thomas are hoping you will come out to celebrate his life. thomas was shot and killed earlier this month in a case that made national headlines. a home owner who claimed to be on a neighborhood watch fired a shotgun at thomas. that man chad copely is now charged with murder. thomas is being remembered
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loved him. he was quite outstanding in many ways. he had kind of a electric personality. you know? a smile and a way about him that just was quite special. >> the benefit event is tonight at the mcdonald's cafe on falls of n oh use -- sis co-employs 5200 people at rst p and at this point it's unclear what, if any lee highway of layoffs will come from that location. they call the cuts restructuring. the internet gear maker says customers are relying on remott data centers. they will reinvest in other areas of business. the city of fayetteville decided to continue moving for warned bring a minor league
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binding agreement with the houston astros to bring a team into the city in time for the 2019 season. the ballpark would go up on hey street downtown. one business owner says if they plan to keep up with other local towns more opportunities are needed downtown. >> it's been a struggle at tiles definitely. downtown has made a big turn around in the past few years. there's been a businesses coming in. but there are very slow days. >> now, city leaders still say that they would -- have not said how they would pay for it. they do say they'll have an answer within the next couple months. time check for you it's 4:38 right now. republican presidential candidate donald trump is headed back to the tar heel state today. >> still to come what he'll
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i saw a long-term forecast that a kind of like. >> yeah, 80s in that long-term forecast. >> super, duper cool. >> we'll go ahead and use that as we're referring tour zit let's get to our tower camera. we're at 77 degrees. pretty muggy, though, as we start off this thursday morning. you will notice changes later this afternoon. yesterday we hit 97 for an afternoon high. today we will stay at least 5 satellite and radar, nowhere near as clear as where we were yesterday morning at this time. however, we are still on the dry side. so you went have to worry about that umbrella for your morning drive. what crew will have to worry about is the umbrella for later this afternoon. let's get to your current temperatures, 74 in durham and sill. 72 in roxboro and henderson. also right around 72 in lewisburg. we have 76 in rocky mount and again. mid-70s in clinton and clayton,
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conditions, those hang around. 77 at 8:00 a.m. 87 at lunchtime. mix of sun and clouds there. more clouds this afternoon. 91, though, our afternoon high. chance for a few more storms into the afternoon, as well. 88 for that evening drive home. more on the rest of your work week forecast and if we will see some rain linger into the weekend coming up. but right now send it back to you, russ. local kids need your help to do well this school year. what you need to know involved in awe school supply drive. >> a little girl dead and her
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you can see it there. as they are canvassing that area. crews took one person to the hospital. no word on the condition at this point. police say there is no threat to the public. the man accused of killing his girlfriend, two of their daughters and another one of her daughter is in greenfield and expected in a virginia court today. they found dibon jab toone in richmond. he killed garlette howard and the young girls. they expect him to be tomorrow. two olympic swimmers were pulled off their flight. they cannot leave the country until they testify about their account of being robbed with ryan lochte. now, lochte is already back in the u.s. >> breaking news now overseas 220 people are hurt after two car bombs exploded near police stations in turkey. at least six people are dead. authorities blame the workers party and at least one of the attacks. last week the party's leader
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against police in turkish cities. staying busy in north carolina. republican presidential candidate donald trump plans to discuss his national security plan in charlotte. the rail will take place at the charlotte convention center in uptown charlotte. doors open at 4:30 for the 7:30 event. bow min will be there, of course, and have reports on and our evening newscast as well. trump has access to national security information. he attended his first intel briefing. it's tradition f during the campaign. the death of a toddler has spurred calls for changes to save kids' lives. people stood silently outside of moore county social services office holding signs in remembrance of a boy who died after drowning in a near boy of by pond just five months after being returned to his mother's custody. one board member of the social services department called for
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>> i think it will further assure the public that we are covering all bases. which is what we want to do. >> once we know better we're supposed to do better. and i would feel a lot better if i knew that we were doing better. >> the child's mother is facing involuntary manslaughter and child abuse charges. she's due in court next month. also next month a man's expected in the hope county courtroom accused of trying to kale another man with a metal pole. jason cummings is in deadly weapon with in tet to kill. he used the pel to stab another man in the stomach. >> that man was taken to moore regional with life-threatening injuries. 911 calls are shedding more light on a toddler found dead in the woods near charlotte. the mother's boyfriend eventually charged wilt her murder is the one who made the call to report her missing. he told dispatchers she was his
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daughter is. >> 25-year-old skip mccullen already mailed his first court appearance facing first degree murder charges in the child's death. she was found less than 24 hours after being reported missing. >> law enforcement officer noticed something that did not look correct for the woods. walked over and saw some fabric. >> she was wrapped in fabric? >> she was wrapped in a sheet. >> an official cause for the death hairs not been released. also in th investigators found a body found during the search for three missing co-workers. they found the body after searching the property of sandy leigh. just last week leigh disappeared. the ex-boyfriend and new girlfriend also disappeared. they're believed to be in arizona or mexico. police have not made any arrests at this point. southern pines police say fake 100-dollar bills are being passed around and there could be more. police say seven of the bills
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retailers tuesday night. this is a photo of one of them. there have been at least 20 similar cases during just the past several weeks. we do have tips on how to detect fake money on our website at let's take like at the forecast. >> good morning few you at home, as well. 4:49. today things are going to change. for some of you pretty significantly. 77degrees right now. that's not a big change from yesterday. still very mild and going to come through later this afternoon as we see some more widespread rain. in the meantime here we are as we start off our day most of other on the dry side. however we're going to see a little extra cloud cover as we start off our morning but foothills rain here locally. there is some rain back to the west and overall we are going to see a better chance for rain as we head into the afternoon. that's the first big change. the second big change will beat highs this afternoon. they drop at least 5 degrees for many of you. sop as far as your temperatures
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it's 71 in henderson. raleigh at 77 and then we make our way south. we're looking at more of the mid- topper 70s in clinton t. 78 in fayetteville. so hour by hour for you today, make it to 83 by 10:00 a.m. a mix of sun and clouds there. most of us still on the dry side at lunchtime. start to see a few showers or storms earlier than the past few days. then we continue to see thos into the rest of the afternoon. 91 our afternoon high. we're back to 88 by 6:00 this evening. that's when i think we'll see the better rain chances really develop for us in central north carolina. so what does this look like on the future forecast? you can see the dry conditions this morning. little extra cloud cover. still for the most part dry at noon. and then we head into the afternoon. this model not predicting much rain but we look at several models as we're predicting the forecast. there are some that are
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the area. by tomorrow morning we should be on the dry side. more clouds, though. as we head into the afternoon scattered showers and storms in the forecast no. expecting a washout any days, but higher rain chances certainly. now, an update on the tropic. we have tropical storm fiona. as we head towards later today winds at 50 miles per hour. right now the winds are at 45 miles per hour u. it could continue to strengthen towards friday then start to weaken as we head towards sunday. >> right now this storm hard to predict any impact for us. so 91 in raleigh today. 90 in durham. overnight drop to near 74. most of us staying pretty cloudy. just an isolated shower or storm early. the coming days, very similar forecast. 91 for friday. 90 there on saturday. chances for rain continue for throughout the weekend and just into the start of next week and then we are talk about that extended forecast looking nice.
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with plenty of sunshine. that's your latest. right now let's send it over to ali with a check on the commute. if you're heading out the door the only thing you have to worry about is a disabled car on 40. we'll take you right to it. not seeing it cause any delays but it is being cleared on i 40 westbound, expect 297 lake wheeler road. all this green means no delays down through fayetteville good time to head through this area. 95 is moving well. a look at the eastbound drive times on 540 glenwood avenue, 17 minutes there. i 40 to capital boulevard about 10 on 440. 40 from u.s. 1 to 264 just about 11 minutes. pretty average drive times i. live look outside at the carry parkway east of u.s. 1. not too many people out there.
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on cbs this morning. >> wildfires are destroying entire neighborhoods in california. and forcing tens of thousands of folks out of their homes. reporter kevin evans tells us more. >> plus donald trump reshapes his campaign leadership. major garrett with the very latest on the presidential candidates. >> southern louisiana residents are beginning to salvage what flooding. we have the latest as volunteers descend upon the oh, dishwasher, why don't you dry my dishes? oh, he doesn't know any better. you just need to add finish? jet-dry? in the rinse aid compartment. it's there for a reason. it dries much better than detergent alone. sorry dishwasher. finish? jet-dry?. for drier, shinier dishes. hey, honey? yes, dear?
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heads up two weeks from today a new policy at fort bragg. anyone caught speeding, texting driving on post, will automatically be enrolled in the unsafe driver's program. regardless of rank or status. anyone who does not attend will lose the ability to drive on post. and today fort bragg is hosting a job fair for veterans or members of the military. getting ready to leave or retire. the event runs from 9:00 foothills this morning until -- 9:30 until 12:00 p.m. a seminar at 8:30 a.m.
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local and national employers will all attend. chapel hill southern season will be up for auction this week. >> the gourmet food and kitchen retailer filed for bankruptcy. a deal is reached in bankruptcy court tomorrow a deal on a sell could be approved as early as monday. wake county leaders are running out of room to expand and build more facilities at high schools. it's a challenge wake county commissioners are address especially schools expected to be built in the next few years. they're looking at sharing athletic facilities when they can save space. one high school sports coach tells us he's seen tryout numbers triple. >> we have a high quality of life and that a tracts people from outside the county but it does come with the challenges. it comes with paying for the facilities and the amenities of tomorrow's population, with the monday from
4:57 am
schools partnering with cities and maybe even businesses to share parking lots with students. well the helping hand mission in raleigh is answering a call for help but it needs your help. the mission held a school supply give away last week. since then they say the mission received an overwhelming amount of phone calls from parents whose kids did not get the supplies they need. the mission did not hesitate and is holding another school supply give away today at 11:00 this morning apt the mission on rock quarry road you. can drop off d >> good, making sure we send our kids back to school with everything they need to learn. >> all they need. breaking news to get to right now authorities on the scene of a shooting in wake forest. we have a live report coming up. >> after unbearably hot days relief finally in the forecast. >> but don't get too excited still hot today and in 2 minutes alyssa will tell us what to expect and whether
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hello and good morning on this what do we like to call it, friday eve? friday eve. >> thursday. >> yeah. >> thanks for watching cbs north carolina i'm stefan chase. >> we like friday eve. good morning i'm russ bowen. it's early it's 5:00 a.m. but thanks for being with us beairshelle edme is with us where police are searching for clues after an early morning shooting. >> ali warshavsky taking a look at your morning commute. alyssa corfont is here with the forecast. russ saw rain i. did not see any rain. >> yeah, i saw a few sprinkles yesterday. so yeah, very hit or miss. there will be a better chance for showers as we head into this afternoon. that's also going to cool us down today. so i'm sure many people will enjoy that. we're on the dry side right


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