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tv   North Carolina News at Noon  CBS  August 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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on jeff overnight shooting in wake forest leaves several questions. we have a live report from that scene. >> plus, dangerous water in a cumberland county school. details on how leaders are working to get it safe before the school year starts. >> and the controversy co swimmers. the latest in the ryan lochte robbery drama. i'm russ bowen. i'm stefan chase. we e start with cape fear a valley medical center being sealed off. the intentionive care unit due to signs of mold. the fayetteville observer saying the staff noticed a moisture issue cause billed a leaky roof. they go on to say that air quality testing indicates signs of fungal spores. the levels of mold within
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until it canopy cleaned and renovated. we heavy reporter at the hospital and we'll bring you more at 5:00 and on line at authorities investigating a murder identifying the man shot and killed overnight in wake forest. >> police now work to learn who shot the 26-year-old in front of a community resource center. cbs north carolina's beairshelle edme has been following this all morning long and brings us more on who the victim stefan wake forest police tell us the victim is 26-year-old sebastian smith a shot around 1:30 this morning. this actual scene was just cleared out about an hour ago but beforehand it was entirely blocked off. neighbors and residents being incapable of getting in or out of this area. they were taking a look inside of hope house which is actually a community gathering place for this neighborhood. now, right now investigators
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to figure out what occurred here because they haven't been able to communicate with residents or determine if there were witnesses to the crime. they're also saying that they want the community to know that their homes and their neighborhoods are safe despite this morning's shooting. the last time something like this happened was about a year ago. otherwise authorities say crime like this in the neighborhood hasn't been an issue for hope house's founder and minister, he says this is devastating news because this certainty is meant of hope and peace. >> well, the shot first of all, you taking place here in this community that we have put so much into trying to create an atmosphere that a individual this kind of thing. you know, it was -- it's been a tragedy to us. >> reporter: and he tells me his mission here will continue.
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up for the services. meanwhile he and authorities averaging anyone in this community to say if they saw what happened. we continue to follow breaking news this morning and this afternoon environmental study found lead hazards at a cumberland county school. cbs north carolina's reporter robert richardson joins us live from fayetteville with the very latest, robert. >> reporter: well in just a update from the superintendent and the public heather director. what eknow now is the inspectors found some lead on the campus at william h. owen elementary school. the superintendent says they didn't detect lead in any classrooms or in any tests of water samples at the school. but there are some areas outside the building they say have lead that kids could get to. the health department says work to remove the lead should be complete before school starts on august 29 and
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staff and students at the school in september and parents can take their children any weekday to the county's public health department for free blood testing. we'll keep you updated on airened online at and welcome to cbs north carolina great to have you here on your first day. an update this weekend to an is en department at crabtree valley mall. the fbi is andlizing video to fired or not. the fear of a shot sends shoppers running as the mali vac waited saturday. eight were injured in the rush. report is are digging through the 911 calls right now. we'll have more this evening. taking a look outside, finally it looks like things will cool off a bit. we're going to turn it over to bill reh for a look at today's weather. it's still going to be hot this afternoon but it's not going to be extreme like it was
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there. but we're already atp 89 degrees at noon in raleigh. 86 in fayetteville. 91 in charlotte. a hot day this afternoon. >> the mountains have 70s. let me put in the heat index for you. you can see it feels like the midnights. hopefully we'll keep the heat index out of triple digits this afternoon. but it will be a lot day. we have a lot of sunshine. little bit of precipitation down here south of fayetteville. the main area of precipitation is out in tennessee and that's going to cross our way and move towards us so your forecast, then, hot and humid, 92 is what i revised the high to be. could be a couple showers stale round. most areas getting the partly sunny skies in the afternoon hours, then a shower or storm at 6:00 and another shower or storm at 9:00. we'll talk about even cooler air, though, not even not hot air but cooler air coming in the middle of next
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that. the stubborn blue cut wildfire has grown larger. firefighters say they've never seen anything like this. the fire has torn through several in other words scorching everything in its path but it's spot fires that are putting homes inference jeep heard. the constant -- homes in jeopardy. >> that was something that i haven't witnessed in this section ever. we have strike teams here and infrastructure and lives also include firefighters' lives. >> that fire is just insane. the fire fight continues on the ground from the air. this fire has grown to more than 40 square miles almost the size of san france. the entire community is undie evacuation. swimmer ryan lochte made up the story about being robbed at gunpoint in rio de janeiro. an anonymous official says that
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sunday, lochte, along with fellow swimmers jack conner, gunnar bentz tanned jimmy stopped outside at gates station. the official says a few swimmers, then pushed on the door and broke it before security guard confronted them all. the official says the guard was armed with a pistol but he never took it out or pointed it at the swimmers. a far different story than what lochte first told nbc. >> guy haycocked it. put it to my forehead he said get down and i was like i put my hands up, i was like whatever. >> according to the official, the gas station manager asked the swimmers to pay for the broken door. >> the official says after a discussion, they did pay him an unknown amount of money, then left the store. presidential nominee donald trump is once again in the tar heel state today. cbs north carolina's beau minnick is at trump national golf club in morrisville where
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trump national golf club in mooresville out charlotte and later today, donald trump will be here. he'll be holding a fundraiser here at the golf club. and then this evening he'll be in uptown charlotte holding a rally about 7:30 tonight at the charlotte convention center. we also will be here and in just a short time speaking one on one with eric trump, trump's son and we're going guy discussing a number u topics key to the campaign. plan is for advertising here in north carolina. so we'll have updates throughout the day on or you can watch the reports tonight at 5:00. beau minnick, cbs north carolina. and while trump is here in north carolina, hillary clinton's in new york to meet with law enforcement leaders from around the country. trump still shaking off criticism about his campaign shakeup.
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at trump's tax returns. >> we have no idea what tax rate he pays because unlike everybody else who's run for president in the last four or five decades, he refuses to release his tax returns. >> meanwhile trump's new campaign manager kellyanne conway tells cbs this morning trump will stay on message. >> i'd rather lose a campaign were we put it all in the field substantively where people saw the differen o campaign based on style. >> now, clinton meets today with law enforcement leaders in new york. we now know more about a deadly crash in durham that shut down nc 55 yesterday afternoon. police say 77-year-old willie lee was attempting to make a left turn while at the same time 34-year-old blackwell was driving from the opposite direction on a motorcycle and crashed into the truck. blackwell was 2011 from his motorcycle and died at the
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was a factor. holly springs police are investigating airports shooting last night around 10:30 they found a woman shot in a parking lot behind a business. police say a man was with the woman when they arrived. the victim was taken to wakemed no word on her condition. police say the shooting was an isolated event. moore county deputies are investigating after a man's bed was found alongside a road. the body was found at the end of dickerson road in the glendon area. an abandoned car was also cemetery. still unclear, though, if the two scenes were connected. as of this morning the cause of death a had not yet been determined. a hoke county man behind bars accused of trying to kill another man with a metal pole. 24-year-old jason comings charged with assault with a deadly weapon with in tonight kill. deputies say he use aid pole to stab a man in the stomach. >> the victim was rushed to the
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is unknown. a disturbing investigation in south carolina. a come took their baby to the hospital with broken arms and other injuries, as well. >> plus the walter's still high in the pelican state as people try to recover from massive storms this week in louisiana. >> also, let's take a look outside. traffic flowing along pretty nicely at i-40 and miami boulevard.
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for two years. guaranteed. and now, monthly internet equipment and hd dvr service fees are included in this bundle price. with at&t, you only have to pay one bundle price: the one you sign up for. don't wait. call 866 att save and switch today. ?? thanks for staying with us covering the carolinas in south carolina a 5-month-old baby bruised and beaten with broken alzheimer's, greenville police say the parents are responsible. >> both are in jail today. police say 19-year-old rachel her run and billy hawkins junior brought the beak to the hospital. saying a teething ring exploded inside the infant's mouth. they did find extensive pro ha
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the child's eye was super bowl shut. both of his arms were broken. he had cuts and bruises all over his body. those who know the couple were shocked by the charges. >> she's the type of pressure that loves everybody. everyone that meets her loves her. and i cannot magic her hurting that baby. >> for the time being the baby is in emergency protective custody with dss. a celebration of life will be held tonight for a murdered raleigh man kouren-rodney thomas w earlier this month after a homeowner fired at him through a garage. his co-workers are trying to raise money for his family. the benefit is tonight at the mcdonald's catch fay and that's on falls falls of neuse road in raleigh. half of the proceeds from 5 :00- 9:00 will be donated to the family. a bus crash in pennsylvania sent 17 people to the hospital overnight. it happened around 11:30 in lebanon. police believe the bus hit a
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before pushing that dumpster into a house. officials say one of those injured was the bus driver e. woo don't know how severe the injuries are but police are investigating what led ep to that crash. historic flooding in louisiana could lead to the state's biggest housing crisis since hurricane ca tree n. days after record rain triggered catastrophic flooding parts of southern louisiana are still inundated with water. 13 deaths, 40,000 homes are damaged. 40,000 are damaged an cleanup could be costly. 27% of homes have flood insurance. recovery could be slowed down because there was another 3.5 inches of rain in baton rouge and more storms in the forecast. definitely thinking thoughts and prayers for the folks in louisiana. let's talk about u what's happening here in central north carolina this afternoon. you know, lots of sunshine. few clouds. >> we do have sunshine. ents not as hot as yesterday. >> that's good a little relief. >> we might see a little rain.
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thing is that system was non tropical. i mean it produced more rain than a lot of hurricanes and top trail storms. it's just pretty amazing out there. speaking of the tropics we have a tropical storm to talk about. we'll d that in a second. 89degrees right now. skies are partly cloudy. your rays of sunshine for this afternoon. >> five. >> we'll give you a few of partly sunny skies expected to build up. it's 89 in raleigh. 89 in fayetteville. 87 in ls headed back into the 90s. the heat index mid-90s to upper 90s already some triple digit heat where it's a little more humid. clinton and goldsboro. there's no heat advisory today. radar looks clear unless you go to the bottom of the tv set. let's zoom in you can see a little line of storms that really from lumberton and getting ready to head into elizabeth town.
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southern cumberland county. if you're watching us in garland and south of clinton, in southern sampson county maybe a shower coming up in the next hour. that's just a lone little shower right there. just circulating that. this area of instability crossing the tennessee mountains moving east and that will move towards us later today. we'll have a little better chance. so this afternoon about a one in three shot. little better chance in the early evening. the triangle. down east in the triple digits. as we head into the evening, shower or thundershower, temperatures drop to 77 degrees by midnight. so highs today, midnights as opposed to upper 90s. in the sandhills. 94 fayetteville, 94 fort bragg. 93 wilson. 93 in smithfield. a hot and humid day for sure. just not as extreme as yesterday. 90 south hill, and roxboro.
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it's moving toward the northwest. you see it there nice little compact storm. in the middle right were we like it in the middle of the ocean, not affecting anybody. here art latest stats as of 11:00 a.m. west northwest at 8. 45miles per hour winds. as we look at the path, call this a fish storm. it's just going to stay out in the ocean. it looks like some models are taking it to become a hurricane and others not even topical but look at this. the averpa national hurricane center by tuesday, tuesday still in the middle of nowhere. so we'll keep an eye on it but it's not a concern. >> probably not a concern to bermuda. but they'll have a closer eye on it than we will. trough of low pressure storms from tennessee coming over later today. tomorrow morning on the future cast, kind of quiet in the morning. with this trough of low pressure extended area of low focuses a few scattered showers and storms, again. we could see the same story on
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so your forecast, then, for this afternoon, 92 degrees with a chance really later today of a shower thunderstorm. your heat indexes triple digits to the southeast, mid- to upper 90s as a way it will feel even though the actual air temperature will be cooler no. heat advisory. 91degrees tomorrow. we will see muggy conditions generally dry when you head out to your last day of work or year round school for the week. then it could shower at noon but a better chance of scattered showers and storms in the afternoon. by 5:00. saturday's about the same thing except it is the weekend. sunday, 90. now, a front will come through. actual cold front is going to come through. slight chance of storms on monday. wednesday, wednesday right there, 85 degrees. look at that high temperature map. the 90s are confined to central georgia. not anywhere in north carolina. do you like that? and the other thing you don't see the humidity levels.
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tuesday and wednesday humidity levels go down. >> my hair is going to thank you bill reh. >> it's going to defrays. >> absolutely. curly girl problems. so still ahead, new mcdonald's toy aimed at keeping kids fit is now facing scrutiny.
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today police are wang of counterfeit cash being passed around southern pines. take a look. this is awe photo fake 100-dollar bills. police say there have been a dozen passed successfully at local stores and restaurants. there are several ways to tell. if a bill is fake. we posted those tips on our website. you'll find it at it is still unclear what impact sis scow ecosystems decision to lay off fifth 500 employees globally will have on our area. it amounts to 7% of their work force.
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unknown how many if any at all will come from that location. the company certainty the layoffs will take effect in the first quarter of the next fiscal year. mcdonald's is pulling back a new toy from the happy meals after reports of skin irritations. the fast food chain which has faced criticism in the past for using toys to draw kids to eat more fast food, began giving away a new fitness tracker called step it but a gent toy's now pulled after parents reported burns and irritation on kids just more than a day away from a very big step. coming up why friendship high school is so excited for friday. >> in the meantime a live look outside. traffic moving just fine right
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i'm roy cooper, and you deserve the truth about the crime lab. when i became attorney general, we discovered a backlog of more than 5,000 dna test kits and years worth of shoddy investigations. but what governor mccrory isn't telling you is that we cleared the backlog. we also solved over 2,000 crimes and put killers and rapists in prison from cold cases. we fixed the problems at the crime lab,
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a lot of excitement in fayetteville happens the city is moving forward with plans to bring a moonor league baseball team to town. wednesday night city council approved a non binding
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astros to bring in a farm team by 20719. as for the ballpark it's -- 2019. as for the ballpark it would be located downtown. >> it's been a struggle at tiles definitely. downtown has made a big turn around in the past few years. there's been a lot more businesses coming in. but there are your very slow days. >> city leaders have still not given specifics on how they would pay f $35 million stadium. they are expected to unveil that plan in the next couple months. wake county leaders are running out of room to expand and build more facilities at high schools. so one possible fix is considering to have schools share athletic facilities. that wait county can save someplace when they build new schools. another option includes schools partnering with cities and businesses to share parking lots for students. one of those new schools is
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football season. they only had a jv football last year. we were at practice on wednesday and they are not at all intimidated about playing with the big biz. the coach is surprised bit number of players. >> when i first got the job we started asking questions what will you do if we have over 60 kids. we had 85 last year and 116 in the program without seniors. a lot of that is attributed there's so much excitement and energy a them. for more, don't miss sports reporter todd gibson's feature. that is tonight at 6:00. >> so bill reh's making a final appearance and sob art 80s, bill. they're coming. yes, the 90s hopefully will just be here are a few more days. >> please go away. today, though, 92. >> hot and humid but not as extreme as yesterday's 97. there's not much going on now
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and evening. 91 on friday. and 90 on saturday but look at next week. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii.
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maybe lien. justice with judge mablean, everything we do involves a loan. >> what you saw and what you know. >> she said. >> i don't have a hearing problem. this ear works good. this works even better. >> she is firm. >> i'm not response form their ticket and i'm going to pay for it. >> what do you mean you're not going to pay for it. >> she is honest. >> this is justice with judge mablean. >> laura johnson is suing her neighbor, marsia collins in the amount of $480. she says the defendant allowed her son to watch a scary movie that resulted in emotional distress requiring therapy. ms. collins says the plaintiff's son just needs to man up. >> this is the matter of laura


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