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tv   North Carolina News at Noon  CBS  August 23, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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good afternoon, everyone. thanks for watching cbs north carolina, right now crews are responding to a gas leak that forced some evacuations in north raleigh, robert richardson joins us live from the scene with update. what more can you tell us? >> reporter: the last fire truck headed down the road, ems is packing up, but you can see over here that the crews are working on digging in the area where the natural gas leak started leaking 9:45, there was a loud hissing as the gas came up out of the pipe out there, and this gas was blowing so strongly that it was knocking leaves around on some trees in the area. that hissing went on for well
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we could smell that very distinct odor of natural gas throughout this area. psnc energy workers got the line turned off 11:15, ems responders rolled in to check on the crews and firefighters. we saw people in the neighborhood on that side of the street starting to leave but there weren't any evacuations at the business park on the opposite side of the street. police closed the road, and side streets. they are closeed and we are working to find what caused the leak and let you know when the road reopens. robert richardson. one soldier is dead and another injured after a road side bomb explosion in afghanistan. nato coalition authorities say the soldier was part of the existing 500 troops in southern afghanistan working on counterterrorism training for the army. fayetteville police say an
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earlier this morning is okay. police were call ed to a housing complex on enterprise avenue just before 2:00 a.m. police say the child is with his father, and is well. today president obama heads to south louisiana after storms caused major flooding, evacuations, and more than a dozen deaths. the trip comes with some controversy, especially when it comes to the timing. cbs's don champion has the latest on the president's visit and the recovery effort. >> repr: before flying to baton rouge, louisiana. widespread flooding is blamed for at least 13 deaths. clean up is under way, but clearing all of the debris will take months. recovery will take years. >> we want to come back home, we can't. >> reporter: the flooding damaged or destroyed 60,000 homes, and more than 106,000
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federal aid. >> we don't know what we have to do. >> reporter: people want to the president for help. beyond financial assistance, a call for outside volunteers to help with the massive clean up effort. 80% of people in louisiana do not have flood insurance. >> i don't know what they are going to doment they need assistance, they need money from fema, we need attention. >> reporter: the visit follows a stop by donald trump on friday, nominee criticized the president for not cutting short his 2-week vacation on martha's vineyard. >> obama ought to get off the golf course and get there. >> reporter: the democratic governor defended obama's decision saying security resources were needed elsewhere. don champion, cbs news. turning to the weather, another great day to get outside and enjoy with temperatures hovering well below the 90-degree mark. things could change dramatically
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lets not talk about it, storm team meerjs alyssa here with the forecast. -- meteorologist, alyssa, here with the forecast. >> things change significantly as we approach the weekend. as you said, we have a lot of time to cover between now and then. lets make the most of it. beautiful weather now, look at the puffy clouds outside. this is a live picture from the airport. 82 degrees, we start off our lunchhour, temperatures elsewhere we have 78 in henderson, still hill, 79 lewisburg, henderson started the morning in the 50s. 82 in durham. 84 in lilington, we have fayetteville at 87. clinton is holding on toathy 1 degrees-- to 81 degrees. the rest of the afternoon the temperatures will climb, normal is 88. i think we will be 87. 85 at 6:00, comfortable, humidity low throughout the afternoon.
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3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, day break tomorrow close to 64, similar to how we started today. i will let you know how long the pleasant conditions last and when the chance for rain returns in the complete storm team forecast. >> enjoy the weather while we have got it. in chicago, police believe a domestic dispute led to a deadly apartment fire earlier this morning, a man and 3 children died in the 3-story building, including a 3 month old. itpp with a person that live tlz and set it on fire. according to the chicago tribune, the person involved in the argument did make it out safely. police have the suspect in custody. in new jersey, fire ripped through a home sending people jumping outof a bath room window for safety and a baby being tossed from the window. authorities try to rescue a family trapped inside the burning home in new jersey. a police officer rushed to the
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of another. the children's mother, away at work when the fire broke out, says she is grateful to the officer and firefighters for saving her family. a second judge is ordered a district attorney to release documents related to a deadly officer-involved shooting, john livingston was shot by another deputy, nicholas, after entering livingston's home without a search warrant. the judge said release 300 documents related to the investigation, the da appealed, leading to another judge to rule against him yesterday. friends and family are calling for change after a state trooper shot and killed a deaf man in charlotte last week. a vigil was held for daniel harris monday night. we are told harris was shot after leading a trooper on a short chase into his neighborhood. so far, the highway patrol released very few details saying only that both the trooper and
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when a "encounter resulted in shots being fires." harris's brother believe as communication barrier played a role in his brother's death. >> we we need to know is that the system is able to change to prevent horrific tragedies like this from happening, where people die because of something simple as "i don't hear what the police say because i am deaf." >> the fbi is investigating the like to see some sort of change with vehicle registration to alert officers to the driver being hearing impaired. the presidential campaign shift back to triangle, larry trump, the daughter in law of trump will be in raleigh where she will talk about the struggles of running a small business, that is set for 2:00. about 30 minutes later, former state treasurer holding a news
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pizza enraleigh. he will discuss-- in raleigh. he will discuss hillary clinton's proposal for a tax cut for small businesses. this comes as the democratic nominee continues a sharp war of words against her republican opponent. >> so we have already released, i don't know, 30,000 plus, what is a few more? >> hillary clinton tried to laugh off the latest development in her e mail controversy, a federal judge ordered the state department to review 15,000 additional e mails, the fbi investigation of clinton's private server and release them to the public. >> have you considered face time instead of e mail? [ cheering and applause ] >> actually, i think that is really good advice. >> the judge's ruling keeps clinton's e mails in the news. >> through october, probably until election day, that is not something comblae campaign would want-- any campaign would want. >> donald trump is calling it just another clinton lie, focusing on immigration this
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>> but trump is no longer saying he will deport all 11 million undocumented immigrants estimated to be in the u.s. >> the first thing we will do, if and when i win, is get rid of all the bad ones. as far as everybody else, we are going to go through the process. >> trump told hispanics and african americans to vote for him because he said the democrats have failed them. trump is struggling to win weijia jang, the white house. in memphis, jimmy carter returned to his charity work building houses with habitat for humanity after battling cancer, he weighed in on the presidential campaign calling it exciting and unprecedented. >> unfortunately, the way it has turned out, both choices in the major parties are quite-- i don't have a doubt one candidate is very qualified than the
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good, even though he is weaker than he used to be. he turns 92 in october. most traditional year students return to school next week, one county is taking steps to insure all students have the essentiallys to be successful this-- essentials to be successful this year. 800 book bags were delivered to help kids that are less fortunate. 61% of cumberland are considered poor. >> i am proud of cumberland county, i am proud to say that i am from cumberland county, the citizens, whenever there is a need, they step up to the plate. >> the back packs include pencils, pens, note books, folders, all the other essentials, school social workers will distribute the bags on the first day of class. keep it here on cbs north
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sugar in take for kids, more on how much is too much. definitely dangerous, but i wish it will be caught. >> police cautioning one new england town after new concerns
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athletics, an international court confirmed russia's ban from the paralympic games has punishment for a state backed doping program. the court dismissed the russians appeal this morning after a hearing monday. the game s are next month in rio. 3 sponsors are joining speedo and dropping ryan lochte hours after the swimmer company made the announcement, ralph lauren revealed it would not renew lochte's endorsement deal.
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speedo said it will donate $50,000 to save the children, which benefits children in brazil. all this comes after the swimmer admitted to giving misleading statements about an incident he called a robbery last week in rio. meanwhile, no word on if or when an eethopeian silver medalist will return to his home country after competing in rio, a powerful gesture after finishing in the marathon competition,cr it was a sign of solidarity for his native people. he has said that making that gesture could get him killed but the ethiopian community announced he would not be prosecuted upon his return. he wanted to draw attention to the government's on going persecution of his people, who are the largest ethnic group in ethiopia . rick scott rr meets with
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growing concern of zika in the miami-dade county. thousands of students went back to school mungdy and got-- monday and got lesson on how to protect themselves. no word on what sparked a devastating house fire in wait county, in the town of wind el, the fire started on the back deck and spread to both floors. the family of 4 w to save the family dog. additional crews were called in to help because there were no fire hydrants close by. at least one school district is kicking off the school year by afrming some of its educators, this is california, 5 staff members at kingsburg high school outside fresno are being allowd to carry firearms on campus, this comes after the district passed a rule earlier this year, but the gunvise to be con-- guns have to
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them. the school bust be able to respond quickly, they say, if something dangerous happens. >> we are not trying to take the place of law enforcement officials who spend hours upon hours training for these situations, all we are trying to do is provide an opportunity to limit or eliminate potential casualties during that response time. >> the armed staff members have concealed to carry permits and had to undergo training and an neighbors are on alert and keeping eyes wide open for a giant snake believed to be crawling around the town of westbrook, maine, after a huge snake skin was discovered in a public park, the shedicide skin is 12-- shed is 12 feet long, the snake, believed to be a python, has been creeping neighbors out since june. police say the snake skin may be proof that this is no joke. >> there is also going to be a crypt ozoologist that comes out
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maybe with heat seeking, thermal imaging camera. >> part of the snake skin has been sent off for dna testing to determine the species and origin, police are asking people to keep a close eye on children and pets. duke university class of 2020 began moving in today. yep, they arrived to the tears of current students who helped by carrying in boxes, more than 1700 students freshman class, they come from 70 countries and 49 states. most of them coming from north carolina, including a student from raleigh, her mother says college move-in brings the family much-needed excitement right now after a very difficult month. >> our family just got displaced by fire incident and we have been staying at a hotel for the past 2 weeks. so this is very, very, you know,
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bit. even though, it is not a good fight, i am sending my daughter away. >> in some ways i am scary but i am not too far from home. i am lucky to have my parents 40 minutes away who can, you know, provide for me. >> you can tell that smile, how happy she is, incoming first year students will gather to spell out the number 2020 for the traditional class photo. when they take that picture, they will have a lot of sunshine. they certainly aan they are moving around or enjoying the air today. it is beautiful as we do start off our lunch hour. country club, a busy morning on the golf course, could be a busy afternoon. it won't be too hot to be out there. yes, temperatures upper 80s, but the humidity won't play nearly as big of a factor in our forecast as what it has over the past, say, week or so. lets get straight to the temperatures, 78 in henderson,
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lewisburg, low 80s johnston county. clinton this morning, or this afternoon, at 81 degreesism 87 already in fayetteville. these temperatures right on track to be close to where they were yesterday, near normal, 87 the afternoon high. we drop back to 85 as we head to 6:00 this evening, wall-to-wall sunshine, sunsets, and temperatures upper 70 s by 9:00 this evening, very comfortable if you are maybe firing up the grill later this evening, going for a it is because of the area of high pressure filtering in plenty of sunshine, dry weather, and the key here is very comfortable conditions as that humidity remains low. that area of high pressure will eventually slide out of our area, it slides just to the east on friday, but enough to get us a more southerly breeze, temperatures climb friday. we will feel a little more humidity in the air, back to the west there is still a cold front shaping up. that could come into play as we
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don't worry, though, it won't be a wash out. we will get do those details momentarily. i want to talk about the comfort index, we have shown this throughout the summer months, comfy/muggy category, dew point close to 60. it nudges up a little tomorrow, little more thursday. dew point temperatures low to mid 60s, still, though, we don't cross over into the steamy category until the upcoming weekend. in the meantime, we are dry and seeing the mix of sun and cs negative impact on the forecast. 6:30, the evening drive home is on the dry side. same situation overnight tonight, expect to start your wednesday with plenty of sunshine. lets get an update thon tropics. earlier we were watching 3 systems, fiona has become post tropical, no longer paying attention to that one. what we will pay close attention to it is the area with a 50% chance of strengthening the next
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tropical storm gaston, it progresses to the north and west, not a lot of sheer, which means environment that it could strengthen easily to category 1 hurricane by later today. could continue to strengthen to category 2 storm wednesday, and maintain category 1 status through the rest of the work week through open atlantic. we will keep a close eye on the storm and let you know the updated track as it travels through the atlantic. closer to home, 87 in raleigh, later. tonight, a comfortable night, the ac not running nearly as much. 64 degrees the overnight low. we-- degrees the overnight low. we stay 80s wednesday and thursday and the heat is back. 92 friday. over the weekend ahead, we are around 93 on saturday. sunday we should be close to 90. the thing i do want to point out with the weekend ahead is we do have a small chance for a few showers, it is not going to be a wash out by any means but the chance could be there. we will keep an eye on the and
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approaches. right now, weekend ahead still looking pretty nice. >> if the high 80s are too much, the lows are good in the 60s. >> 60s to start off. hopefully st. will be like this-- it will be like this next
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: 's good..? trump: ?ll, employ people in ngladesh." letterman: ?es? where are the ties made?" ey have to work, too. ese are beautiful ties. they are eat ties. the ties are made in where? china? off-camera voice: ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china."
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the american heart association is recommending children eat and drink less than 25 grams of added sugars in recommendation is the same for children 2-18, eating too much added sugar in childhood is link ed to an increased risk of obesity and high blood pressure. young football players may have a higher risk of head injuries taking part in practice drills verses actual games, a finding of researchers at vernal inia tech who fall-- virginia tech who followed players and
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welcome back, during the break i was asking alyssa, when was the last time we saw rain? it seems like it has been a long time, but not really. >> we had rain over the weekend, yeah, we have a few more days, though, before we see any rain you will cert lane have to water anything-- certainly have to water anything outside. 87 the afternoon high. we are at 88 for wednesday and thursday, very comfortable through thursday and then the humidity starts to come back, the heat is returning as well. 92, our high on friday. low 90s around over the upcoming weekend, there will be a small chance for a few showers or storms, both saturday and sunday. can't rule out lingering showers early next week on monday but
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>> the higher temperatures, okay, but the humidity too?
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cooper: governor mccrory wants you to believe there's a carolina comeback. but raise your hand if your taxes have gone up while those at the top are the ones getting the tax break. i'm roy cooper, and that's not a comeback. that's moving backwards. raise your hand if you agree that those at the top should pay their fair share. raise your hand if you agree that tax breaks should be going to the middle class. and raise your hand if you agree
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this is judge mablean, in life, everything you do involves the law. >> you can testify about what you heard, what you saw, and what you knew. >> she said -- >> i don't have a hearing problem. >> this was good. >> she is firm. >> i'm not responsible for their ticket, and i'm not going to pay she is honest.ion, not you. >> this is "justice with judge mablean." jennifer adams is suing john flores and ms. smith in the amount of 2,500. she says her son witnessed the defendants having sex on a roof top and he had to have therapy as a result. >> this is the matter of


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