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tv   North Carolina News at 600PM  CBS  August 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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cbs north carolina joins us -- where he pleaded guilty to six charges. you talked with the family of the victims. >> yeah. di. and those six charges include four counts of second-degree murder. one count of attempted first- degree murder. as well as armed robbery. roger duncan sat in handcuffs listening to the family members of the victims. several relatives had tears in their eyes as they spoked to suspect. one victim said she has no anger towardeds dup can.
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>> marsha says getting saved just one year before her son's death helped her deal with the pain today. and he was sentenced to up to 44 years in prison for those six charges. live in durham. i'm derek louis. cbs north carolina. >> also breaking tonight chief -- retiring from the fayetteville police department. what does the chief say is mind his decision tonight? >> he was very candid in seeing to his knowledge there's no misconduct investigation going on involving himself or the fayetteville police department. he just knows it's time to turn in his badge. now chief standing along side his wife gloria announced this retirement effective coming december. he thanked fellow officers for
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several things led up to his decision including a should injury. he says after working nonstop for decades, it's time to focus on himself and family. >> and i think what i did was i tore my ro tator cuff and continued to do stupid things in the yard. with these young officers and probably then tore my bicep trying to compensate. but i put up with the injury for probably close to a year now. >> he's been with the fayetteville police department for four years. but his career in law enforcement extends some 28 years. previously he served on the forest and charlotte america less thanburg county. city manager said following the announcement in the coming weeks they will develop a recruitment strategy just to find that next police chief. in fayetteville. cbs north carolina. thanks. some community members in rally are frustrated by the city's response to their
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police. they gathered outside the city government building this afternoon. members of the raleigh police accountability and community task force met with city leaders several times in recent months. but those meetings have stopped. the group wants to see city council support a community oversight board, address claims of racial biefs and increase crisis and prevention training. >> there's a crisis in policing. and the bias that we are seeing in our communities. it's real. >> a spokesman for e response to the concerns. city leaders write that meetings have been constructive but some of the issues they've raised require legislative action or much broader discussion. two raleigh parents facing felony child abuse charges went before a judge for the first time today. the judge increased the bond for 22-year-old terrell ballard. he's accused of the beating his 2-year-old daughter with a belt. an arrest warrant reveals the
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her head, stomach and legs. the infant's mother 23-year-old shena baits has been charged. the child has been released in the hospital and is in custody of a rel tiff. >> a south carolina woman is accused of killing her 4-day old son by putting him the refrigerator. he was removed after hours. blackwell is charged with felony homicide. >> a judge has ruled against an apool by the district attorney over documents relatessed to a deadly officer involved shooting. former deputy shot and killed him in november after entering his home without a search warrant. last may another judge also ruled the da should release soe 300 documents. saying the case is a public interest. but the da appealed.
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the property in chapel hill will be made available tonight. the property is more than 36 iekers. plans originally called for 600 apartments and officers. the scaled back version has 400 apartments. some are pushing to make the property a park. chapel hill community design commission is open to the public beginning at 6:30. >> people in southern pines have a chance to voice their opinion on a new shopping center. anchored by store. the developers is holding a neighborhood meeting. the first step for a $14 million court house expansion is underway. they began tearing down buildings this morning. and the county took ownership of the historic bank. nash county says it's current court house is
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safety. >> with this new addition, two new courtrooms and safer way to bring in people to the courtrooms. they had to bring from the jail through the hallways. >> more space for the sheriff and they plan to break ground in october and cleat construction by summer 2018. road closures will be minimal but occasion in order to keep drivers and pedestrians safe. a real talk community meetin members and other local leaders are expected to be there. topics include the future. 17 years with the durham police
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community relationships. >> feel confident that we will take a course of action that's steady of the my thawg process is to be thoughtful. >> his first police chief since it split from the department of public safety. his first day opt job is september 19th. the presidential campaign's back in the triangle again today. >> a focus on small business. still to come tonight on cbs north carolina who was there from each side and what the small business owners have to say about it. >> the second day in a row with temperatures in the 80s. it's not going last much longer. i'll tell you when those 90s return coming up. >> an infant born with half a heart is recovering. her family's message and how
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in north carolina there's
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and 80 of those are children under the age of 18. >> naomi may be able to go home for the first time in three or four weeks. she's just beautiful. for more way toes help out, visit the website. and coming up next, students helping students and making a profit doing it for generations. the student-run company that's been handed down for years. a live look beach. a full look at the forecast i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment
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you can read the plan here.
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presidential politics making north carolina the focus again today. the campaign's boatings ander is gaits of small businesses and raleigh. cbs north carolina political reporter shows us the impact it could play on this year's election. >> small businesses are the root and the engine behind the country's growth. >> no one has cared to even talk to us before. >> how are you? >> but on this day small businesses are the focus of the presidential am raleigh. that breaks hardway -- donald trump's drawrnl shared some concerns facing small businesses. >> there are jobs that americans showldz have that are going to people who quite frankly don't belong here. they're not legal citizens of our country. >> across town atrophy brewing company, former state treasurer richard moore spoke supporting hillary clinton's plan for
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-- with the exception of one or two zip codes. just about everywhere. >> working to create a new standard deduction for north carolina small businesses. trump's plan including repealing the affordable care act and reforming health care with free market principles. >> there's a sense that they've been disadvantaged and they've been f about in recent years. and that they need some kind of relief. >> both campaigns have made it clear north carolina is going to play a key role in this year east election and they say expect plenty of visits as we get closer to november. >> in raleigh. beau mimic. cbs north carolina. >> tim kaine also talked about clinton's plan for small businesses at a campaign stop today in colorado. and vice president enemy knee
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he's also expected to give a public address later that day. >> a 16-year-old is recovering after a trooper say she drove her atv out of her driveway into the path of a truck. this happened in moore county. the impact was strong enough to knock the teen's helmet off. she was air lifted to the hospital but is expected to be okay. she will likely face charges though. the driver of the truck was not new students and their parents will be traveling down a different road this year. they will attend the south garner high school campus while garner high school is being renovated. they made adjustments over the sum tore accommodate the new traffic pattern. >> the school system has added a realignment. they've added a signal at that intersection. >> they've also added some turn lanes and adjusted the signals a the intersection
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tonight. expected to be closed until midnight. a utility pole was damaged in the crash. going off to college is a time of excitement, nervousness and new begins and for some duke students move-in is a time it cash in. several stiep students owned their own moving company calling university shipping and shortage. they have owned and operated it for more than 20 imreers and it's been passed on and sold among students along the decadesment they move duke students in and out taking their items between their dorms and back home. they spend a week and a half in the fall and a week and a half in the spring. half of the records this fall are freshman. >> i wanted to make a lot of money. got a considerable amount of student debt. wanted to cover that by the time i graduated.
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company. our parents are very delighted to sees you. kind of reassuring to know that another duke student is going to be there and it's not a far off company that they only see online. >> more than 1700 students make up the freshman class and they come from 70 countries and 29 states. well in the weather center now with wes and we've got some tough news. heat and humidity may be making a return, humidity. 80s. it's not going to last much longer. august has burned pretty hot. it hasn't been as hot as july. we have had 18 days at or above normal. that's all the dates you see there in orange. only one, two, three, four, five below normal. i love those days. one of them was yesterday but we're back to wof and the rest of week we're expecting above hurricane watch normal temperatures.
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right now. no rain though. so it'll be a drive evening. that humidity not as low as yesterday. but still pretty darn good and a lot better than where we've been. 59 is where the dewpoint average is. we do expect it to slowly nudge up as we head towards the end of this week. you will feel it by about friday of this week. tonight still decent. venture out into the neighborhood and not be sweating within 30 seconds. 82 at 8:00 is where 76 at 10:00. you step outside on wednesday morning on your way to work and school it'll be about 64 degrees. so there's the cold front. remember that came through sunday night. but the effects of it are slowly starting to go away. and eventually this area of high pressure that's helped give us the decent weather is going to start to go away as well. tomorrow, not many changes with this service map. it's going to be warm out but
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east. our winds are going to slide to the south and that will bring the humidity back thursday into friday. like i said i think it'll be about friday that you'll walk outside and be like man, it's back. that's coming friday. we've got 90s coming back. those 90s will stick around this weekend as will the humidity. even this cold front gets close to us it's not going to swing through and cool us back down. it will be close enough to help inspire a few showers and thunderstorms as we head int there's a that we are watching out in the tropics. there were three things but now fiona is no longer a trackable system. we have tropical storm gaston which is way out in the opening waters of plik atlantic and then we have this cluster. first with gaston later this week it could strength issuen to a hurricane. the third hurricane this season but continue to move
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so that's not really a concern with us in the united states even though it could be a hurricane. what we're watching a little closer very briefly they won't have to go very long. no center of circulation. that's what you need to get a classified tropical storm. that could change over the coming days. we'll continue to keep an eye on the hurricane models and watching the trends you can see the trends haven't changed much since i showed you this yesterday and the cluster remains very persistent staying just north of the caribbean where eventually some very warm waters where it could strengthen. keep an eye on our area of high pressure. that will help steer where this possible storm which will be named hermine will go. in the meantime get ready for
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the 90s are back thursday and they stay with us through the weekend. keep an eye on those overnight lows too. that's when you know humidity is back and that starts like i said issue, on friday. >> this morning i took the skids to school. do i need a little sweater? wes would be like seriously. >> it's august. >> i know but it was kind of chilly really early. >> some day you'll need it again. >> not today or tomorrow. then we'll wish for 90 it's too cold. >> how about some sports? football now? >> oh, definitely. we're talking about football and we're talking about the duke blue devils who know who they want to play quarterback but will he be ready come game cowday? plus the panthers are at it again. another fight at practice today. we'll let you know who was involved and what started it.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs.
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i'm roy cooper, and you deserve the truth about the crime lab. when i became attorney general, we discovered a backlog of more than 5,000 dna test kits but what governor mccrory isn't telling you is that we cleared the backlog. we also solved over 2,000 crimes and put killers and rapists in prison from cold cases. we fixed the problems at the crime lab,
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he tore his achillies and even though he practiced with the team he's not scrimmaged and has not been tackled since last year. if you're ready to write him off you might want to think twice. earlier today duke offensive coordinator spoke about the senior qb saying he's doing be ready. he's preparing mentally and physically. duke is fighting to keep one quarterback healthy, nc staitd might end up using two. about two hours ago the team released a depth chart for the season opener and instead of naiting starter they said either or would be the qb. it's still anybody's guess. across the state they just can't play nice together. for the second time in about a
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teammates. this time it was receiver devin and rookie defensive back. nfl teams are very particular about what they can and cannot film. we don't have video but reports say he tried to punch a football out of the hand but accidently grazed his neck he then took his teammate to the ground. nothing happened. you guys are making a story out of nothing. once again, that's coming from the guy who hit one of his at work. more on that story tonight at 11:00. and went end with an anonymous steph curry fan. this week one lucky fan won an auction for a game-worn mouth guard. >> yuck. >> that's gross. what's even more disgusting is the price tag. guys how much do you think something like that cost? >> i'd pay not to get it. >> at least a dollar. i don't want to know. >> $2,000. >> i don't think it's worth
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>> $500. >> $700. >> no. more than those. $3200 is what they were auctioned for. way too much. >> who bought it? >> they didn't give out names and i'm glad they didn't. >> what are they going to do with it? >> that's my question. with the jersey you can hang it up or something. >> no. >> beyond me. >> people do it though. >> weather, wes. >> this is free. this forecast i will not charge you we got one more day in the 80s tomorrow before heat and humidity come back later what if high speed internet also came with something else? like peace of mind? two whole years of it.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> dubois: the new trump-pence immigration policy. >> reporter: you're here illegally you have to leave the country. yes or no? >> dubois: also tonight, florida tries to determine if there's a new zika zone outside miami as the number of mosquitoes grows. martin shkreli became the poster boy for drug price gouging. now he's defending the soaring cost of life-saving epipens. and we first met pat hardison shortly after his amazing face transplant surgery. wait until you see him now. >> now i'm just an average guy


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