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tv   North Carolina News at 1100PM  CBS  August 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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starts now. >> we are following several member -- major stories. multiple tornadoes ripped through the midwest and the death toll continues to climb in italy 24 hours after an earthquake shook the central part of the nation. >> we are also keeping our eye on the tropics. two systems. we have the latest coming up. we start with breaking ne raleigh's. crews on the scene of a bad accident at the intersection of south hall road and amber field way. >> this is near pine hall plantation and at least two people were transported. they are expected to be okay and we do have a crew on scene working to get more information. we will, of course, bring you more information as it comes to
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>> now to the devastating earthquake in italy. several historical towns to -- digging out of the rubble this evening. good morning -- good evening and thank you for joining us. authorities say the death toll has risen to 159 at this hour. rescuers are trying to reach victims. to the crotch with the latest. >> reporter: 10-year-old julia -- tina with the latest. >> reporter: efforts underway. the time has stood since medieval times but much of it has been reduced to rubble. the magnitude six-point to earthquake hit early wednesday morning in a remote mountainous region of central italy killing more than 150 people. a clock tower still marks the time when the quake struck. he tried to lift stones with
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work this is a popular holiday retreat at one of the collapsed buildings is a hotel believed to have 70 cast. industries -- the prime minister. some residents say the military response has been slow. the terrain has also made it difficult to bring in heavy equipment. crews continue to come through some areas in the dark took -- survivors. cbs news, italy. a basketball team in italy experiencing the entire thing and they are all okay. we spoke with the head coach this afternoon. >> the whole entire hotel shaking in the rooms moving in the beds rolling.
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little delusional. once reality set in, i realized that it was an earthquake. >> she says the team was near the epicenter and none of them are hurt. >> another story. an attack at the american university of f gonna stand. there are new reports of at least seven people killed and at least 18 injured. no confirmation of how many might be americans. a police spokesperson says forces are still conducting a clearing operation trying to track down those responsible. >> at least eight arnold clouds were spotted this evening -- funnel clouds were spotted this evening. state police say at least a dozen people were injured. one of them, a five-month-old. everyone is expected to be okay according to officials. storms continued to move through the area overnight. >> here at home, we are keeping a close eye on the tropics.
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one could impact the us. we have the latest information from the national hurricanes center. both of these systems are testing our patience. we thought at one point, gaston would be a hurricane. it remains a waiting game. the latest from the national hurricanes center keeping it at a strong tropical storm. it us so we are watching this cluster of thunderstorms a little closer. on hundred miles or so north of san juan puerto rico but as you look at it, it just looks disorganized. it is very long and spread out which means it is going to be really hard for center of circulation to develop. they could not find it today but the hurricane hunters are going to try it again tomorrow.
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bahamas and possibly florida. the no immediate impact for the us and no immediate impact for north carolina but what we do have, 90s coming back tomorrow. it still starts comfortable back at home. mid-sixties there all the way up to 75 x 9 a.m. there all the way up to 75 x 9 a.m. i will tell you how hot it's going to be tomorrow and how many days we will see those 90s stick around. nine people are recovering at duk monoxide this morning at a catering company and engine -- in north carolina. at the time of the evacuation, people reported feeling faint and nauseous. people are -- everyone is expected to be okay. >> an update to a story we first alerted you to last night of a parent who officials they never picked up to pick up her child from a bus stop near it is protocol for students to wait at the bus stop.
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the driver contacted police and when police showed up at the home, they found three children all unsupervised. for more than six hours. the mother is facing charges and the children are in protective custody. police are still looking for leads after two students were robbed at gunpoint in a dorm room in north carolina central. officials say someone knocked on the door of the room and forced the room -- forced their took several items police do not have a good description of the suspect. a brutal crime in fayetteville under investigation tonight. police say a woman was kidnapped, beaten and raped monday night in the phone doing subdivision here -- bonnie dune subdivision. >> reporter: police say that victim was walking here in this
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woman got out and knocked her over the head with some unknown object. that is when they dragged her back to the car and police say a third suspect was there and drove them to an abandoned home also in the area. take a good look at these photos. police say this white sedan, possibly a crews, was the car the suspect used and it happened monday night just after 9 o'clock. once in that abandoned house, the suspects beat and raped that victim. once it was over tell us they put the woman back in the car and dropped her off to the subdivision work somehow, she managed to make it home and that is when she called 911. police are telling us it is unclear that this one was targeted at that as part of the ongoing investigation. police call this case a top priority and are urging everyone to take a good look at those photos. and the governor, cbs, north carolina.
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police actively looking for a white sedan last seen in the bonnie dune area monday night. police also telling us this incident is not related to another incident over the weekend. >> mike pence made two separate stops today touring the manufacturing plant this morning before holding an afternoon rally in -- and afternoon rally. democratic nominee, hillary clinton, on the defense tonight calling the report by the associated press absurd and a lot of smoke and no fire. she is referring to the accusations surrounding the clinton foundation reporting more than half the people that met hillary clinton while serving other contributed personally or through groups through her family foundation. the report has become a new
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released in the race for the white house. hillary clinton has a narrow lead over donald trump. 44-42% and that is in the margin of error work in the governor's race, roy cooper adding to his lead over pat mccrory. 52-43% and in the u.s. senate race, richard burr holds a two- point to lead over democrat deborah ross also within the margin of , candidate held a roundtable discussion to focus on the importance of protecting social security and medicare work she is an attorney and former wake county -- wade county assemblyman. >> would have to put our heads together. this is a hard problem and we have to do it in a bipartisan way. i have a history of working
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and in a statement, they said the senator has been a consistent supporter detecting social security and medicare cookie will continue working in a bipartisan way to strengthen social security and medicare. protesters taking their message to the governor for the 20th straight week tonight. this was the scene around the governor's mansion tonight. the augustus -- the orchestra started early this year. clear surveillance of thieves caught in the act. the durham county sheriff's office wants you to take a close look at these thieves here the homeowner tells us he lives there with his family. he took us around to the side of the house and says when the suspect could not make it into the window, they kick in his front door. this is the second time his home has been targeted. >> you like to think that
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you treat others the way you want to be treated. i guess they want their things stolen and broken into. i don't know. >> he says this time around, his alarm system went off before the suspects could steal anything. new tonight, a greenville man accused of murdering a mother and her three daughters has officially been charged in the children's murder. 39-year-old javon, garland tower . he will make his first appearance on the three additional charges tomorrow morning. he is the father of two of the children. a sergeant is facing additional rape charges tonight here. he is charged in connection with the rape of a
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with victims of the pulse nightclub shooting stepping in to help in a very big way. the one thing victims families will not have to worry about. first, a pregnant woman and her young son make it out of the house. why she thought it was something else other than a
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a pregnant woman and her eight-year-old son were in this house when it caught fire overnight your first reporting this -- overnight. since first reporting the story, we have pended a clear picture on how the two of them were able to survive>> reporter: how a neighborte >> reporter: this is and in the state to image. a fire destroying the family's home. during the mayhem last night, one of the earliest calls that came in last night was for something else. >> my alarm just went off. >> we just got a call about a vehicle on fire outside. >> reporter: she is four months
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house. >> my husband ran next door to you and check on them. >> reporter: with the help of neighbors, everyone made it out safe. mosier's house has been destroyed. once again, neighbors are coming together to help a family they have only known for a few months. >> we just want them to to support them as best we can. >> we can do something in the neighborhood to get donations for her and the family. >> reporter: cbs, north carolina . >> it is believed the fire was caused by an outlet in the front of the garage which likely caused the car to catch fire. the call for the epipen which is used for severe allergies has gone up from $100
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the drugmaker says the prices have changed to better reflect product features and the value of the product. the ceo has seen a pay raise. micah johnson returned home from afghanistan in 2014 d posed no significant risk to himself or others after seeking treatment for anxiety, depression and hallucinations. survivors and victims and families will not be billed for out-of-pocket expenses. officials with orlando health and the hospital tell us the hospitals will write off more than $5 million of care.
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jumpstart today durham -- in durham. >> backpacks full of school supplies. one of the busiest times of year when it comes to helping those in need and parents say it is a big help when money is tight.>> big family -- families are struggling to pay the increased rents, utilities and food and wants to get all of those bases covered, there is budget for the backpacks and school supplies. >> the rescue mission also gave away food, clothes, and toys. >> they have a great time. back-to-school and cooler weather!>> that is the big question, right! >> do you remember that extreme
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it has not only been pleasant during the day but this morning. 62 degrees -- 64 degrees is the coolest we have had because with the humidity coming back, we are not going to cool down as much overnight and that means your morning commute will have 65 degrees in the morning. basically, coast to -- close to 70 tomorrow morning. muggy conditions saturday morning. dewpoint temperature leveled out around 60 degrees and that and muggy line but as we head into thursday and friday, it jumps back those 270 degrees and that is that steamy zone. that is what we have spent not enjoying most of the summer. but again, tomorrow is still comfortable. 65 degrees tomorrow on your way to work. dry and partly cloudy. 75 x 9 a.m. 83 by lunchtime. 90 will be our high we start
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tomorrow will make four days without rain and we are not in a horrible drought or anything but in the summertime, we like to have rain every few days to help our crops and grass and we just don't have any in the forecast this week because of this area of high pressure. high pressure has helped clear us out and keep us dry. it has helped to lower the humidity and temperature after the cold front but it has also helped bring the humidity back because as it shifts to the east, friday into saty, howard wins are going to come out of the south bringing humidity back here saturday is expected to be our hottest day but not 96 or 97 but 93 work we will also put an isolated shower in the forecast as this cold front gets closer moving through as we head into sunday but it's also going to fizzle out so when it moves through, it is not going to do much for
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it might drop us a couple of degrees but it will not do much for the humidity. i don't know if you will feel any changes saturday into sunday but just they be thinking there's a cold front will make us feel better. we will tell you how cool it is going to get in a second here let's talk about the tropics because we are still waiting on tropical storm gastown -- gaston. and both of these storms are trying our patience. let's talk about gaston. we do expected to eventually, after friday the late part of the week or early next week, become our third hurricane of the season staying in the north atlantic and not impacting us but the other system could impact us and that is why the national hurricane center continues to investigate this with the hurricane hunter aircraft work they did not find a close -- closed circulation but they did find a 55 mi./h wind. the moment they do find that circulation, we could have
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right, that is almost 1000 miles across and way too big. like an ice skater trying to do one of those really fast twist with their arms way out. have to pull those arms in if they want to twist fast work this will have to pull itself together a little more if it wants to develop so that is what we're waiting for and that is what we are watching. the computer models remains the -- throughout friday but after the we can, they start to spread out a little and that tells us there is uncertainty and that is why we will have to wait a little bit longer to see where this system is going to go. it could be a rainmaker for florida as we head into the weekend. in the meantime, we have to get ready for 90 degrees in raleigh. 92 on friday. 93 on saturday and you can see small chances of rain and look at the overnight lows.
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that tells you the humidity is back and it will stay with us the next week. it looks like the streak is only six days in the 90s because we cool down all the way to 99 -- 89 by next wednesday. in the 60s and it will still be comfortable. you won't be thinking bad thoughts tomorrow about the humidity. people are probably ready for some put on whether. >> there is some controversy over in chapel . the tar heels added a member to their coaching staff and they are getting a whole lot of criticism for its. it is hard to believe this early in the high school football season that we already have a rivalry game. west johnson sums up the river we johnson sums up the river we just one word and ?? from the mountains... to the beaches...
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the nra political victory fund is responsible for the content of this advertising. in chapel hill today, all of the talk was about this guy. tim beckman. he is a volunteer so he is not costing the team collegiate level but he comes with serious package. he was fired last august and nobody ever gets fired that close to the season but reports surfaced that he was discouraging players from reporting injuries and in this day and age with all of the research and knowledge we have about concussions, that offense is about as bad as it gets. still, less than a year from losing his job, he found himself back on his feet here today, he officially joined the coaching staff coming off an 11
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>> i promise you, i did not see anywhere that he should be banished from football. i don't believe everything i read. i know tim and i know his side of the story so i was comfortable and i am glad we are able to give him this opportunity. >> since he is a volunteer, he does not work directly with the players that assist the coaches as needed. >> to high school for all where teams are ge number two, that list of teams includes west johnson. the wildcats opened their season with a huge win last week scoring 45 points and held their opponents scoreless. this week, was a little different. of why the weijia jiang. west johnson takes on south johnston and there is only one word to sum up this rivalry and that word is nasty. >> when the whistle blows, it is between the lines and
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leading up to it, it is friendly but that 48 minutes of high school football is about as nasty as it can get. >> coach williams and the wildcats lost this game by just one point last year and they will be looking for revenge on friday. to soccer and the most decorated goalkeeper of all time sidelined for a bit. the us women's team won no team has suspended hope so low for two weeks after she called the swedish team that eliminated the us and you just can't do that. we are looking at this place and apparently, they are huge cleveland cavalier fans up there. on the right, there is a picture of the mary o'briant trophy -- mary bryant trophy. and in the middle, that is a picture of lebron james face
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>> not as fresh as mine. >> all right. we need to get a close up on this guy. >> that looks good to our fans in ohio. >> you know it when landscapers [ indiscernible ]
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