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tv   North Carolina News at Noon  CBS  August 25, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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hello and got afternoon i'm russ beverage good afternoon i'm stefan chase. thanks for watching cbs north carolina. we begin with breaking news this afternoon. the university of vermont just announced it has canceled the women's basketball team against unc because of house bill 2. the road game was scheduled for university says due to concerns over the controversial law, deemed discriminatory against the lgbt community they chance end the game after talk with coaches, the team and of the officials. they released a statement saying quote, we fully understand and sympathize with the impact that this may have on the north carolina women's basketball schedule. however, we believe this decision is consistent with our values and the conversations with our coaches and student team members.
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search for two people involved in a violent crime investigation after a woman reported being kidnapped and raped while walking in the bonnie doone subdivision near bragg boulevard on monday. investigators hope the surveillance pictures we're look at will help make an arrest. we're told the man and woman jumped out of a w white sedan possibly a chevy cruze and tacked the victim hitting her in the head and dragging her into the car. highs driven house and raped. she called 911 when they took her back home. looking at head the family of a man killed in an officer involved shooting will gather at the district attorney's office this afternoon asking for answers. dur ron they miller was shot and killed in march. the incident happened as the deputies were investigating a shooting at a nightclub there. according to investigators the 18-year-old failed to comply with the trooper's orders to
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fire. miller's family will demand the district attorney release the sbi's report on the shooting. they also want the trooper charged with murderer. here in wake county a middle school principal due in court to clear up accusations she says are not true. she was arrested at rdu international airport this summer after being pulled over by rdu police. investigators say her license plate matched a tag that was stolen in fayetteville. davis is the principal for east cary middle school. the wake county school district says they don't believe she's at fault and will get to keep her job. more than 240 people have died in the earthquake that robbed central italy. as search and rescue crews dig through all that rubble in hopes of finding more survivors they face even more danger today. many of the smaller towns like amatrice are still experiencing aftershocks. >> reporter: powerful
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sending clouds of dust into the air a day after a massive 6.2 earthquake flattened most of this village. more than 400 aftershocks, one as strong as 5.1. they're make it much more difficult for rescue teams to search for trapped victims. >> this firefighter says the focus is still on finding people alive. but it's a race against the clock. crews worked through the night sifting through the bringing more equipment to help in the rescue effort. in another hard hit town, a rescuer went through the rubble with a search dog. this survivor retrieved a beaks personal items from his destroyed home. >> he says last night we slept in the car. tonight i don't know. more than was thousand others have camped out in temporary shelters as they face an up
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in afghanistan at least 13 are dead after militants launched a belied attack on american university outside of kabul. it's a story we first reported on wednesday. the attack ended this morning. seven students, and others were among the dead. three police officers and two security guards were also killed. the midwest is real after violent weather spawned a string of devastating tornadoes yesterday. 21 twisters indiana alone. dozens of homes were damaged or destroyed and 12 were hurt. at one point, 35,000 people loss power. neighbors are struggling to make sense of what happened. >> still trying to process everything. still trying to understand the complete devastation. thankful that my mom and sister who were in the house yesterday survived. >> what a lot of work they have
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gop vice presidential nominee is touring the damage this afternoon. back here at home we hit the 90s for the first time in about a week or maybe a little less than that. this week for sure the temperatures and humidity will get higher over the next 24 hours or s. storm team meteorologist alyssa corfont is here with a look at the forecast. yeah, it's been all week long that we've been in the 80s but today that could change. we'll be looking for the 90s for highs here in the triangle this afternoon. right now, though, we t cover early this morning. no such thing right now at the prestonwood country club in cary. blue skies, oh, man, i bet it's been a busy morning out on the golf court so far. heading into the afternoon the heat will canning up just' bit. so86 in raleigh. 84 in durham. 83 in roxboro. mid-80s in south hill. make ig your way to the sandhills, 89 in fayetteville. 87 in raeford. not been something we've had to talk about a lot this week the
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a whole lot hotter around the triangle. siler city feels like 91. same in fayetteville. still not a lot of humidity in and around the area. this changes in the next 24 hours. so let be take you hour by hour for today. 90 our afternoon high. back to 88 at 6:00. sun sets, temperatures drop a bit faster. back to 80 by 9:00 p.m. mid-70s at midnight and fall but only to 71. past few mornings have been gr not as comfortable tomorrow morning. i will let you know when temperatures get a little hotter and when you may need that umbrella coming up in your complete storm team forecast. drug company milan will ocean panned a savings program to help parents deal with a steep price increase for a life saving allergy medicine epipen.
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>> this company and others like it have literally taken advantage of the fact that they're able to push back in congress against any laws that allow for more competition or negotiations, then they use that market power, jack up the price and expect americans to pay it while they're making money think it's wrong and that's white laws have to change. >> . covering nash county this afternoon, firefighters expect a massive barn fire will days after going up in flames overnight in nash county. there were no reports of injuries but the fire did force crews to block off lancaster store road. the barn full of hay and farm equipment. now, an investigators do not believe the fire will spread. they're look into how it started. covering fayetteville a man accused of intentionally killing aman with his vehicle is now looking at first degree murder charges. stony rile u ran justin atkins over killing him moments after
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originally rile was charged with involuntary manslaughter. the number of charges against a fort bragg soldier linked to disturbing sex crimes just went up. justin lewis is in court to face three additional rape charges. all wait back to crimes in 2014. the 27-year-old has already been charged with indecent liberties with a child and nine other charges. lewis remains behind bars on $900,000. a north carolina man who spent nearly 25 years be commit will get a big payment from the city of hickory. willie groups is being awarded $3.54 million years after being exonerated by the innocent commission. they found fingerprints linked to the case were not his. the city will pay out 2.2 million other settlement and insurance covers the rest. the race for the white house donald trump and hillary clinton are neck and neck.
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48% to trump's 47%. and a cbs's report, trump continues to ramp up his attacks against the democratic nominee. >> reporter: donald trump met with a hispanic and black republicans work with the gop. it least move to reach out to minority voters. >> we are making it a very important part of our speeches and our thought process. >> reporter: trump ramped of mississippi against hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes. >> reporter: trump's minority outreach happened in front of largely white crowds. >> directed not so much at black and hispanic voters but moderate suburban voters that might vote republican. >> hillary clinton is preparing to give a speech app accusing
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right sorb wait with nationalists and white supremacists. >> he is taking a hate movement mainstream. he's brought into his campaign. >> reporter: the group is active online and calls trump the emperor while praising his talk of a deportation force. betsy woodruff writes about the group. >> they see him as good for whites. >> reporter: trump's new campaign chairman steve bannon once claim his conservative website breitbarm alt right. >> and moving on to the north carolina guantanamo baytory race. roy cooper has a big lead over governor pat mccrory. cooper a democrat head 52%. meanwhile, 3% say they will vote for libertarian cecil. house bill 2 is a key factor on the mind of voters showing 36% approve of it. the same time governor pat mccrory picked up a key
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carolina police benevolent association. >> endorsements are usually about politics. and politician. this one is not. this one matters. this is about law enforcement. >> governor pat mccrory has a very sincere interest in bringing folks together to address the problems in law enforcement. >> cooper's campaign announced he has the endorsement of firefighters and paramedics of minnick tonight. keep it here. with classes for traditional year students set to kick off in just a few days big changes for the durham public schools. the big reason for the change this year. >> critical time for hospitals and blood banks find out what's behind a summertime blood
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well believe it or not in less tan a week most kids return to school in the triangle and throughout our state, students and teachers will see some key changes when they return in durham public schools. come monday morning high school students will be able to sleep in a little longer thanks to a new start time while some don't agree with the plan, educators say this should help kids become better students. >> there's a lot of research that indicates that high schoolers need more sleep and s we're hopeful that by providing that they'll be more they come to school and, of course, that will be results en the achievements. >> the new bell schedule high school students report to campus at 9:00 in the morning instead of 7:30. hospitals and area broad bangs have a shortage. it's affecting everything from emergency treatment and doctor's ability to perform surgeries. that's why cbs north carolina is proud to team up with the american red cross and iheart
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donate the gift of life. ceo of the eastern north carolina red cross joins us, great to have you here barry. >> thank you for the opportunity to share this news. the blood supply is rather low so why is that? >> it's summertime. living is easy and unless you're a patient in the hospital. so we lose blood drives from schools and universities. you were just mentioning they're returning school and college students, 25% of them. they're out and about living life but this is something that's very important. what are some of the reasons people might need blood? >> trauma is the key reason. people see the accidents and injury on the -- and hear it on the news reports. then cancer patients also often receive give orders and then during surgery. it's an every day need every two seconds someone in america
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cancer and i remember the blood france fusions and thank goodness the blood was there. tell us how people can get out and about and participate in this great event. >> that partnership is next tuesday august 30 at crabtree valley mall. mark your calendar. >> and go online and schedule an appointment, as well at red cross tuesday the 30 to make it convenient come to the mall like folks like to go to the mall from 10:00-7:00 to collect 180 donations. it's a wonderful event go on our website it's happening on tuesday. >> absolutely. thank you so much, very great to have you. thanks for joining us go on our website certainly some good information as we look ahead to next week. now, let's go ahead and talk about our forecast for today. 86degrees right now.
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into the lunch hour if that's what you're doing or maybe you're heading out and about this afternoon. no weather complaints as far as this is concerned. we've had a few clouds throughout the morning. we'll have a few mixing in throughout the afternoon. all in all, another dry day for us. so 83 your current temperature in roxboro. 80 in henderson. 82 in louisburg. 82 in roanoke rapids. down through portions of johnston county near 90 already in fayetteville. 87 in nearby hoke ty here in the triangle before falling back to the upper 0s for that 6:00 drive home. nice mix of sun and clouds, nice to see some rain but no rain in our forecast for today. 80 as we head towards 9:00 this evening. so here's the setup. we have high pressure controlling our forecast. this sounds pretty repetitive because it's been here all week long. tomorrow things are finally
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the east, incomes the next cold front. this cold front will be hotter. we will be humid, most of us will stay dry. this cold front comes into play bigger as we head into the weekend. >> that's when we could see a few storms but things that will be changing with the cold front, the humidity, and the amount u moisture that's in the air. so today, no so bad. you notice that if you spent any time outdoors but you see this little white line climbs into the steamy category tomorrow and saturday. >> that's dewpoint mp will be back tomorrow afternoon. now speaking of this afternoon, first, mix of sun and clouds if you're traveling back to the west, maybe the mountains, maybe charlotte, you could see a shower or two later today. >> other than that, we're dry here in central north carolina. staying dry overnight and staying dry for the start of our friday. but let's get an update on the tropics. if you're watching us this morning we were talk about hurricane gaston. here's the deal. it's weakened, again back into a tropical storm and we are
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unsettled weather near puerto rico has about a 50% chance of strengthening into a tropical cyclone over the next 48 hours. look beyond that, looking over the next five days has about an 80% chance of strengthening. that's because it will be encountering warmer water around the ba hams. that's something -- bahamas. here's the updated track on gaston. winds around 65 miles per hour later today. continues as a tropical storm through saturday. hurricane maybe even a category 2 by sunday. that's where it takes a more northerly turn. no threat to land. a high today of 90 in raleigh. 89 in durham. 92 in fayetteville. fast forward to tonight, those comfortable nights a thing of the past. temperature right around 71 degrees. staying mild and muggy. 92 friday. 93 saturday. you notice over the weekend ahead there will be a small
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school on monday. monday morning we'll be in the low 70s. monday afternoon kids are coming home and it's going to be right around 90. little hotter than where it should be for this time of year. 91 as we had towards next tuesday. >> so they can still enjoy. they might be back in school but they can enjoy a little summer fun. >> they're going to come home and be hot and ready to go to the pool on the go back to the relief for one neighborhood.
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i'm hillary clinton and i he wears it like a crown. "make america great again". but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china. and his suits in mexico. in fact, the real donald trump outsourced his products and jobs to 12 different countries. so don't believe the hat. in america. we have a consumer alert for you. from ford motor. the auto giant issued three separate recalls affect more than 100,000 vehicles. ford needs to fix turbo charged engines in 2013 through 2015
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vehicles. they're recalling 2017 ford escape suvs to deal with the window problem. also recalling 2015 through 2016 ford transit vans to fix faulty fuel injection pumps. postal workers beware. switchland preparing to test robots as mailmen. swiss post the faxle postal service will put these small six wheeled pods on sidewalks in three cities next month. if the tests go well they could one day deliver food and medicine. britain and germany are considerg >> i think it's kind of cool. >> where the the mail? i never saw it stop and deliver? well, police are trying thank you solve a monster crime in southern california. thieves got away with a big rig and also stole $40,000 worth of monster energy drinks. the bandits stole the truck from a lot out los angeles hours before the driver was set to deliver the product. investigators believe the thieves, then trans40 energy drinks to another truck and ditch the stolen one. so far no arrests have been
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south texas. a missing king cobra that had deputies and game wardens scrambling this week has been found. neighbors freaked out when lawmen tweeted out an image of the snake. look, that kitty cat is even looking for it. alerting them to the 8-10 foot long viper managed to get loose. they didn't want to cause a panic but that didn't stop neighbors from taking the cowboy approach to the snake situation. >> i actually got my shoot of shotgun and started walking around the yard. >> you were look for it. >> i >> oh, boy i guess you're going to make some boots out of that skin. the cobra was captured not far from the barn where it was kept. no one got bitten or shot, for that matter. right now let's take a live look at traffic along the clayton bypass at i-40, slow going. that's i-40 and u.s. 70. that's i-40 and u.s. 70. stay with us, b alyssa i'm roy cooper, and you deserve the truth about the crime lab. when i became attorney general,
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but what governor mccrory isn't telling you is that we cleared the backlog. we also solved over 2,000 crimes and put killers and rapists in prison from cold cases. we fixed the problems at the crime lab,
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say it is not so.
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longer accessible to the public at chicago's united center. >> yeah, crews moved the statue but only temporarily. the basketball icon and nba champion statue will return to the permanent spot at the new united center. >> fans will be able to visit the tar heel great statue once construction is complete. sometime during the 2016-2017 nba season. all right. so moving on to weather >> yes, you keep telling us that. >> 90 our high today. last perfectly dry day for us. tomorrow humidity continues to climbch the temperatures continue to climb and we can't completely rule out a late day shower. 92 to wrap up the work week. then the weekend small chances for storms both afternoons. most of you stay dry and back to school on monday, kids. 90degrees our afternoon high to start off next work week. >> but going back to school, that means that fall's right
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approaching. >> football season. >> cooler temperatures. >> i'm ready for it all.
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in everything we do, it involves the law. you can testify about what you saw, what you heard and what you though. >> she's firm. >> i'm not responsible for that ticket and i'm not going to pay for it. >> i make that decision, not you. >> she's honest. this is justice with judge maybeline. jessica is suing yoga eninstructor. she says she sustained injuries while attending a yoga class. the defendant says she pushed herself too far and she's


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