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tv   North Carolina News at 500PM  CBS  August 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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for one mother who was a victim of violence has great interest in this program. she's hoping it will prevent others from going through what she has had to endure for the last 11 years.>> reporter: back in may back in may 2005 weyburn with shot to death in a murder. >> after he got murder i die. i stopped going to see my friends. i stopped going places period. >> reporter: today she came to a community meeting about a program to stop violence before it begins. >> it takes a public health approach. it treats violence like an infectious disease. >> reporter: that disease of violence tears at her heart every time she hears about another murder in her city.
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>> reporter: they believe they can break the cycle of violence by interrupting it. >> violence is a learned behavior. it is spread like a disease. >> reporter: finding a way to prevent -- to prevent the disease will cure wore her. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00 we will dig deeper into the program and why officials think it will work. join us then. repine -- porting live from durum steve. dozens of people are scrabbling for a new place to call home. that is because the place they are living in is no longer safe. they tell us why these families are now displaced work >> reporter: people are packing all their belongings into their
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work they have 19 hours to leave the property.>> reporter: on tuesday they told people at the motel that utilities will be cut off on friday at noon.>> i don't have anywhere to go so my boyfriend and i are trying to find a place to go.>> reporter: she says this is the sheep this option in the area. but they say it's unsafe to live in with mold and other problems.>> are not working. electrical issues. >> reporter: they say inspectors one management on august 10 and gave them more than the usual 10 days to fix the problems. >> we went back 13 days later and nothing was done. >> reporter: they could've shut down the place that night but they gave three days for people to move. many say they cannot afford another place.>> ivan/link -- struggling for the last couple of months.
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nowhere to go. i don't know. >> i have to put my things and storage. i have my son here. his girlfriend and he worked here. i don't know what they will do. >> reporter: they say they will issue refunds for everyone who it paid through september 1. the goal is to get everyone out by tomorrow.>> the sheep willing inspector said that it is unfortunate that people have to leave their homes but the city cannot allow people to stay in unsafe places. it's the worst thing your parents or a boskin say to you. let's just wait and see. but that is what we are saying once again when it comes to the tropics. our weather today said dry. let's talk about the soap opera that is your current tropical situation. i will start with test on.
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minute and then weakened again to a tropical store. this tropical wave might affect parts of the united states . it is north of haiti right now. it weakens a little. but now there's a 70% chance of development and that is down from 80%. hunter aircraft is still looking for winds that have actually weakened as well. the mountains of haiti are not helping it took along with some upper-level winds they are looking for that glows level of circulation. they have can -- continued not to find it. it is heading to florida with a lot of rain. what happens after that. we will check in with the latest computer models and how much hotter are we can will get. in just a few minutes. rescue efforts in central italy,
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and injured people. they're going to mountains of debris looking for signs of life. overnight rescue teams pulled a victim out of the rubble. video from the italian fire service should crews working around-the-clock to find survivors of wednesday -- wednesday's massive 6.2 earthquake. they don't know when the operation will go to saving lives to recovering bodies. the top cop it's a big honor. the governor presented police chief with the order of the longleaf award. cbs north carolina's roger says inside police headquarters right now with the story. >> reporter: not only is this a huge honor but it's also a complete surprise. the chief announced his retirement this past tuesday after serving 30 years and law enforcement.
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fayetteville. the order of the longleaf pine is the most prestigious award presented by the governor's office. it is given to those with a proven record of service. today's location was especially unique for mccrory and matlock. mccrory was mayor of matlock. >> i thank you so much for family. i mean the city of fayetteville. this is a great place in my minds , this is the hidden gem of north carolina. >> reporter: he join the police department in february 2013 as achieve. he is credited implementing police tactic annotating the
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he put over 100 surveillance can't cameras around town. they will also announced the interim police chief. his retirement is official in december of this year. in fayetteville cbs north carolina. the mother of 18 shot and killed by state troopers is calling for justice. the 18-year-old died in march after a shooting outside of a club area. his mother michelle he called on the district attorney there to release the fbi report on his death. they want to prosecute the shoot -- want to prosecute the shooter that shot him. >> they have not done what they are supposed to to resolve this matter. we will not rest until the boys of the families has been hurt. >> last month they needed more information before deciding if
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investigators said the trooper shot miller when the teen pointed a gun at him. the social security administration is working with north carolina officials to crack down on disability right. today the secretary-general visited raleigh to dedicate the new cooperative disability investigation unit for the state. it is the first program for the state. according to the secretary- general cdi is one of the most active initiatives in the bushel security administration. also one >> anytime where we have individuals getting benefits that they are not entitled to it jeopardizes the program for those who burned the benefits. there are 37 units like this and 32 state. raleigh has opened about a dozen cases and generated savings of more than $700,000. the price of progress comes with a price tag. one local group is saying the kostas too high. the fine is over land. the
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that could wipe out space and recreation trails. david take a -- takes us inside the battle. >> reporter: dozens gather in downtown raleigh today to protest the proposed changes to a few hundred acres near the lake.>> if we plow that area over and put it -- and turn it into a business park we're losing a unique feature to raleigh.>> reporter: the airport owns the property and leases it to wayne county. as part of the master plan they are space and put in hotels and a quarry. many of those who walk and bike the trails are against the plan. they say it will wipe out dahlia will trails.>> they have been a lot of time building trails out there. it shows those are the highest use trails. you would be losing something that is extremely popular. >> reporter: they say they are in the review process of the
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>> we need to ensure the civil aviation infrastructure is here to meet the demands of this community. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00 we're going to look at alternatives the group wants to have for the land. reporting in raleigh. coming up -- >> when you imagine there are people that do not have inner access -- internet access at all. they are living t a deadly string of tornadoes she's one of the wealthiest women in politics. combined income: thirty million dollars. tours the world on private jets. protected by armed guards for thirty years. but she doest believe in your right to keep a gun at home for self-defense. "i fully appreciate how hard life is for so many americans today."
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the nra political victory fund is responsible for the content of this advertising. ?? from the mountains... to the beaches... the piedmont... to the sandhills... north carolina is possessed of spectacular natural beauty. [ sea gulls crying ] [ man vocalizing ] run!
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? i don't feel like i'm falling ? ? i'm up against the sky ? ? i said i'd taken it all in ? ? to make the good life ? ? and i don't feel like i'm falling ? ? i'm up against the sky ? it's ours to preserve... because we're only borrowing it from our children. at this point it is not clear how many tornadoes touched down in indiana. people are more -- more focused on cleaning up. indiana's homeland security
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-- kokomo. dozens were hurt but no one seriously injured. >> we are still trying to process and understand the complete devastation. i am thankful that my mom and my sister who were in the house yesterday survived. i grew up here as a kid and my mom grew up here, and we love this house. so it is time to rebuild it. visited several areas to assess the damage. another area trying to recover from a natural disaster received a visit from a government official. they toured areas near baton rouge. they wanted to look at the flooding damages of several housing developments. at this hour it sailed mystery how a woman fell from a platform a
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the treetop obstacle is shut down. investigators tried to figure out what went wrong. it is not clear how she fell. in autopsy is planned to find out her cause of death. they are now taking looks -- a look at zip line safety after another girl died last year. they are trying to make the activity safer. go to our website and click on the company responsible for the life-saving drug epipen 80 offering solutions to help people afford the medication. they refused to back off a's shocking price hike. it is now $600 compared to the hundred dollars it costs in 2009. they now say it will provide instant saving cards worth $300 to patients who face high out- of-pocket costs. democrats and republicans have slammed the company.
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gouging. we're also taking a look in digging deeper as to what help the company is offering and what it means to you. it will double the patient assistance to 400%. the current level is about $24,300 per year for a family of four. they say a family of four with income of up to 97 of up to $97,200 will not pay out-of- pocket. you've seen this trending actress being hacked. homeland security is looking into this security. someone hacked joneses website and then posted personal information and intimate photos of her. her website is now off-line. they are not sharing details about the investigation. they started having planning with internet trolls last month. it's a cool tool to bridge the divide.
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they report on how this new wi- fi to go is helping rural families get taxes to the internet.>> reporter: no it is not chinese takeout. in hillsborough you will see inside this box is a device that connects you to the world. >> it was disappointing because it showed me how poorly the wireless i had used in the past was working.>> reporter: she lives in april community and has used the hot spot ce difference in her internet connection.>> there was streaming without leg. having multiple devices hooked up, there were no problems at all. it did not seem to lose signal periodically as there was too much traffic on it. >> reporter: you can check out the device for up to three weeks. the library staff says you can check out books here at this is just another way to serve the community.>> is another means of access to the internet. >> we thought it was a great
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is a way to better understand internet means throughout the county. >> reporter: right now there's a waiting list for the device. people want to be connected.>> when you imagine that there are people that do not have internet access at all, they are living in the 90s, you think about what life was like before we had the internet and that is actually the lives that a lot of people are still living.>> reporter: in orange county derek cbs north carolina. imagine spending hours working on one project only >> what you're watching is over 3000 dominoes collapsing. this happened seven hours after someone tried to in -- construct the second tallest dominant -- taman this dominant power in the world. >> they were just seven dominoes away from finishing. isn't that terrible.
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mark today down. today 90s return to our area. our three-day streak in the 80s were nice. it is not over in today's high is in the low 90s. it was the 52nd time this year we had temperatures in the 90s. at this point last year we only had 47. we finish with 50 to last year. last year?this summer hotter than last summer. it is not the hottest ever. in 2010 it was a record year for a number of 90 degree days. so far 50 to this year. 47 last year. we had 69 at this point in 2010. we finish with 91. were not going to finish with that but we do have another streak of 90s that has started today and wil ask their next week. we still do not have any rain. the humidity was up a little and temperatures were back in the low 90s today. that humidity started to creep
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temperature was down in the comfortable zone. dew point temperature and humidity jumped into the mid- 60s today. it will continue to climb towards 70 in the steamy zone. you can still get out and enjoy tonight work by 8:00 we will drop down to 87 degrees. as we go hour by hour, we will keep it drive. 80 degrees at midnight through the 70s overnight, ou it will be muggy when you start your day tomorrow. high pressure still in control. it will be again tomorrow as humidity continues to go up and temperatures go up. we will throw in a stray shower. it will be more of the same on saturday. we still have that cold front approaching. that cold front will give us an isolated storm , but nothing else. it kind of fizzles out as it
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cooler but we will not notice it. it will be equally as human. behind it is another area of high pressure. it will keep us more dry. that is also going to help steer what i am about to talk about. let's talk about the tropics. if you missed it earlier in the newscast we still have two soap operas>> that is what i will call it. guest on and her main. guest on petition. no one is following it. even though it could possibly become a hurricane it is staying out in the open waters of the atlantic. we are not paying much attention to it still a disorganized area of thunderstorms the hurricane hunters were looking all day for closed circulation and could not find it the mountains
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republic and as it pushes towards the box hamas in the next 24 hours. it is likely that something might develop. then what happens? let's check in with the computer models. very slowly approaching the bahamas. rain already spreading into florida. it could cross over florida lake in the weekend and emerge in the gulf of mexico work even though we do not have many answers today, one thing that is more apparent states may not have anything to worry about. humidity is not horrible. we have heat index of one of five but it will be 94 tomorrow and 93 on saturday. we will have 90 degrees on sunday. we will keep it around 90 monday and tuesday and some upper 80s wednesday and thursday.'s of all, is one month from today, that means we have another month of summer and then it will feel every bit
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>> you are certainly keeping the temperatures of summer around.>> at least -- at least it's not 107 as a heat index.
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a crime alert tonight for anyone who cling to her vehicle
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a another car beside her, a man probably going to do the same thing but while she is not looking he goes over to her car and he start stealing her purse. the man takes off with another before she could stop him. this all happened on august 12. call police if you know anything. take this as a reminder when you use one of these car washes.>> it happened so fast. a recreation business is the last they received a letter explaining the sale and in it it explains how the sale will be finalized by the end of next month the two organizations are working to make the transition ace with what. they have been in business since 1981. the celebration continues as a baseball is back. the texas rangers signed a deal with the city. they expect to return minor- league baseball to grainger
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community party this afternoon.>> i think people be excited to see baseball stick around. coming up in the next half hour. a warning from the better a warning from the better busine welcome. it's me! the extra crispy colonel. my extra crispy, twenty dollar fill-up feeds a family of four. it's crunchy! juicy! and oh so tasty. kfc. i'm roy cooper, and you deserve the truth about the crime lab. when i became attorney general, we discovered a backlog of more than 5,000 dna test kits and years worth of shoddy investigations. but what governor mccrory isn't telling you is that we cleared the backlog. we also solved over 2,000 crimes and put killers and rapists in prison from cold cases. we fixed the problems at the crime lab,
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who does not love the roar of a cloud at a game. it's time for fans to fill the stands so you need to start looking out for scammers who want to sell you add ticket. purchase tickets from a venue. know the refund and guarantee policy and also use methods of payment that come with protection so if you do get scammed you can stop the payment.
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for ex-employees are suing them as they were fired unfairly during a restructuring. they are trying to transfer -- transform the company from an older company to a younger company. amazon is looking for a new way for you to do shopping. click and collect. they report the online giant is considering grocery hubs. people could then pick up their items. the first self-driving taxis are on the road is in a poor. they are operating in a small area of the city. you can have a free ride by using your smartphone. there is a driver in front he was there just in case something happens. it will be excited to see when that comes our way. they air ?they plan to air a biopic of
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they will be talking about her her life. it's expected to premiere on the network in 2017. a new endorsement from her -- for mccrory. the latest governor . a special work of art going up in lee county. how a new mural is honoring war heroes. the latest poll shows roy cooper widening his lead over t mccrory in the governor to our real race. >> he picked up a key endorsement. they join us live from the capital with a look at the
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>> reporter: the governor got the endorsement of the largest law enforcement association. the north carolina police association. some support him but others support cooper. today we ask what goes into the decisions.>> we are proud to endorse pat mccrory in his reelection bid for governor.>> it's a endorsement the governor is glad to have. >> politics and politicians. this one is not. this one matters. this is about law enforcement. >> reporter: there are number of emergency groups that are picking sides in the governor race. for governor mccrory he has gotten the endorsement of the pda and the north carolina fraternal order of police and the state troopers association. we asked them what went to to its decision. >> the governor has committed with working with stakeholders
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and community groups to come together to solve the huge problems that are occurring in law enforcement right now. >> reporter: attorney general has picked up several first responder endorsements as well. the national association of police organizations and the firefighters and paramedics in north carolina. we reached that group's president by phone to ask why it supports the attorney general.>> we we don't geto things that go into the -- we focus on what will be best for your job in your -- in your career. >> reporter: becker says what it out to them about cooper is his plan for workers compensation and for protecting their retirement benefits. ahead at 6:00 there will be more on the polls that we
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carolina. teak the race for the white house has both candidates accusing the other playing the race card for winning over voters. they are at the white house for more on the tone of the election. >> reporter: the presidential nominees are focusing on race. hillary linton is a picket. she sees people of color, only as votes. >> reporter: thursday he told a group of hispanics he's working to reach out to minorities.>> i made it and important focal point in speeches to talk about the work that has been done by the democrats for african-americans. >> reporter: trump has been giving those speeches to mostly white cross. >> reporter: hillary clinton is accusing trump of being a bigot. she says he is pandering to the movement made up of white supremacists. >> reporter: clinton focus on
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>> he has taking hate groups mainstream. he is helping a radical fringe take over the republican party. >> reporter: the clinton campaign released this video linking trump with luke clucks clan supporters. >> reporter: they say his website cater to a racist crowd. trump will go further into policies when he is expected to give a speech on immigration reform next week. a judge denied all requests from a former commissioner. district 4 asked a federal judge to get involved after the new district sullivan chose to run for no longer exist for the upcoming election. sullivan has now missed the filing period to run for reelection in her current
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unpersuasive. a north carolina man accused of plotting an attack has pleaded not guilty. justin was arraigned monday in federal court in charges of looting attempting to provide materials and support to terrorist. authorities say they arrested him last year before he had the chance to carry out a shooting attack on a concert or a club. the trial is scheduled for october. right now a silver alert is active or -- traveling to the charlotte area. his daughter said her father was last seen traveling towards family county on thursday. he was last seen on elbridge road. he has a great condi gls. you see it here. the license plate beat him in 3700. he is believed to be suffering
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they say a woman was walking around drug in the middle of the street. police were called on her last evening. they say she was intoxicated. she was carrying alcohol when she arrived and threw it into a ditch. she faces a few misdemeanor charges in a family member is now watching the child. high school officials say robbery went too far wins didn't utilize school property. three schools were sprayed with graffiti on buildings, sides they are searching for a solution to prevent this from happening again.>> it could be a simple's high school rivalry. it's not suppose to get out of hand like it it. >> there other things they could do more efficiently in the county as to oppose to cleaning up a mess that is unnecessary. >> they want to find the vandals and school crews have cleaned up the graffiti . a man accused of raping a
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was charged with indecent liberties with a child. yesterday they charged him in connection with a rape of a child reported back in 2014. he is behind bars with bond set at $900,000. the man at the center of a quadruple murder in greenville is charged with four counts of murder. he appeared in court this morning to face the new count. 39-year-old is charged with killing a woman and her three daughters. he was already he is the father of her two youngest girls. they from the victim's body last week after doing a wellness check. more fallout from house bill 2 for college teams in our state. the university of vermont announced today the women's basketball team will not play a scheduled road game against the university of north carolina in december. it goes against the university's ideals of an exclusive climate.
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they will close exits in about 20 minutes from now. the dot will close several exits until monday morning. human services a live look at the area. there will be detour signs to reroute you around the works on. historic downtown stamford is letting its history shine through murals. so far three have gone up and one is in the works. as carly explains they all tell the story of the significan reporter: >> right now you see the bare bones of the mural. they have laid out the sketches of it.>> reporter: scott and artists is responsible for two out of three historical murals in downtown stamford. he is working on his next creation. >> the front end of the glider opens up and it has achieved inside.>> reporter: he is painting combat gliders.
5:39 pm
sanford men that piloted them. >> is important to get every detail correct and honor the people will that serve.>> reporter: these were sponsored by the community and organize by planner list. i don't think -- the paintings are about education and arts and culture. for example, combat gliders. the u.s. military first stealth aircraft. the engine must gliders were towed behind plains and then >> they were also known as flying coffins. they were made out of wood and covered with material. they were a one-time use of a plane. >> it's fun for me to go back and do the research and find out a lot about it.>> reporter: the murals serve as a proud reminder as to what folks in the area accomplish. >> i'm proud that this depicts the history of some or members
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12 historic murals downtown. in october they will hold a dedication for the completed paintings. a me back -- maybe back in the united states but his issues and rio going. why he could be headed back to brazil. public schools are
5:43 pm
news in fayetteville. they are investigating the discovery of two bodies found in a home. we do have a crew on the way there right now. we will bring you more information coming up at 6:00. shocking video coming out of san antonio. this was an argument that went violent. at some point the waiter started shooting a gun off indoors. he pointed the the ceiling. the san antonio police are now looking for the waiter and one of the customers. since -- since monday more than 75 people have overdosed on heroin when in cincinnati. the u.s. surgeon general is sitting out a letter to dr. her's warning them about the opioid epidemic. he included advice on how to address the problem. during an interview on cbs this morning he was asked who was to blame.
5:44 pm
play in this. practitioners were urged to treat pain aggressively 20 years ago without being the tools and training to do so. we have are mystical companies marketing pain medicine to doctors. we have policymakers not supporting funding for treatment programs. we have over 1 million people needing treatment and cannot get it. this opioid a voice is not there are large numbers suffering with addiction and other areas. ryan lochte could be headed back to rio to testify. fox news is reporting that the prosecutors want him to speak before brazil's justice department. there is no penalty if he fails to show what. this is part of an ongoing investigation into the claim that he and three other americans swimmers were held at gunpoint i men acting as officers outside of a gas
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this is about negative comments she made after they lost to sweden. she called the swedish players a bunch of cowards for focusing on defense during the game. solo was suspended once before for 30 days due to conduct . the zika virus is spreading in florida and the state is taking action with aerial spraying. there are concerns that the pesticides being used to fight the outbreak a also be hazardous. babies could be born with devastating birth defects. that is why health authorities have sprayed pesticides from airplanes. there are concerns that the chemical being sprayed they also be harmful for unborn babies.>> is a neurotoxin. it can result in unborn children in particular having neurodevelopmental problems.
5:46 pm
officials say it is the safest and best option for killing the mosquitoes. even the doctors admit the insecticide can carry risk but not nearly as big as the rest posed by zika. for the first time ever a birthing site for great white sharks is found. the discovery was made in the long island area. the researchers that found the birthing sites can lead to better protection policies. also more scientific knowledge. tagging sharks for research purposes in hopes of one day finding the birthing site. our own reporter went with the crew when they worked on the carolina coast. you can find out about the work they did on our website. did you feel it? the 90s were back today. we start a new streak that
5:47 pm
row of temperatures in the 90s. hopefully you will enjoy the 80s and low humidity that we had earlier. it will be gone for a while. we have a new streak in the 90s. we have 91 in raleigh. we're mostly in the 90s. as we head into tonight we will keep a few clouds around and drop it down to 87 degrees. not only did we have a higher temperatures but we had higher humidity today. cool overnight. you are out the door friday morning with71 degrees. we have a muggy start and humidity will continue to go up. remember earlier this week we were -- we are in the comfortable zone. we jumped into the 60s today and th into the weekend it will hover around 70. when it is hot that high it takes a few seconds for you to start sweating. that is what you have to look forward to. tomorrow is friday and that makes everything better. high pressure will still be in
5:48 pm
wins will turn out of the south. we have a cold front on the horizon but that do not much. it will be hotter tomorrow and it will stay hot into saturday. we will have a 10 or 20% chance of rain. that will come from instability as the cold front approaches. watched as the cold front comes through on sunday. it falls apart. the best i can do is a couple degrees cooler. maybe another stray shower but 90s will be the role both days this week. high pressure will also build in next weekend. it will also steer are uncertain tropical system. it is trying to grab attention but it will focus on the only one that will impact the united states. it remains a disorganized system and the hurricane center took it from an 80% chance of
5:49 pm
they are less competent. a couple things that will happen over the next few days. it will move away from the mountains. those large mountains interrupt the airflow. it will also move into so much warmer water. that will give it more energy. the national hurricane center, hunter aircraft, has been in and out of the system all day. without it you cannot have a depression or a tropical storm. as soon as th it might not happen tonight or even tomorrow. this weekend as it approaches the a bahamas it could happen. we showed you the commuter -- computer models earlier but since we do not have an official track i would like to give you an idea of what will happen. not a major impact for north carolina, partially because remember the area of high pressure? that will be sitting over us and that will help stearate most likely into the gulf. it approaches the bahamas
5:50 pm
to florida this weekend and then it moves into the gulf of mexico where the water is really warm. the store might intensify into a hurricane and will impact our friends in the golf coast. they are worried about the system. north carolina does not have to worry as much. we have temperatures in the 90s to worry about. kick off temperatures are about 90 degrees. 2nd half in the mid- 80s. we will keep at that hot as we head into the weekend. we have a streak of 90s that will continue all the way to next tuesday. this will be before 80s return by wednesday and thursday. our guarantee is 94 for tomorrow and today we were 92.
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american cancer money raises all the time goes to things that we do not think about. people have to get to cancer treatments every day and some people cannot do that p --. some people have to stay in hotels and it gets expensive. they help cover expenses like they help cover expenses like that. ?? from the mountains... to the beaches... the piedmont... to the sandhills... north carolina is possessed of spectacular natural beauty. [ man vocalizing ] run! ?? ? i don't feel like i'm falling ? ? i'm up against the sky ? ? i said i'd taken it all in ?
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it's ours to preserve... because we're only borrowing it from our children.
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next week interim it will go off after 9:00. >> the district is starting the nice -- the time -- the start time for the kids.>> reporter: durum public skills have been -- schools have been considering a belt change for a year now. starting next week it will be at 9:00 a.m. >> this is something new for all of us. some of these things i can anticipate i just want to wait and see if they will happen. we hope that this is for the best. any decision that we make we hope that it is for student achievement. >> there could be many positives and negatives with the change. the bottom line is that administrators hope this change will mean more success in the classroom.>> there is a lot of research that indicates high schools -- highschooler see more sleep. we are hopeful by providing that they will be more -- be more alert when they come to
5:55 pm
results.>> reporter: on their old schedule they started their day at 7:30 aem. they said it was a bit early for some students. >> 1st period would be a lot of kids that would like to login and say they overslept or there alarm clock did not go off >> were they missed the bus. there were a number of excuses you here on a regular basis. i think 9:00 will be good for them.>> this will not help get the more slate. this is just an extra hour for facebook or instagram or twitter. her daughter will be a senior this year and when she asked if this would be a good change for her and her daughter she said, -- >> the jury is still out. i am not sure how i will be impacted by that. especially on the rack in.
5:56 pm
>> reporter: this will be a change that will be felt in the morning and the afternoon. the gym is -- dismissal bell will not ring until 4:00.>> i will encourage students and parents to be supported. they may be able to give you good feedback as well. >> reporter: for the schools that have already implemented the change the feedback has been positive. that is even four elementary schools that are starting early -- earlier in the day.>> report mission to keep kids safe when boarding and getting off of school buses. our campaign has reach millions. you can spread the message online through social media. >> i think that's important definitely. i like the idea of high school kids going to school later. it's a good -- is a big deal. >> she is right about then using
5:57 pm
she's one of the wealthiest women in politics. combined income: thirty million dollars. tours the world on private jets. protected by armed guards for thirty years. but she doesn't believe in your right to keep a gun at home for self-defense. "i fully appreciate how hard life is for so many americans today." an out of touch hypocrite. she'd leave you defenseless. the nra political victory fund is responsible
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breaking news starts are 6:00 hour. in active police investigation right now. a mother and daughter were found dead in a home just off the bread boulevard in fayetteville. good evening i'm in for sean. and i'm sharon. thanks for joining us.
6:00 pm
cbs north carolina is just getting on scene moments ago. what have you learned? >> reporter: we are at the home at a trailor park community. i will step out of the way. a very active scene as to attack this and forensic experts are trying to figure out what is going on. here is what we know so far. police were called here around 2:00 this afternoon -- afternoon for a well-being check. they found two people inside dead. police have identified the persons as a mother and daughter. police tell us the daughter was disabled. neighbors tell us they have not seen the mother and daughter in the last two weeks. here is what eltham neighbors tell us. >> they were nice, they kept to themselves. they did not mess with other people will.


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