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tv   North Carolina News at 1100PM  CBS  August 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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a mother-daughter found dead in a fayetteville home. i place are kind to figure out what happened. i am sharon tazewell. >> within the past hour please told us they do not suspect foul play but as north carolina reports neighbors are still concern.>> reporter: fayetteville police have been in this neighbod neighbors here closed them say they wish they could have done something to prevent a. >> when they entered the residence they found two people deceased. the ground 2:00 thursday afternoon fayetteville police said they found a mother- daughter get in the back home. on the 5500 of aberdeen place. it was the neighbors who first realized something was not right.>> we see them twice a day once coming in once going. every morning a's to see them walking dentistry.
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daughter had not been seen for weeks. there was something else jamin ervin said he knew something was wrong. please see the bodies of the mother and daughter where decomposing when they were finally found. ervin said he was the one that found them.>> i looked in the window and they said i was not allowed to go in the house. i looked in the window and saw there was a body. >> reporter: the mother- daughter work at people and he wishes he could have done something to help sooner. please do not plead the death is suspicious. the bodies will be sent to the medical examiner for an autopsy. where following breaking news unfolding in belgian. reports of an explosion killing at least one person at a sports center in the city just south of belgian. a newspaper there said there where several people in the building at the time. the cause of the explosion is unknown at this hour. authorities do not play the incident is terror related. an important traffic alert to
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weekend as part of a project. this is a live look at our duty camera which is the suggested detour exit for people driving this area looking to get to centennial parkway. the road is expected to open back in time for the first day of school on monday. we are keeping a close i on the tropics.>> chief meteorologist wes is keeping a close watch on the system that could impact the us evening. we have had time this week to focus on the tropics because frankly our weather has been boring and that has been nice although that changed today as 90s returned in there been a few changes of in the tropics. gaston which started as a tropical storm became a hurricane they will back to a tropical storm. making a little noise out there but still expected to stay out there. it is this disorganized area of thunderstorms just north of haiti that continues to draw our attention.
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system, less thunderstorm activity, still could not find a closed area of circulation and if you step back and look at it, does not look like anything impressive and that is what make the national hurricane center has dropped the chance of development yet again. yesterday it was 80%. earlier today 70% now only at 60% chance of something developing in the next five days. ra f system does not look to be in the cards. we will look at the computer models and update you on that coming up later but tomorrow where back into the 90s for the second day in a row and your friday morning starts off warm and muggy. low 70s as you walk out the door, 75 by 8:00 8 am, how long will the 90 stick around after
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doesn't shut up in cumberland county to show their frustration with the local board of elections. democracy says there frustrated the board did not come up with an early voting plan for the november election work every county the state had until last week to submit a revised plan to the state as the supreme court ruled in law passed in 2013, it was unconstitutional. people we talked to with this group are worried the plan likely put in place by the state will not meet the needs of people in cumberland that are just 9:00 to 5:00 when so many servicemembers and their family members cannot get here is simply not fair. >> people there is a sunday early voting is a must in the county needs more than one early voting site. an update to restore we brought us breaking news last night. please see the driver involved in an accident blamed for sending two people to the
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that driver is facing charges. does the driver the car that he had for not having children restrained. everyone is expected to be okay. officials in or not county say all the lines are back up and operating after a fiber- optic line was cut early this afternoon. phone lines are down for about show black mold in a raleigh hotel sent to cbs north carolina today by concerned employees. they say they are worried about their health and the customers and the employees say the hotel is not addressing the issue. newton a cbs north carolina amy cutler was looking for answers. she is live outside of the courtyard marriott near crabtree valley mall.>> reporter: we show quick to current employees one former employee and they all say the
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>> we are going to be painting over the black mold.>> reporter: in this video man who says he is a maintenance employee shows is the black hole behind the wall paper. he tells us it is part of a much bigger problem at the courtyard marriott bike crabtree valley mall. one he said management is not addressing and that is why >> my main concern is not just for myself but for my coworkers, it is our health.>> this is mold on a ceiling tile.>> reporter: in another blazer they have been exterior -- expecting headaches and sinus issues presented spoke with supervisors and meetings have been help at the hotels do nothing to get rid of the mold. spike the money they've -- buck the money they bring in this it
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she left a couple of months ago. in part she said because of the mold. after speaking with those turn current and one former employee, we spent the rest of the evening tried to get a hotel response. we stopped in and called. when that did not work we came here to the summit hospitality group. they own the hotel. i also called them, still no word back.>> behind the wall. word in the hotel other than bedbugs and they try not to speak about it. they do not acknowledge it. obviously if it is affecting people's health it needs to be addressed and acknowledged.>> reporter: osha tonight or the occupational safety and health administration, want to make sure get the right confirming to us that they have received a complaint and are investigating. we also checked with the county and they tell us at last check,
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cleanup expected to clean up fraser day tomorrow in italy after tuesday's earthquake. the death toll currently stands at 250. aftershocks are still creating problems with the cleanup efforts. firefighters and rescue crews are using sniffer dogs to help find survivors. new tonight place in brazil officially charging us swimmer ryan lochte with filing a false robbery report. thll involving vandalism at a gas station. the statement said want the will have the option to introduce a defense in brazil. the indictment was a be sent to the international olympic committee. unc women's basketball team is the second local team to be impacted by fallout. to the university of vermont
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and discrimination against the transgender community. the game was scheduled for september 28. earlier this summer, a trip was canceled to cameron against the blue devils also citing --. a tragic story we've been following all evening out of jackson, mississippi where to catholic nuns where found slain in the home where they lived. police responded to the home when the women did not show up for work. they were nurse practitioners. a motive is still unclear at this hour and authorities are not sure if and their religious death. amen accused of killing another man is said to peer before judge to my. please charge entailed mike mastenbrook with killing 26- year-old sebastian smith. police found him last thursday morning outside the hotel and allen road. mastenbrook is being held without bond. several people gathered downtown today to propose use landed the airport. as per the match by the airport
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the airport owns the property leases it to the county. the airport is considering clearing some of it out and building office space, hotels and according. many who use the area for biking and walking are upset.>> volunteers up and putting them in for 30 years building trails out there and if you look at some of these statistics it does show those are the highest used also know you be losing something that is extremely popular.>> the airport authorities said things are still the planning stages in there taking all concerns consideration. a big honor today for fayetteville police chief. >> today the governor presented harold medlock with the highest public service on or the state. the order of the longleaf pine. earlier this week chief medlock announced his retirement. it with the department since teddy 13 and has been credited with improving community policing and bringing body cameras to all officers.>> i thank you so much for allowing
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at this domain the family a fayetteville police department but the city of fayetteville. this is a great place, in my mind this is the hidden gem in north carolina. >> he plans to work to october before going on medically for a surgery before officially retiring december. donald trump accusing his opponent of trying to smear him and his supporters. the new war words between the candidates the comparisons clinton made tonight that sparked trumps response. people being forced out of the motel they call home. why the city shutting the place down. tomorrow morning, meet a woman -- she has been driving this buzz for 20 years and has
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she's one of the wealthiest women in politics. tours the world on private jets. protected by armed guards for thirty years. but she doesn't believe in your right to keep a gun at home for self-defense. "i fully appreciate how hard life is for so many americans today." an out of touch hypocrite. she'd leave you defenseless. the nra political victory fund is responsible
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the race for the white house making a deeper tone today. both candidates are trying to appeal to minority voters but it is parking a new war words. here's the latest from washington. >> reporter: donald trump slammed his democratic rival amid allegations that clinton foundation donors got special
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now is one of the most shocking scandals in america can political history. it is watergate all over again.>> reporter: in new york trump met with supporters handed by the republican party any new hampshire the gop nominee repeated his minority outreach message and play defense on hillary clinton's accusation his campaign is racially charged.>> hillary clinton is not just attacking me decent people of all backgrounds. >> reporter: on thursday night trump double down on a comment he made wednesday.>> she is totally bigoted. she has been extremely bad for african-americans. i think she has been extremely bad for hispanics. >> reporter: clinton referred to trump as a big it accused him of pandering to the so- called all-white movement mostly made up of white supremacist.>> he is taking
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reporter: the clinton campaign released this we have video linking trump to ku klux klan. in the governor's lays the largest association official backing pat mccrory in his bid for reelection. to north carolina place benevolent association interview put the governor and several first responder groups have now made endorsements in the gubernatorial race. the national association of police organizations and the professional firefighters and paramedics of north carolina sided with cooper. tubercular fraternal order of police in the state troopers association cited with the governor.>> it is about the safety and the welfare of our citizens. is put people in a place to
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going to be best for your job or your career.>> the group said what stood out about group raises plan for workers comp and for protecting their retirement benefits. the company responsible for producing the epipen are on damage control to lower the price of the allergy treatment drug. mylan said it plans to offer a savings card to cover as much as $300 off a two pack epipen. this pointed out the price hike of nearly 500% over the past seven years. several families are little more than 12 hours away from having no home. dozens of people live at the soon to be shut down in the city workers say they found a long list of safety issues inside during early august inspection by the gave property management 13 days to fix
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but a follow-up tuesday been no improvement. the city is turning off the power and water tomorrow at noon.>> hopefully everything goes okay that me and my kids have somewhere to stay. i do not have anywhere to go somewhere trying to figure out something because we do not want to sleep in our car. >> several people told us the hotels the only place in town they can afford pretty management declined to comment on the future and set the focus is getting everyone out noon. mike pence in his home state today serving damage from a line of severe storms. several tornadoes touched down last night in central indiana. one of them taking out a store. thing flurry there where no serious injuries. a primary damage report by the national weather service estimates that the tornado and
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struck all summer we have been lucky. it got hope for a little bit by today we were back into the 90s just barely in today was our 52nd day in the 90s. what does that mean? let's do some comparing so we get an idea. 52 days. last year we ended up with 52 so it looks like this summer is going to be harder if you use this statistic, number of 90 degree days than last summer however remember degrees days we have ever had at this point. that year we had 16 nine. we ended up with 91. thankfully we are not going to touch that record but we do have more 90s coming for the next several days and we have higher humidities. what was comfortable two point temperatures in the 50s in the comfy zone earlier this week jumped up to 64 today and it jumps into the 70s as we head into the weekend and with higher humidity and higher dew point temperatures you do not cool down as much overnight you
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hit this. 71. is back to a monkey start as we go hour by hour. by 9:00 and where up to 70 time. close to 90 at noon. we will talk about a heat index again. our high will collect 98 with a small chance of rain. normally this time and night i share with you a super sunset or super sunrise but i have a super national park big and we have got one in the state of north carolina. is the great smoky mountains. this is a picture from the fall. there are 59 national parks and they are all free to get into through sunday. granted we only have one here in our state but there are only 27 states that have national parks so we are lucky. this one is the most visited. the second most visited is grand canyon national park so that is a fun statistic.
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state. we have a hot when in our state this weekend. high pressure staying in control tomorrow. it will allow in a's stray shower but the heat and humidity are what is going to still the headline. same thing on saturday but saturday we will be watching chance of rain and even though the front is moving in on this map and yes it will come through it will not do anything for us. it might drop us a couple of degrees but it will be hot on sunday. out in the tropics as we mentioned earlier we have tropical storm gastonia and we have a disorganized area of showers and thunderstorms that wants to in some form or another wants to come in but i do not think it will happen. gaston will become a hurricane later this weekend boosting to the north and out to see not a concern for us. the hurricane hunters were in and out of the system not the heat the all day today.
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a part but it is actually moving away from the mountains of haiti. it is moving away from upper level wins. it is heading toward warmer while there -- water so aired there is a chance it could develop. there is a 60% chance. as we look at the computer model forecast, they keep it south of the bahamas, south of florida through this weekend. then they spread it out showing as there is a lot of uncertainty as it gulf of mexico early next week and they are worried because they have artie had floods. it does not look like it is will be a major tropical system for florida as we head into the weekend but it will be a rainmaker. back here at home will be generally dry and very hot again tomorrow and we had to get used to the 90s because they are around to the weekend into early next week. our coolest temperatures are only upper 80s by next
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lot of rain to talk about other than the precipitation coming from our brow because we will be sweating it out.>> you are giving us such a positive spin on the weather. an update out to a story with following for nearly a year. today we learned our state will now purchase equipment needed to make roadway safer. a federal grant was given to six states to assist with the implementation of positive train control or pcc. the technologies help to design collisions. you can find the full story after the investigates tap on, big coaching news out of chapel hill.>> here is jeff with a's look at what is coming up in sports. for the second night in a row there is big
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the coach would introduced you to yesterday is no longer with the team. we will tell you why. plus week to of the high school football team.
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? hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get zero percent on select subaru models during the subaru a lot to love event, now through august thirty-first. yesterday we introduced you to a new volunteer coach at unc named tim beckman. as it turns out he did not be there long. today he announced he would no longer volunteer as an assistant. he was fired from his last job
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discouraged athletes from reporting injuries. today he released a statement saying among other things, i do not wish to further be a distraction to the team. it was the program and university nothing but success going fireworks. of course the response to this move very but the most passionate one came from the unc carol those. she said quote one of first learned yesterday that coach store has invited -- tim beckman to serve as a volunteer with the football program i was surprised and disappointed. the decision from missed to beckman to volunteer was the righth happy. now she is already.>> to my kicked up week number two of the haskell football season and is so they high-scoring rematch. last year southern durham beat cardinal gibbons by five points on their win to the state semi finals. this year the crusaders wanted payback. this is not the kind of payback they were hoping for. joey strong breaks off a 24 yard run. the run was nice.
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board. the crusaders scored a touchdown on to my first two place. and finds jack, even size alex. the crusaders been the first quarter of 21/7. a ball bounces off the receivers back. he takes up in for a touchdown. that could be a play of the get the win. they get revenge for last year's loss. the score 55/42. >> where talk about high school football you must type but our game of the week. south johnson first west johnson. this is a game all the players have been counting down. they are ready for this one. lester the trojans pulled off a one point when. instead this something is to motivate them instead of
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kids. both school share a common community and some of them hang out with each other. it is a unique rivalry and i know they are excited about solving it.>> will have highlights and reactions about that game tomorrow night along with our place of the week work if you already game be sure to take a picture and tweed is using the hashtag, wncn blitz. that gives you just doing our social media posted tons of good football going on here in town. up to vote in charlotte the panthers will play in the right
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