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tv   North Carolina News at 600PM  CBS  August 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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grader at gravelly hill middle school in efland. he waif details from the school -- we have details from the school. >> it was the first football practice of the year. when the 14-year-old collapsed during the middle of practice. he was taken to the hospital after having breathing issues. they say he had some health complications on the way to the hospital. then this morning he passed away at unc hospital. classes earshot to begin on monday and he was about to start the eighth grilled. news humidity e was funny. always playing around and stuff. and he was nice. he seemed like a good friend. >> reporter: grief counselors were on site for some of the staff members at the school and extracurricular activities have been caps old for tonight and this weekend. we're staying on top of the developing story and will bring you the latest on the web and for the later newscast at 11:00.
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canceled that does include tonight's football practice. and the other big story tonight, the heat. the heat advisory in effect for much of the area just up until game time. chief meteorologist wes hohenstein is live at south johnston high school at the wncn bliss tailgate with a quick look at your forecast. >> reporter: hi, guys, good evening to you at home. we saw temperatures in the upper 90s. still about an hour and a half away from kickoff. thank flee we have the south johnston clear leaders. we who decided to wear the black uniforms. >> it's only uniform we have so we have to wear it. >> reporter: kickoff tonight here at south johnston west johnston at 7:30. look at the temperatures outside. still well into the 90s. so this is kind of reminiscent of the heat we had, well, i guess over the past three months. >> that cooldown we had earlier
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heat index temperatures back around 100. so your forecast for high school football and anything you have going on tonight will slowly drop us remember when you have higher humidity it doesn't cool off much at night. we'll still have heat index that are kind of dangerous over the next few hours. as you're getting ready to pack your bags for tonight's football action make sure you are there to stay cool. so you know, we talk about how the football players and all the sports team got to take breaks when they're getting ready for practice an move inside or how do you handle the heat? >> at practice? we usually practice inside which is good. because the football players have to be out here. we only have to be in the heat on game days. >> reporter: we're all going through this together. we're standing on the hottest part other field, the brack top. for now let's send it back to the studios. >> drink lots of fluids out there for sure.
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it's great for hourly forecasts live radar whenever and wherever you are. like a football game. you can find it in the app store or google play. breaking news tonight in a fight over house bill 2. a federal judge ruled the of the of nor system cannot block two transgender students and an employee from using a bathroom of their gender identity. now this is a preliminary injunction following the hearing on august 1st. the judge says the ruling their claim that house bill 2 violates title ix. the final decision on the law will not come until after a trial in november. the state is investigating a complaint that a raleigh hotel has a mold problem. an employee contacted cbs north carolina claiming it is making people sick. arrester spray pored over years of inspection reports and has the latest. >> reporter: a current and former ploy ear at this hotel claimed the mold problem is making them sick. >> today we pulled inspection
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health department found. >> this is is mold on ceiling tile. found in the hallway. >> reporter: the man making those comments is a current employee who asked that we not use his name or show his face. he claims mold is pervasive in the hotel and after making what he says were repeated attempts to get management to deal with it he filed a complaint with the state. >> when it became apparent that they weren't going to properly address the issue, i felt like someone needed to speak up about it. so i board says it reed the complaint but can't talk about it until the case is closed. the hotel has been inspected by wake county health department. we pulled results of the last three years inspections. there's no mention of mold except for in a fourth floor ice machine in march of 2012 but health ink specter joe hill told us they can only d a visual inspection. >> we can't do things like peel wallpaper back.
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defacing the hotel room. and we certainly don't turn over ceiling tiles or anything like that. >> reporter: we wanted to know what the owner thought. we e-mailed, calmed and even visited the hotel's corporate offices. but were unable to get a comment from the owner. >> i have your name and number so i make sure that he gets that. i'll let him know that you stopped by. >> reporter: the health in expecter we spoke with even if she smells mildew she can't report it. she can only repor sees. smell is not objective. i'm steve sbraccia, cbs north carolina. and the owner other courtyard marriott summit hospitality owns 10 hotels and theorist rants in the triangle. we have found no prior osha violations involving mold in any of those. fire hazards at a goldsboro extended stay motel resulted in the city shutting it down. cbs north carolina's robert richardson shows you the families leaving and losing
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>> some of the units were already sealed. no trespassing signs were put opt ones still occupied. some people waited until the deadline until goldsboro police went door to door to tell them it was time to go. many still haven't figured out what's next. >> i don't know. stay at my parent house, stay in my car. i don't know. >> if i had a car i'd stay in my car. >> reporter: people have stayed here for weeks others for months. a community formed. themselves but neighbors with children. >> the parents have no place to go. why don't some agencies come and help. >> reporter: the fire chief says the city is working with social services and faith based drupes to provide short term assistance. this building is foothills full of fire hazards firefighters couldn't allow anyone to stay. >> we were kind of force today take some action so that tease people would not be out of facility that's unsafe.
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for not anybody. not even dogs, really. >> reporter: he says he's sad to lose his home but it shutdown needed to happen. >> tell you the truth be closed down for ever. >> reporter: i asked what his hope is he told be there's no hope. in goldsboro, robert richardson, cbs north carolina. the goldsboro city manager says families can apply for assistance through the housing authority. however, emergency shelter is not available through the city. nearly 30 and johnston county area are missing $500,000. >> and tonight we are learning more about the police investigation. still to come on cbs north carolina, what search warrants are revealing and whether police have filed charges. >> but first more criticism for the head of the ncgop.
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a. new research shows gaps in security on your iphone and ipad. vulnerabilities are leaving room for attacks on your phone's data. research shows information like your contacts, pictures and location, can be access bid apps without your permission. exactly what ios is supposed to prevent. >> when you install applications from the app store on your iphone or your ipad, when it gets installed, the operating system is
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do. >> the researchers reported their find tuesday apple shortly after the emergency update was released over a different app. they were work to fix the vulnerabilities and should have security updates with ios 10 expected out next month. the leader of the state's republican party is coming under fire this time for requests apparently made to a private e-mail account. e-mails obtained by cbs north carolina show dallas to name wood house's cousin to the chairman of the board. dallas woodhouse also requested according to these e-mails the board eliminate sunday early voting as well as a voting site at nc state university. boil chastised woodhouse and the board rejected all of his requests. so far we have not received a response from woodhouse. a stretch of the
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break. >> i'm bill reh still that heat advisory for areas south of raleigh and eastward. heat index in the triple digits. check that out right now. we'll come back and tell you what to expect on the weekend.
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i'm roy cooper, and you deserve the truth about the crime lab. when i became attorney general, we discovered a backlog of more than 5,000 dna test kits and years worth of shoddy investigations.
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solved over 2,000 crimes and put killers and rapists in prison from cold cases. we fixed the problems at the crime lab, and governor mccrory knows that. the tarboro police department is asking for your help. take like at your screen. a silver alert issued for calvin and alice woodruff. they left sometime overnight and cannot be reached by family members. they're believed to be driving a gold 2016 buick and could be headed toward vermont.
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surveillance cameras captured this bold armed robbery in sampson county. this is at bank in newton grove. the woman says the man snuck up on her, showed a gun and demanded money. he got away with $20 in cash. and her wallet. and a raleigh man with a lengthy criminal record accused of robbing several people in wake county. 4090 years willie spears appeared before a judge this average. spears was a convicted felon and allegedly robbed five threatening to use an air soft gun. his bond was reduced to $750,000. he's back in court mid- september. and police have executed multiple search warrants in wake and johnston counties into a property management company linked to half a million dollars missing from triangle homeowners associations. police seized filing cabinets, boxes and computers from the office of cornerstone property management and the home of the company's owner.
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new at this point in the investigation no charges have been filed. drivers can expect to crews down morrisville parkway this weekend. they held a ribbon cutting ceremony. the parkway project was set to in improve rail service between raleigh and charlotte. during that time detoured traffic and speeding picked up in the preston neighborhood. town leaders expect the issue will end in the coming weeks. town of linden and cumberland county parks dedication of the lyndon little river park this afternoon. the 38 acre park broke ground in last year. the ribbon cutting dedicated the first phase of the park including walking trails, playground, basketball court a picnic shelter and more. >> i am very excited. my children even more than myself. very excited. this will be a welcome change considering the closest park that i'm wear of is in the neighboring town of irvin. >> looks like a nice park.
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no word on the timeline for the next phase. the weather with bill reh going outside this morning not too bad. >> what about this afternoon? hot enough for you? >> it got hot, yeah. >> record in 40s. today we spiked-99. we were sitting around 96, 97. but all of a sudden it was our high. >> the humidity made a big difference. we had the heat advisory that we showed you. golf. but at least the sun is shining there. partly cloudy skies. can't get you any relief from any rain. here's the current temperatures, 95 in durham, 95 in raleigh. 94 dunn. 95 smithfield. 95 fayetteville. it's hot out there. even south hill virginia at 92. the radar looks quiet now i. don't have anything in the forecast. i was tracking i was tracking a couple showers. there were a few right over carr lake and lake gaston.
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so don't worry about that. there was a little shower with a brief thunderstorm over harris lake but that has gone away, too. so there it is. there it goes. so we're all quiet. all this stuff in upstate south carolina and out by charlotte this is all moving, you know, drifting to the west northwest. so we're sitting here with pretty much clear skies and a quiet evening on tap. what about tomorrow? your rays of sunshine? >> six mostly to partly sunny tomorrow. hour by hour, starting out in the 70s so as sharon mentioned earlier not too bad to start the day. flying through the 80s in the morning. back in the 90s. we shouldn't be as extreme as today. but we're still making it feel like it's triple digit heat index anywhere after noon we'll be in the 90s. and there might be a little better chance today of an isolated shower storm popping up sometime after one or 2:00
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you're see it in there 2:00, 4:00, and 6:00. chance of a thunderstorm. midnights in the sandhills. 95 in fort bragg and dunn. just about midnight in the coastal plain including smithfield. 90 fur. 94 raleigh and durham. quick check of the tropics. tropical storm gaston is continuing to move toward the northwest. it's not even going to get close to bermuda. it's going to curve. i'm more concerned about this little area that hurricane center is looking at. 30% chance it could develop into something day one and two but by day three and five next week it looks more than likely this could become a tropical storm. there's another little area that doesn't look like it will develop. hopefully it won't bring rain to louisiana. hermine could be the next storm. >> you see through monday the models mostly going into the
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it to the bahamas. the consensus is maybe somewhere in the gulf. maybe next week donald trump into the tropical storm maybe affecting the gulf coast. we'll keep an eye on that. much more of a care for us than gaston. so here's hour it sets up tomorrow. a front stays to our north. we're hot and humid. so there occurred be that isolated afternoon storm about a 20% chance. the front kind of washes out on sunday. it went be as hot still 90. and i won't rule and it will be more of the same on monday. partly to mostly sunny skies. slight chance of isolated afternoon storm. forecast tomorrow, 94 december. we showed you before the break the heat indexes now, here's how they might look tomorrow afternoon. when we'll be in triple digit heat for everybody. as long as it stays below 105. hopefully we shouldn't get an advisory. that's when they put it out. on sunday, 90 degrees so not as
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i've got steamy tomorrow. and it will feel miserable but at least dewpoints drop into the upper 60s sunday and monday. then monday, 90 degrees. now if you're looking for some relief, i can't give it to you. next week in the middle of week we'll still be in the lower 90s. it tries to heat op again. i have a front coming true on thursday. might have to raise that chance of storms. we could use a little rain. we'll keep an eye on that. if that clears the state and doesn't stall out, we should get a little punch of cooler isn't that weird when we say we're going to get to normal to 86. so we're not, you know, we're not asking for much below normal temperatures but we don't like the 99. it's september starts as you said next thursday. >> thursday. we have some breaking news live look at i-540 and lumley. a mess out there.
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you can see emergency vehicles on the scene. we will keep an eye on this and continue to have updates on line at >> a big night for sports check in with jeff jones. >> let's do it. well, guys, it is game days for high schools all around town and we are live at the game of the. we have a pre-- game of the week. we have a preview. nc state made an announcement about the quarterback.
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z23aoz zi0z
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well they went beat very first team to step onto college football field but they'll be pretty close. nc state will kick off in less than a week. they have two quarterbacks fighting for one job. ryan finley and jalen mclendon have split qb. they will continue to do that through game one.
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day. they'll both play e. woo want to see what it does. some guys get bigger some guys don't. it will be their first opportunity. i've been in awe couple and game day usually sorts it out. nc state will open at home on thursday against william and mary. so while that game is days away we have football going on in our town tonight. while i'm stuck here in studio my friend todd gibson is at our game of the week joining us from south johnston high school how's it going out there. >> reporter: going good. hour away from kickoff. south johnston the trojans practicing. those art big linemen the big guys. they're still in the locker room in the air conditioning. where they should be when it is this hot. earlier this week i hit both practices. the coaches know the importance of this game. >> they interact with each other all the time. it's kind of, you know, it's you get one year to brag about
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again, the next year. >> just guys go to church together go to school together, play out football together. just all come together and create for a great friday night atmosphere. >> reporter: should be great tonight. a little bit hot. games like this the referees the officials they'll stop play if they see the guys struggling. they will stop play bring the water out. >> yeah, you know, you and i we're in shorts and short sleeves. these guys are out there working hard in pants. outside. our high was 99. still pretty warm the first couple quarters. we blew out the temperature. last week we had a lot of blowout games. what do you expect from this one. >> not the same. la year they played to a one point game. 17-16. south johnston with the win. west won several games before that. that was stopped last year by south johnston. west johnston has a great defense.
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tonight. >> looks like west johnston just getting here. we're on the sidelines sweating it out. that's it from four oaks. we'll see you tonight for the blitz. back in the studio. thank guys. you know, you're out there and you're watching you're not in johnston county. why do i want to see the rivalry. the number you need to pay attention to 106 that's the combined total in week one. they're going to light that score board up tonight. >> all the highlights and reaction to that game and many hopefully won't be 106 where should you start when you're told you have cancer? start with a specialist. start where you'll find state-of-the-art technology, precision treatment options and truly compassionate care. start here at our centers for advanced oncology at cancer treatment centers of america with a team of experts who treat only cancer. every stage. every day.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> brown: it's war on zika. with the virus spreading, the u.s. government orders all blood donations screened. also tonight, a governor's under fire for an x-rated attack. >> i want you tow prove that i'm a racist. i spent my life helping black people, and you little son of a ( bleep ), socialist ( bleep ). >> brown: after dropping for years, traffic deaths are now skyrocketing. >> our complacency when it comes to highway fatalities is killing us. >> brown: and steve hartman meets an old sailor who is preserving history by making some history of his own. >> thank you, so much!


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