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tv   North Carolina News at 1100PM  CBS  August 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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practice squad member. >> phil: my message is be ready for anything week one from the cleveland browns. if you're going to surprise somebody, that's the week can you do it in this league. >> ian: that's part of the reason why you see things thar so vanilla in the preseason. nobody is scheming. nobody is game planning. you're working on some things. working through some things. ultimately you're not showing your hand. >> phil: right. >> ian: hue jackson 2:22 in the fourth. fourth and five for the buccaneers. it will be enough for the first down. freddie martino. division ii out of north greenville. they'll move the chains and that's going to carry us to the two-minute warning here in the fourth. tampa bay. they have been in control
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>> ian: watch live out-of-market preseason games and replay every game of the season with nfl game pass. start your free trial today. pass. final two minutes here in tampa. >> phil: you can sit at home and watch any preseason games.
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>> phil: i try to watch preseason games. >> ian: you dig it? >> phil: i like it a lot. i listen to your local broadcast always -- >> ian: you do. i get texts during the games. >> phil: what bothers me, you text me right back. >> ian: i'm a very fast returner. >> phil: you are. >> ian: i take pride in that. you just texted me now. we're next to each other. >> phil: that's right. >> ian: 1:57 to go, storm >> phil: hue jackson, i was wondering if he was going to call time outs, he's going to let tampa bay run the clock out. >> ian: cleveland has been in the heat for a week. i think they're ready to get back. >> phil: this is tough. you practice against another team, you're on the road, you're in the hotels, it's different. it's hard. it's mentally challenging. this was a good learning experience for the cleveland
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browns leading up to this match-up. they played in the preseason last year as well. tight formation, and it will be griffin taking a knee with just over a minute to play. buccaneers 2-1 on the preseason. browns have not won a game in the preseason. they'll move to 0-3. tampa has got atlanta and arizona on the road to start the for denver. the browns will open up the regular season at philadelphia. then home for baltimore. at miami. and at washington. the return of rg3 in week four. >> phil: listen, i luke at all the schedules, and no matter how you look you say the same thing. it's i tough schedule. it's all tough in the nfl. >> ian: it is.
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for the fourth preseason game we'll see the majority of back-ups around the league, maybe a couple of situations where starters will get a little bit of time. that's been the m.o. around the nfl in preseason game number four. tampa bay hoping that this going to be a turnaround season for this organization. last playoff appearance, 2007 for the buccaneers. final score, the bucs 30, the browns 13. for phil simms, evan washburn and the rest of our cbs crew, this is ian eagle. so long from tampa. closed captioning provided
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around and stuff. >> coming up at 11:00 p.m., a teammate dies after football practice. plus a major ruling on house rule two and what it means. thanks for joining us. we begin tonight with the breaking police are negotiating with a man that has locked himself in a home with his family which includes an 85-year-old woman. he told some people that he was going to suicide himself by the police. saddened and stunned by a boy that died after football practice this week.
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monday. we have more on the community and how they're remembering him. >> reporter: just days before school was going to start, the students are grieving. he was a rising football player and looking forward to playing football this year. he was having trouble breathing, he suffers from asthma and died at the hospital. >> he did a lot of s he was nice. >> reporter: just over 500 feel go to the school. >> we need to come together in tragedy. >> reporter: passtor shannon long has been with them for the week -- pastor.
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man. >> i recall the mother saying that she didn't know that he knew so many people, so the faith is really shown. >> a good fund me page has been set. >> it hit me in a different light here, what do you tell a parent or a church? >> thank you, michael. a u.n.c. faculty member and a student will be able to use a bathroom they identify with, regardless of the house two rule. >> that was district judge thomas schroeder who ruled that, they don't have to abide
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while they're at u.n.c.. the ruling comes after legal back and forth, battling. two students and the staff member can use the bathroom they identify with. the ruling is only for the three people but believes they can prove it's against state he said that the tightness in his chest was eased but theyhave no plans to rest until it is open for all. cooper states he continues to stand in opposition to the house ruling two. the judge's injunction only
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robbed tonight after a call from the restaurant. he was delivering pizza to south carlisle treat and the driver said that the customer didn't have the money for the order and then a man pulled him to the ground and took his money and ran. the police are searching for the suspect and the driver was not in grounded tonight after mechanical issues. they were placed on another flight to london after they landed. the city turned off power to the inn here this afternoon and they say that the owners failed to fix a problem at the facility. many can't afford anything else and some told us they will sleep in their cars and others don't even have that option.
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there. >> a lot of people don't have cars and i don't know what they're doing. i feel sorry for them, mostly the women with babies. >> they're working with the assistance department and it's a struggle they know that they forced people to move from their homes but they can't let them live dangerous situation. a mold problem here and the state department says they can't comment on it until the case is closed. the hotel was recently inspected and the reports date back several years and make no mention of mold. a health inspecktor inspecttor
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the wall paper and find it. >> -- inspecttor. inspector. >> we don't pull down the wall paper or de face the property at well. well, two hundred less bus drivers here than they did than last on double routes and the schools say they have tested the results and students should be comfortable and on time. >> congestion is a little bit worse and moms hugging their kids, we continue reinforce that, but we have done it
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into the model here. >> they are expecting more students this year and about 8,000 kids ride the school bus. we're according to e-mails of south carolina, a board of elections member was urged to appoint his cousin to the member and urging him to appoint his cousin. woodhouse also delayed any vote for expanding early voting. we reached out but didn't hear back. federal prosecutors back in court this week and filing a new indictment against a judge. they say that the judge
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to get a record his wife's records for her phone. they called on the judge today to ignore that motion. 2016, the race for the white house here. trump has stepped back on some of his comments on immigration. today he 20% of the vote -- trump's campaign announced a visit today and said that pence will speak on tuesday night at the convention center. remembering the lives of a
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last year. they marked the anniversaries with a moment of silence. earlier this month the station completed a memorial to them. meanwhile the victim's father speaks out against the gun violence. he wrote a lo laws have changed. in it, he called out many politicians that say, no better but remain quiet. the surveillance video caught this bold robbery here, at the b.b.n.t. bank. the man sneaks up on her and
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wallet --. this couple is missing and anyone with information is asked to call the police. new research from the team shows gaps and security on your iphone and tablets. they found the vulnerability andleave computer researchers were able to find the weak spots. the i.o.s. policy is lacking in its control of third party apps. >> without permission, read all of your contacts or go through the photos or music or get access to your location all the
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expected next month. well, high school friday rolls into week two here. >> in the friday night blitz we have all the latest. >> well it started cool and comfortable this week but ended today surprisingly with the hottest day of the year. it's still hot out there and
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well, a long, long time ago, like tuesday and wednesday it was cool and comfortable. those days are gone. today's high, 99 and our hottest day of the year and it's a surprise as i mentioned earlier because of the hourly temperatures, only topping out on the 94 and 96. somewhere between the hours we spiked three know our official recording site is at a airport. every once in a while we get a strange reading and i'll chalk that up to a strange reading here. so tomorrow will not be as hot here. we're still way above the average high of 87 but it's not 99. the temperatures were up and so was the humidity. the dew point was comfortable
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up this week and averaged out to steamy and hot. well, today was pretty darn hot. it starts off tomorrow in the 70s and muggy. we are on our way to a high of 94 and it will feel like 98 with the heat index. there's high pressure to going to fall apart. so tomorrow, not many changes through today. it's going to be hard to find rain. they weaken and shift around a little bit. technically it's not as hot butwe have a chance of a stray shower here and then humidity and a chance of a storm. so the last full weekend of
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out in the tropics here, gaston is still holding on here and it stays out into the open water for now. so what about this system that's been teasing all week and once again it remained disorganized. also the airplane was investigating this storm and that's what they around and fly in zig zags here and it doesn't look that impressive here and now the hurricane center is saying that only a 50% chance of it developing and that's come down. just an area of thunderstorms here in the's and then bring it into the gulf of mexico and then we'll have to watch it
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still be there. meanwhile we start in the 90s here and the forecast takes usdown to mid-90s next week. we keep it around 90-92 and then hold on it next thursday. september starts next week and the first friday will be in the 80s. >> are we starting a trend for well you know what time it is in it is? time for the blitz. >> all of the action here and it's friday night. the blitz on c. b.s. north carolina. >> well we have the johnson
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this way, south johnson doesn't like west johnson. tony mack just powers his way in here and it's just nasty. moments later, mack again and showing off some serious speed here. 45 yards out and they go to win it 35-0 and the coach co after their second straight win. >> i'm proud of them. they have worked their tail off and they deserve everything they get. so they know they come to work every day with the hard hat and the lunch pail and they get everything they deserve here. >> we'll have an extended break down later in the show.
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and i guess a little hydration was all they needed. 20-yard touchdown pass and that was the second one of the night here. the clock is winding down here and they get one before the half time. the pride goes to win it 35-14. let's check out other local scores here. chapel pitching a shut out and southeast raleigh, winning their game. last week in the season here, 43 points here in the beginning. on paper this looked to be a
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are not played on paper here. they take this one 8 yard out and that puts the huskies up 7. george makes them miss here right and left and that kid was juking and driving and then he was gone. it turns out that the predictions we would have made, would have they have given up only six points all season long. the crowd but loud but not loud enough to slow the pirate's offense here. they go in for 6 here at the conversion. he has a laser here and that cuts the lead to just two. clayton finishes off the game
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