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tv   North Carolina News at 800AM  CBS  August 28, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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a whooping cough vaccination today. . i think that is detrimental and especially young people and it is a stand someone would take eventually and i am glad it was people from my school. >> unc students are weighing in on a house bill two law. we will hear reaction identifying a crook attempting to steal money and what they are saying about the discovery of a skimming device at a bank. >> and this is the cases. first, we will get you outside right now. this is a shot of atlantic beach and giving you a nice look there. >> slow zoom. >> look at that. >> ha a nice way to start the day.
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thanks for watching. and hopefully you are with us all three hours. kristin ketchell is here as well. to give us the forecast and throughout the work week. >> it is a big week this central north carolina and school starts. so, i am sure a lot of parents looking forward to that. and a lot of kids not and with the sunshine this weekend. we have had some sunshine out there now. we have seen low clouds and some fog in some spots and lifting pretty >> live look from the built more estate. >> a and current temperature in asheville. definitely a little cooler there. and many are dealing with the fog and some of the low clouds and you will see lifting it here. and fairly quickly. >> and this is the current temperature at raleigh and 72 in durham and south hill in virginia. and 76 degrees in fayetteville. and temperatures climbing into the low 90s this afternoon.
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>> we have cooler weather coming our way this week. >> we will have all the details on the week ahead. coming up in a few minutes. >> breaking news out of fayetteville. >> two people are dead and they are investigating it is a a double homicide. >> it happened just before five this morning. they responded to the southwood complex. when officers arrived and they found two victims dead from gunshot wounds. >> this is active investigation and we will bring you more investigation as we learn it >> police are investigating two shootings that left three people hurt. >> they took place early yesterday morning and police say just before 4:00 a.m. >> a man was shot three times on house avenue. >> meanwhile on main street. and two people were shot and police have not said whether or not the shootings are related in any way. >> all three victims are shot in the legs and all expected to recover. >> unc students say they are
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against the bathroom restrictions. >> judge thomas schroeder joaquin cosomio may use the bathroom with which they identified. >> they said they are happy with the ruling and would like to see the restriction lifted for everyone. >> frankly, i think it is disgust ug. >> i don't support it at all. it is ridiculous that it is supposed to be enforced i to people's mental health and especially young people who are confused about gender identity. >> they said they will not enforce it own the students. governor's office said they will enforce north carolina law. chatham county sheriff's office needs your help identifying a person on camera putting a skimmer on a machine. >> investigators say this woman driving a white mib any van is
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installing the device and called deputies who responded and removed it before any customers used the machine. if you have any information call police. this is the 7-year-old missing person's case. 17 year old brittany drexel of rochester, new york. disappeared in myrtle beach. now a fbi statement said a statement from a prison inmate could shed light on her kiss >> they said drexel was abducted. gang rained. shot to death and thrown into an alligator infested swamp. it is part of a federal transcript obtained by a courier of charleston. >> the inmate claims to have witnessed the killing. >> the son and husband is implicated by the inmate and they say the story is false. well, it goes without saying that it takes a lot of patience to drive a bus filled
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of us would get burned up. ali warshavsky meets up with someone who does this. >> she has patience and a passion for it is a well. > >> it is a sound shannon brock has gotten quite used to. >> before i got my elementary route, i did high and mild. >> 20 years on the same route. she has gotten used to the kids on board as well. >> shannon said she knows right. >> she just earned a new title this year. >> i won. johnston county bus driver of the year. >> she has won so many awards. her husband had to build her a new shelf. >> it is actually in my china cabinet. >> she will have to build new friendships this year, too. >> new elementary school has opened in the county and that means a different group of students each morning.
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was the route that was affected. >> i lost 55 children. >> reporter: a moment so sad for shannon who works as a teacher's aide and she couldn't bring herself to say good-bye on the last day of school. >> miss shannon had to stay in the class. i couldn't do it. >> she might not have been able to say good-bye last year and she is anxious to say hello to new students this year. >> i just love children. i love children and e ones. some of those have never left mama. and never left daddy or grandma and so, they need somebody that loves them. >> you know, she loves them and they are going to love her back. >> i hate that she had to say good-bye to her old kids. >> everybody has to flock their wings. >> it is none stop for her. >> -- nonstop for her. she is driving around for summer school. >> tonight forget where we want
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photos. share them using the hashtag wncn on social media and head to our website at at the top there. there is a special section. back to school guides and stories and information for you as the kids head back this upcoming weekend. good luck out there. >> we continue our mission to keep kids safe getting off the school buses by urging you to break for buses. >> you can join the effort by spreading the word. >> hashtag break and the . time now is 8:07 and coming up. we will talk to you about the impact from friday's storm in indianapolis. and indiana is still being felt by people who live there. and clean up efforts and homes still pout power. >> not exactly like earth and enough earth-like. that we should be excited about it. >> a planet has been discovered close to earth and life could possibly exist there.
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b -- proxima b. >> this is from shaw university. that will lift and we have sunshine on the way for today.
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sweet sun ripened strawberries. no artificial flavors. philadelphia? strawberry. rich..., creamy... ...and delicious. nothing else tastes like philadelphia? . i am justin quesinberry
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>> i took this there downtown raleigh and we shared it earlier and people started sending pictures to us. >> >> we got a few photos on the line and to appreciate jamie van and sent us this one of the sunrise this morning and we got another gorgeous picture here at sunrise beach and check it outs. >> beautiful picture there. the birds enjoying the water and sunrise. and it is taking yesterday photos and e-mail them to us. send it at >> outside this morning. and right now, we have low clouds and fog out there. and see on our satellite and radar. clouds popping up and we are dry at this point and we are going to stay dry through most of today. small chance of shower or storm this afternoon. 72 degrees in raleigh and durham. and outside of fayetteville.
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in the low 90s. 86 degrees at lunchtime and 91 degrees this afternoon and at 6:00 p.m. with a shower or storm likely at 2:00. >> i will let you know what is in store for the week ahead. >> this includes weaker weather. 81:00 right now. textbooks are coming home tomorrow. carrying books can be a dangerous task for students heading back to class.
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. this is the top stories today. a woman has been rescued and two men remain missing after a small plane crashed into a lake mere a new orleans airport. police say they responded last night before nine. after a report that a cessna had crashed. >> donald trump's vice-presidential running mate mike pence will be here this week. he will speak at the millennium center tuesday night. >> emergency services say a truck struck an overpass and collapsed a pedestrian bridge on to england's busiest motorways. it left one person with nonlife-threatening injuries. the road is a main connector to the euro tunnel and that
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france. >> as kids head back to school. >> parents want to choose the best backpacks for them to lug around the heavy books. >> it is heavy tore me and cbs north carolina said dr. kevin camp pill will talk about backpack safety and when choosing one for your child much. >> they go back to school and they will purchase a new backpack to carry exceptions to and from school. it is important >> inappropriate backpack use can reduce back injuries for kids. >> this is part of the back to school series. we want to help thank you and your student pick the right type of backpack. >> dr. kevin campbell talks to us about what we are talking about here when it comes to specific dangers that they can produce. >> what we have seen with children over the last decade. >> their backpacks are getting heavier and heavier. >> back pain and shoulder strain and seeing some nerve injuries as well.
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result in posture changes for the child scwhoafer time. >> what is the best way to carry it. >> best way to carry a pack back is to distribute the weight completely. >> i have it here in studio and we have the broad strap that is are nice and wide. and they are padded and you can put the backpack on the body and distribute that weight throughout the torso and it is not left simply holding all that weight in one place. >> so, what do i need to look for. >> as far b >> first thing you will notice, the child is going to complain. my back hurt. >> if they struggle or lean forward like they are climbing a a mountain, it is too heavy. if you notice changes in posture. one of the things, we weigh the child ant backpack. and the backpack should account for no more of 15% total body weight. if it weighs more than that.
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strap. >> lots of padding. padded waist. >> not wider than a child's body and no more than 15% of the childest body weight. they don't have to be expensive. >> they have to meet the criteria and get them at any of the retail outlets. take the child with you and they try it out ton when you are there. >> thank you so much. >> want to look at the story again. and get some tips. look at the website. go cbs north carolina is hoes a blood drive. this is the roll up your sleeve blood drive. from 10 in the morning to seven in the evening at crabtree valley mall. find more information on the website that is >> people are aware that the power went out and then we heard brief period of real heavy hail. and after that, we heard what i, i can only describe as the house was groaning.
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point that the tree was settling on the house. >> imagine hearing the groaning sound inside the house. >> that is one person who lives in indianapolis described their experience during friday's storms there. they continue to clean up the damage left behind. >> more than 6,000 homes are still without power. >> this is proxima is the closest planet to us. liquid water could exist on proxima b and it is life outside of the solar system. they hope it provides an opportunity for robotic exploration and you can imagine people who work for nasa had an interest in this type of field have seen such growth and to see something like this. it must be exciting for them. >> it is close to the earth.
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away. >> it would take any robotic piece of equipment years to actually even make it out there to get and see a picture of the planet there. and really interesting stuff and we will see how the technology develops and how we can do additional research there. >> this is all of these new developments coming out about these planet that is we never heard about before. >> as far as weather goes today. it is hot again and cooler than yesty. >> and here is the positive side, too. >> we are seeing fog in some spots and it is beautiful in chapel hill and from the top of the hill restaurant. we do have sunny skies there. and a breeze in some spots and dpeeling with fog and temperatures in the 60s and low 70s. this morning. it is 72 degrees in raleigh and also in durham. and it is 67 in henderson and 73 in rocky mount and goldsboro
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of fog in some spots here and visibility is down to one and a half miles here. >> 3 miles in louisburg and low clouds there as well. >> under a quarter of a mile. this is why it is coming up zero. >> this is warren county as well. keep that in mind. >> it will be climbing into the low 90s and high and mid- to upper 90s. we are a little cooler today. >> 91 gr shower or storm. >> after 2:00 today. >> it will be similar to yesterday. >> can you get a heavy downpour for a minutes and the sun is back out. >> it will be a matter of where the storms pop up and move through. >> most of today. going to ends up on the try side. >> you may need the umbrella for a brief period this afternoon. >> cooler than yesterday. >> 6 degrees. put us us in the muggy category and we dropped out of the steamy category into the muggy
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see things improving in the week ahead. >> we are looking at partly cloudy skies and the reason for that. this area of low pressure sitting offshore. and that is pushing it way closer to us and bring us once again pop up shower or later today. tomorrow and tuesday, the coastal low stays off the north carolina coast here and we still have the small storm chance and they will see the mixture of clouds. and we wi seeing weather weather popping up in the evening hours. >> the front starts, cold front starts to inch its way from the northwest and starts to pull out there the area and few storms are possible during the day on wednesday. >> as far as the tropics go, we have the tropical wave in the caribbean. it is 60% chance of formation over the next 48 hours and we are keeping a close eye as it
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water and warmer body of water that may field some the storm and help it insentence guy into a system. >> this is a fish storm. still spinning out over the atlantic. won't be an issue for us or any land mass. in the pacific, that is a different story. madeleine is going to have an impact on hawaii. it is going to make landfall near the big island near hawaii here. early on thursday morning. that is a storm. >> this is winds at 60 miles an hour. and once it does make landfall in hawaii. >> temperatures across the area at home. >> for the next few days. >> 91 today and tomorrow. and 91 degrees on tuesday. we are still near 90 on wednesday. and warming back up into the low 90s for tuesday and thursday. >> thursday is also hour best chance for rain showers. moving through the area. and drying out by friday and temperatures are cooler.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is.
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. we have come to that part of the morning. todd gibson. >> this is the sports wrap. . >> he is one of the most
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maintain the attitude and given what he has gone through. >> for the first time in his blue devils career. he had practice on thursday. sured a partial tear and his senior season is done. >> now, he injured his achilles and worked so hard to get back. looked like he would until thursday. he will leave it to parker bane or freshman daniel jones. cone any romo's season is not over. but he could miss a chunk with his latest injury. he high school a broken bone mcmillan his back and expected to miss six to continue weeks. some say he could be ready to go on week one. >> he has a history of back problems and surgeriry in 2013 and suffered a back injury in 2014. last season, he played in four games after breaking his collarbone. >> they are a dismal 10 and 23. impressive rookie. prescott is expected to take
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morninging sports. >> being a rival of the eagles, no one wirves anyone that type of harm. hopefully he gets back and compete to his fineette. he is get -- finest. he is getting there. >> his playing day it is maybe over. that's all i am saying. >> coming up in the next half hour. >> i want to get justice for my daughter. >> two families are asking the attorney general's office to seek justice for their loved ones incidents. hear their message at a weekend rally in raleigh. >> new federal grant could mean safer roadways for the tarheel
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donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy. 'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' he's going like 'i don't remember'." "putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. i don't want to sound too much like a chauvinist." "you have to be wealthy in order to be great. i like people that weren't captured."
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. coming up. the death of their loved ones has them concerned. the message tore the state not easing off for the campaign trail. we will tell you how they are farring for the -- faring for the race for the white house of the. >> how it all works just ahead right here on cbs north carolina. first, we head outdoors. taking a look at kill desm hills -- kill devil hills this morning.
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i am beairshelle edme. >> i am justin quesinberry. >> school starts tomorrow. >> it is there. kids are going back to school. mom and dads are excited. >> we need to know what the bus stop forecast is like for them. >> it is right around 70 degrees. >> not too bad for the kickoff of the school year and central north carolina and today for the last full day of summer for the kids. looks cloudy as we start off the morning. this is a live look at raleigh international airport. >> we have some clouds in the areas this morning. the clouds and the fog. it is going to lift. we will see sunshine and some sunshine in places already. that is the case throughout most of the day. >> satellite and radar. not picking up on wet weather. >> it is rolling through. and they were very isolated and had heavy down pours and in and out very quickly and this is the shower and storm activity across the storm. looking good this morning. >> dry with temperatures in the
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>> this is the cool spot. and rocky mount and gold consistboro and 76 right now in fayetteville. >> after a warm and muggy start to the morning. we will climb to the low 90s. not as hot today and with a few isolated storms possible. >> after 2:00 this afternoon. >> what you can expect for the week ahead in a few minutes. breaking news out of fayetteville. >> two people are dead. >> they are investigating it is a a double homicide. >> happened fo morning. they responded to the south complex on the drive. they found two victim it is dead from gunshot wounds. this is still an active investigation and we tip to gather more information. we will bring it to you when it comes into the newsroom. they say they want justice tore family members. this is outside of roy cooper's office to ask for help in the two cases.
8:33 am
killed by a trooper in march. dominique worrell was found dead in her prison cell last year. her death was ruled a suicide. they have not been griffin a death certificate. >> i want justice for my daughter. >> i feel like mowing has been done. it has been a year yesterday. and i was waiting for a year. and then since nothing is happening. this is another direction. >> we contacted attorney a statement and we have not heard back. >> . ecu football player has been dismissed from the team after he was arrested on a felony. animal cruelty charge. they found a dead shih tzu inside a home after responding to a disturbance call. it belonged to a woman. they have not said who she is. the necropsy showed the dog suffered severe trauma. they arrested 21-year-old
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following the arrest. we turnpike now to come pain 2016. we are just 71 days away from the 2016 presidential election. >> cbs news tracker poll shows hillary clinton is graining ground in ohio. >> here in the battle state. it remains tight between the two candidates. they are looking to present a new image to voter. top republican officials say trawmp is back on track after a series of controversies in the with clinton and kelly ann conway said they are seeing a more focused candidate. >> they disagreed with the claim. >> this is the best week so far in the trump campaign. he is able to be himself and the donald trump. but also, the pivot that he made is on substance. >> we are not seeing this. and coon said this is not a pivot. >> in terms of raising money.
8:35 am
and more than twice what trump has brought in. and clinton spent the week in fundraising and will hold more finance events monday in california. >> vice-presidential running made mike pence will visit winston-salem this week. he will speak at the millennium center tuesday night at eight. right now. researchers here in the triangle are working to better understand earthquakes. >> seismic recording lab linked to the earthquake research information for the university of memphis. nccu professor and native of italy is spearheading research into seismic activity under a $5 million grant. north carolina's central university offers the only earth and geo spition shal master's -- spatial science degree. this is update to a story that our team has been
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six states received a federal grant for control or ptc, the technology is designed to help reduce collisions. you can find the full story under the investigates tab on >> now we move to breaking news. into the newsroom. fayetteville police arrested a hand that is on the run for three years. united states marshals arrested corey who is wanted for the abduction of his son from missouri. the child is now 5 years-old and in the protection of >> he is being held in the cumberland county jail with no bond for the out of state warrant. he will be charged as a fugitive from justice and will have a rights waiver hearing next week. >> kids in south east raleigh got a jump start at lion's park community center and head coach nate mcmillan spoke at the back to school jam in the
8:37 am
community and played at nc state. >> i want my message that i came from a single family home and my mother had six kids and you know, she did the best she could. and you can make it. >> you got to do the right thing. you got to be willing to work. and you got to be willing to get yourself involved. and do the right thing. yesterday's event was the fourth year. coach mcmillan has headed back to raleigh for the giveaway. >> cbs north carolina want see your back to school photos at the bus stop or in the classroom. share them using the hashtag. wncn on social media. >> kids at two schools in durham are bonded together through one student's plan and generosity. >> this feels good. i am glad that the work i was able to do will have a tangible benefit and helping kids somewhere. >> that's all i ever want from the whole project. i am glad that is happening.
8:38 am
didn't know from the durham nativity school. how they benefited. that is tonight on the evening news. the time now is 8:38. coming up later in the show. we will introduce you to the newly crowned world air guitar champion. >> that is a real title. >> facebook news headlines will be run by people. coming up. peel tell you how they are mcmillan and the reason behind the change. ou and low fog here and in chapel hill. we are seeing clear skies and little bit of sunshine. how long it is sticking around
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newspapers say it's time pat mccrory and republicans in raleigh tell the truth about our schools. instead of putting our children first, billions in tax breaks that could have lifted north carolina's schools have been diverted into tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations. and what are we left with? the ratio of teachers to students is worse. teaching assistants have been depleted.
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. kristin ketchell is outside. and you can see from the picture and the international airport. 72 degrees. few clouds popping up and we are dry right now. that is how it will stay through most of the day today. >> 72 in raleigh and durham right now and also in louisburg and 74 in rocky mount and 78 degrees in fayetteville and temperatures today will be
8:42 am
80s and we head into the lunch hour. >> 86 degrees with a small chance of showers or storm late in the day. >> cooler temperatures in the forecast here. i will have all the details coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks. >> time right now is 8:42. some rural areas are struggling to get the same internet as
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. this is the top stories. and they are investigating two shootings that left three people hurt early saturday house avenue and two people were shot on main street a few moments later. no arrests have been made. they do not know if the shootings are related. all three victims are expected to be okay. >> they are trying to identify a suspect caught on camera skimming an atm, they saw the woman installing the device and called deputies and removed it before customers removed the machine. if you have any information
8:46 am
nominee mike pence will visit our state this week. he will be in winston-salem. it is scheduled for #:00. tuesday night at the millennium center. they are helping to brink the digital divide. libraries like the main branch in hillsborough has a hot spot device that connects users to the inter met. now, you can check it out. three weeks free of charge. they realized people mcmillan rural communities have trouble with internet access an to connect to the internet. >> there wasn't lags. having multiple devices hooked up to it. no problem at all. it didn't seem to lose signal periodically because there was too much traffic on it at one time. >> you can connect up to 20 devices to the hot spot and be patient. there is a waiting list to get one of those. >> algorithms are in. >> people will not be writing
8:47 am
popular news topics. they are turning that job over to algorithms and they automatically pick topics and generate texts. >> they were accused of political bias and claims freelance editors favored liberal top picks over conservative ones. that team is now gone. they connect conducted an internal investigation and said no bias was found. now they will all go this week, an als advocate is traveling the country for als research. instead of ice water that we saw a few years ago. he is dumping substances on his head that is special to each certain state at the visits. >> he will stop at the durham bulls athletic park where bottle of pepsi will be poured on his head. he dumped bash poor cue. chocolate. salmon. and chowder on his head this
8:48 am
by the end of the journey. he visited all 50 states in 30 days. all to raise money for defeat als. >> north carolina roy cooper will speak in goldsboro tomorrow and treating prescription drug and oip poid abuse. >> -- oip poid abuse. >> -- opioid abuse. >> this is government and healthcare that can work together to fight the epidemic. he will speak at 9:00 a.m. and the event is op cover prehelps sieve approach to drug abuse and including increased awareness and better access to treatment and recovery. >> on wednesday, the original county animal services will host the next spay and neuter day. >> this event will offer no cost. >> spay and neuter surgeries. and they receive public assistance from the department of social services or who qualify by their combined income.
8:49 am
spay or newt tour or program to help with the event. president obama will -- thank you. >> sorry. >> to 58 people in prison for drug offenses and nonviolent crimes. >> one of those people is jones. >> he was sentenced to life in prison for a conspiracy to describe cocaine base and cocaine. he will now be le > >> good sunday morning. i am kristin ketchell. we are off to a little bit of a cloudy day in some spots here. this is a live picture in cary and few folks out enjoying the golf course and with the sun beating down. not too bad and we will see the sunshine returning and we are seeing sunshine in a lot of locations on the map here and you will tell that immediately based on the temperatures. >> we have got some cloud cover. >> upper 60s and low 70s.
8:50 am
fayetteville t and at 77 already in clinton. and we will see all the temperatures climbing into the 90s as we head into this afternoon. we are dealing with a little bit of fog and low clouds here. chtion visibility is a quarter of a mile in lender sop. and it has improved a bit there. and we are down to a half mile in roanoke rapids and right around a mile in raleigh. >> please use caution. >> it will lift quickly here and you may run into it if you are running out and about the low 90s. >> not quite as hot as yesterday. >> 98 in raleigh yesterday and looking at a high temperature of 91 degrees. >> this is 2:00 this afternoon and we will see the mixture of sun and clouds until we get to that point. >> things are fairly dry until later today. >> we are in the 70s yesterday and we are in the steamy category and today, at 68, that puts us in the muggy
8:51 am
bit more comfortable this afternoon. still feeling summerary out there -- summery out this and then we have low pressure system centered offshore. that will push closer to us and bringing the chance of an isolated storm popping up this after moon into this evening. >> tomorrow, and tuesday day. it comes close to the shore here and stay offshore and still bring us the chance of storms in the evening hours and to the further east you are. better chance you are at seeing this here. >> by wednesday, it pulls it out to the northeast. watching the next cold front to the northwest and it is not going to push it until thursday. it will bring us cooler temperatures for the end of the week. >> the tropics are heating up for us here. we have the tropical wave in the caribbean and it is 60% chance of formation as it continues the trek into the
8:52 am
and we are keeping a close eye on gaston. it did reintensify into a hurricane last night. it is still a hurricane this morning: it is called a fish storm. not going to land any of them. >> we have madeleine and not a whole lot to talk about in the pacific here. not a lot of land that the tropical systems can i am pack. however, mad line is going to hit hawaii later this week and hit likely as a strong tropical storm early thursday morning with something that will be keeping a close eye on as they make their way to the west as well. >> sandhills today. climbing to 91. fort bragg and fayetteville. and 91 and dunn and wilson. rocky mount. and roanoke rapids and 90 in smith field and also in durham and the high temperature in raleigh. our seven-day forecast has temperatures staying right around 90 here for municipal and tuesday. >> still by wednesday. it is a high of 90 degrees.
8:53 am
yesterday. we request see the quick downpours and five minutes later. the sunshine is out. >> thursday's cold front is best for rain all week and we cool off into the 80s for friday and saturday. pretty good looking forecast. overnight lows back in the 60s and back to school this week. >> something to look forward to for the weekend. low 90s and not upper 90s. >> 99 the other day. >> it is not good. >> i felt that. >> coming up. after raleigh is testing a new raleigh is testing a new concept in i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. raleigh is testing a new concept in there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs.
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. a cafe in the triangle. >> i thought we weren't here. >> goodness. >> we made it. >> we will keep going. >> thilo to eat: this is the first pay what you can and there are five ways to pay for the meal and buying someone else's and volunteering. >> they partnered with the traditional restaurant to raise money and awareness for the tres trantsd. >> -- restaurant. >> they are paying the suggested donation and 20% of people are paying a little bit less or paying by volunteering for a meal. it balances out. > >> a police at the table is
8:56 am
location in downtown raleigh. until then. they will continue to do pop up meals each month. >> this is a charity bike race and no kill cat shelter and the calf ven engineer bike ride will weave through raleigh and it starts at noon at the oak city cycling project and it is open to up in the newscast: this is a review of what is ahead. >> coming up. jane pauley sits down with megaryan and catch up -- with meg ryan and we will fees at one of the legendary hang quowts and barbra streisand.
8:57 am
. check this out. fourth time was a charm for matt ar spotle burns. if you get that. at the world guitar championship. >> that is a real thing. >> second place finishes. burns won friday night and burns said it was extra special win. >> i am just pretty stoked. >> this is to bring the gold back to my country this year. it is really special. >> well, he beat out 14 other competitors from around the world and first ever married couple. >> kristin ketchell made the mistake of telling us she was at the cone cert and playing air guitar. >> i was air drumming. >> you need to reenact. >> i went last night and he said. you are such a dork. >> well, you can't take the ring back now. >> it is air guitar. >> i was way better at air drumming yesterday. it is great. >> it is a hot night yesterday and not as hot as we head
8:58 am
the 90s and we drop into the
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captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations >> osgood: good morning, i'm charles osgood this is "sunday morning." despite all the recent advances in medicine, many disease still defy treatment. disease so rare that few devote the time or the money to find a cure. it's a dilemma that one artist hopes to turn around by taking a


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