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tv   North Carolina News at 1100PM  CBS  August 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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north carolina news at 11 starts now. we are following several stories, neighbors say a child was found dead in a car. we are on scene with new details. trouble in the tropics. two systems along the carolina coast, one prompting a storm warning. the other will make landfall in -- in florida. wes hohenstein with the latest information. coming in on the officer involved shooting in raleigh including the names of those involved more on those stories in a moment. we start with breaking news in durham. >> police on the scene of a suspicious death. a child found dead in a car near downtown. amy cutler just arriving on scene.>> reporter: sharon and
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investigating this suspicious death. you can see some ambulances coming through here as investigators work together -- work to gather whatever evidence they can. a neighbor said she called 911, that she saw a child in the back of a minivan. that black minivan in the parking lot of that apartment complex, she says she saw a child in a man first came to the vehicle but the child was inside. she believed the child, a little girl between four and five, have been in the back of the car for some time. at this point, police are not confirming any of this. they say they were called to the 1100 block of curbside drive around seven for a cardiac arrest. when they arrived, the person was unresponsive and died a
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check in on what neighbors and that woman who called 911 have told us, we have not heard back. we will follow the story closely and bring you updates as they become available. amy cutler, cbs north carolina. tonight's other big story, the trouble in the tropics. err storm warnings are in place along the outer banks. wes hohenstein nine has the latest information just center still has one category two hurricane named cast on and two tropical depressions. tonight at 11 they did not increase in intensity and become tropical storms. both of these systems have equal chances of either dissipating altogether or strengthening to become a very week -- weak tropical storm. they are in flux. let's start with the one closest to us.
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have held tonight at 100 -- at 35 miles an hour. it slowed from 6 to 5 miles an hour. it is taking a while to do anything because it is moving so slow. if you look at the satellite and radar, watch how the middle of the day there was a flareup of thunderstorm activity leading us to li strengthening. late tonight, it dissipated. there's a little bit of a circulation trying to get going. the hurricane hunter aircraft will be out there tomorrow morning at 5 am. we will see if there have been any changes. there also have not been any changes in the forecast. it's about 133 miles from hatteras right now. tomorrow night, when it's finally expected to become a tropical storm, it will be about 60 miles. from that point on, it will make a turn to the northeast, pulling away from us. you heard sharon and maggie mentioned tropical storm warnings for a small section of
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tropical store warming -- warning means conditions are expected at about 24 hours. that will be tropical storm force winds, 39 miles an hour. maybe some small beach erosion are the worst effects. back here, we will have virtually no effects other than another hot august day. it starts about 67 degrees at 6 am, 70 at eight. there is still a in a few minutes. back to the coast, preparations are underway along the outer banks. beach erosion is expected to be the issue.>> andy fox's at nags head. we will have the latest on conditions in preparations.>> reporter: i am broadcasting from jeanette's. in nags head. rough surf and winds starting to pick up.
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will have to wait and see if this is a big storm, not believing that it might not be anything. they are saying let's wait and see. nothing told the story of the day then josh crosses surfboard swallowed in the surf. he pops up, then quickly back under. that's enough surfing.>> it has been nice, but today, not so good for surfing.>> we thought -- r local fire departments tell us folks are watching and obeying the flags. no serious rescues. peyton waller got caught in a rip current. >> it's really rough that all these waves are crashing.>> reporter: then there's merlot beach. remember this from 2013? a constant problems of overwatch and dunes and destroying highway 12 swept
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mainly washout the dune, putting sand across, making it difficult for people to get on and off the island.>> reporter: jessica howard plotting her escape.>> we may take our cars to higher ground. we haven't decided yet. we're looking at the news and seeing how it goes. >> reporter: as the sun sets on a hoping that tomorrow isn't that bad. so the surface picking up and we will be keeping our eyes on merlot beach to dunes can hold back whatever tomorrow may bring. in nags head, north carolina, i am andy fox, cbs north carolina. our kristin ketchell will pick up our coverage from the coast tomorrow. today, people in tampa spent time preparing for landfall by filling sandbags to prepare for flooding.>> if you haven't already can't download the wnc
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out about storms in your area. it's available for apple and android. new details on the fatal officer involved shooting in raleigh.>> within the past two hours, officers released the names of the officers involved in the radio traffic. amy cutler has the latest.>> reporter: donald roth drive became a crime scene. shooting. one officer was shot, another man killed. seconds later,... >> he is hit in the leg.>> reporter: two officers were involved. police say burlison was shot in the leg. police identifying the man killed as 24-year-old chuck
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about 300 feet away from me.>> reporter: rodney sure was in the backyard at the time of the shooting. orr i can see three cops with their guns pointed. a were shouting, put your weapon down. they shouted that three or four times.>> reporter: he tells me he can see the man -- could not see the man the officers were pointing at. he ran inside to take over. many questions remain. police say terry trespassing but they haven't told us what led up to the shooting or who fired first. for several hours, police had a cows -- had a house surrounded. amy cutler, cbs north carolina.>> neighbors told amy the man who died lived at that home with his aunt. his girlfriend lived on donald ross. the search continues for a man who admitted killing his daughter's grandfather and posted about it on social media. deputies say anthony mcneil
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fayetteville yesterday morning. mcneil, considered armed and dangerous, posted about killing someone and killing himself on facebook. family members tell us he died a hero. a teenager has been fighting to get out of a detention center in georgia. he is speaking publicly in the triangle about his experience. we've been following a costas case for months. he is out on bond waiting for his case to be reheard. mi about what he plans to do next.>> reporter: it came as a surprise to him, but he is going to be able to go back to high school tomorrow. here is more he would like to do besides just finished classes. it's a homecoming that has taken months to arrange.>> it's amazing.>> reporter: acosta was in a detention center hoping one day he would be able to get out and see these faces again. with the help of a translator,
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recalling being threatened in honduras before seeking refuge in the us.>> i am going to kill you. >> reporter: acosta was detained at the border but was allowed to come to term with his family. he was attending riverside high, close to graduating when officials arrested him after a deportation order.>> at that point, i thought the walls were falling as i got there. about three times i found worms in my feed.>> reporter: he found new friends that he wants to help get released.>> i told them god is going to help you. what is impossible for men is possible for god. >> reporter: now that the board of immigration appeals reopened his case, he is out on bond. he got a surprise when school board member natalie byr said
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will be thrilled to have him back at riverside.>> many people are supporting me. >> reporter: a spokesman for customs and sports -- enforcement said he is a priority because he was found entering the country illegally. due to a backlog, he may not get a hearing for at least a year. michael hyland, cbs carolina. concerned residents and one busy city taking to social media during the lunch hour. all because of this. a military jet flying over with no warning. whether you knew him as the kenny man or young
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the north carolina naacp launched a march to the tonight. dozens filled the polls where organizers focused on getting people registered and out to vote. >> north carolina had become the fourth highest stay in terms of increase in voting. 70% of african-americans were voting. why wouldn't you want people to vote in a democracy?>> the state is caught up in a court
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thousands of students went back to school today and for most counties it was pretty smooth sailing>> we caught one driver passing a stopped school bus. our campaign to save lives is reach millions of people over the past few years. >> we wanted to know if we could ask you why you ran that stopped school bus. >> because i didn't see it.>> you pulled up in the stop sign was out and you are behind the bus. you always have to stop for bus.>> i didn't know the rules and stuff changed.>> this violation happened on new bern avenue. anytime you're driving behind a stopped bus, you have to stop. if you are on the opposite side of the road, you also have to stop unless it's a four or more ln., road with a turning lane. we have those rules online.
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to-school section from the home page. the controversial former prosecutor disbarred for #israelin the duke lacrosse case will be back in court tomorrow afternoon. mike by fog is expected to testify the second day of the hearing for a man convict in a double murder. he was the lead prosecutor when darrell howard was convicted of murder in 1995. in 2014, the conviction was overturned, saying my ph arguments to the jury. the sentence was reinstated by the court of appeals.>> somebody believes i have relevant testimony to this. i would give it just like anybody else would. i will tell the truth and people can make of it what they wish.>> he is expected to testify tomorrow. we will be there. there are some tweets pouring in from other hollywood names tonight
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jim carrey said, if there is a heaven, he is a golden ticket. the act or and comedian passed away at the edge of -- age of 83. >> he started young frankenstein but he is probably most known for his role as the candy man in willy wonka and the chocolate factory. he died of complications from alzheimer's today. hillary clinton's top aide is leaving her husband, anthony weiner, imid another famotidine insist she and her husband remain devoted to doing what's best for their young son. the post claims that text and photos sent to a woman last year. indiana gov. mike pence will be back in north carolina tomorrow for a campaign rally. he will address supporters in winston-salem. tickers -- tickets are required
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the democrat hoping to unseat richard burr talked about her plans to clean up washington. deborah ross plans to introduce legislation to end taxpayer subsidies for lobbyists and have a 10 year ban on lobbying for every former sen. >> people want to take their families. they want economic security. we are seniors -- our seniors want to know they can retire and know that social security and medicare will be there for them.>> ross is a former representative from ali. the burr campaign has criticized her record as director saying she is too mac radical to represent north carolina. you can find more information right now on including her thoughts on the presidential campaign.
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2016. i am in the weathercenter with wessel inside. we have a silver lining to the tropics, the weekend. >> holiday weekend cold front, kind of like sub headlines because tropical depression eight and nine and gas on are still in the headlines. the ?ber -- the bigger input -- impact will be get through crowd in september and a couple of days. we topped out at 90, we are there again tuesday and wednesday and thursday. it's thursday night we get the cold front. we will get some rain during the day and that will drop us to below normal temperatures on friday. 84 degrees, average high this time of year is 87. not only that, cooler weather coming down the road, but also we've got some slightly lower humidity tonight. dewpoint temperature jump to the low 60s. the blower that number goes,
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so day to number of school for many of you, date 22 for a lot of others and i don't know how long you've been at work, but we will go at it again tomorrow morning. it's cooler than it has been. not where we were couple of weeks ago, but a lot better than where we were. we jump up to 74 at 9 am. a few cows, 83 at lunchtime, on our way to a high of 90. most of us hour drive. if you want rain in the next couple of days, you might have to run to here's a big picture. high-pressure to the north, then low cheshire -- pressure. a little bit of flow out of the northeast. best way have -- why we have slightly lower humidity. the cold front in the northwest will have the bigger impact on our weather cast on is not going to impact the us. it is a strong category two hurricane moving northeast. there are our tropical depressions, one off the coastline, one sw.
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depression eight. it did not change much tonight. it is 133 miles from hatteras. it's only moving 5 miles an hour. whatever happens, it's not going to happen fast. with two systems, we have had pretty much nonstop hurricane hunter aircraft flights, we have the one that as you can see this is what they do, they literally zig zag, gathering better forecast. here is the forecast that will turn tropical depression eight into a tropical storm where it will be about 60 miles off the hatteras coastline tomorrow night. it will speed off to the northeast. the other one, tropical depression nine, will also make a turn to the right eventually for the next couple of days. it will stay in the gulf of mexico and crossover florida, then be about 200 miles off our coastline on friday night. minimal impacts.
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-- both storms away from the coastline along with this area of high pressure helping to pull it away. less walk you through the next few days. as you can see : there is tropical depression eight, continuing to slowly move off to the northeast while we stayed generally dry. a small amount of rain along our coastline. then we get into thursday with dry weather. her comes tropical depression number nine moving up the coastline. there is our cold front, the temperatures into the holiday weekend. a couple of more days in the 90s, there is that chance of rain thursday with the cold rock and then we have got mid to low 80s saturday, sunday, and monday, or labor day. september is a new month, a new school season, a new forecast as we head into the holiday weekend.
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circulated online. charlotte douglas international says jets work practicing for a flyover for a home game thursday night. a big focus in the triangle this week, college football.>> here is jeff jones with sports. i have good news for college football fans. i can say the three words you have been waiting to hear. it's game week. the criticizing they are tired of hearing, plus the panthers make a roster move. we will let you know who they added a new they had to give up to get him. all that and more straight
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adelle: at first, i was so happy to teach in north carolina. but we've fallen to 41st in teacher pay, 44th in per-student spending, and a lot of us even have to buy school supplies. governor mccrory talks about raising our pay, but he tried to cut education funding to its lowest budget share in over 30 years. like over two thousand other teachers, i'm having to move to another state so i can do what i love and make ends meet.
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i know college football fans will agree when i say there is just something different about game week. food taste better, gra get me started. what i'm trying to say is for the past several months i couldn't wait for this week. now it's here. as excited as i am, i don't think that compares to how the tar heels must deal. they have been hearing the analysts predict they are getting blown out in their opener against georgia. the biggest reason : georgia place in the southeastern conference. the critics believe there is no way a good acc team can hang with an sec team.
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hearing that.>> you do get tired of it. i think there is a chip on any conferences shoulder because they want to prove that we have playmakers in this conference as well. as long as we go out there and do what we have to do, we will get some time.>> today, georgia announced their star running back will play in that game. is recovering from any injury he suffered the nfl there will be a new face on the panthers roster. veteran punter andy lee. they had to give undrafted punter casey red fern and a fourth-round draft pick. now adding of new punter is great. that won't matter if the team continues to play like friday night against the patriots. in the first half, cam newton toss to interceptions. new england had almost no
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the coach says it's not all bad in charlotte.>> we did the things we are supposed to. it came down to execution. that's a disappointment. i am not going to push the panic button about this. you go back, you look what we did, we still outgained them. that's exactly what happened last year.>> the panthers open their regular season september 8 against the bronc trevor siemian. we end with the terrifying video all of her social media. columbia's long snapper patrick eby has a friend who trusted his skills so much she let him knocking apple off her head by snapping the football. i am offer trusting your friends, but there is absolutely no way i would volunteer for that job.>> how many takes did they do?>>
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it has to be the first one. what lady in her right mind would allow that? she goes to columbia. she goes to columbia. you would think they would be i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. she goes to columbia. you would think they would be there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
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?? from the mountains... to the beaches... the piedmont... north carolina is possessed of spectacular natural beauty. [ sea gulls crying ] [ man vocalizing ] run! ?? ? i don't feel like i'm falling ? ? i'm up against the sky ?


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