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tv   North Carolina News at 1100PM  CBS  August 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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start right now right now, hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. a tropical system continues to linger near the north carolina coast, tonight at this threat from central north carolina to the outer banks. we start with storm team, and chief meteorologist, with the latest information just coming in. >> good evening to you and to you have waited for this disorganized tropical depression to gain a little strengths and become a tropical storm. that is not going to happen tonight here the national weather center keeps it a tropical depression. they have been measuring every little bit of information they can heading back to biloxi but what they found is still a
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mi./h winds and very important for us, it has made another turn moving directly to the northeast you're still very slowly but officially moving away from the north carolina coast and the conditions here on out will continue to improve. it is now about 79 miles from hatteras, north carolina. however, the track strengthened this into a tropical storm by early tomorrow as it begins to race away from the entire from the national hurricanes center. >> home, as we get ready for the final day of august, tomorrow, we also have to get ready for another day of hot weather and it starts monday with temperatures around 70 degrees through six and 7 am. close to 80 x 9 a.m. -- close to 80 at 9 am. now, we may need to turn our attention to tropical depression number nine and how
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next week in just a couple of minutes. now, we will go to the coast where crystal is live at the outer banks. >> reporter: i am live now on to its peer where everything seems to be business as usual here that was not the case for the beaches earlier today. as huge waves continuously pounded the shore even though tropical depression eight will move further offshore surf and dangerous rip currents continue over the next several days. lifeguards and officials say that people were doing all the right things in the ocean today that are reminding everybody to exercise extreme caution while swimming.>> it is not quite red flag conditions and also not rate for swimming but people are here and having a good time. everyone as being safe and keeping it waist high using flotation and not wondering out
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>> reporter: as you can see, the ocean has been nothing short of fears today. sir pirates are estimated at 4 to 5 feet and should remain that way through the night here we will be bringing you updates again later in this newscast and tomorrow morning but for now, we are reporting live in nags head. i am cristian techera, cbs, north was from the team overnight and tomorrow morning starting at or deck 30. you can also download cbs north carolina weather app where you can get the latest stormtracker wear watches and warnings are issued available for apple and android devices. >> a man is in critical but stable condition after being
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interviewing witnesses and police do not have anyone in custody. >> the new push for the investigation of the fatal officer involved shooting in raleigh. police are asking anyone who may have video to submit it. cbs north carolina, and the cover, live outside the rally police department -- the rally -- the rally police dep >> it appears the men killed was known to police. family and friends saying he was much more than that and that they are heartbroken. >> it started with a 911 call. >> raleigh police officers -- with reports of a man trespassing. police say it quickly escalated to a chase and then as
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shot in the leg. police tell us the suspect they were chasing was killed. that this wasn't the first time officers were called to the home. >> he came out there kicking and streaming -- and screaming. >> i take the baby and he runs after me. and he comes back in the house and goes to get a knife. >>'s 911 call was made back on july 21. the distraught woman telling the dispatch she was a friend of terry's girlfriend. and there was another 911 call. >> reporter: the caller saying she is a neighbor and that she saw a violent argument between a man and a woman. she was charged with assault on the female and assault with a deadly weapon. since 2013, court records revealed he has been arrested
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came together wanting us to know there was another side to terry. that it was a good person and father. still too distraught to speak of their laws, they urged folks not to rush to judgment. >> reporter: police are in -- conducting an independent investigation. police are telling us the officer will make a full recovery. in trenton tonight, wncn news >> we first brought you this news last night at 11. the memorial for leslie ramirez is growing outside her home. the child was found dead in the thin out side the family's apartment. >> authorities being a credible threat and forcing them to close. there are expected to reopen tomorrow. in addition to the usda offices in raleigh, other offices
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we have been following this thread all day today and the latest.>> reporter: we are one of three sites affected by these threats. wade county decided to close its agricultural business here around lunchtime saying it is all because of the threats made against the usda. >> reporter: just as the semester begins, a threat involving the campus. we talked to students as they got an alert in the universi letting them know to faculty members received email threats similar to others. >> the first thought that came to my mind, i was kind of wondering if it was a similar threat to everything going on in europe. >> it is very safe so i have not paid too much attention to it. >> reporter: they do not say specifically what kind of threat but noted several people at virginia tech got the same email. the threats also led to
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parts of raleigh being shut down until further notice including this one where usda spokesman says 80 people work. primarily doing plant and science research. >> in consultation with the department of homeland security, the usda has taken measurable steps. >> reporter: they close the county office around noon. county spokesperson says there are three employees and 20 county employees doing soil and offices in four other states were closed including colorado and maryland. >> obviously, when it comes to the safety of the us personnel military or civilian, we take that quite seriously. >> employees who were affected by this either work from home or take authorized leave today. tomorrow, the usda says all sites will reopen but with enhanced security measures
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tonight, students studying criminal justice had a chance to learn from the best. several local police chiefs came together for an executive management. women in police uniform with a focus on women in law enforcement and career advancement. >> there are opportunity for anyone in law enforcement agencies in north carolina that are short staffed. driving to have diversity and meet with the community in which we serve.>> top of the include what it takes to get into the field as well as challenges they face each day. >> tonight, we have a clearer picture of the horror inside the pulse nightclub. but first, a race to the white house back in north carolina, the governor's message to voters and the historic trip donald trump may take ahead of his immigration speech
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carolina. >> how would you feel if your kindergartner was using social media in the classroom. teachers say they are encouraging them to download apps. how social media can help you keep up with what your students are learning in the classroom. plus, overnight i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us.
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nd of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
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tonight police in fayetteville hope this video
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see those gunmen coming behind him after he got out of his truck on kangaroo and raeford road early friday morning. >> new tonight, he will spend 30 years in prison for manufacturing child pornography. he pled guilty and also works as a means juice and -- a magician. >> testimony continues tomorrow for a man who spent 20 years in is homicide. investigators focused on dna evidence not available during the first trial. in the race for the white house, the indiana governor and republican vice presidential nominee is in winston-salem tonight addressing supporters. aj is here with more on his message to voters. >> trump campaign is no stranger to our state and mike pence spoke for about a half an
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talking about when he got the call to be trumps vice president, there was not a question in his mind about taking the question . he talked about trumps plans to boost the economy, strengthening the military and stand with our nation's police saying if the american people want changes made to the country, it is unrealistic to vote hillary clinton. >> if you are suffering from clinton corruption fatigue, i have the cure now, do everything in your power to be the first aid on the board to make sure hillary clinton is never interacted pleasantly of the united states . >> tomorrow, he will hold a raleigh in another swing state , florida. and trump will be busy in phoenix, arizona, where he is expected to top immigration and he has just confirmed to meet with the president before that speech. >> the fbi could release the report into hillary clinton's
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the agency came under fire by congressional republicans for failing to recommend criminal charges against the former secretary of state. several media outlets filed freedom of information request to obtain notes from her interview with the fbi. >> the governor's race is quickly becoming one of the most expensive in the country when it comes to add -- advertisement spending. $7.7 million has been spent. the next both the state of indiana, just under the ads talking about education, timing with back-to-school. >> there are 10 million citizens and they all value their public schools here in north carolina. when we have a strong system, we have a strong and thriving economy. >> the other races are safe. this was one of the seats that was always going to attract outside money.>> of campaigns have argued about teacher pay raises and campaign funds.
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>> let's send it back out to our meteorologist, kristin. >> reporter: we have seen a lot today from high waves to gusty winds and even some heavy rain. a little bit of everything going on at the outer banks this afternoon into the evening. we are still seeing some high surf and the ocean is fierce. 45 foot seas up and down the outer down the outer banks but tropical depression continue -- continues to pull away. we will be back at 6 o'clock tomorrow morning with the latest from the outer banks. for now, i am storm team meteorologist, kristin kassel, cbs, north carolina.
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sleep fast, tonight. as you mentioned, tropical depression number eight is out there. three systems. and as we get ready to start september in just two days, we are also getting ready for the busiest time of the hurricane season. we are not even there yet and this graph that shows where the peak of activity is as we go throughout the year and we are still wrapping up to that peak inches on average, september 10 so we still have a long way to go before the hurricane season comes to an end. end tomorrow and i think some of us might be thankful for that as today was the site -- 22nd day of the month. tomorrow, we will make 23 and it starts off warm and muggy. 73 degrees as we did for work and school. 86 at noon. 90 degrees again will be our high and we will throw in a 10 to 20% chance of a few isolated showers. most of us stay dry but rain
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this week. possibly because of a tropical depression, number nine before we get to that, let's say goodbye to tropical depression number eight. the big story tonight is kind of twofold. it did not strings into a tropical storm but it did turn straight to the northeast moving at 5 miles an hour so that means, as we follow the historical path of this yellow line, it is moving away from north carolina and now, about 80 miles from cape hatteras but over the next 24 hours, it still could become a tropical storm tomorrow morning as it braces off to the northeast. as we mentioned earlier, the hurricane hunter aircraft have been working hard over the past couple of days. in fact, one flight is on its way back to biloxi, mississippi. earlier today, they had one
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much information to assess current situation and to help with the forecast but i think the best part about today's flight was today's picture that they took on board took this is one of the hurricane hunter aircraft view of the sun setting as they were returning from investigating tropical depression number nine and you know how i like super sunsets. that is on my list so let's talk about what they found with tropical depression number nine it did not increase to unfortunately, for us, you can see that it is still kind of moseying back to the northwest, north, northwest tattoo miles an hour and that is not good because it is delaying the turn to the right. and the longer it takes to make that turn to the right, the closer it could be to the east coast as it works its way north and northeast late this week. so, it is still expected to become a tropical storm and possibly, a strong wind as it
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night. i want to get in closer to that so again, sometime late friday night, it could be anywhere in this telepath and i want to put in the center line and show you what it looks like with the last advisory at 5 o'clock with this white mind so that you can see it did nudge a little bit away from the coast but remember, earlier in the day, it nudged toward us so right now, with this path, we could see additional precipitation along the this week. right now, it is a wait and see but let's talk about what we know. that is, by tomorrow morning, to the great depression number eight continues to race away. we remain dry with a small chance of rain and then we get to thursday with a little bit of moisture ring thrown to the coast by tropical depression number nine but for us, the better -- the be weathermaker will be this cold front.
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us off for the weekend but there is still more moisture to come from truck to go depression number nine and it is not appear until friday night. so we may have to add more rain into friday's forecast here tomorrow, we are continuing with the heat as we wrap up august. look for highs around 90 and still very warm on thursday with better rain chances as the cold front approaches and as you can see, that cold front is still expected to drop our daytime highs and overnight lows for the holiday weekend but i will that we're saying goodbye to tropical depression number eight, we're going to focus on what is going to happen with tropical depression number nine and as i said, that could change our rain situation into friday. a new mental health facility will start accepting hundreds of patients in just a few weeks. the governor of the department of health staff donated 138 donated $138 million to the staff this morning.
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want this to be the premiere place for hope, care as well as recovery. our goal is to have this be a temporary stay. for those who are dealing with mental health or addiction issues here and our goal is to get them back into the life of their family.>> treatment is set to begin on two 727. >> we have a better idea of the tragic moments both inside and outside of the polls nightclub shooting. -- pulse across the street from the pulse club and i am hearing gunshots across the street. >> that was a small portion of the calls released today. 49 people were killed in addition to the gunmen. >> as chris ground -- chris brown faces charges tonight after hours long standoff inside his home. police were called to the home after he wrote -- after someone
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not in the home when police arrived. >> ryan throughout the first pitch at the game. this was his first public appearance since returning from rio where he won the gold alongside michael phelps. he also took the time to meet with the fans. here is jump talking football as we inch closer to kickoff. >> due to an injury, 19-year-old freshman quarterback. the guy he might have the most in common with could be his 61- year-old head coach. we will end the coach tell you that story and the panthers were forced to cut several players today. we will let newspapers say it's time pat mccrory and republicans in raleigh tell the truth about our schools.
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orations. and what are we left with? the ratio of teachers to students is worse. funds for textbooks and supplies are scarce. teaching assistants have been depleted.
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a roller coaster. that is the best way to describe this off-season for dukes football team. they have had some really high highs but i don't know if those compared to the low, low's. including losing their starting quarterback for the entire season. his left achilles last week and will miss the entire 2016 season. that means, instead of a 15 senior, the blue devils will turn to daniel jones to lead the team and its strange as it may sound, the person the 19- year-old may have the most in common with is actually his 61- year-old had coach. >> i don't remember one night not too long ago of trying to get him on the phone late.
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bit of wondering where in the heck is he your well, he was watching tape and i like that. i am glad he was doing the same thing i was doing. that is a good sign. late, late at night although, i wish you would sleep, also. i don't need sleep and i am old and not playing. he does. >> hopefully, a well rested quarterback. will take a field north carolina saturday at 6 >> players, today is not the day you want to get a call from the boss because today is cut day. all 32 teams are required to cut their rosters from 90 players to just 75 and that means the panthers had to say goodbye to guys like hunters -- hunter. robinson and laurent berg. teams will make the final cuts all the way down to 53 players this saturday, september 3. >> the hurricanes locked up
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ron francis received a contract extension through the 29th -- 2019 season. as many know, he is already a member of the hockey hall of fame and has been with the franchise for 11 years. apparently, he has been doing things the exact same way for all of these 11 years. >> i tried to post a job. all with the same approach. try to make ourselves better. so it is nice to have the extra s >> the hurricanes opened this season, october 13. >> last but not least, here is the national story that has everyone's attention. tim tebow is trying his hand at baseball. we had a trial today in front of over 40 major league scouts doing batting practice. he said several balls over the fence but he did struggle in other parts of the tryout so he
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three scouts went on record today with their comments and one saying, he is definitely intriguing and another says to run that well as impressive. the third one, to works -- 2 words. he said.
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