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tv   North Carolina News at 500PM  CBS  August 31, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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hour. that water down there is really warm. the longer it sits in the gulf of mexico, the more moisture it will pick up. that's the big change in the current conditions. now the forecast path. i want to start with the computer models. they have started to hint at this. unfortunately, the national hurricane center ha onboard. we look at the trends and where the cluster is going. as you can see behind me it's obvious what happened. remember last night most of the lines kept this offshore but over the past 12 to 18 hours they have started to shift on not only eastern but central north carolina. there's one cluster that keeps it right over the coastline and another clufter that brings it over us.
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almost shocking to look at. it's been a long time since we had a storm come on top of us. it's not going to strength anymore than a tropical storm. the biggest implication will be we will now have good rain chances thursday and into friday and early saturday. so it head force florida, not until friday morning. it will be late friday night into saturday toward us. i will walk you through with rain and our wind situation. as we get ready for now a tropical storm coming up in the next few days. due to the threat of the tropical storm, varsity football games will play on thursday. doug byrd versus richmond high game will begin at 6:30. to keep up with dates of the
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time, make sure to download the cbs north carolina weather app. you can get the latest storm tracker and sign up for alerts. it's available in the app store. tonight a family of 3-year- old ramirez ram who died -- leslie ramirez who died in a van are talking. >> reporter: the mother said this was an accident. both parents were crying. the father tried to save his daughter right there moments before she took her last breath. >> found her very weak to the point that when she pulled her out, her last breath was right there. >> reporter: tears flowed as they held on tight to what's left of leslie ramirez. the 3-year-old died monday
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including two adults returned home. it was not until the father came home from work four hours later that anyone noticed that leslie was still in the van. >> he thought he could save her. imagine that. >> reporter: witnesses called 911. >> they took a girl out of the car. i don't think she's bleeding. >> reporter: her mother said it was an accident. >> i love my daughter, and mother will not kill her children. >> reporter: while durham police continue their investigation, the family is making plans to bury leslie. >> it's not easy. it was such an unprecedented accident, especially for a mom that has five kids. >> reporter: as of right now durham police have not said whether they will file charges.
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more about this tragedy that this family is going through. >> derrick, thank you. a durham man is free tonight after a judge threw out his 1995 double murder conviction. darryl howard served time for the murder of a woman and her daughter. david? >> reporter: darryl spent a lot of time in the courthouse the past couple decades but today was the first time he was able to walk out and go home. darryl howard is a free man. >> i'm just trying to go see my grandchildren, go see my mom and go home. >> reporter: his family gathered outside the durham county jail following a judge's order to throw out the double murder conviction.
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fighting. it took me a long time to get to this point. >> reporter: for the past three days in court, howard's attorneys argued dna evidence implicates another man in the case. they said none of howard's dna was found on any of the victims. >> ours friends in the degreestor -- prosecutor's office, they're not retry this case. >> reporter: they said mike nifong hid evidence. he was a lead prosecutor in howard's case. >> why don't you go back and look at his cases. >> reporter: as for howard, he credits his family for supporting him and thanks his wife. >> you go in with faith and you expect it to happen.
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the journey has been long. we made in. now we're going to enjoy this moment, this destination. >> reporter: and the district attorney's office said they will not appeal. david hurst, cbs north carolina. cumberland sheriff's deputies found a body. the discovery was made on blocks where anthony mcneil was accused of killing a man. he was the grandfather of mcneil's child. it's not clear if the two are related. the u.s. supreme court refuses to restore the state's voter i.d. laws and its reduction of early voting days.
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a federal appeals court struck down parts of the law last month saying it was biased. this decision means you will not have to show an i.d. when you cast a ballot in november. a day after the u.s. department of agriculture closed several offices due to an anonymous threat, the office in raleigh opened this morning. still no word on what the threat was or hop is back to normal. the usda closed offices in west virginia, maryland, connecticut and colorado. a few moments ago donald trump finished a news conference in mexico. it comes after his meeting with the country's president enrique pena nieto. mexico's president said he and trump may not agree on everything but the meeting
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shared interest. >> the united states and mexico share a 2,000 mile border a half a trillion in annual trade and 1 million illegal border crossings each and every day. we're united by our support for democracy, a great love for our people and the contributions of millions of mexican americans tonight united states. that mexico pay for any border wall. clinton tweeted out portions of trump's speech when he accused immigrants of bringing drugs and crime to the united states. jetblue flight 387 touched down in the communist nation this morning the first commercial flight from the u.s. in half a century. the airline must follow new
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greater access to cuba. soon 110 dalely -- daily flight also take place. >> we don't even know what their vetting process is for these employees. it only take one person to put a bomb on an airplane. >> u.s. marshals will be on some flights. new water lines for people who live near coal ash storage pits. the environmental protection agency announced it today. letters will be isn't to 1,000 homes. duke must submit the plans and the work must be done in 2018. in 2014 a spill contaminated drinking water wells. starting tomorrow fayetteville teens who get if trouble with the law may be
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misdemeanor diversion project. one teen said it would have saved her years ago. >> reporter: welcome to one of the most heated places around, a cumberland county jail cell. it's a place no one wants to be. the diversion program is modeled after durham. leaders believe the same program mr. give teenagers a second chance. 18-year-old kayla sanders is at a critical point in her life. she hopes to begin college in the near future but her professional future is uncertain because of this 2015 misdemeanor charge after fighting in school. >> she kept taunting me. >> currently the law is 16 and 17-year-olds are treated as
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misdemeanors each year but starting tomorrow 16 and 17- year-old first time offenders accused of a misdemeanor will be considered for the 90-day diversion program. >> at the end of the day if they successfully complete it, the charges will not be filed. >> reporter: the program, however, is dismissed, she now has to get the charge expunged. that process could be costly and could take up to a year. >> they shouldn't have charged her for it to be on her record. a lot of kids make mistakes. >> reporter: kayla's -- until her criminal record is clear, she will always worry when filling out a job application
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a crime. >> i'm trying my best to not do anything. >> reporter: the diversion program is only for certain types of misdemeanors. it applies to fighting, shoplifting, possibly underaged drinking. it does not apply to sex offense >> because of the high success rate a program was created for 18 to 21-year-olds this year. some quick thinking saved lives after an accident at a gas station led to a fire. >> the dramatic incident as one eyewitness shared the heroics of one man. >> plus a special kind of traffic light is headed to i-
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look at i-40. a crash has closed the newspapers say it's time pat mccrory and republicans in raleigh tell the truth about our schools. instead of putting our children first, billions in tax breaks that could have lifted north carolina's schools have been diverted into tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations. and what are we left with? the ratio of teachers to students is worse. funds for textbooks and supplies are scarce.
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adelle: at first, i was so happy to teach in north carolina. but we've fallen to 41st in teacher pay, 44th in per-student spending, and a lot of us even have to buy school supplies. governor mccrory talks about raising our pay, but he tried to cut education funding to its lowest budget share in over 30 years. like over two thousand other teachers,
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to fix this. interstate i-540 be a one of the quickest routes. >> now there >> reporter: stop lights that help traffic go a little faster on 540. >> it's a way to control traffic by restricting how many cars can come off a ramp at the same time. >> reporter: dot will put the first signals on 540 west in raleigh. this will work like a traffic light. except, when it turns green
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g take a look at this video from the north carolina dot that shows exactly how it will work. the lights quickly switch from red to green to regulate track on the highway. a traffic study showed the westbound ramps on 540, creed more were some of the busiest and perfect places. >> these are aimed primarily at rush hour times although they can be >> reporter: he said once they're up and running this spring you could get ticketed for running the light just like you would for a stop light. a woman pumping gas was able to move when a gas pump fell on her car and eventually caught fire. the connecticut woman's two children were in the car.
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rescued the boys. >> the person who was in the car with his son and his nephew came over here. the wife pulled up. she brought the child over so she could take them home. he was totally shaken up. hey had to grab the two kids and get them out to safety. >> the two cars involved were completely charred and three others were damaged. a attendant hit the shutoff switch. chris brown is mostly quiet on social media after being arrested. baylee curran said he point and gun at her. she called the police.
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hour standoff with police. he was released after post lag $250,000 bond. he has posted messages on sole so many proclaiming his innocence. after being lulled to sleep, the tropical depression finally happen but without tropical storm hermine. today being the august it's fitting that we spend another day in the low 90s. i don't know about you but i think i'm okay with a new month starting tomorrow. it's mostly dry with a stray shower here and there, one in goldsboro but most of us stay dry tonight although it will continue to be warm and muggy. as we go hour by hour into the evening, by 8:00, small chances
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78 at 10. your first morning to work and school in september will start off not very september like, 71 degrees. all these temperatures are way above normal for this time of the year. even though we have had big changes in what's happening with tropical storm hermine, we have a cold front. as for tropical depression number 8 that continues to and will not have any more impacts on north carolina but tropical storm hermine will. it's this afternoon when the airplane found a wind strong enough to classify that it got upgraded. over the past 24 hours the computer models have been hinting a shift to the west. that is exactly what's happened
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the national hurricane center. remember, we can't see all the way into the gulf of mexico with radar. we don't see all the rain yet, but you see the clouds. it's getting a more well defined circulation. it's still got a long while. winds are at 45 miles per hour. so the big story was a pretty decent shift to the west, which, after it makes early friday morning, it will slow down, come over georgia and south carolina and over our area as we head into late friday night, early saturday morning. we're not going to worry about what it's going to be called. what we need to be worried about is the rain. as for a closer look at the track, i want to show you the middle of the new track. that's daunting seeing that.
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tropical system but a rain maker. i want to show you the current track compared to this white line. that is a pretty decent shift to the west. that is why our forecast has changed so much over the past 24 hours. so for tomorrow cold front still on the way. it will be hot and humid. there's hermine making landfall and slowly moving its way up here. the front will kind of make it hermine. the result is wet weather and cooler weather on friday. so hot and mostly dry tomorrow. cooler and much wetter on friday. then as it slowly my greats to the north of us on saturday, yes, it could be cool but we could have a little bit of rain. the holiday weekend is not a washout but it has especially changed, especially friday and
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cold front approaches us. we have a college football game. i don't think it will be a washout. i don't think you'll need to bring the umbrella or the poncho but there's a chance of showers. state hosts william and mary. the game finishes up in the mid- 70s. it will be 90 tomorrow. look how cooler it is o scattered showers like we planned all along with the front tomorrow. the big change is what's coming on friday with the shift in her mine. i tell you what, that number could go up more or if there are more shifts, it could go down. this is not written in stone by a long shot. we get into saturday, some left overrain but drying quickly throughout the day.
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decent days, temperatures in the mid-80s and slowly warm up by the middle of next week. the next three days will be drastically different. friday wet and cooler and drying out, a nice day with upper 70s possible on saturday. we go from 23 days in the 90s in august and we've got a 79- degree day on saturday. >> all right.
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using social media is often frowned upon. >> but students are getting a unique lesson. kyle hamstra a specialist said it's porchlt he said parents can follow teachers on twitter. >> it almost wall between the classroom and the real world. now parents are invited in to is specific examples of what students are learning. students are learning. >> students are given an adelle: at first, i was so happy to teach in north carolina. but we've fallen to 41st in teacher pay, 44th in per-student spending,
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g our pay, but he tried to cut education funding to its lowest budget share in over 30 years. like over two thousand other teachers, i'm having to move to another state so i can do what i love and make ends meet.
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urging the federal trade commission to crack down on deceptive social media ads from celebrities. many fail to disclose when they're being paid to push products and services. >> there's restrictions on commercial speech. so if they're getting for free or being paid to post what they're photographing, then there are rules and regulations. >> well, the reality tv stars responded boy amending certain posts and kylie jenner said this was actually a birthday gift from air bnb. >> how the decision will impact
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mothers suffering in the floods in louisiana. their mission and how you can help. close to 400 people are out of a job tonight. it is shutting its doors. johnson rodriguez has the latest. >> reporter: this is one of the >> we've been trying to dodge it for three or four years. the owner said they simply don't have enough money coming in. ultimately you're not getting paid for it? >> yes. it's hard.
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people who will not have a job tomorrow. >> reporter: those employees found out yesterday. >> we waited until the last minute but we didn't know until the day before yesterday. >> reporter: they will close all locations. he said he doesn't know who will make up the thousands of calls. >> we're sorry but we don't know of anything to do to all my employees, i'm truly sorry no it's almost that team again where we're just 26 hours from kickoff of the wolfpack. tomorrow traffic will compete with the normal rush hour. >> reporter: there are just a few dozen tickets available.
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drivers are encouraged to leave early. as you can see right here a lot of tailgaters are already set up. >> i missed like eight games in the lamps 16 years. >> reporter: steve young beat the crowd and got his parking spot early and that's what highway patrol wants people to do thursday. >> get here early. get >> i got it parked last night. we've been here for about 30, 45 minutes just slowly getting things together. >> gates will open at 2:30. highway patrol and the department of transportation said people should expect delays as early as three. >> if you're not going to be here, by all means make other arrangements to get around the
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avoid the beltline and hillsborough street. ticket sale also make four seasons in a row with increased attendance. >> it says more about the fan than the team. we haven't put the result out on the field to patch the -- match the support. >> reporter: young said he will keep coming win or lose so he didn't miss rushing touchdowns. state troopers and other officers will be directing so keep an eye out for them handed strains. reporting live, cbs north carolina. >> good tips. a quick reminder if you're going to the game tomorrow, nc state will enforce a new clear bag policy all in the name of safety. only clear plastic or vinyl bags will be aloud.
5:34 pm a heads up for drivers in south raleigh. the dot shift was scheduled for today but delayed. the westbound drivers will be put on rebuilt lanes to wheeler road. this is a wide look over that section now. the latest shift will connect newly built lanes in less than a week durham city council member also discuss a plan to preserve a historic section. not everyone wants to be included. >> don't handcuff us and add costs. >> reporter: ernie mills is a cofound are of the durham mission, a place that helps hundreds of men, women and
5:35 pm
years. >> when i heard they would create a historic district, my heart failed. >> reporter: it falls in the lines of the golden belt historic district. >> let's make a place for the poor. we can have a golden belt and a place for the poor at the time. >> reporter: mills is afraid this will ham pert mission's future. >> this community need as community this community needs affordable housing. we're here and not running. >> reporter: on september 6th the city council will see this map. it show was consultants recommended. >> the purpose of the district is to retain that character and to ensure that future changes within that area are not going to detract from the character
5:36 pm
despite that mills has a showing of support. he laps to take the signed petitions to the city clerk. >> if the city council approves this portion as historic, it will go into effect immediately. >> an arrest has been made in in connection with jones and pyatt. price was killed with two counts of accessory afte fact. price was transferred to johnston county. franklin sheriff's office needs your help finding a suspect in a criminal damage case. they say this truck was caught on surveillance video this weekend doing doughnuts between
5:37 pm
varina are turning to internet humor to get their message across. take a look. the post used possible memes to drive home the message. lock your car and report suspicious activity around vehicles. a family is helping those who have been devastated by the flooding. >> they are trying babies. carleigh griffeth has more on what they need and how you can help. >> reporter: the agape organization is a christian organization that strives to help women with anything they may need before, and after a pregnancy. >> what they left home with is what they have, whether the diaper bag, babe birks the clothes on their back.
5:38 pm
>> it's sad. >> reporter: helen and her two granddaughters were moved by the overwhelming floods. >> i thought this would be a good opportunity to help them out. >> so i googled to see if there was a crisis pregnant center in baton rouge and there was. >> reporter: it is now completely flooded. >> had to gut the whole building. they lost three ultrasound machines. had a bonfire to burn the collect supplies like -- >> diapers, bottles, pacifiers, new, used clothes. >> reporter: and drive the supplies there with the help of her granddaughters. >> i hope to impact their lives and let them know that jesus loves them. >> it's a nice feeling. >> what if it was your home. what if it was your baby?
5:39 pm
would you want someone to help. >> you can also make a monetary donation. head over to shock and horror for hundreds of families in indiana today. >> coming up, why they're being told to leave their homes. >> plus, as tropical depression
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i'm roy cooper,
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attorney general, we discovered a backlog of more than 5,000 dna test kits and years worth of shoddy investigations. but what governor mccrory isn't telling you is that we cleared the backlog. we also solved over 2,000 crimes and put killers and rapists in prison from cold cases. we fixed the problems at the crime lab,
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a shocking and upsetting regulation for 1,000 residents in a town in indiana. >> i just wanted to know why didn't inbound tell us sooner. why didn't they warn us. >> health officials are forcing residents of east chicago to leave their homes after learning the soil in their neighborhood is poisoned with dangerous levels of lead arsenic. what's worse, the state health department discovered the levels more than 17 months ago. isis said one of its top leaders is dead. the pentagon confirmed the target of abu muhammad al- adnani but his death is still not confirmed. >> reporter: the u.s. led air
5:43 pm
there's now confusion because today russia's claiming that it killed al-adnani with one of its air strikes. it's an area where isis had been losing territory, that al- adnani was killed while inspecting. rarely captured on camera, his face blurred in the only video we have al-adnani incited his followers in the west to kill nonmuslims wherever they could in lone wolf attacks. slaughter him with a knife or run him over with your car he said in a speech. al-adnani was an architect of external operations, reportedly recruiting fighters and instigating deadly attacks,
5:44 pm
brussels. the government of iraq claimed to have hit al-adnani with an air strike in january, wounding him critically, but that was never confirmed. reporting for cbs news, istanbul. >> the pentagon said earlier this year that air strikes have killed 25,000 isis fighters. now we continue to track tropical weather directions. kristin ketchell has been keeping an eye on tropical depression number 8. >> reporter: in nags head on the outer banks, the beach was spared. the risk for high surf and rip current also remain over the next several days but the worst is over for now. coastal north carolina is not in the clear just yet. another tropical system is on this one's heels and may impact
5:45 pm
with so many expected to travel, the emergency manager is already planning ahead. >> starts early. we looked a the latest forecast at 5:00 this morning again at 8:00 and 9:00 and get the word out just like you're doing, make sure the citizens are aware. >> reporter: as far as damage from tropical depression number 8, just some minor beach erosion in nags head today. offer, the impact of th tropical system could be greater. in nags head, i'm kristin ketchell. >> like she said the focus is on tropical storm hermine in the gulf of mexico. the storm has flood a portion of the coast just outside of tampa. residents are quickly putting down sandbags to slow the water. >> the water has been really
5:46 pm
>> tropical storm hermine isn't much of the day stationery in the -- stationary in the gulf of mexico. it is expected to make landfall early friday morning near the panhandle. all right. we'll get to heavy details on what will happen to hermine in central north carolina. let's say good-bye to august. for some of us a little bit stormy. goldsboro, some heavy downpours and lightning there. today was always going to be a hot, humid rain chance. showers along the coast, not related to tropical depression number 8 by the way but some scattered showers there. a few showers to the south will stay there. we're in for a warm night and warm it s23rd day this month that we had temperatures in the 90s. that's where many of us sit,
5:47 pm
the second graders. not only did we talk about the tropics but tv. that's the green wall. hopefully you guys stayed cool today. we have a warm night ahead. 82 at 8:00. small rain chances. by 10:00 it's 78. we fall through the vest development you're out the door on the first day opt will be 71 degrees, so still warm and muggy. despite the big news with tropical storm hermine, we still have a cold front coming and we still have cooler temperatures this hole dray weekend. we just changed around the rain chances. so the big story with the current conditions of her mien is it became her mien after tropical depression number 9 strengthened with 45-mile-an-
5:48 pm
hermine about 2:00. that's the vein that will be ledded our way. let's start with the computer model forecast. this is something that we started to notice over the past 24 models. the computer models started to shift. when we look at this, we look at where the cluster is going and the trend. is it moving this way or this way. the trend has been pushing it inward. the cluster, there's two of them, one along the coast and a separate one ri us. it would make sense that today at 5:00 the national hurricane center shifted their track back closer to us as well. remain ago tropical storm close to a hurricane before it makes landfall then some weakening that would bring it from tropical storm status to depression status but right on top of us.
5:49 pm
uncertainty. let's talk about what we can expect, first with the winds. you'll see a bunch of blobs. tropical storm force winds 45 miles an hour. the orange 60 miles an hour or so. 10:00 friday night this will start to get windy in the sand hills. that mr. spread into the early morning hours of saturday. winds will be at their strongest early saturday morning. then things will improve as head toward lunchtime. this could change with more shifts. this is not written in stone. we're in a position where we will have to check in on this every six hours. so tomorrow still a hot and humid day, generally dry. here comes the wet weather from her mine. it will be a wet and much cooler day on friday and leftover rain saturday morning before we get to enjoy the rest of our holiday weekend. tomorrow is a hot day.
5:50 pm
drying day on saturday. sunday and monday, still parts of our holiday, will be the pick days of the week. so our 3-degree guarantee is 90. today we sky rocketed to 95. we milled it today but we're -- missed it today but we have the guarantee of $2600. look forward to writing a big check to them to your story. >> coming up, new tonight on cbs north carolina governor pat mccrory sitting down with teachers in a round table discussion. >> reporter: every single day more than 3,000 driver also illegally pass a stopped school bus. i want to know why you ran that stopped school bus.
5:51 pm
know, i'm learning. >> reporter: anytime you're behind a bus you have to stop and if you're coming from the
5:52 pm
hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while
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attack survivors may face premature disease, that it's twice as high as the general population that overall the risk of premature death after a heart attack has dropped significantly. that story comes as a new report from europe said the mediterranean can stave off heart desease-- disease. it's been touted fo nearly 40% loris being of cardiovascular death than those hop didn't stick to the diet. our storm team has been raising money north american cancer society. >> tonight chief meteorologist wes hohenstein introduces us to a doctor and patient whose lives intersecond thanks to a cancer diagnosis. >> i noticed a painful area of
5:55 pm
felt i was too young to be diagnosed with brea cancer. >> reporter: meet rose, a wife, mother and durham resident who was diagnosed with breast cancer, 19 months ago. >> the second the radiologist put it on my breast, she looked a at me with horror. >> reporter: two days later a biopsy >> it was a friday when i had the biopsies. i think i cried nonstop from friday to monday morning when i went to work. >> reporter: luckily she new someone at work who had done research. >> how tumors air texted by different agents and how the humor grows.
5:56 pm
was one of the many things helping to save her life today. >> the one drug that we were looking at that time 10 years ago was a drug called herceptin. i saw treatment of tumors improved with oxygen delivery. including the oxygen means the radiation is more effective, that the effective. the best advice they can give. >> self-breast exams are incredibly helpful because a lot of women are getting diagnosed outside the range. >> thanks to dr. eapen for sharing her story. it's so hard but important. get yourself tested. >> an amazing story. well done.
5:57 pm
i'm roy cooper, and you deserve the truth about the crime lab. when i became attorney general, we discovered a backlog of more than 5,000 dna test kits and years worth of shoddy investigations. but what governor mccrory isn't telling you lved over 2,000 crimes and put killers and rapists in prison from cold cases. we fixed the problems at the crime lab,
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north carolina news at 6 starts now. >> as one tropical system heads away, another is heading our way. >> tropical storm hermine is now churning in the gulf of mexico.
6:00 pm
could reach north carolina later this week. later this week has in 48 hours from now -- as in 48 hours from now we will have impact in our town from tropical storm hermine. the big story today as the hurricane hunters were flying around investigating this system, they found winds strong enough to upgrade it from tropical depression number 9 to winds remain at 45 miles per hour. it is still moving really slow north, northeast. that means it's sitting over some warm gulf of mexico water. it will allow it to pick up in moisture which in turn will turn into rain and it will allow it to get a little better


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