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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  September 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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take a look at what's going on with the weather. alyssa is here, our meteorologist. letting us know what to expect. >> tropical storm hermine strengthened yesterday. this is our satellite radar composite as we do start off our morning. we're looking at all of the that heavy rain along the coast in association with that tropical storm. spreading flooding conditions. we're closer to home. that will be here tomorrow into talk about. that's off to our north. we'll be impacting us later this afternoon. in the meantime, we will start off on the dry side. let's get straight to those temperatures. if you're getting ready to head out the door 70 along with louisburg. upper 60ed around henderson. goldsboro now the coolest spot on our map at 66. 71 in wilmington. good morning to you there. 74 out the door at 8 a.m. pretty mild and muggy.
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there. that will slow you down as yesterday. 86 at noon. 92 our afternoon high. hot and humid. yesterday we hit 95 believe it or not. after 3:00 we will start to see those scattered showers and storms today. we drop back to 87. i will drop you through the rest which means very wet conditions possible on our friday. i'll have the details in st >> we aren't the only ones keeping an eye on the incoming weather systems. it's massive. these are two storms that are making their way currently to hawaii. one is tropical storm madeline. it was downgraded from a hurricane last night. the other is hurricane lester. both are expected to impact the islands overred weekend. >> we've got a lot going on on
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traffic camera. it looks like now three lanes are blocked. crews continue to investigate a crash that happened earlier this morning. so as the morning rush starts, we're seeing i-40 eastbound. extremely crowded. now we'll take you to the maps. take you right to it here. this season the eastbound side on wade avenue. 289. you can take 54 up towards morrisville. you can take 70 but we are starting to lane closures cause some delays. have a crash on i-40 eastbound. this is causing some heavy delays. you can take rock quarry road around this. you can take 50 around this as well if you're heading up north into raleigh. nothing like that through durham. just about 23 minutes there. now i-40 at white oak road this is right before that
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so you can see this is causing heavy delays. might be the best option. continue to follow these crashes for you. for nc state football fans the season starts tonight. emma wright is live near the stadium with more on how game traffic might you. emma? >> yeah. game traffic definitely a factor and another thing you want to keep in mind is what you're bringing into the stadium. they've made a few changes this year. starting tonight, this afternoon you can't bring any bags. any bags that you can't see through. instead the only thing is a small clear bag slr to
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in. it's a security measure in the stadium. they're looking forward to the season and also say that as season ticketholders they got a free clear bag from the stadium when they got their tickets. they don't mind following some new rules as long as it keeps everyone safer. >> well, being a wolf club pac one. supposed to help ease the lines if you can't carry backs or big things in. without being searched. it's real easy. a simple concept. people who need to carry a bag shouldn't be a big deal. when you're headed to the stadium this afternoon keep the bags in mind. you also want to keep in mind the traffic situation.
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or out of. they want people to know to keep a lookout for the area if they don't have to be here. we're going to talk more about that coming up at 6:30. reporting live, i'm emma wright. >> good information right. there it was a battle that lasted more than 20 years. a man once convicted of two murders is out of prison am judge ordered his release. in 1995 howard was found guilty attorneys argued that the prosecutor at the time withheld evidence. he's since been disbarred. >> it took me a long time to get to this point . 12, 14 years. a lot of students, a lot of lawyers. >> thank god i'm here. >> howard's attorney says new dna testing poin s to
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will decide whether daryl howard will be retried. the da is not appealing the decision to release howard from prison. >> looking ahead today we are going to find out if a cumberland county teen accused of murder will be charged as an adult. the teen will be in court this morning but the district attorney says if the case is moved to happen for several weeks. >> in fayetteville two brothers are in jail this morning for a weekend shooting at an apartment complex. they are charged with first- degree murder. they shot and kill twod men at the southwood complex early sunday morning. they were also hurt in that shooting but that are expected to be o.k. all three are being held without bond at this point . also in fayetteville they
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the suspected crime happened back in june. they say gonzalez ramirez is a friend of the family. he's in the detention center this morning in lieu of a $30,000 bond. >> some arrests and demonstrations in brazil. the president was officially ri removed from office country's new president addressed the nation on tv. people smashed business windows, damaged police cars. antiriot police spent hours trying to clear the crowd and also tear gas. >> new this morning a terrifying night for patients at a florida hospital. they had to be evacuated because of a fire. officials say the blaze started in the hospital's generator room. nearly 300 patients have to be moved. the most critical ones left
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carry the patients by hand. we can't utilize the elevators. i was just talking to the fire rescue chief and he said it's just too dangerous. we don't want to get somebody trapped while we're trying to evacuate. >> none of them were hurt during the fire or the evacuation. they're still investigating how that blaze started but they believe weather may have played a bit of a diswhris. his elimination. a significant employee to isil and the leadership. >> one of the top leaders killed in an air strike. why two countries are claiming responsibility. >> plus a military chopper ends up in a really sticky situation. where and how this happened. >> and this morning we are starting off pretty mild and muggy. right now we're at 66 in siler city. there will be the potential for
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ariefs tomorrow. adelle: at first, i was so happy to teach in north carolina. but we've fallen to 41st in teacher pay, 44th in per-student spending, and a lot of us even have to buy school supplies. governor mccrory talks about raising our pay, but he tried to cut education funding to its lowest budget share in over 30 years. like over two thousand other teachers, i'm having to move to another state
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doesn't look all that impressive but that's our
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the later. make sure of the umbrella with you. 68 in louisburg and clayton. both at 67 this morning. so making plans for your day ahead. 74 at 8 a.m. 86 add lunchtime. that's going to be partly cloudy there. hot and humid with an isolated st evening drive home. a closer look and the holiday weekend ahead. coming up next. >> thankses. an odd problem for the national guard. they're trying to figure out how to move that chopper out of all of that mud. they had to make an emergency landing because of mechanical problems. ed good news is neither of the pilots were injured but they ended up landing again in the muddy field
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the helicopter, while it stucked national guard is now working to get the chopper out of the mud. we're going to get you caught up on time. it's 6:14. still ahead, can make just about everything much more difficult and have a drastic impact on their future. coming up, we're going to tell you how officials are trying to give some teens a second chance. right now though here's a live look at a lunar eclipse. really pretty this morning as you get your day started. keep it here.
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just hours after a visit to mexico trurpz laid out his immigration policy. the u.s. supreme court is refusing to request -- restore the voter id law and now that tropical depression 8 is moving away we
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>> starting today teens in fayetteville could see a new alternative. joins us in the studio with more on how new -- >> good morning, russ. this program is an toarcht focus on rehabilitation rather than incarceration. the program is for 16 and 17 year olds. it's modeled after a similar program that touted a 96% rate. the # 0-day program will be first-time offenders like fighting, shoplifting and underage drinking but it won't apply to sex offenses, domestic violence or weapons cases. the teenagers will do community service and attend several classes t. won't mean an existing charge will go away. they will to get that exponged but those teens won't see new charges after this program. for cbs north carolina.
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odds. this time over who actually killed one of the top spokesmen for isil. >> he was apparently killed while inspecting military operations in syria. officials at the pentagon say it was a u.s. air strike. the russian defense ministry is claiming it took him out. the pentagon's press secretary says there's no evidence supporting a russian strike. >> all right. whatever you're doing right now look at this picture we're about to show you many thanks to a college football player's small gesture of kindness it's a long time she has to worry about him eating lunch again. >> i don't know what will. that is florida state star wide receive who sat down to have lunch with a student who's been sitting in that cafeteria alone. he and other teammates were visiting a florida middle school on tuesday. >> i saw him by himself and i was just like can i have a seat?
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>> awe. >> somebody nearby took this photo of them having lunch. the 11-year-old has autism and eats by himself. his mom put the picture on face book. as you can imagine it's going viral. >> i don't know what made him bik beau but i'm grateful. >> that's a cool person. i'll hang out with him any day. >> that's sleutdly incredible. it's a great opportunitr kids about, you know, don't leave somebody sitting there by theps. >> can you imagine how lonely that must feel? >> he said e he just said what's up, dude? that's so cool. very cool story. all right. so let's get to our forecast. hermine bearing down railroad. here's what it looks like.
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the storm will be impacting us here. let get to the latest track on this storm. this came in at 5 a.m. we won't get another update and it's still a tropical storm. could strength intoon a category one hurricane as it approaches the panhandle of florida testimony will make land fall. it would be late tonight into early tomorrow morning. while many of us are sleeping. could continue to be a hurric georgia. that track has shifted again this morning. it's off to our east. could jump back into the flik. right around the wilmington area. just north of that and then travel offshore. this would be friday night. remnant low off the peninsula as we head into later this holiday weekend. now this is also new this morning. we have tropical storm watches in effect for portions of north carolina. this includes up to surf city
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coast. including the wilmington area. also tropical storm warnings further south you head. this area shaded in orange. that includes charleston and savannah down around south carolina. also in addition to that, we have a flash flood watch that will be in effect from friday morning until saturday morning. pretty much the same areas included here in north carolina, wilmington, surf city involved in that. most of this so should be tapering off by saturday afternoon. before all of that we have another system though worry about it's a cold front. tbhaf front arrives looks pretty nice here this morning. 72 degrees. a live picture from our tower camera. 72 in raleigh. 70 in durham. a number of areas in the upper 60s. still at 71 in wilmington. hour by hour for you today. 86 at noon. we'll eventually make it to 92 this afternoon. chance for showers and storps after about 3:00 this
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an isolated shower or two before 3:00. most of us starting to see that wet weather. not the best forecast for the state game at 7:00 but take the poncho with you. as we head into overnight tonight, a lingering shower. the majority of friday morning should be dry before tropical storm hermine brings in some rain. lunchtime into the afternoon hours. some light rain here. here we are at 6:00. the heaviest rain saturday morning. going to be in waking up saturday morning. saturday afternoon is when i'm expecting the sunshine to return. how much rain? for some of you close to 4 inches. maybe isolated areas seeing 5 or more. even more than 6 inches expected along the coast. low 90s today in raleigh and durham. 9 had 4 in fayetteville. tonight drop to near 70 with a few lingering showers. with a tropical weather for friday.
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looks pretty nice. 82 and sunny on sunday. 6:23 right now. let me hand it over to allie. >> taking you i-40 at the clayton bipass. we're used to this traffic in a half hour or so but it's here because of a crash on the westbound side. manier detail osen that in a minute but we also have another crash that happened earlier that is causing someea east. this one near wade avenue. take you right to it. two right lanes are blocked for the crash investigation. and you can see where we have these yellow and white lines, your best routes around this. u.s. 70 that is and highway 54. might be your best detowrs. also that crash we showed you in the cliton bipass. heavy delays on i-40 east and
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this. rock quarry road as well. roads look pretty good through fayetteville. another look at i-40. where you can see delays because of that crash right near i-40 and u.s. 70. rust? >> all right. tesla is working around the clock to make its autopilot feature better. >> all right. coming up what the tell the truth about our schools. instead of putting our children first, billions in tax breaks that could have lifted north carolina's schools have been diverted into tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations. and what are we left with? the ratio of teachers to students is worse. funds for textbooks and supplies are scarce. teaching assistants have been depleted.
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rown. "make america great again". but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china. and his suits in mexico. in fact, the real donald trump outsourced his products and jobs to 12 different countries. so don't believe the hat. you can't make america great again, if you don't make things in america. yeah.
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tesla's updating the software. the upgrade will improve how data is processed. earlier this year, the technology though was linked to a fatal car accident. and this is bad news. our morning coffee could be in jeopardy. a new report found that half of the earth's land that is suitable to grow coffee will be lost by 2050 if climate change continues. not only impact all of us coffee drinkers but the 25 million coffee farmers around the globe. no coffee. i can't even imagine. russ? >> i just had my fourth. it's the beginning of the day for me. now, i don't like it at all. >> it depends how you define a cup. >> that's true. i've got three cups in one -- >> one sitting. >> anyway. >> all right. thanks so much. >> i need one of her cups. >> i like that. >> still to come donald trump is not softening his
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point . >> his promise to
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we are tracking hermine this morning. the tropical storm expected to bring a wet holiday weekend. alyssa has the latest info that we all need to know. >> yeah. th with hermine over the past 24 hours. a tropical storm yesterday afternoon. today, it could strength intoon a category one hurricane. right now though we're watching closely on our radar. already spreading some flooding rains across the state of florida. it will likely make land fall late tonight into first thing friday morning but before we get to the impact on what that will bring to our area we have a cold front lined town drop into our area this afternoon. this could bring us our first
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storms today. tropical storm hermine arriving tomorrow afternoon. so let's get straight to our temperatures nsm you're east of the triangle you're waking town the 60s. that's 67 in goldsboro. 68 in clayton. here around raleigh we've been staying right around 72. 70 in durham. 69 in pinehurst. 74. we'll stay dry through lunchtim will see a few showers or storms. we're back to 87 by 6:00. make sure you take that poncho if you're heading to the nc state game later this evening. more on your forecast in just a minute. let's turn it over to allie. >> good advice there do not take i-40 if you are heading east this morning. a crash investigation that continues and that blocks
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bipass. bumper to bumper right now due to another crash. so it's very busy out there. if you're heading to school, leave a little bit early. let's take you to the crash investigation going on on i-40 eastbound. two lanes blocked on our traffic cameras. you might want to take 70. also could take 54. if you don't want to wait in that traffic and that crash here on i-40 eastbound at exit 306. if you want to head up, rock quarry road. get off at that exit. you can take highway 50 instead. through durham crash free. some good news for you there. that's where you're commuting this morning. westbound drive times hasn't been affected too badly just yet. 54, u.s. 4. 16 minutes there. 8 minutes from newburn avenue. a live look at i-40. this congestion on the
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again is all because of that crash. that's happened right near u.s. 70. keep you mosted on all of that. >> more issues that drivers need to know about. it's game day. thousands of folks are going to be flooding to the stadium tonight >> some changes could cause traffic headaches even if you aren't going to the game. emma wright has been on this all morning. live there from the mobile news tracker to why. hi there, emma. >> hey there. well carter -- isn't known for being an easy place. it doesn't take much of a crowd for things to really get backed up on the roads in any direction really that you're going. we're driving along edwards mill right now. one of the roads that really tends to see some heavy backup.
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pretty crowded because of the football game. >> no question. just stay away if you're not going to the game. >> a search is underway for a gunman. police are looking for man who robbed a waffle house at gunpoint. this all happened just a few hours ago at the hillsborough street location. fortunately nobody was injured. but investigators set up a perimeter and brought in search dogs looking for the suspect. so far they don't have anyone in >> a dump truck driver. it happened on 401 at about 9:30. the triefer of the nissan was killed. the highway was closed for two hours. this morning police told us they charged the driver of the truck with misdemeanor death and unsafe movement. >> and in durham a pedestrian was killed last night while walking along hillsborough road. it happened just after 8:00. the person was struck by a passing suv. police have not released any information on the
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be filed. >> the u.s. supreme court will not restore the voter id lawsful you'll probably not have to show an id with you cast a ballot. a federal appeals court struck down parts of law last month saying it was racially biased. a last-ditch effort to delay a permanent injunction blocking provisions. early vote willing also revert to 17 days. the state has until the en october to appeal the court's decision. it's report card day for the state. they will release data from the last school year. that includes grading information for all schools including charter schools. 20914-15 school year roughly 70% of schools scored a c or below. wake county saw its highest graduation rate though at 86.1%. >> the family of a #-year-old durham toddler who
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morning. [ speaking spanish ] >> the sorrow and the grief very evident there. the family says 3-year-old leslie ramirez was left in the car on monday. a spoablgs person translated for them. >> the family came from doing an errand. they went to eat and after eating is what the accident happened. >> the child was found ou hours later. the case is still being investigated by police but no charges have been filed at this point . now funeral arrangements are still being planned. we'll continue to update you as we learn more. >> we will be fair, just and compassionate to all. but our greatest compassion must be for our men citizens. >> a hard stance on immigration
6:37 am
unclear his policy actually is. trump delivered a hard line speech last night in phoenix. the 10- point plan includes toughest enforce and execkive orders on imdwraition. his tone was much different from earlier in the day when he made a visit with mexico's president. trump called the meeting productive but he returned to call to to have mexico pay for the wall. >> 6:37 in the morning right now. how officials are trying it help young people criminal records. >> ace list alyssa? >> we're near 70 in roanoke rapids. more in your forecast [music] >> dr. stanley: we can understand and realize, it's through the gospel that you and i can be absolutely assured at what paul said when he said, "absent from the body, present with the lord." we don't have to fear death. it's through the gospel that our
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still in the gulf of mexico but people in parts of florida already feeling its affects and alyssa i want to tell you. i was just reading that the big concern is storm surge now this thing is intensitying. >> the last time florida actually had a land fall hurricane was 1 # years ago. we're tracking scwhrsm there we go. >> let's get to our latest forecast first. we have a cold front that we're tracking before that gets into our area. right now though it's a pretty tranquil start. no fog, no rain in this direction. looking at pretty clear skies. the official sunrise in 7 minutes. just rolling out of bed. make sure you're heading outside shortly to see if you're -- in the meantime 72 right now.
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this morning. again, no rain in our forecast this morning. this is the front i'm talking about. into the-esque and overnight hours. and with it will come scattered showers and storms. don't expect everyone. you will see better rain chances tomorrow into saturday morning. in the meantime your current temperatures 70 now in durham. 69 in henderson. so planning your day ahead, 86 lunchtime. 92 our high. the best chance for a shower or storm after about 3:00. 6:00 drive home around 87. could see some wet weather for that state game tonight. more on the tropics in just a little bit. russ? >> a city building has a major problem this morning. it's called bees. a whole lot of them. city hall is now home to an entire colony of bees. bee experts say it won't last long where they are
6:42 am
while trying coto keep them alive. >> they're free. they can come. we have a lift available they can use. that's the easiest way but if we don't get the queen bee they may not evacuate the area. >> the mayor says beekeepers have been able to save about 500 of those bees. of course the bees so important for us. all right. time is current lip high school.
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600 are charge with misdemeanors each year. they've tried many different avenues. they're putting a new method in place that's already worked. officials are using a teen diversion program that is 93% successful. cumberland county wants to mimic that success. they will lobby much a 90-day program where that i do community service and classes. it must be a teen's first misdemeanor charge for things like fighting. but charges like sex offenses, domestic viebles or weapon cases won't be eligible f. they complete the program charges won't be filed. criminal proceedings will move forward. for one 18-year-old she wants to take a turn for a better future. >> very scary because ki mess up like everything. i'm trying my best to not do
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while her case is dismissed she will have to get the charm -- she hopes others will learn from her case to avoid making a coastally mistake. for cbs north carolina. when a leesville high school student was hit by a car he stood up and thought he was walking away with minor injuries. it was an accident that will impact his life forever and has forced year. >> i remember last second looking and hearing the car and seeing it right before it hit me. he was a freshman in 2012 when his life changed forever. he was heading to a football game when he was hit by a car at the intersection of leesville road and o'neil drive. >> started getting a headache in the hospital. they said i broke my nose. thought i broke my arm. >> he was diagnosed with a brain injury that left
6:47 am
>> he has a completely different life now than otherwise. he talks about school but he missed a lot of things that -- dances, no sporting events. >> after the accident, josh's mom says the community rallied behind him to see change. there is now a stop sign at the intersection with plans to eveningly install a crossing signal. the city is also working on a safe route to school plan. >> we've had a really supportive that we're getting ready to build this. all of the principals are on board. >> construction will start this december on new sidewalks and bike lanes near leesville high school. something minute di and josh say could be life changing in a more positive way. >> some of those kids cross and i just literally have to cover my heads. it's like a game of frogger and people are just in such a rush. >> construction is expected to be finished during
6:48 am
that progress for you. we remind you to break at the intersections and break for buses as well. very big on that here. a bunch of trouble on the roads. take a look the second one here on 40. nc42 downtown. something you don't typically see. 43 minutes is what it's going to take you. let's take this traffic full and show you some traffic cameras that are showing the delays out there because of early morning crashes. now we did have e eastbound as you head towards wade avenue. you want to avoid the area. this is what it looks like now. we do still have troopers blocking off the shoulders. they were blocking two to three lanes. those have reopened but traffic is slow moving as people head into the work. we'll take you right to where that crash is again. you want to take 54 around this. you can take glenwood avenue around this as well.
6:49 am
causing heavy delays. best option to get off 70. take rock quarry road. those drive times not pretty for this time in the morning. downtown. 42 minutes. a live look at i-40 right before that crash. now lanes have reopened near u.s. 70 and i-40. however the delays remain. and again, another look at that crash. i-40 at wade avenue. traffic is blocking the shoulder. we also are following, of course, the weather. a big story coming up on this labor day week >> good morning, allie. certainly is a big story. the latest on tropical storm hermine is it's a strawrm. it's moving to the northeast at 12 miles an hour. certainly picking up some forward momentum from where we were yesterday. yesterday was stationary. it is impted to strength intoon a category one hurricane before making land fall late want to into first thing tomorrow morning. could stay as a hurricane briefly over georgia and
6:50 am
look at this. on monday. won't be a factor for us anymore. if you're heading to the coast this weekend, well, rip currents could certainly be a dangerous situation but after about saturday afternoon, looks like sunshine will be in this morning update tropical storm hermine has caused many so issue. wilmington and surf city. tropical storm watch there. interest southward. you're looking at those areas in orange. charleston, savannah. that's also a tropical storm warning ahead of this storm. we have a flash flood watch for all of these areas in green. this includes inland to columbia, south carolina to the coast.
6:51 am
pay close attention to. now in the meantime, we have a cold front that could impact us first today before all of that comes tomorrow. right now though you wouldn't know t. the sun is up. 72 degrees. live picture from our tower camera this morning. now let's get to our temperatures. also in the upper 60s around roanoke rapids. we have more of the 70s at 71 in making plans for the day today. still dry. start to see a few storms. very hot and very humid in the heat of the afternoon with a high of 92. evening drive home some stormy weather. here's your future forecast. we're dry this morning. we're dry through lunchtime. we'll start to see those showers and storms really
6:52 am
tomorrow morning from the word go more clouds than anything else. into tomorrow afternoon that we start to see those outer bands of hermine move nsm some scattered light rain first. the heaviest rain i think will hold off until after 7:00 and heading into the overnight hours. this is midnight heading into saturday morning. heavy rain moving through. continues into saturday morning. 8:30 a.m. waking up there to wet conditions. this should move east as we head into the afternoon. how much rain? you get closer to the coast. you could be talking upwards of 6 inches of rain with this system. we need rain but seeing it all one dose is not the december. 92 in raleigh. 94 in fayetteville today. overnight will drop to near 70 with lingering showers possible. moving through with that cold front and the tropical conditions. much cooler tomorrow and sard. upper 70s. there's that sunshine i promised for the rest of the holiday weekend.
6:53 am
6:53 almost, guys. baaing to you guys. >> am i really seeing the 70 appear this that forecast? >> i like the low 60s. i'm all about. that we'll be right back with some news to know before you go. >> wii want to check with cbs this morning to see what they're working on. >> donald trump reaffirmed his hard-lined immigration status. what last night's speech mean for the campaign. we'll also morning.
6:55 am
football is back at nc state. the first game of the season kicks off tonight but the tailgaters and fans are
6:56 am
might have an impact on the evening commute there. if you're aren't going to the game just avoid that area all together. if you're going to be around that area, just be super patient. >> the largest ambulance service is closing leaving hundreds of people without a job. the owner of johnston ambulance service says he just could not afford to keep the doors open. that means his 400 employees are now jobless. it served 14 counties in eastern and central carolina. this ambulance service is stepping up helping to fill in the gap. >> if you drive on fort bragg there's a new warning for you. it bans speeding, texting or unsafe driving. you're rank or status does not meter at all. anyone who doesn't attend that program will lose the right to drive on post. well florida's gulf coast
6:57 am
for hermine. the tropical storm is forecast to strengthen into a hurricane possibly today before making land fall. >> feeling the impact as the system brings rain and flooding their way. it will impact us here at home. and you need to know how so. >> some heavy rain tomorrow afternoon into saturday morning. so some of us could receive 4 inches of rain. >> all at once? >> a live picture from the top of the hill restaurant. before we goat it that a if you're getting ready to head out the door the afternoon we could see storms. a lotting at our -- tropical storm hermine. with likely strengthen into a hurricane before making land fall overnight tonight. and here's your seven-day forecast. a few storms this afternoon. hermine tomorrow. >> it's been a mess. take you to i-40. used to seeing traffic.
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though. it's been bumper to bumper all morning. just heard the come on duck! (puppy barks) you can do it duck. hurry up duck! you can do it duck. iams. helps keep your dog healthy at every stage.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, september 1st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? donald trump and the president of mexico contradict each other on border wall. the republican nominee later doubled down on his hardline stance on deportation. florida will likely be struck by its first hurricane today in 11 years. hermine could impact millions along the east coast. >> 1980s nostalgia. the twin brothers behind "stranger things" what is making it a hit after being rejected hollywood. we begin this morning with a


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