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tv   North Carolina News at 500AM  CBS  September 2, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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north carolina news at 5:00 starts now. >> we just bunker down, and we pray. >> you heard it. people in florida hunkering down as tropical storm her jb mine lashes the coast. hello and good morning. thanks for watching cbs north carolina. >> i'm russ. we'll hear more on how florida is dealing with therm second. alyssa, you've been busy with this thing for several days, not to mention the one before that, too. >> yeah. certainly been a busy week, guys. hopefully next week will bring calmer conditions for sure. right now, this storm has been downgraded to a tropical storm. this is typical when we see these storms roar ashore. it made land fall early this morning as a category 1 hurricane, winds at 80 miles per hour bringing drenching rain across the southern portions of
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beach seeing a pretty distinct rain band there. those rain bonds also starting to spread up the coast. we have rain falling across south carolina through charleston, through columbia now spreading into our area as well. let's take a closer look at our radar. some light rain around fayetteville and clinton. the steadiest rain still south of our area, but it's coming and will be moving in throughout the morning so that morning drive could be a soggy one for some of you. the rain will continue to increase in coverage and intensity throughout our morning. 72 des and in lieu wisberg, 73 in rocky mount. 70 in henderson and roanoke rapids. all in all, these temperatures not going to climb more than, say, 4, 5 degrees throughout the day. it is going to be unseasonably cool. also going tore very wet. rain likely at noon. 76. rain continues this afternoon at 78. rain and the wind really start to pick up as we head towards 6:00 this evening. we do have a wind advisory and a flash flood watch in effect for our area. more details on that coming your
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well, it might be a tropical storm right now, but when hermine made land fall overnight as a hurricane, it marked the first time that state has seen such a storm in a decade. hard to believe. >> that is really. cbs news correspondent don champion shows us how people are weathering all the wind and rain. >> hurricane hermine pummelled parts of florida's panhandle with heavy rain and forcible winds shortly before making land fall overnight in the coastal last night, people tried enjoying the scene before the boardwalk was inundated with water. >> i hope everybody is safe and all right, but other than that, i'm here to play. >> this is life threatening. >> earlier in the day, the state's governor warned people to take the storm seriously, as hermine shredded up roads and eroded beaches along the gulf coast. in the hard-hit town, some stocked up on food. >> it's pretty nerve racking,
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the waves blowing up over the rocks. >> others boarded up their businesses and got out. >> just for the safety of our employees and for the safety of the business, as well, we're going ahead and closing up. >> in low-lying areas, hundreds of residents were told to evacuate ahead of the storm. >> my wife wants to get some of her valuables out and stuff from her mother that's irreplaceable. >> some still chose to ride it out. >> property will likely not flood, but my neighbors all around me will. >> florida had not been hit don champion, cbs north carolina. >> all right. we hope everybody makes it through this. with so many people traveling this weekend, you can be sure this weather system is going to impact traffic. our emma wright is live in the mobile news tracker with what you can expect ahead of labor day in our area. we begin with allie and a check on current conditions. what are you seeing out there? >> you know, i think the best advice i can give you is get out there now before that rain
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the only ins tent we have is a stalled car. not seeing that affect traffic. if we take you into durham, roads look good. you want to see green on the traffic maps. that means you are able to go the speed limit. the dot has issued a warning for drivers. as you are planning on traveling this weekend and taking 85 into virginia just south of the state line, two lanes are closed for long-term road work. so big head's up to you there. it is going to slow things this weekend, especially if that rain decides to pour. look at your southbound drive times, u.s. 1, i-540 to downtown. 17 minutes. pretty average on u.s. 70 heading south into raleigh from i-540 to downtown chl just going to take you about 12. at aviation parkway where you are heading to the airport, looks like you'll at least get there on time. as far as the roads are concerned, now, we have emma wright out there this morning for a better look at how the state is preparing for labor day travel on this stormy weekend.
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good morning. >> all right. we are having us a little bit of trounl there, so as a reminder, this is a good time to download our cbs app right now, cbs north carolina weather. you can find out all about it, that way we can keep you updated even if the power goes out. we'll try to get back to emma in just a minute. deputies have confirmed a body found on the side of anthony mcneil's body was found two blocks away from the home where he killed his daughter's grandfather. he confessed to doing so on social media and has not been seen since. it appears he took his own life. the small town of roseville has become one of the first in the area to make body cam standard gear for its officers. the department has had the cameras for the last eight months but wanted and waited to
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the cameras is synced to the dash cam and cruisers. when the mru lights come on, both body and dash cams will be rolling. meanwhile, evaluating proposals from several different camera vendors and will begin testing this fall. a plea bargain is in the works for a man accused in a deadly rampage. what the suspect will receive in return. plus, it's back to school for kids and their parents alike. how spending just a few extra minutes on your child's education could dramatically improv guys, we are looking at temperatures very warm this morning. 73 in smithfield and clinton. the real story is what now is tropical storm hermine, and it's on our way here. more on when it will arrive and bring the [music] >> dr. stanley: we can understand and realize, it's through the gospel that you and i can be absolutely assured at
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"absent from the body, present with the lord." we don't have to fear death. it's through the gospel that our
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welcome back. okay. so we are checking out some
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now, things have changed. >> yeah. made land fall. they quickly typically lose a lot of energy as the system did. now, tropical storm winds, though, still at 70 miles per hour ahead of it before it makes its way into north carolina, we have a number of watches, warnings, add voizly -- advisories to pass along. areas shaded in orange included in this. you can see it includes most of our coastline. now, here in central north carolina, we have a flash flood watch, and some of you already down across the sand hills. for the rest of us, goes into effect later this afternoon. we are looking at 2 to 5 inches of rain possible through tomorrow morning. this could certainly cause issues for some of you, if you are in a flood-prone area, certainly pay attention as we head towards late this afternoon and overnight. wind advisory starts at 2:00 this afternoon, continues until saturday morning at 8 a.m. sustained winds between 15 and 30 miles per hour.
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of those conditions just yet. just some very light rain starting to move spoo the sand hills. it's starting to trickle up towards the triangle. a lot of this not actually reaching the dpround yet. where we are seeing these darker shades of green and yellow, that's the steadier rain. it's minutes away for some of you across the southern portions of cumberland and samson counties. the big picture shows this system spinning its way into southern portions of georgia. will continue to move its way up the east coast as we head throughout the rest of today. here is what you 76 at lunchtime. a high of 78. i'll have more on your forecast for the rest of today coming up shortly. >> thanks a lot. the man responsible for the 2013 shooting rampage at los angeles international airport has agreed to plead guilty. that's according to the los angeles times, which reports that paul will plead guilty to 11 felony charges, including the murder of a federal officer. the deal means prosecutors will
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life. one tsa officer was killed. two others were hurt in that attack. time check for you on your friday morning. just turned 5:11. your kids may be ones in class, but experts say it's the moms and dads that can't be slacking off right now. a look at the impact getting involved in our xhield's
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hermine has been reduced now to a tropical storm. it did make land fall in florida come ashore there in 11 years. hermine is packing winds of up to 80 miles per hour. it's already left thousands of folks without power from overnight. a full report on how it could impact north carolina is coming in about two minutes. jared fogle filed a motion against the parents of a girl who was secretly filmed for child porn. the two parents filed a lawsuit fwens the disgraced subway pitchman on behalf of their
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was the victim's parents responsible for the emotional distress she suffered. an elderly man is facing charges in the pileup that left another man dead in garner. police tell us six cars were involved in the crash at bandora springs road and timber drive. it's believed that 74 year old john bergman was driving under the influence when he ran a red light killing 56-year-old tyrone pugh. more information about the crash is expected to be released later today. and educators say parents' involvement is critical when it comes to kids getting ahead in the classroom. according to the national education association, when moms and dads get involved with their child's learning, children tend to do better in class, stay in school longer, and enjoy learning more. they also tend to earn higher grades, get their high -- school diplomas and go off to college. >> i think the val of education
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hour, durham public schools director of communication kendra gives moms and dads more strategies on how to make this school year a successful one for their children. it's not just the coast prepauring for tropical storm hermine. first responders here in the triangle are making sure they are ready for the storm. many spent yesterday loading their gear up at the garner fire department. as for right now, they are not adding any additional staff but say that could change. now, here are some tips ahead of this system moving i are not affected. secure all loose outdoor items like trash cans or lawn furniture, grab a flashlight and load up on extra batteries. also, don't atem to deal with any downed limbs or trees. call 911 if it's an emergency. lastly, check on your neighbors, and don't forget your pets as well. >> great advice there passing along. i know my flashlights are always out of batteries. that will be the number one thing for me. >> i like that night light thing
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let's get to our forecast for today. certainly something to prepare for as we head throughout the day cht these rain fall rates are going to pick up and also going to increase in coverage. i'm starting you off with the big picture because we are watching closely what is now tropical storm hermine spinning across southern portions of georgia this morning. those outer bands moving across central portions of florida now spreading up through south carolina even into our neck of the woods, as well. extreme southern portions of our viewing area that's starting to see some portions of testimony san county. may be seeing light rain from time to time in wayne county, even a sprinkle or two here around wake county, but know this rain is gradually going to fill in. once the rain starts, shouldn't start to taper off until tomorrow, first thing in the morning. so the latest track just out from the national weather service has the storm with 70 mile an hour winds as tropical storm through this afternoon as it approaches us, as well, tomorrow morning. winds still at 45 miles per hour.
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over the past 24 hours. you remember earlier this week, it was flip-flopping a lot. it's remained pretty consistent so it does look like it's going to stay over the eastern portions of our state before entering the atlantic again just north of the outer banks late saturday afternoon, as we head towards the rest of this holiday weekend and our labor day on monday, the storm really going to start to lose a lot of its tropical characteristics right off the coast of new jersey. won't be a factor in our forecast at that point for this area shaded in orange. that is is majority of our coastline. really extends right up into our viewing area. no tropical warnings in effect, though, for our viewing area. what we are looking at is a flash flood watch in effect for nearly everyone. 2 to 5 inches of rain possible later today. now, we also have a wind advisory for just a few counties down around the sand hills, but look at this. sustained winds later today 15 to 30 miles per hour but gusts
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soggy day ahead. 76 at lunch time. we climb to 78. that rain continues right through the evening drive home into tonight, as well. i know a lot of high school games were played last night. hopefully that was the case because tonight ut doesn't look like many will actually get to play their games. as we head towards today, again, rain fall rates increasing in coverage and intensity. here we are at lunchtime. the rain spreading across the area. we'll continue to see some of those heavier downpours right certainly going to see the heavier rain fall totals grav state towards our south and east as we head throughout the day then looks like this going to be migrating up the coast around midnight tonight. tomorrow morning we are starting to wake up. a few lingering showers to our northeast earnmost counties. by lunchtime, most of the rain should be tapering off but the cloudy skies will likely continue. so how much rain are we talking about? like i mentioned, the higher totals south and east of, say, the triangle, close to 5 inches
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goldsboro. this is just one model's expectations. much lower totals up towards the roxboro area just over 2 inches there, closer to 3 inches possible in henderson. 78 our high in raleigh. 79 in fayetteville. overnight tonight we drop into the mid 60s. the rain, the wind, it continues. the good news is it should be out of here first thing tomorrow morning. some peaks of sun tomorrow afternoon. overall more sunshine for the rest of the holiday weekend by sunday and monday. your law boar day forecast and sunny. 5:19. let me check in with ally for the latest on your commute. >> good morning. get out there early. beat the rain. we have one crash to tell you about. if we take this graphic full, we'll bring you right to it and show you where it is. if you are heading through the raleigh area and you are heading closer to downtown, we do have a crash where that right -- right on centennial parkway at ferry road. if you are traveling through durham, roads look a lot better. no delays to tell you about there.
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dot warning drivers this weekend it's going to be extremely heavy traffic because of the holiday, also because of long-term road work there, two lanes closed between exit 213 and 223. so avoid that area if you can. drive times, 540 glennwood avenue to u.s. 64. 18 minutes there. 440, i-40 to capital boulevard about 9 in you are heading east. on 40, u.s. 1, 264 about 10. outside now to i-40 very quiet start looking better than it was this time yesterday morning. >> all right. thank you. an exchange between vice president joe biden and a proprotester is making headlines this morning. just take a listen. >> my american friends died. >> now, in case you didn't catch it, the man was shouting that his friend died fighting in iraq and seemed furious about hilary clinton's vote to authorize the war. you can still hear him yelling there. the crowd immediately tried to drown him out with cheers for
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>> i am. my friend died. >> will you listen? so did my son. okay? so look, let me ask you a question. come back after and talk to me about this. >> i will. >> you have my permission. >> my friend died. >> biden's late son, as you may recall, served in iraq as a member of the national guard. he dued last year from brain cancer. there is still no word on if the meeting ended #u7 taking plac expected today in the making of a murderer case. the netflix documentary chronicled the case of steven avery and brendan. while avery's conviction remains in tact, a federal judge tossed out last month. so far, the attorney general has not announced if the state will pursue a second trial, leading lots of folks to speculate that will be the subject of today's
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what deputies are now releasing about that investigation. plus, it was a nail biter of a night for college football. the near upset that was narrowly
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the wolfpack thoroughly dismantled william & mary. ryan finley won the starting spot in the off season and proved he deserved it with a consist ept approach there. final score in this one 48-14 all wolfpack. meanwhile, south carolina scratched and clawed its way back from behind to beat vanderbilt. the gamecocks scored 10 of 13 points in the 4th quarter to edge out the come dors by field goal. carolina did not score a single point in the first half. didn'tou undeniably, the game of the night was in knoxville, tennessee. expected to beat by a landslide. that did not happen, though. instead, the mountaineers in true fashion took ut into overtime and often looked like the better team. tn tennessee ended up winning it but just barely. that game came nine years to the day of historic win over michigan. well, typically, big-name teems saved the hard games for a little later in the season. >> not so for unc.
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revamped georgia bulldogs team. tarheels will come into the chick-fil-a kickoff game in atlanta ranked no. 22. meanwhile, former alabama defensive coordinator kirby smart will begin his first year as head coach with the no. 18 ranking. both teams got a lot to prove. we are going to find out who wants it more tomorrow at 5:30. and duke will keep it in durham on saturday as they take on north carolina central. >> the blue devils have already suffered a serious season-ending injury. all eyes will be on red shirt freshman daniel jones to see if he'll be able to carry duke against tougher teams like notre dame and northwestern. if you are headinging to tomorrow's big game at wallace wade stadium, remember to plan for extra security measures in place. the universities installed metal detectors at all the entrance gates and introduced a no-reentry policy so you can't go out and come back in. as for bags, you can bring a small clutch, but that's about the extent of it.
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football needs, tune in tonight 11 p.m. for the blitz. we'll have highlights of all the big games in the area. hopefully none will be rained out. 5:27 is your time. we'll continue to update you on tropical storm hermine throughout the morning. and a.j. is on the coast. we'll hear from him in our next half hour. in the meantime, live look outside. looks pretty fantastic but going to change dramatically. if you are going to be out and about today, be super careful. tune in right here. we'll keep you updated. stay with us. we'll be right back. come on... dogs just won't quit. neither does new frontline gold. its triple action formula is relentless at killing fleas and ticks for a full 30 days. good boy! go for the gold. [ cellphone vibrates ] [ cellphone vibrates ] [ cellphone vibrates ] [ cellphone vibrates ] [ cellphone vibrates ] [ bell rings ] buy online. ready in an hour.
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storm team meteorologist. tell us more about the track of the storm, where it is right now. >> yeah. where it is right now, it's over south ern portions of georgia. made land fall as category 1 hurricane, the early morning hours of our friday. winds at 80 miles per hour. now, it's since moved through the southern portions of georgia and now it's a tropical storm, but you can see those rain bands moving across through tampa and daytona beach up towards jacksonville, florida, as well, still seeing very heavy rain. that rain on the opposite end of this you can see a thunderstorm getting way to move through southern portions of charleston through columbia, south carolina, some steady rain, and now, all of that is moving into our area. we're at fayetteville, clinton, towards dunn. some light rain starting to move in. the steadier and heavier rain just south right now of our viewing area. it will be here before we know it this morning. so let's get to those temperatures. 70 in henderson. south hill and roanoke rapids.


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