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tv   North Carolina News at 600PM  CBS  September 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:29pm EDT

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chief meteorologist wes hohenstein. >> good evening to you. it was last sunday that tropical depression came to life. all ekwe watched from a dice. it made landfall on the coast of florida about 1:30 a.m. the rain arrived shortly after that and it's here for awhile. we have at least 12 more hours of rain before dry weather moves. the rain has been light to moderate. if you look at the bottom of the screen where things are red, that is the heaviest of the rain. with the heaviest rain will come stronger wind gusts. this moisture from the gulf of mexico that has been qiewl with the -- accumulating with the storm is starting to join
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weather in hours, so the possibility of that happening into tonight is very low if not close to zero. one of the good parts about today. i know it's rained. we haven't seen sunshine for the first day in over two months. we had temperatures in the 70s today. as we look at the big picture, the storm itself remains about 500 miles across and the latest has the eye close moving to the northeast at 50 miles an hour. so the threaas it makes its way along the eastern part of south and north carolina over the next 12 hours, there are three things. the tornado threat will stay mainly along the coast. we'll continue to keep a close eye on this. the wind threat will be
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effect -- flash flood watch goes into effect. i'll walk you through the next couple of days and show you how this will happen. >> our team coverage heading to the coast. aj janavel is near the southeastern tip. the rain is not ruining everyone's weekend, is it? >> reporter: sharon, it definitely not. that is starting to pick up. before i get into anything else at this behind me. this is a flooded road that goes all the way down the street here. we've seen a few interesting things go past here, cars, people wk and even bicycles. the reason i mention thi this has been an interesting day because it is labor day weekend. a t of people are here to
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weather. a lot of people realize this storm could be dangerous and they're taking heed. tropical storm hermine bringing nasty weather. >> we havethe beach to our self-s. >> reporter: that may be a bit of an overstatement. a few other people were walking up and down t the water to water is warm. >> reporter: what else will you do? when you're swimming, it's not like you can get much more wet with the rain. >> we've forgotten there was rain. >> reporte whilepayne and her family were cafree of the rain in the ocean,
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restaurant was packed friday with labor day being one of the last weekends for sales. she tells me that's important but she also tells me how bad it cran get. >> we are concerned about the safety of our employees and also the safety of our customers. we don't want to encourage people to come out to eat. they should be this. >> reporter: we're going to be ouhere keeping an on what the storm will bring. reporting live out here in oak island, janavel. >> i just talked to wes. he said the eye of storm will be over oak island for to cumberland county schoo
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david. al do take a ok at ray avenue. about an inch of rain that's accumulad on e road, not enough to block it. another cocern is downed tree branches like thione ght here. they've got con standby in case branches fall. this is this they're expecting up to 5 inches of rain in the fayetteville area. there's a wind advisory for cumberland county and 40-mile- per-hour winds. because of this, cumberland county schools allowed students to go e two hours early. parents were glad the students were able to get out before the serious stuff moved in. >> better safe than sorry.
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decision in releasing the kids early. >> reporter: as the rain continues to move in, city officials warn drivers just to careful and avoid someof the flood prone areas. they say if you see dangers on the road, you're asked to call 911. >> thank you. we can already see how saturad the u're standing. the flooding is expected. we'll keep you updated. we want to expand r team coverage tolauren haviland. she's in johnston county where there are no ports of significant flooding. shelters are prepared to open. >> yes. they haven't ened quite yet cause officials don't pect it to flood here in johnston county. let me show you. the noose river is behind me.
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bank and thegreenway would be the first impact. if you see that n, that is the -- where the noose river would be. with the heavier rainfall expected throughout thevening and overnight this the potentl for flash flooding, the county is on standby. in southeastern portion of jo ounty everybody needs to be prepar.
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rorter: there are no shelters en right now. if the flooding becomes an issue, as many as 20 across johnston county will open just for you. lauren haviland. ths also a friday night right before a holiday weekend. so we want top take a live look at the -- to take a live look at the roadways. you can see the roads >> be sure to download the wncn weather app and keep up with hermine. this has the latest track, informational watches and warnings and an interactive radar. just search wncn weather. >> tropical storm hermine is weakening as it moves up the coast. >> it made landfall in florida as a hurricane. still to come, check out the
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georgia, florida and south of a raleigh taxicab driver. what court documents are revealing. >> a live look of the roadways. this is our cbs noth carolina mobile tracker. yosee the roads are wet but nointo report, any standing water. how the storm is affecting the
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murder f a raleigh taxi cab driver. police said major edwards and killed dominguez. contacted conrad patterson. >> moments ago cbs north carona report on the deadly fi invoshting on donald ross drive. dqan terry as shot. an officer was shot and is expected to be okay. the 911 caller is terry's girlfriend. coming up next, now tropical storm hermine made landfall in florida overnight as a hurricane.
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carolina. that's next. >> a t n arrived here tonit and for the overnight. coming up in your forecast, i'll tell you when you can put the umbrella away newspapers say it's time pat mccrory and republicans in raleigh tell the truth about our schools. instead of putting our children first, billions in tax breaks that could have lifted north carolina's schools
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the ratio of teachers to students is worse. funds for textbooks and supplies are scarce. teaching assistants have been depleted.pat mccrory bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this over sixty people here making shirts labled made iam but donald trump's brand of shirts cfrom china, his suits from mexico, his coats ndia. ump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says e' you know donald trumsays he'll make america great again while
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we're back with breing news in ongoing local battle house ll2. a lawyer tells the associated
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this is a live look at ricevie beach as tropical storm hermine batters our coast. >> hermine could also cause issues for travel plans. you're looking live at and six forks road raleigh. people are hitting the roads for one last vacation until winter. now the state has suspended until tuesday morning to help with all that holiday traffic. tonight steve sbraccia is monitoring the roads in the mobile news tracker. where are you right nowed how are the conditions? reporr: we're on main stre in nashville. one of the things that wes has been talking about is the eye of the storm is near leston but it's such a big system that
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here. at least one local school district didn't want to get caught flat fooded. school buses were on the road early in edgecombe county as they worried ngkids home. sothedismissed three hours early. in nearby cache county they got in a full day of school. pine toft population of about 1500, the gas popular. one locaher chant in pine toft who specializes in lawn mowers, chain saws and generators -- >> i have generators we cancel. we're out of chain saws but i can have them next woke if nd be. >> reporter: anyone calling
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get a generator, not ny lls e y storm is upon us to start epping. e this area usually don't panic too quick. so we'll see with happens. >> reporter: and we will also see what happens, we, as well thestorm team keeping an eye onat' haing. the best thing we catelyou and keep it right here. i'm steve sbraccia. >> the storm made landfall in florida as a hurricane. the storm surge reached more than 8 feet. florida has not been hit by a hurricane in more than a decade. some places have seen more than 20 inches.
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weather. a tornado caused trees to fall on por lines. there are numerous areof erand some streets have been closed. folks in charleston, south carolina are dealing with mile-an-hour winds and f flooding. all stride. ts are taking it i'afidt'g toeer . goinld. wl, wes, we hadome rai morning. sometimes e stor are hard to track but this one to be on track. >> hurricanes are hard to forecast. a lot of times ey don't work out the way we say this time it ha so it started isning with e rain you thnk about it
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some of us haven't seen any rain. so this light to moderate rain will continue, as i said, until early tomorrow morning. at this point, here's what we've got. the lightest amounts obviously north the triangle. south of the triangle anywhere you see the greens and the yellows, that's from 1 to 3 it goes up from there. you start to see some reds and orange. that's representing 4, 5 and 6 inches, so a lot more rain along the coast. the heaviest is yet to come. you see where the colors turn to red to the south. that's what's moving in our area as we head into tonight. with the heavier bands of rain will also come some gusty winds.
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any tornado warnings. there is a tornado tch fo the coast but if we haven't seen any all day long it will be hard to produce one heading into tonit. e other bit of good news, temperatures in the 60s and 70s and after all the 90s this welcome news. the rarobably a little too late for my yard t a lot of dry that's after weget through the next 24 hours. cloudsand rain pretty much nonstop. then it starts to taper as we get into e early morning hours. low 70s oupper 60s. so the center is down by charleston. that's about 170-miles away. it will come very close to the
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is about 500 miles wide, so that's a lot of to get through ubefore it's all said and done. speaking of nuclear, we have the weather network. we have a couple stations in charleston. look at the wind gusts they just had earlier, 51 miles per hour. so we will wi strong but they will up10:00 ho again, most of heavy in by my to dry out. we should albedby noon tomorrow but the clouds ill be here. the clouds will start to break get into the overnight hours nttoup. as we geto lunchtime we'll have hine as for ewinds th're er
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the weekend, not mention jeffnes w's here with sports. >> yousay it's affected the plan sooming , we'll talk about how thweather has impacted local sports and how you guys can get some those biggest postponed football games.
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donald trump facing ne d to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy. 'uhhhh ion'tno wh said, don't remember.' he's going like on member'." "putting a wife to work is a veryangerous t i don't want to sound too much like a chauvinist." "you have to be wealthy in order to be great. i'm sorry to say it." s r au as capture i like people that weren't captured."
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this is typilly the time of the week where we're preparinfor the blitz but this week the weather had other plans. earlier today almost every high school took to g their game was canceled. what might be second most important is figuring out when we would get these games played. most have been chedul for monday evenincluding garn every and middlecreek. that will kick off at 6:30. some will kick off earlier. we'll have ghlights monda night at 11. if yocould re rod -- if you were around anyone who talked about anything but the weather, you may have heard
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quarterback ryan finley, completed over 80% of his passes and ran for a few yards. not bad for his first game wih a new team. >> thas wh i wanted to see. >> i thought my completion percenta was good. anytime you can throw completion percentage, that's a
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> dubois: hermine's kout blow. >> i can't see! >> dubois: florida's first hurricane in 11 years knocks out r for hundreds of thousands, then starts aol trek up the east coast, 43 million peop in its p tonight, what hillary clinton told the f.b.i. in its criminal investigation of her e-mails. aormerolge swimming star getsut of pri after serving just three months forexual assault. new photos reveal the wounds he receivedhat night.and chloe'siar show and tel >> whabrought me here today to


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