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tv   North Carolina News at 1100PM  CBS  September 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:28pm EDT

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good evening. authorities tonight are investigating the death of a 17-year-old. her body was found in a community pool in north raleigh amy spoke with the sheriff as well as neighbors and has the story from the scene. >>reporter: investigates have been here for most of the afternoon into tonight. their folk for much of that time on that pool. that is where they tell us the woman's body was found. authority sz were first called fot community pool at the heritage point subdivision
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been lesser included cuted. this evening we learned that woman was just 17 years old. duke energy on scene. >> they don't know much about it. i have asked the sheriff that i talked to and he said all he could say was there was an incident. >>reporter: nothing like this has happen in the this community. the pool is popular andhe noon on saturdays. whether the lifeguard was there, authorities wouldn't say. >> we're very close in this community. we watch out sfr each other. it's a very nice place to live. >>reporter: the sheriff says they are awaiting the results of the autopsy to determine what happened here. that is expected to take place on monday. they aren't releasing the identity of the woman.
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of kin. in north raleigh raleigh, i'm amy cutler. today was a much cooler day as the area dried out after herm's a look at the temperatures. it feels a little chilly out there. >> yeah. i used that word last night. it's 67 boone. picking up a few partly cloudy skies. the radar is starting to get feedbacks. it looks like shs, but i don't see anything. further to the east, the remnants of hermine is still sitting and churning to the east of us. it won't come back towards north
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the outer banks. we'll zoom in and you can tell we're not really picking anything up. so just look for partly cloudy skies overnight. the clouds will continue to decrease especially in the eastern views area. 60s in the area. i don't know if you want to say chilly shgsz but upper 50s to start sunday. we've got an important weend. sunday and monday sti i'll have a look at that coming up. hermine left its mark on the coastal region of our state. the driver of a tractor trailer died on the alligator bridge is mornin a wind gust of 116 miles per hour was recorded on the bridge earlier in the narth weather
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caused heavy damage at a camping resort. several people were rushed to the hospital but none of the injuries were serious. the property damage was extensive. several mobile homes were levelled and two blown off their foundation bf the storm brought wind and rain. there was a state of manager thursday for 33 eastern counties. state manager officia actually used. some places did see flash flooding. here in central north carolina, there was minor damage. in holly springs i, a tree fell on to a home. there were more than 35 thousand power outages reported but those were quickly restored. >> we do anticipate rip currents
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coast. very important. we don't want to have anybody getting caught up in a rip current and having problems. but i do think it's probably okay to enjoy the beaches for the recollection of the weekend. >> the number of crashes last night was half of what it typically responds to on a friday night. for days, we were on the here's how the rough weather affected oak island and the people in town for labor day weekend. >>reporter: the effect hit the north carolina coast fast friday. officials were ready for the weather to get bad. >> if we tell you to evacuate, evacuate. if we tell you to stay inside, do na. >>reporter: so took extra precautions closing early.
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season. >> we don't want to encourage people driving out in this weather. >>reporter: the storm brought lots of water causing people to find new routes or roll t dice. many had unwanted water front property. 45,000 people werexpected to be in oak island for the holiday. the majority of them spent their day behind closed doors because of the wind and rain and to find other methods of entertainment. some risked it had storm getting time outside. >> look we have the beach to ourself. >>reporter: as fast as hermine hit, it was gone. the sun came out and the storm helped one event saturday. >> that would mean we would have waves. that's awesome to compete on. >>reporter: hundreds of surfers and their families had anthony
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their hotels and rentals and start the weekend off with good weather. we spoke to officials today. they tell us other than flooding in tern areas, there's not any other damage in the coty. 're told ndreds thousands are still in the dark as hermine continues to move up the coast. new york and getting ready for the storm in their areas. we report from new jersey. >>reporter: hermine spawned a possible tornado in georgia damaging a dozen houses. >> the storm also toppled trees into homes in charleston, south carolina and left several hundred thousand people without electricity from florida to virginia. >> i expect officials to
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expected to hit the jersey shore sunday night. lifeguards locked the gates at seaside heights closing down the beaches more than 24 hours before the storm areceived. double red flags were posted warning of the danger. >> we'll have 60-mile an hour winds and ten to 15-foot waves. basic whether i just one big keep crowd as way from the boardwalk. >> we didn't think it would be this bad with the waves being this tall. i would imagine tennessee undertow would take you out. >>reporter: this is concern here. this is the same town sandy knocked a roller coaster into the ocean in 2012. the storm could stick around for
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identifying possible flooding and beach erosion. and forecasters say hermine could have winds as strong as hurricane strength by sometime tomorrow. breaking news. fayetteville police are investigating after a motorcycle crash on the driver of the motorcycle lost control and crashed. he was rushed to the hospital and is in critica riley road are closed. hill police are looking for shot someone at red roof inn just south of i40. the ctim was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. we spoke with a hotel guest who heard the shots but she thought
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police are looking for benjamin uhlenberg. if you have information, call chapel hill police. a group of durham residents met to discuss ways to bring in the ore sours vs.ed into neighborhoods for better ality life. >>reporter: dodzs of people met -- dozens of people met saturday. theyt to make durham a better place to by race, color, or creed. we need affordable houng, better resources, be listen and discuss how that change can come. this is a chanceor uso hear eac oher's pes with policing and also what we would want for our city in terms of safety. >>reporter: neighbors plan to
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city council and managers. >>reporter: this includes the disagreement with the police department's plan to build a new hequarters. >> our tax dollarsneedto be vs.ed into te communities noteaua >> a perfect city durham would be one in which there are services and resources for all members of the communities where wages and housing people feel safe in communities and on the streets. reweeched out to determine police about the movement. they declined to comment. in raleighundreds came out for annu africa american festival. they want to give voice to the african americans.
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pele say it's all about unity. >> celebrationf african art, music, and people. >> there are a lot of black businesses out here to support one another. i think we canlearn from each other and help support each other. that's really important now days. >> the festival has a lot to trump in detroit. the latest coming up.
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today on the campaigntrl, donald trump traveled to detroit to seek support from the addressed a large african americ ance scening the nomination. he was there to learn. protesters gathered and exchanges got heated. >> hillary clinton --. >> yesterday the f bishgs b bi released documents showing
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agents showed her classified e-mail fomlassied account. clinton's running mate will be in north carolina this week. the campaign announced he will give a major national security address on tuesday. the speech ist open to the public, but we will have coverage tuesday evening. a mon shot and killed by a police officer in minnesota was laid to rest toy in missouri. mo st. lewis. he was shot during a traffic st july. s girlfrnd strmed video line. today the mother describedher son as a humanitarian and sa he was crews identified in his car. the shooting i stilation. a earthquake shook several states this morning.
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oklahoma. no major injuries reported but reports of damage to structures like bricks fallg and windows breaking. >> you don't hear of a lot of earthquake in oklahoma. very unusual. how is everybody doing? it's the labor day weekend. a little cloudy and cool today. but it's drier, right? looking to see the sun tomorrow. very comfortable. the humidity pretty low. the big picture showing what was hermine. it's a posttropical. doesn't have a warm core. it's like a low pressure sstem. i'mthinking of it wer it has.
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there's really not much left. chect had surface reports and not rorts any rain. this is the reverse propagation around the radar. let's look at the precipitation from hermine. it dropped off and picked up a third of a inch in determine. i had about anh. so that was some needed rain. we didn't reported. trees down and power outages bu t sprelooding. all the heavy rain you saw on the radarate here, i kind of jumped it. all that is offshore. there's aot rain estimated here. so that caused flooding.
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but the hricane center is still going to track because of what happened a couple of years ago with sandy. tomorrow we'll have hurricane force winds and it will pepper the coast with w and also strong winds. it should stay offshore but it will be around for theus of
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humid toward the end of the week. into the 90s. a col front could come on saturday. let's just enjoy the next two days. it will be beautiful. >> i was getting used to it. beautiful. >> it's not hard to get used to. what's coming up in sports? >> it's the first college football saturday. unc an
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north carolina opens on the road against an soc opponent
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bootleg. 6-all. on the second half kickoff, logan will gather and go 95-yard sz. he is fast. he gives the tar heels a 17-14 lead. and logan wasn't done. he sprints right for the touchdown. unc led by ten. then the heels came unravelled. georgia throws for a safety. it is then nick chubb he runs for two scores on 222 yards rushing. the dogs battle back and win the dani era at duke begins a year earlier than expected.
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14-0, blue devils. moments later, joengs would get his first td pass as a blue devil 55 yards to john thon lloyd. the pitch and catch puts duke up 22-0. jones also runs for a score. duke crushes the eagles 49-6. a good srt devils. this year, montgomery beginshif. ecu was breaking in a new quarterback. he looked good giving the pirates a 7-0 lead. nels for a sco and throws for five touchdowns in his first start. the pirates 52-7 win.
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five conference, buts the nation is taking notice of the houston cougars. trailing by a field goal, the sooners take the lead. mandrew 64 yards for the score.
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