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tv   North Carolina News at 800AM  CBS  September 4, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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beautyrest black. get your beautyrest. north carolina ntsow ignow de investatio aused the death of a teenager at a pool. >> hermine brought seve weher to - the areas that are affected. how a deadly campin the stands in durham -- i doubt in the sports recap coming up later. >> first, let's get you outside -- wrightsville beach -- is valid nice? we talked about hermine and the impact on the coast. he pretty nice. september 4, 2016. i you are starting sunday with us on justin quesinberry -- it
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kristin ketchell is joining u as well. >> yesterday we dealt with heavy rain and gusty wind -- a nice break from that this morning. a nice change already -- a live pitcher from top of a restaurant in chapel hill -- the skies -- carolina blue. we've got sunshine up already -- a beautiful start to the day -- will stay that way throughout the day. a lot of sunshine in the forecast. satellite and radar showing a few very, very northeast part of the coast. across the area things are looking good this morning. temperatures feel good -- 65 degrees in raleigh right now -- 66 in durham and siler city -- 60 and henderson -- 68 degrees right now -- the area of high pressure that gan building in toward the tail into the day yesterday is going to build over the area over the next several days so we can expect sunny skies, dry conditions and
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comfortable feeling the air over the next several days. expect high temperatures to climb to about 82 this afternoon. dry denies across the area today -- a beautiful and to the weekend. for labor day tomorrow things are looking good. a breakdown of what you can expect for the week ahead coming up in a few minutes. >> >> in the sports bar after 12 carolina the victim got into an argument inside the bar the became a violent fight outside were he was left unconscious. the victim was pronounced dead at the medical center. the victim died as a result of the injuries related to the fall. no suspect information has been released. we will update the story and bring you the latest throughout the morning. >> also breaking overnight in
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motorcycle crash on north riley road. investigators say it happened around nine deck 30 last night after the driver lost control and crashed. she was rushed to cape fear valley medical center where she died. the investigation is ongoing. >> this morning authorities in raleigh are investigating the death of a 17-year-old found in a community pool. deputies were called to valley forge the caller told them the girl had drowned were been electrocuted. this happened after 9 am yesterday -- pool has a lifeguard it's unclear if one was on duty. hbors spoke about we notified of the death. >> we were shocked. we don't know tt mu about it because the police -- we asked the sheriff i talked to and he said there was an
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waiting the results of the autopsy to determine how the teenager died -- the results are expected monday. >> hermine left it's mark on the coastal region -- the state troopers said the driver died after his truck overturned on the bridge before 10:00 yesterday. >> troopers say a wind gust 116 miles an hour was recorded on the bridge earlier in the morning. >> in hatteras the weather tornado caused heavy damage at a camping resort -- the crews responded yesterday to the hatteras camping sort -- crews said several people were rushed to the hospital but no injuries were serious. the property damage was extensive -- several homes were and two were own off their conditions. >> across the state the storm
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governor steep issued a state of emergency for 33 counties to help with spots training after the storm. state emergency officials say that many of the resources were used in some places to see flash flooding but notas much is anticipated -- here in central north carolina there was nor damage in holly rings ee fl onto the home and damage to the roof. at one point there were more than 45,000 power oages reported and they were quickly restored. officials say the storm could make the rest of liberty weekend dangerou and down the coast. throughout the middle of next week. it's important -- we don't want to have anybody caught up in a rip current and have problems. of the weekend. >> the highway patrol reported the number of crashes was about half of what averages. >> when school began last week
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paycheck. for one teacher we spoke with it's not what she expected. we have the story. >> you just know it when someone loves what they do -- when it's passion that drives them. christina ross was the first person in line of the job fair needless to say she got the gig. >> i wanted to be there and show that i w i'm passionatebout wt i do. i had a goal in mind -- to get the job. >> not only did she land a spot that she is also teaching in the brand-new elementary. >> good morning. >> it's great to come to a brand-new school. it's new and clean and beautiful. >> last week at the boxes waiting to be unpacked and the tables meeting to be assembled
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>> sense of community and family -- i was looking for this. >> along coming raise for teachers has been approved -- enrages the pay like an average of 4.7 percent. boosting the salary to about $50,000. >> it will affect me in some ways because my salary is going up but to be honest it's not the salary that brings me to teaching. i just want to impact kids and i want them to grow up and be productiveiz >> that's something she is determined to help make happen. >> the pay scale goes into effect in october -- the principal said the higher wages make a difference in recruitment. as of last week the school system hired 1619 teachers for the school year. 729 of them are new teachers -- 890 are teachers being rehired.
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reaching more areas. jeter a new report on the countries that could be at risk for an outbreak. >> if the like a water bed going up and down. >> an earthquake rocked oklahoma -- a look at the damage it caused and the reaction from the residence. >> cool comfortable start to the morning outside the temperatures across the tar heel state in the 60s -- on our
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it was like standing on water -- like if you're in a water bed going up and down -- about one minute for one and a half since then it stopped and the aftershocks kept going -- >> the result of the earthquake -- many people are surveying the damage and cleaning up debris -- the mus artifacts knocked from the displaced and there are cracks showing the walls and foundations in a home built more than 100 years ago -- geologistsound ld and rocks that it's the downhill. etty impresse. unfortunately around oklahoma right now the quake was felt in two n. texas and parts of the midwest and nebraska and south
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skies and sunny conditions -- 65 degrees at the airport -- know what weather to worry about -- hermine is out of here and we can expect the sunshine to continue today. 65 in raleigh, 66 in durham and siler city 64 in rocky mount 68 in fayetteville and is an area of high pressure build then we can expect sunny dry less humid conditions. >> looking at temperatures climbing up to 78 -- 82 degrees the high temperature -- warm this afternoon with low humidity at 6 pm with sunshine continuing
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good morning and welcome back -- thank you for sticking with us -- it's 8:15 -- some top stories -- authorities say the reins kidnapped in 1989 when he was 11 have been found. no one has been charged. authorities named a 53-year-old is a person of interest last yeare denied involvement. >> florida authorities say were killed in a cessna 172 flying south on the shoreline crashed into the atlantic. first responders found the plane and two people inside of the coast saturday morning. >> once and now future hurricane hermine is regaining
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damage to property and left hundreds of thousands without electricity from florida to virginia. >> it's bond a tornado on hatteras island and closed beaches as far north as the your -- the expect it to regain hurricane force today and we can into a tropical storm tuesday. >> i wasn't crying -- i was just shaken -- i didn't know what to do. >>'s post parking said a right at the fair in memphis had a mishap but no one was injured. bar released early as the ride was slowing down due to operator error according to officials -- the ride will be close to the rest of the weekend. >> two thirds of americans say pharmacies should not sell tobacco and 50 percent of the smokers agree. cdc said these policies can improve health awareness for smokers. smoking is the leading cause of preventable death killing almost 500,000 every year.
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patients operated on it night are twice as likely to die as those undergoing surgery during regular business hours. this is according to the researchers in canada. doctors examined surgical data gathered over five years and found that people who had surgery late in the day had a higher mortality risk. >> the got virus remains an emergency and continues to affect countries. the head of the seeker expert co including the convocations it causes. currently 72 countries and territories are infected by zika virus. >> mother teresa has a new name -- she is the newest saint -- pope francis canonized her at the vatican sunday -- known as the saint of the gutters she selflessly dedicated her life to her, sick and needy. officials say she performed at
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individuals claim they were healed of tumors after praying to her. she was 87 when she decides -- when she died in 1997 three >> if you hate trying to figure out what's for dinner a man has a solution for you. >> he created a website designed to streamline grocery shopping and meal planning. maggie newland chose us why my happy plates coming up next. >> brian >> the components of the mail -- >> it wasn't always that way -- >> we were spending too much time at the grocery store and getting home from work about what to eat -- it was stressful. dinner was stressful. >> until he started to plan weekly meals and shopped for all the ingredients and wants -- this started as a simple schedule on a dry erase board
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>> they put in the basic information about cooking habits -- >> this is where you set up the people in your family. >> then add food preferences. >> i'm going to choose a vegetarian diet this week to eat a little lighter. as well is ingredients they don't like. the website comes up with a week's worth of recipes designed for each person and also compiles the grocery list. >>reporter: now katie takes along her phone >> she marks each item she buys. >> the ingredient list organizes its self based on were in the grocery store the item as. >> that's a timesaver -- getting in and out quickly. >> exactly what she needs for a weeks worth of dinners. >> maggie newland cbs north
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a month. >> to read more about this head over to the website at and click on the news tab. >> for $6.95 that will help with planning. it can be a little daunting. >> it's hard to plan ahead. >> then you end up ordering takeout. >> [laughter]>> talking abou perfect day to cook outside on the grill. a great day after some of the rain we had yesterday -- it looks fantastic outside. alive look from the golf course in raleigh -- skies overhead. the sky will stay blue and sunny not only today but through the next several days. good news coming your way. hermine is out of your -- sprinkle and shower activity
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there. it won't be an issue today. we are dry and sunny and looking good heading into the afternoon. temperatures this morning hill great at 65 degrees in raleigh -- 66 interim and siler city. 61 in henderson. 64 in rocky mount and clayton -- 68 in fayetteville. temperatures will climb to about 82 this afternoon. by lunchtime 78. 80 at 10:00 and 82 by 4:00 -- mostly sunny all day and area of high pressure began building in yesterday -- today it regains control of the weather and stays put for today through tuesday. mostly sunny skies and dry conditions with low humidity. what was once hurricane hermine and tropical storm hermine is what we call post tropical -- this means it is still a strong storm with 65 mile an hour
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tropical but it will cause issues for folks in the northeast. we will keep a close eye on th. the high pressure center to tuesday sides to the southeast wednesday through friday -- temperatures heat up and we are dry with temperatures back into the 90s. this weekend the high slides offshore and a small rain chance heading our way with saturday -- with comfortable here is the advisory from the national hurricane center -- the center of circulation off the mid-atlantic coast -- 60 mile per hour winds gusting to 75 moving to the northeast at 12 miles an hour -- not moving fast -- it will stolen area for the next few days before finally making its trek out to the open atlantic ocean. temperatures over the ocean a little warm which is why hermine is going to we gain strength a little and may
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hurricane force wind -- it will make its way over open atlantic and it will be an issue after the get to the week -- worth watching with the storm surge and the risk of recurrence in the high surf up and down the northeast. today back at home high as 84 at fort bragg in fayetteville 83 in done lillington and sanford this afternoon -- 83 in smithfield. 81 in wilson in rocky mount -- 80 and will look rapids, 82 in chapel hill in turn -- 82 in wally and cary. tonight the temperatures fall back into the 60s tomorrow 86 in the afternoon for the labor day weekend -- 89 to stay with sunny skies continuing up to 90 wednesday. 92 thursday. line will be warmest day the
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plenty of gridiron action in the triangle this weekend >> here's todd gibson with sports wrap. >> good morning -- the first weekend of college football was a mixed bag for the team -- in
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injury and he rushed 222 yards and two scores including this 55 yard jaunt in the fourth quarter -- 23 -- -- >> better used in turn -- daniel jones started for the blue devils -- he tew two touchdown passes. 49-6. >> eastern carolina western carolina -- scottie montgomery's first nelson through five passes and when nearly 400 yards through the air. hybrid vans were dancing in the stands celebrating a 52-7 win. >> emily, shaw felt the first week -- bears couldn't get anything going on. 35-6 loss. >> todd gibson a look at sunday morning sports. now back to you.
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society -- it is important to be exposed to this. >> one school is using foreign languages to give students a competitive edge. >> that's in the back to school report. >> plus a first for i'm hillary clinn and i wears it like a crown. "make america greaagain" but trump made his shirts bangladesh. his ties in china. in fact, the real donald trump outsourced his products and
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you can't make america great again, if you don't make things in america. the news start now. >> coming up a shoing chappell hill. for the police are looking for a connecti ontothe case. >> people living in durham are voicing opinions about policing
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and the vice presidential nominee is heading wto the tar heel state -- what he plans to speak about just ahead. >> forget to the dlines let's head outdoors looking at myrtle grove were degrees at 8:30 a.m. -- a beautiful sight -- this makes us feel different about what we've been seeing the past few days. goodorning- i'm beairshelle edme peaceful place to spend the morn >> we are happy tobe with our viewers. >> kristin ketchell has a look at the great weather today and moving into the first start of e week. >> nice to start t morning with a live picture of the beach. think that home look nictoo. the list of the live picture
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building yesterday will move into the area andstay t the next severadays winning to sunny dry cons dlehumid cond a nice stretch of weathefor the start of the week. the day to thehigh today alo to 79 at 60. i will let you know how long the sunshine six around the whato expecfothe weeke
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investinhomicide tha happened in the paing lot of a sports bar. it's called 301 wings on northeastern bouvard - investigators tell us the victim got into some type of alteion inde the it became aviolent fight outside and he was left unconscious. the victim died from injuries at the hospital. no suspect information ithe release. we will brg you updates as survive after ei aa hotew hapehill -- officers were called at t three deck 30 a.m. yesterday south of40athe durham orange county line the victim was taken to he hospital and one guest said they heard ed by thought it was people making noise. poce aooking for in german ellberg arstf you know where he his
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>> l lice. yesterday on the campaig ail trump travel to detro as a part of the effort to reach out to the african- american community. he visited a church and this was the first time he has addressed and rican-american audience since winning the nomination. he was tre to learn and meanwhile outside protesters got into a eaexcas eir upporters clash. >> hillary clinton is a >> [shouting] >> trump is too. >> the fbi released 58 pages from the investigation of clinton's use of a private email server while secretary of state -- the documents so memory was spotty when they showed her the document. the campaign proves while the justice department decided not to move forward. >> thousands of students are getting back into the swing of things as they returned to the classroom in the fall.
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the future. >> this week i had to just not middle school with a faculty focuses on the big picture -- how the kids will fit in and stand out in the global economy using foreign language it to bill -- fill the gap. >> [foreign language] >> they don't say hello in english but in arabic. these students are learning to count in chinese. and chestnut middle school is about one of a using several federal grants and programs to teach some of the faest-growing languages. students are taught by native born speakers -- this teacher is egyptian in this one is chinese. >> once they are in middle school we have an opportunity to expose them to languages and it's critical that the students be exposed because if the parents -- it is good for life. >> the teachers say learning takes time and practice and patience. it didn't take long before my
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>> say hello to our new student -- what's your name? >> beairshelle he uses repetition like he does with this is to sat is key to having an everyday conversation. >> were you from? >> philadelphia. >> beairshelle edme the students are advanced and often times they have advantage. youth. >> at an early age they can learn anything even if you give them seven languages they can get them. >> wear a neurology professor found that is a child part of the brain is responsible for unconsciously picking up language. that makes it easier to learn a language any young age. >> the sooner, the better. the research center found that europe is taking note of this and most european students start to learn a foreign
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>> and chestnut middle school wants to get the school -- the kids a head start in the competitive global market. >> experience and education that they can use for a lifetime. >> the principal said she hopes more schools follow suit and expand the foreign language department -- it was a great time being in the classroom and i appreciate them taken the time to teach me. >> thee there may still be time. >> maybe -- we'll see. >> i'm trying to remember the things they taught me and right now it doesn't come to mind. we'll see. >> coming up, the coast guard rescued 16 in the san francisco bay. coming up, why they needed help and how they are doing now. >> president obama talks russian relations -- coming up
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look at the airport where the
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of the voice of america program escaped injury when the catamaran flipped over in the being california -- the coast guard received a call at about three deck 30 p.m. from the group of the very so the boat and the coast guard responded to help them rescue the people that were taken to a local hospital. when the rescuers arrived half the kids were clinging to the bo were wearing life jackets. some suffered minor cuts and bruises. >> it's a great outcome to see that many didn't suffer from serious injuries. >> the life jackets saved of them. >> taking a turn of what's going on -- seeing hermine out of the way -- we don't have to talk about it anymore. we can enjoy the sunshine out there and have a great labor day. >> at least for here it's not a big issue -- we are seeing
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shaw university showing the skyline -- sunny sky to kickoff sunday -- that's how things will stay through today and labor day and most of the week ahead as well. satellite radar shows sprinkle's to the north east not going to make it this far inland so we can expect sunny skies and cloud free skies to stick around -- 65 degrees in raleigh -- 66 interim and goldsboro -- -- an area of high fisher began to sing to the into the day yesterday and will stay put -- mostly sunny dry and less humid through the start of the week -- expect temperatures to climb to 78 at lunchtime, 82 dry and nice at 3:00 -- comfortable this evening at 79 at six. i will let you kn what's in store for the week ahead which includes hot temperatures coming up in a few minutes.
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good morning -- 8:44 -- a look at the top stories -- fayetteville police are investigating a homicide that happened in the parking lot of the sports bar after a fight --
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injuries. they have not released suspect information. >> and overnight crash claimed the life of a woman -- she lost control of the motorcycle and crash while traveling on board riley road. the investigation is ongoing. >> authorities are investigating the death of a girl found in a community pool. lease say it happened at valley forge drive in raleigh and the caller ground or had been electrocuted -- the sheriff said they are waiting results to determine how she died. it is scheduled for tomorrow. >> heart disease can be a deadly illness for women -- stefan chase talked with the medical expert about a new study linking st to disease. >> you may know that heart disease is a leading cause of death in the us in men and women -- you may not know more women die of heart disease
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journal of the american heart association found that young women with stress have a high rate of reduced blood flow to the heart resulting in a heart attack or cardiac a couple occasions. >> doctor kevin campbell is here to tell us about this. >> good to see you. >> every day you deal with cardiac a concerns. tell us about this. >> it's groundbreaking. genetics lake a role. we have known for a stress can play a role but this study shows that young women have a negative response to stress when it comes to the heart. young women in today's world are under a great deal of stress. >> absolutely. >> why are they more susceptible? >> one thing the bc -- women have a plurality of roles -- they have to be professionals
8:47 am
amount of stress because they have these roles to perform. >> they wear many have. >> what can women do? >> one of the most important things is to remember it's important to take time for yourself. even five minutes of meditation or 15 minutes -- yoga -- the most important thing i can say is to exercise 15 minutes a day -- it's time to clear your mind and think about nothing but you for a few minutes. it's important. >> women, but ourselves first -- take time for yourselves. >> exactly. that's the most important thing you can do. we always say mama makes sure everyone else is okay before mama is okay -- the have to watch for our malls and sisters
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>> details are at wncn.cothe irs wants to give taxpayers a heads up -- there may be a delay in the 2017 tax refund. for early filers claiming the earned income tax credit -- a new tax law requires it to hold refunds until february and it also said extra steps to check for identity theft they result in a slig for the g 20 summit -- he was asked about the possibility of a deal with russia in order to stop the violence in syria -- in response he said that although the us and russia have differences it's difficult to see how to get to the next phase without some of i from the russians. >> -- some buying in from the russians. >> today said that there are
8:49 am
civilians that need medical supplies and food -- getting some relief from the constant terror of bombings -- that's worth the effort and i think it's premature for us to say that there is a clear path forward. but, as the possibility at least for us to make some progress on >> the summit wraps up tomorrow. >> the carrying place, an organization that teaches life skills for independent living to homeless a working families with children will hold the erased tomorrow. >> it takes place in cary and the gates open at six deck 30 and the race starts at 8 am -- the proceeds go to the carrying case and this event includes a
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>> contact the caring place for more information. >> north carolina will be in the spot light again this week -- senator tim kane will be in wilmington tuesday and speak at the historic uso had to 2:00 and give a major address on national security and after that he will attend a fundraiser at a private home at 6:00. former president clinton will campaign for his wife interim on tuesday. >> trump will visit the state greenville convention center -- the doors open at 4:00 in the event begins at 7:00 -- you can count on cbs north carolina for all the news and headlines. had over to the website at and click on the politics of tap. >> june atkinson will hold a press conference wednesday and highlight the role the students
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kids on buses safe. more than 800,000 students ride the bus each day in the state. over the past several years more than 3000 drivers had illegally passed stopped bus. since 1998 during the one day count 13 students have lost their lives a result of drivers not stopping. >> with school back in session school buses are back on the roads -- we want to keep kids safe boarding and getting off school buses. the message has reached millions of people worldwide and you can help online use #break number four buses. >> [shouting] >> i scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream it. in gibson fill the screen contest took place saturday for children screaming their lungs out for their favorite frozen tree. contest marked the final day at the family market -- an
8:52 am
day saturday in gibson bill. weekly market days will continue until october 1 -->> a great day to be outside enjoying the things going on across the area. let's start off to the west a live look at the biltmore estate -- a beautiful start to the day -- 64 degrees in asheville and temperatures climbing into the 80s for most places across the tar heel state. the current radar shows the all clear carolina with a few showers and storms to the east -- it will not be an issue today. >> temperatures across central north carolina in the 60 at 65 in raleigh 66 in durham. 63 in henderson 67 in roanoke rapids and 64 in rocky mount. 68 in fayetteville. >> the temperatures will warm into the low 80s this afternoon. warming up to 78 in lunchtime. 80 at 2:00, 80 to the high by
8:53 am
a great looking stretch of weather for today, tomorrow and tuesday. thanks to this area of high pressure that began holding in yesterday. it will stay for the next few days and lead to sunny, dry conditions with low humidity. i fall feel to the air today. tropical storm hermine impacted the area yesterday and now it's most tropical off the coast -- a strong storm but tropical characteristics -- the center of the storm is no longer warm but it's causing issues for folks in the northeast. by wednesday through friday here we are looking at the area of high pressure slide into the southeast -- heating up and drive for the end of the week into the high moves offshore saturday. makes room for the next cold front bringing is a chance of showers for the start of next weekend. here is the latest on hermine.
8:54 am
york and delaware and maryland -- wind at 65 gusting to 75. it will cause dangerous storm surge and high surf and with current and a lot of wind in the northeast over the next few days. it will continue to push its way out to see slowly. it will be off the shore through friday morning before making its way out over the open atlantic. he fort bragg and rayford 84 in fayetteville -- sunny and dry and nice this afternoon. 81 in rocky mount and wilson 82 in goldsboro 83 in benson and smithfield. 82 in chapel hill and durham. 82 in bali and cary, 81 in lewisburg. temperatures fall to the low 60s and clear and comfortable overnight and the seven-day forecast has temperatures warming to 86 degrees for
8:55 am
wednesday and starting wednesday morning in the upper 60s. low 90s thursday and mid-90s friday -- friday will be the hottest day of the week. then we see the first chance of rain all week saturday as the next cold front movesin. temperatures in the 60s overnight and 80s during the day -- something to enjoy.
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cbs sunday morning is coming up after this is cast. here are the stories you can catch a few minutes. >> high in a hot air balloon. at the legendary and once in new orleans -- and we visit with the one and only jerry lewis. i'll hand on sunday morning. >> [music]-- willy actor -- some theaters will screen willy wonka and the chocolate factory -- we looked and you can catch up with emc south pointe 17 at 5:00 this evening. >> i can imagine many will head out to catch the movie -- a great film and great day to be on about -- temperatures around 82 this afternoon 86 for labor day tomorrow -- near 90 most of the week -- dry until the start
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cbs sunday morning is ne mr. brady, we've been expecting you. will you be needing anything else?
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captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations .>> pauley: good morning and happy labor day weekend. charles osgood is off today i'm jane pauley and this is "sunday morning." we americans will be spending this holiday weekend in any number of ways and in any number of places. some of us may even be spending the weekend quite literally up in the air.


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