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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  September 4, 2016 6:30pm-6:58pm EDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> quijano: where is hermine headed next? the deadly storm gained strength leaving a path of destruction along the coast. also tonight, voters weigh in on hillary clinton's honesty issues, and whethedo trump's minority outreh is anging minds. minnesota. what lead police to the remains of a boy who had been missing for decades. and pope francis celebrates mother t-- elevates mother mothere w calleood. saint of t gutming pope francise
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this is the "cbs weekend news." >> quino: good evening, i'm atening to become a hurricane again. the sl moving syem has already killed at least two people including a homess man hit by falling tree in florida, and a truck drir blown off the road in north carolina. stm wa astlo fr nth?narina to ssttny dokoupil son the jersey shore. >> reporter: after mowing thugh florida as a hurricane, icrm hhewe the coast of georgia and the carolina saturday bringing heavy rain and punis wd. rough seas rocked oyal caribbean cruiseship en route to new jersey to bermuda. now hermine may crash a five fo wall of water into the midatlantic. the storm is menacing picturesque coastline from maryland to massachuses, much of it newly rebuilt after perstorm sandy tore through 2012.
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>> howad was the damage with sandy? >> devastating, devastatin this ht e laour years. approxaturies. the icon of-- it was devastating. >> reporter: sandy damaged thousands of hes in cial county. residents are aren't taking any chances with hermine which could bring record floods. emergency coordinator bill hibell.ther s the >> reporter: new jersey vernor chris christie put hermine in ie isaiy not sandy. nowherar that. agmplacencnst but h >> the biggest thing ts opleoto uling is gog to what, something i goin>> heporter: the storm was rey t liday weekend plans. this bad with the waves beinge this, yo, ta.
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>> reporter: instead of one last weekend of summer fun, beaches hu of mile along the atlantic coast are closed and swimming is forbidden. >> farther south storm cleanup continued as officials tried to restore wer to thousands of homes from florida to rginia. so far the midatlantic impact is economic. >> i smpty tables here. eary in the bodwalk in newde jers >> today we were expecting a lot more people but because of the stm, a lot of people-- he had the hotel people. >> reporter: as it continues to churn up the atlantic coast officials warning res ts to secure loose items so they don't become project aisles, elaine, deeigh manhomes were elevated after sandy. the that weren't, the fire department here has handed out about 500 sand bag >> quijano: tony dokoil thanks meteorologist pamela gardner is trapping the storm at wbz boston.
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prior to this, we could pick up so beneficial rain in south eastern massactts. one to two inches of rainfall, with the heaviest rain staying offshore and those max wind gusts, 50 miles per hour from time to time, right during labor day. and we're also dealing with some intense wind gusts of 35 to 60 miles per hour all along the coast, primarily tuesday morning with major erosion likely across the beaches. >> quijano: pamela gardner, thanks. the u.s. is not rushing into a
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officials from both sides spent the weekend trying to reach an agreement. margaret brennan is traving thdentbama at the g-20 summit in china. >> reporter: u.s. officials thought they would be announcing a ground-breaking deal with russia to coordinate air strikes against isis and al-qaeda-linked terrorists in syria. but there was a hitch. >> there still remains, i say, a couple tough issues. >> reporter: russia pulled back from their initial agreement with the u.s it would have ended civilians and enabled aid to flow into areas like aleppo. any agreement with russia would be extraordinary given their propping up bashar al-assad by bombing u.s. rebels trying to overthrow him. but mr. obama admitted that america now needs russia if it has any chance of ending the haany an of ending the war thatas killed 400,000 le and created five million
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humanitarian crisis, then it icult see how we get to the next phase. >> reporter: russian president vlimir putin and mr. oma may try to revive the deal when they meet tomorrow. the trip itself got off to an awkward start yesterday when just after landing, a chinese official yelled at national security advisor susan rice and tried to block her from joining the president's motorcade, ominthe secret service to interve. president obama downplayed that incideaying understands how much strain have to the u.s. president given his sizeable secity entourage. elaine? >> quijano: margaret brennan, thank you. >> labor day marks the beginning of the homestretch forhe presidential campaigns with nine weeks until the election, a new cbs battleground tracker poll shows hillary clinton leading donald trump by eight points in pennsylvania. in north carolina our poll shows
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for more on this let's bring in errol barnett and cbs news election director anthony salvanto in washington. >> anthony, new ur n nbers show clinton still in a winning >> she's got the lead national, shs got the lead in enough states, in the battground states that if the election were held today she would be in a commanding position. but for a frontrunner she has remarkably high unfavourable numbers and she also has issues with the trust question. what's part of that is exemplified people's skepticism over answers to the email server question. where many more people say that her answers are becoming lessy believable. >> and this is why her vice presidential candidate tim kaine is doing somge control on that front. t's listen to on abc >> she did make a mie. and she made it by deciding she wanted to use one device rather an multiple devices. she has apologized for that.
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>> now for the republicans, what are people saying about donald trump's perceived immigration policy shifts. >> more people think he has been steady than think that he has switched, to become easier on people who are in the country illegally. but this underlines the balancing act that he has. he is trying to appeal to a broader base of voters who don't necessarilke his current policies but he's also trying to keep his base happy. >> his number two governor mike nce is defending the policy. >> we' goi tilwall. 'rg to enforce the laws of this country, we're going to we're going do l of the in that politicians in both political parties have beenhe talking about for more than a generation. >> we should explain that all of this is part of donald trump's overall minority outreach. any proof that's working yet? >> he's still not polling well among minority voters, but then again we might not expect polls like that to move overnight or even over the course of a week.
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>> i'm here today to listen to your message. and i hope my presence here will also help your voice treach new audiences in our country. >> i notice he said new audiences e. my thought being moderate republicans? >> yeah, it could be. moderate republica heretoforens don't necessarily like the rhetoric that's come out of his campaign. and so watching him try to rea ader base uld bring some of them back into the fold. orter:ll fascinating stuff. cbs elecons director anthony salvan >> there was a break this weekend in a cold case that had shocked the nation. 11 year old jacowettli liispear nearly 30 years ago on aald homen l minnesota. jamie yuccas is here. >> my name is jab wetterling. i'm in fifth grade.
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when his bnd a friend biked to a convenience store to rent a movie. 11 year olb would neve come home. for more than 26 years jacob mother patty wetterling has pleaded for his abductor to come forward. >> we will hoppray that e day we will have the ansr to ostiothat we've asked forever. where is jacob. >> on saturday sterns county sheriff's deputies confirmed jacob's remains were located. after long time spyhech ld the m inentralinnesota not far from the abduction sit sourcesaave the locationeaea inri wuestiod ection to the case i1990 but never charged. neighbors say they always knew was a suspect. >> eryone just got to talking and eryone heard about it. that he was a suspect back in '89. they booked him and tois mug
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the livearen and ce change >> home for dinner and you had to be home at bed time. and could you roam anywhere. >> life changed after that. very much. >> reporter: jacob's filha not spoken publicly but his mother patty wetterling did tweet out our fami is drawing strength from all your lovand support. we're struggling with words at this time. thank you for your hope. hashtag jacob's hope. the case had natio named after jacob wetterling that requires states to set up sefe r >> quijano: thank you. mother teresa was proclaimed a saint today by pope franciin a ceremony that drew an estimated 120,000 people to the vatin. our seth doane was there. >> the faithful packed st.teresa
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llnuto?plgnas a living saint. h. >>n >> rick farrell anry basilone came from anchorage, alaska. >> she gave of hself. she ga her le to help the poor. >> reporter: pope francis
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ionary work for arly half a century, others catched the canonization on a large tv re. erinckeland ul hunter traveled from dallas. this he are not catholic but said mother teresa's appeal is universal. >> great humanitarian, great compassion for the less means something to many people regard its of faith. >> the albanian born nobel peace prize winner who dedicated her honored today in the bright sun light, less than two decades after deh. seth doane, cbs news, rome. >> quijano: we want to note the passing of dabny montgomery, he was a tuskegee airman world war ii and a civil rights activist in selma, alabama. he served as a body guard to dr. martin luther king, jr. on his 1965 march for voting rights. in 2007 montgomery was awarded a
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itjustoing like . >>ep averaged 2.5 earthquakes a day with a magnitude of 3. rating took the state last year comped to just two in 2008. oklahoma geological experts have saturday's quake prompted the state to initiate the fastest shutdown of waste watells in state's history, 37 are scheduled to be closed. is not like it would stop tomorrow. >>ist susan ugh said induced earthquake mainly caused by waste water injection aren't as severe as naturally caused one but that could change if oklvahoma and other states where fracking is booming don't take note.
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steps are going to help ov the rates are going go down and thzard wl go down. but don't have an exact crystal ball so there is the potential certainly for more rthquakes. there is the potential for bigger earthquakes than what we have seen. >> the 37 waste water wells set to be shuts down are just a small fraction of the 4200 currently permitted by the state. elaine, the oklahoma govr has declared a state of emergency for the affected area. >> quija: child and the healing power of horses. horses. ? baby,? from the makers of lantus?, ?lice it right. ? toujeo? provides blood sugar-lowering activity
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octor or pharmacist today about a vaccine that can help prevent shingles. >> quijano: in new jersey a little girl who has been battling cancer is starting third grade this week. she couldn't go to school last year. marlie hall tells us how she recently discovered the healing power of horses. >> reporter: kaia carroll says she hasn't had this much fun in months. >> awesome, so much >> the eight year old has a rare form of leukemia, but lastear of her life has been a blur of doctors, hospitals and chemotherapy. >> this week i felt good. i wasn't really nauseous and i wasn't in any pain, really. >> kaia and 19 other young patients took part in pony per therapy in the ramapo mountains. patients and their families
6:53 pm
center sponsored the intensive four day program. >> lots of joy on the farm. there is some exercise. we're getting dirty so there is just endless opportunity for physical, emotional, recreational, social. and strength, horses tend to be very calm. studies have shown children who lower levels of stress. pediatrician steven percenty says riding also helps build muscle and coordination. >> particularly with kids that have developmental dil understanding, get them on the animals and to be moving limbs in a different way is really helped them. >> reporter: kaia has also he gained something her parents longed to get back. >> this has brought so much happiness to her. she has looked forward to this for so long. it's really nice to know that opportunities are there for them, to make them feel special. >> reporter: marlie hall, cbs news, mahwah, new jersey. >> quijano: great to see you. up next, the heart warming story of a college football star and
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6:57 pm
one of them travis rudolph, the team's star wide receiver noticed one sixth grader in particular. >> i saw him by himself and i was just like, yo, can i have a seat, eat with you. he was like sure, why not. we started off having a good conversation. >> i was sitting on this side. >> reporter: that kid was 11 year old bo ske. >> you looked up and there he was. >> yeah. >> and what did he say? >> he said what's up dude? >> someone near by took this notice everyone else ithe picture is sitting far away. you see, bo has autism and often eats lunch by himself. >> on the days that he is sitting alone, i think those are the days that it bothers me more than it bothers him. >> reporter: leah is bo's mother. she posted the photo to facebook saying this is one day i didn't have to worry if my sweet boy ate lunch alone because he sat across from someone who is the a hero in many eyes.
6:58 pm
>> i'm just moved with emotion at his generosity and his kindness. i don't know what made him pick bo, but i'm so gratel he did. >> reporter: travis rudolph could score a million touchdown this season, and never come close toaking one family so happ >> i haven't gthrough bullying but i he seen it and i don't like it i don't approve ofulin i feel like it's wrong. honestly, at say cool person, i will hang out with him any day. >> bo. >> rightere. lunch on wednesday, every kid wanted to sit with him. >> i'm a superstar. everybody recognizes me. >> mark strassman, cbs news, tallahassee. >> quijano: we'll be cheering for them both. that is the cbs weekend news for this sunday. later on cbs, "60 minutes." the new continues now on our 24 hour digital network cbsn as cbs i'm elaine quijano in new york. for all of us at cbs news, thank you for joining us and good
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> sharyn alfonsi: you've probably been warned to be careful about what you say and do on your phone. do i need to connect this? >> yes. >> alfonsi: okay. but afe what we found, you won't need to be warned again. >> so, are you connected? onam. >> and i have your email ane al i hav e cred cardsoctewith that account. he pdef the united states called me on my cell ph so if the hackers reng in, they would know that phone conversation. and that is immensely troublg. >> alfonsi: is everything hackable? >> yes. we live in a world where we n'trust the chnologyhat we use. >> my failure to say something can only be described as cowardice. i was a coward.


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