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tv   North Carolina News at 500AM  CBS  September 5, 2016 5:00am-5:28am EDT

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>> good morning and happy day to you. i'm justin quesinbe i'm in for stefan chase today. >> good morning. e rstime we have anchored together. >> how abouthat? >> super cool. e have our rning commute. ali war chave and i will have th story but first, kristin ketcll is in for alyssa after a beautiful start,lear skies at shaw sit . the difference is t tempere. it will stay clear throughout the day and want to poi out temperatures this morning. holly yohad a chance to switch off the a/c lanight because temperatures in the 50s
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in fayetteville, 56 in roxboro. that's the cool spot on the map. nice weather will continue, a couple of degrees warmer this afternoon and about 80-degrees by lunchtime, 86 by 3:00, warm and nice this afternoon, fallg to 83 degrees by 6:00 with re sunny skies today. i'll let you know how long ts comfortable weather will last and what's in storfor morning drive. good morning. very quiet to start your work week if hat's where you're heading bright and early on this labor day. raleigh, all the green on the maps means no delay. on durham, same thing, a nice, easy ride on the freeway ugh fayetteville and take a
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17 minutes, 12 from my 540 to downtown. a quiestart to your morning commute. the deadly storm surge n'forecast to be as bad as we fear but could t the east coast with dangerous floong and beach erosion. >> reporter: hermine continues to whip up dangers the atlantic coast overnight while lurking dangerously off e east coast. this video showthe forceful wind tossing a cruise ship om side to side suny, confining passengers their cabins. as the storm churned off shore, many beachgoers from virginia to jsey shore were forced to stay out of the water. when you see the red flag, it's a sign of danger so you have to take ecautions. >> reporter: resident along the water an pulling their
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others eparedfor the worst. >> i locked everything in the garage, packed a go bag ani'm ready. >> reporter: many beaches remain close today amid concerns hermine could regain strength and trigger life- ening rip tithe tide and floong wh memories of superstorm sandy fresh on residents' minds. authorities in parts of connecticut say they're prepared toopen shelters if necessary. >> we have plty of bottled water on hand. we have supplies so residents can take a nice, warm shower >> reporter: chris christie declared a state ofemerncy in several counties. thaccess but it would be much too late if the storm started to track west. >> repor hermine could linger around the coast for days before exiting out to see idweek hena daniels for cbs north caro. >> hermine which in hitt florida last week, is being blamed for two death of people, one in thnshine state and another here in north na as well. this morning, two men
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after the pair beat a fayetteville man to death. >> lauren is in the studio with us rit now. what can you tell us? >> reporter: those two suspects are chard with first- degree murder. they're accused ofkilling 52- year-old mike mansfid sunday morning. police said the two suspects are hubenderwo ii and steven r investigators said the victim, mike mansfield, and e two other men were at wings just after midght on nday. when they le, they started atffered serious left unconscious. he wround dead at the hospital. family and friends gathered for a prayer vigil outside mansfield car wash ere he helped go down get back on their feet. >> gowhere the irit would be, whe he made everybody ppy, fl of joy.
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his back, help you in need, help strangers. >> both men will have their firscourt appearance tomorrow morning. back to you. >> thanks so much. we know the identity of the woman killed due to a motorcycle crash in fayetteville saturday. melanie orr lost control and crashed. she was rushed to where she the investigation into the ascontinues. police are as fond n a retaining pond gateway boulevard. the call came in just before 3:00 yesterday afternoon and they have not releasethe man identity but said he wa50 years old. on wednesday, a press conference will be at east carry high school to urge the role in keeping kids safe on
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of the burning festivato commemorate the great fire. un50 years ago, fire crews were on hand with poweul wat cannon and high essure hoses to extinguish the flames at the end ofthe performance. still to come oncbs north carolina, restaurants are givingthis holiday
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annew poll numbers are released. find out where the candidates and just 64 day from election day. get used to a satellite an radar picture like this. we have no clouds or rain to worry about. i'll let you knowhatto expect for your week ahead, co up. a look at the eastbound drive times if youe ading
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toda technologis ch ging... homes are changing....e ch. and all those changes take energy. at duke energy, we'r changing too, ving you new ways to contr your power use and ay in the kn... ...for smarter energy choices every day. so no er how things chan, wee ysere .... ...with power for your life. >> lcombacto cbs north caroli. we were talking out the temperature outside, 59 in raleh, cooler for sure. we were trying todetermine if that's considered chilly. compared to the temperatures we have seen -- d will contue to see this week -- ye. i would say chilly by comparison. >>ave en wake up temperatures nea with a muggy start tothe day but it's the exact opite this
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week. leighand clton, sigh lest 64 in yetteville and thanks to high pressure began building in yesterday ll, can expect the ceer to continue through ay and this week so expect comfortable mperatures, 8degrees at
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humidity. we're sunny at 6:00 p.m. with a falling to 83 and thers wae er weather. we'll let you know when the return, coming up. >> nks,kristin. restaurants around the state are giving free mes to law enforcement ofceto show their appreciation. here a video of the pittboro it's one of 121 places around the state participating in feed o'malley's pub to shed a light on how officers positively impact the community and 0% of t-shirt profits will go to th200 club of wake county, providing help to families that lost someone in the line of duty. we have linked you to the list of participating restaurants at > hundred of peple came out to the state fairgunr day 2 of the second annuafood
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of seafood from the nth coast including crab, shrimp, fish, and crewfish. lis were long and op waited efficiently. therals craft vendors at the festival. 5:12 right w. both hillainton and donald trump will visit our statthis wee after the break, where the candes are heading to rally support and how our community came together to raise money for the viims of they'rall gone. i know i bought th well staples has lowce if i were you, i'd grab a couple more. for next week. back to school or back for more. staples has the lowest prices. riod. staples.
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thers nothing like tryin something new. especially when it comes to snacking. that's why wre introducing cheese dippers. the creamy cheese and crunchy breadsticks that go wherever you do. cheese dippe the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. >> me 5:14. autopsy results are expected today to termdee how a teenager died in wake county. deputies responded to valley forge drive near north raleigh around 2:30 saturdayfternoon and found the girl inside a communitpl. they said the caller year-old h been electrocute
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ocn. swimmers are urged to stay out of the water because of dangerous aves and rip currents. a tropical storm warningis from massachusetts. law enforcemencies plan to releasrmation about the discovery of human remains belonging a boy kidnapped 27 yea ago. someone abducted 11-yearld jacob weling joseph, minnesota, in 1989. sources say a suspect in his disappearance led thfbi o the remains. > a poll shows d vorsas thacfor the >> marley ha on cam2016 f the er poll shows hillary intonleads donald 45to pennsylvania, but trump's campaign said he can still win without the st >> we'rtaking pennsylvani very seriously. we have several different paths to vtory. >> rorter: in north ahead of trby our points.
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nominee also leads trump y points in t 13 maorweek r te siting mexo. they're inpa for the b wall. >> reporter: ariza nato fflake h ed ene trd reped hard-linpoicon al immigrants. >>th notclt l. yopepl idsa it washaeng, abt clinton's explanatioo why shused apri server ate. 47% bve it's less believable >> she said shalogized and ul'to it again. >>eporte heto thpls d. marley hall, bs news, ew >>he same poll hasdecrat nomie r the u.s. se here in north carolina, debra
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the political tlig as both candidates wi t our ste. hillary planning r registration event in charlotte on thursday. tim kaine and will visit on esday. and donald trumpwill speat greeille coenti ceer on tuesday. those stores open at the event star at 7:00.
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>> a way to help sobody, through somebody else's stomach. >> doubt ability. another thing i want to get in -- br news in tel- aviv where six hurt, missing, after a buildin collapse. we're working on that story, trying to get video and additional confirmation on wha happ in the meantime, we'll ge back to weather. >> it's a top wick the labor day holweekend coming to a close. it's lookingice. this is waiting onhere, suise abt 6:50 a.m so we have little ws togo but those skies wile filled with sunshine today. our satellite and dar showi a few showers sitting way off our east ofe coast of noh carona and northeast here and that's where those are goin stay so we' not going to deal with wet weather today, tomorrow, nd even through most of the week ahead
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clayn, ndersoand roxboro, 64 n fayettevle. a little warmer than yesteay with mid-80s this afternoon and 84t 2:00, our high temperature will top out around 86 so a co degrees warmer thuny. our dew point is around 58is morning and l stay that to put in e comfy catego. we have a pleasant start to the week thankstohigh pressure began building in yesterday and led to sunny and rgeo sunday and will lead to a vy nice monday and tuesday as well by wednday, thursday, and friday, thatwill start the south and slightly off shre to
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up by the weekend, we will have room f thene cold front and a little rain on sunday. the latest on hermi as of 70 miles per hour, wind gusting to 85 s per hour, almost stationary off the oast of new england, something orth watchior the beaches alg thbeaches and herme gng before the forest high in the anper 80s for many of us 87 in fort bragg, 85 goldsboro, wilson, rocky mount this aften, 86 durham nd raleigh later today, dry and nice the afternoon, notoo bad for tomorrow with a high of 91 and 92 on wednesday. thursday, 94-degree and we're
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weather by the end of the weekend. 5:21. here's a lk your trfic. goodornot a lot to look at. we have delays and it's moving well through duam this morning and no issues or accidents and on the free ware, you can go the speed limit. same thing on 95through fayetteville, 54to glenwood, 18 minute, 10 264 so prey average. nd u.s. 1 i-40 at ayton bypass is a look now, pretty good. >> hope it people will come home. >> the, won't be a factor. >> nice and sunny.
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almost 5:2 local high schools are gearing up r friday football on monday? yep. a big rivalry is help on the. a shot you have to see to believe the u.s. open.
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longhos okon the fightine two teams seemingly to be eventually matched throughout the course of the game. texas stunned number 10notre dame with a fin score of 50- 47 in two overtim. >> the next chance for no dame to redeem itself is sarday as they take on nevada. ll, our local high school teams were set to play on friday but, hey, there's this thing called hermi that messed itup. >> yeah. todd gibson tonight's rescheduled matchups. >> morning, everyone. mother nature cke are lty games on thagenda, nothing better than a matc between beganner and middle creek. they're separated by just a few some of the kids grew up playing together, hanging out together, going to church together. now they'll butt heads, pride on the line at middle creek. >> these kids going to be a little more excited because
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you don't see this often but in the u.s. open tennis matchup, jack sauk hit remarkable drop shot between his legs match at the tsong tsonga won the match-up. that is san unbelievable shot. >> it's unreal, a ging it was a foot lower right there wow. that could have been dangerous. >> yeah. all right. 5:igowstill ahead in our next half h
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north carolina," two men ha been arrested and accused beating a man tdeath in fayetteville. i'm lauren viland and how the community is -- completely upset about this loss of the victim. plus be you head out the door this morning, here's a live look outside. all right, it's the last day of the three-day weekend so what will it be like? we have allthe answers if you will cook that icken on the grill. stay with us.
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>> peopike that shouldn't be on the street. they should be locked up anyway. right now on cbs north carolina, a fight in fayetteville ended with one man dead and two others charged with murder. find out how the victim made it his mission to help others.
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the nice weather. mething is going to happen. people furtr up the east coast are wang hermine. what they're expecting and what has been left behind in her path. breaking news. you're looking at live images. 20 people are missing after a building collapse in tel-aviv. we'll bring you the atest information that we're get into our newsroom. >> good morning, everyone. thanks or watching north carolina news. it's 5:30 a i'm russ bowen. >> i' we'll have a look at the traffic but first, stin ketchell is in for assa with the forecast. >>od morning, everyone. our labor day isoff to a coolertart, ny wake up to temperature in th50s sowe're off to a comfortable start t our day, clear skies from our camera at raeigh-durham international airport d nothing popping up on our tellite or radar which will be the case throughout the entire daytoday. temperatures, as i mentioned,


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