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tv   North Carolina News at 430AM  CBS  September 6, 2016 4:30am-4:42am EDT

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"breaking news" on cbs north carolina this morning. one person is that aer house fire in tt. a wake county team found dead i just revealed. we got ice cream and cady. >> a north carolina city is on edge, after a man and a clown costume tried to lure them into the words. donald trump is headed to the tar heel state today, where he is speaking and what his democratic rival, hillary clinton will make her stop this week in north carolina. >> back to work day after a long holiday weekend.
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-- tuning in. meteorologist, kristen ketchell has your weather. a really nice start your d , temperature wise right now. he cooled off overnight, we saw those r skies and we gave the air-conditioner i little bit of a break during overnight hos.ear throughout the day today. satellite generator looking pretty good through this we can expect to see clear skies into this afternoon a lot sunshine on the way today. 63degrees in raleigh, still feeling pretty good out there. 61degrs in siler city, 65 durham, 68 in fayetteville. these temperatures will be climbing to near 90 degrees today. hotter than we were yesterday, but the sunshine sticks around things to that area of high pressure that began building this weekend. temperatures will rise pretty quickly here, 83 degrees at lunchtime, 90 by 3 o'clock this afternoon.
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t today. 87degrees at 6 p.m. i will let you know how long the sunny skies will stick around. for now let's turn things over to allie for a look at her morning drive. we have a crash out there traveling through the raleigh area on 440 at six forks road. not seeing it cause any delays. we also have some areas where we are going to have construction cre capital and wade avenue, some overnight and weekend closures, crews start rking onhat today for bridge replacement. make sure you slow down for those wo cells. travel through durham looks good, no problems there. down through fayetteville taking 95 looks like a nice easy ride for you on this tuesday morning. heading to the airport, no delays being reported. flying into these major airports, it looks like your flight suld be there on time for you to board.
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found one person dead, inside ce of a burning house. flames tore through the house on mcneil circleround 1 o'clock this morning. >> t house is near fayetteville technical community -- cmunity college. one on was dead inside the home, another person made it sa out othe home. workers are treated that person for smoke inhalation, at the scene. we do have a news crew headed to the sane and we will have life updates at the money. breaking overnight, afghan officials say police special forces killed three gunmen who stormed a building in kabul. the building houses the aid organization care international. the overnight attack cap in a day after twin bombings near the afghan defense ministry killed at least 24 people, and wounded more than 90 others. breaking overnight as well,
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historic visit to lagos, the obama administration is giving $99 to help clean up -- the white house abruptly called it off after the leader publicly insulted the commander-in-chief. early this morning, the philippine president said he regret saying tt. this wk a busy one here in north carolina when it comes to campaign 2016. today, bill clinton will campaign for his wife, and em craddick vice presidential nominee, tim kaine will be in wilmington at chapel hill. publican presidential nominee nville. rump will be in hillary clinton will campaign in charlotte on thursday. the naacp movement heads to harnett county. the group will hold a vigil and they will call it praying for justice.
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he was the man shot and killed by deputy nicholas last november. thateath has been ruled a homicide. the deputy was never charged but he did resign. learning more about what led to the death of a teenager in a local community pool. rachel rosoff was a lifeguard come at the pool. this happened saturday at the heritage pointe subdivision of wake county near north raleigh. unconscious. >> she must've got in when she got here, to clean up after the storm. maybe the pool got struck by lightning and the electricity had not fully dissipated. >> her family and friends to discharge to go on camera. one writing this is so heartbreaking, may she rest in paradise. another, rachel was an amazing member of the food arts and an amazing person.
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the wake county courthouse today. sunday, authorities arrested 20- year-old jeffrey reynoso and charged with murder. more people were involved in the oso is being held without bond. an update on storm system hermine. at least three deaths are associated with e storm at a -- as a middle on the east co new york city officials of extended beach closures through today because of dangerous rip currents. hermine is expected to begin weakening but it could impact areas from new jersey to southern new england with pounding waves, coastal flooding, and beach erosion before moves out to sea. a lot of people are tir
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including us. the time is cuy 4:36, it is what our parents warned us about what we ward our own children about strangers trying to lure children away with candy. the scenario is unfolding in north and south carolina. what police in salem are doing to put an end to it. > firefighters in rhode island are battling multi- million-dollar home, later what else crews are having to fight. a comfortable start at the bus stop this morning, a little bit warm this afternoon with
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nicara looking kyline salle d dar log for is morng, is is th totl it is 65 degrees durham, 68 fayetteville, silerci, 65
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