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tv   North Carolina News at Noon  CBS  September 6, 2016 12:00pm-12:19pm EDT

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frantic makes call 911 dispatchers as a deadly fire rips through a ome. the latest on this investigation. and from the triangle, the race for the white house heats up big time here in north carolina. >> hello, i'm russ bowen and thank you for wating >> and cbs north carolina has confirmed traces of lead were found at erwin elementary and behaven elementary schools. the school district tells us the dangerous chemical was found in small amounts during the normal testing over the summer. the spokesperson patricia har mob lewis sighs lead was not found in all of the school's water, but as a precaution, bottled water is being brought into the school in place of hallway water fountain
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the public schools is working with the scools to make the repairs. we'll have more at 5:00 d 6:00. right now the police and firefighters are investigating the cause of a deadly morning on mcneil circle that is near fort bragg road. and we report two pple were at home and r and only one survived. the firefighters ray lived to the scene just after 1:00 this morning. several people called 911 to report this fire. one of the callers said there when the firefighters got here, they found the repain -- remains of a person inside. another person was treated on the scene for smoke inhalation. they were the only two people home at the time. the neighbors say hearingthe fire trucks was scary. learning that they lost one their neighbors, sad. >> very sad. it is always sad to lose meone in e neighborhood and nice, yole atlive there, and hard-working faly just good people. nd o prayers go out to
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three were found dead inside the home and firefighters say those were t only pets at this house. in fayetteville, cbs north caroleased iden the person who died. they're still look ing into how that fire started and where in the home it did. cbs north carolina has learned that the 23-year-old man hospitalized in a weekend hit-and-run crash has died. the police tell when he was hit. he died last night. the driver is still out there. covering raleigh now and hundreds of firefighters are planning to gather outside of city hall tonight to demand better salaries an pay raises. the group, raleigh firefighters united says the low wages are ers to take better paying - jobs in other towns and cities. both firefighters and police officers demanded 7% raises over the summer. during the city council's
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pay races to all city employees. meanwhile, a cbs north carolina investigation reveals several city leaders received pay raises without a pay study last year. after some fantastic temperatures over the holiday weekend, the heat and the humidity is back on the rise this week. storm team meteorologist kristin kevin is live here with a first look at your forecast. >> hey, russ. actually not feeling too bad outside now, but that will not be the case. hopefully you had a chance to the labor day holiday weekend because we are turning up the s university camera. it is gorgeous outside right now. we're seeing sunny and cloud- free skies really. and we have nothing popping up on our satellite or radar. so that's how thing also stay through the rester of your tuesday. the temperatures this morning were in the 50s and 6 #s. but weare warming up quckly.
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soxesboro. it is 86 in rocky mount. 88 degrees is your current temperature in fayetteville. thanks to this area of high pressure that began building in for your holiday weekend here, that is going to stay put leading to sunny, dry and hotter conditions over the next several days, but we are going to stay dry. great news for our friends along the coast who with flooding. we'll get a chance to dry out as we move through this week. expect sunny and 87 degrees at 6:00. but once the sunsets and we start to cool off, we're down to 78 degrees by 9:00 this evening. one more night with temperatures in the 60s before we start feelina little more like summer outside. i ale have the complete breakdown what can expect coming up. a man charged with killing a 23-year-old father is set the appear in court today. jeffrey rayno, siro was arrested last moh after a
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on fisher street. in addition to the mder charge, he also faces felony drug charges. the court records show the 20- year-old had been arrested16 times prior toanderson's death. a fort bragg soldier faces child x abuse charges in columbus county. the deputies arrested brandon his sunday and charged him with first-degree offense. the victim's father told deputies tt his attacked the child in his sleep. 000 bond. the race for e white house picks up steam and across north carolina, today th former president bill clinton will campaign for his wife in durham and the democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine will be in wilmington and chapel hill as well. meanwhile, donald trump will address supporters lafayette this afternoon in greenville d hillary clinton will also make a campaign stop in north carolina later this week. she'll attend a fundraiseand voter registration event that
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both presidential nominees are taking aimt one another over foreign policy and immigration issues. as cbs's craig boswell reports, trump eye 'cusexico's agreement over paying for a proposed wall at the boder while hillary clinton calls trump's highly touted trip there a failure. >> reporter: donald trump says mexico's president broke the ground rules when he said the men discussed trump's proposed wall on thu.s.-mexican worder. >> it was discussed that it know my stance. >> reporter: trump made a last- minute stance to exico last month in what looked like a softening of s hard line stance against illegal immigration, but hillary clinton trump went to mexico for different mission. >> it has within the mission of his whole campaign to demonize immigrants. >> reporter: both candidateses will spent much of the remaining nine weeks in the key battleground states that are expected to decide the elon. p will be in virginia dowed
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on monday she spoke to reporters on her new campaign plane answering questions about her e-mail scandal for the first time in months. everyt i did at the state department i did in furtherance of america's interest and our serity. >> trump also spoke to reporters on his plane and agreed to attend all three presidential debates but says too much prepation can be risky. >> i have seen people do so much prep rk that when they get out there news, the white house. president obama continues his his toric visit to laos. he was supposed to meet with e philippine president, but the white house called it off the leader publicly insulted the commander in chief. and this comes as the president announced the united states will work with allies to toughen sanctions against north korea. this comes after the nation conducted a series of ballistic missile launches yesterday.
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still room for dialogue with north korea if the country changes direction. the investigators reveal the teenager life guard found dead in a north raleigh pool owned after stepping into an electrified pool. and the body was discovered saturday afteoon near valley forge road. acourteds to a preliminary autopsy, the 17-year-old was knocked unconscious by an electrical charge which led her to drown. the frantic 911 call shows just how dangerous the situation really was. >> and tried to jump in run through me. i don't know if some how is something on her or something in the water or what. >> authorities continue their investigation and the pool was set to close for the season yesterday. also at noon, the former fox news anchor has settled a sexual harassment lawsuit against the ex-chief executive of the channel. that lawsuit and a number of
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his downfall at fox news channel over the summer. carlson is reportedly being paid $20 million. the parent company released a statement apologizing for the fact that carlson was not treated ith respect and the dignity she deserved. next, a scary conclusion to the holiday weekend as gunshots ring out at a crowded shopping mall and a popular north carolina theme park. and soon we could learn
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instead of putting our children first, billions in tax breaks that could have lifted north carolina's schools have been diverted into tax cuts for the wealthy and big corpations. and what are we left with? the ratio of teachers to students is worse. fus for textbooks and supplies are scarce. teaching assistants have been depleted. pat mccrory: stop taking north carolina backwards.
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, 44th in per-student spending, and a lot of us even have to buy school suppls. governor mccrory s about raising our pay, but he tried to cut education funding to its lowest budget share in over 30 years like over two thousand other teacrs i'havingmove to another state so i canwh iove and make ends meet. someone needs to fhis. we have some breaking news to get to in wren county. earl valentine kicked his ex- wife's door around 1:30 this morning and shot his ex-and eir the teen has die the woman is in critical condition. the police also say valentine had a restraining order, but it hasincexpired. they say they have been talki
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thorities in richmond, virginia have also been alerted afr police say he threatene family members in that area. we'll continue to have updates throughout the day and online as well on cas well as > and y ce criminal chaes in a case dating2004-a accus coy of druggin sexually molesting her while she was at temple university . the 79-year-old is in court today for an evidence hearing. thtaliban is claimg responsifor in bombings near the afghan fense mi city in kabul. the insurgents e been ghting to overthrow the a n wave of violence taking its toll in the turkish border. thorities say nearly 50 people have been killed in a string of bombings by isis.
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supply route. meanwhile, russia's defense ministry is accusing the u.s. of not doing enough to stop the rebel groups. covering chapel hill now, the police are offering a reward for information that s them capture a man involved in a weekend shooting. they believe he shot person turday morning at the red roof inn. if you have any information about the shooting or whe his location is, ll crime stoppers. chapel hill authorities together the events that led up to a shooting at the theme park in charlotte last night. a teenager was rush to the hospital with serious ries just after 7:00 in the evening investigators say the shots were fired after some kind of disturbance erupted in th parking lot. >> we're working right now to kind of information. we have igsuspect description of a light blue
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>> one witness told deputies there was a fight between several girls when the car you heard in the description pulled up and a me got t and fired a gun. > gun fire interrupted labor day shopping at charlotte's north lake mall. the police say someone opened fire sending shoppers int panic as they ran for their lives. the mall was partially evacted with people. some people hiding in stre and bathrooms until the police could arrive. nobody was hurt. the police have not made any arrests. we're also getting our first it happened in montae owe on the virginia memorial bridge. the cell phone video shot by ash lan gonzales shows the 18- wheeler being toppled over ing strong windsfrom the tropical storm saturday afternoon. the 64-year-old driver was killed. gonzales and her family were returning home from the outer banks when the ash happened
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the remnants is expected to continue to weaken hundreds of miles off the easterseaboard. still the forecasters warn it coulntinue impact areas from jerseyo southern new england with pounding waves and coastal flooding before it moves out to sea. meanwhile, the hurricannewton soaks mexico's western pacific twast esim at the e vernment h nearly 4,000 shelters along th coastal sites there. that good, guys. ot at all. home in central north ronawe impact, but, goss, of an unof it. north, they saw the >> we had some there, too, bu waworse up ano linri up there, it could e potential issues. but back at home, things a
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look from prestonwood country ub we ha a blue sky peect day to spend ch break on thgolf i think a alce afternoon shaping up acro our satellite and radar showing dry all of central north carolina, the southeasrelycoa few northeast here. ery far the that is what is eft of what once was tropical storm raleigh and ham. it is 88 degrees in tt. that is the warm spot on map here. 82 in henderson and lewisburg. 83 in roanoke rapids. temperatures will warm up to about 90 this afternoon. we will sehuty a little hierhan yesterday, but still not feeling o muggy out there today. 87 degrees at 6:00. we fall through he 70s here after sunset and then wake up tomorrow morning to
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our wednesday before those temperatures climb in the afternoon. as i mentioned, our dew point is a little higher was it was at 607 degrees. -- 60 degr cary becausewe l really art feelg muy. stget really nd othca relim f thet anthe humidity here so 're nny and hot for today and tomorrow. not too humid, but the humid win the rise through the middnd end of th wee this area of high pressure. as it starts to slide off to the souther and east, it turns our air more to the south and the southwest so we're hot and humid for thursday, friday and saturday, but we're still sunny, which is a few extra clouds into the mix. the high is completely offshore that makes room for our next coldront theand that will bring us really ousunday i monday as at front does move
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60-mile-per-hour winds gusting to 70 miles per hour. it is post-tropical, so the core of the system is no longer warm which makes it a tropical storm, and it is sitting south of new england. you can see the center of circulation, the clouds, that is the center of cculation here so itis ilcausing beach erosion, ripcurrents, high surf, something definitely worth watching here. the good news is it is going to weaken so originally the national hurricane rrted it movillhe way out the sea. still kind of holding on to some of its strength. but now it appears that it is going to weaken the next few days off the coast of new england. it will no longer have any type of strong characteristics with it. today we're looking at a high of 92 at fort bragg and fayetteville. 91 in smithfield. 89 in red soxesboro and henderson. 90 in durham and raleigh afternoon. we're heating up as we head
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92 degrees is our high for wednesday. 94 on thursday. after a start righound 7 in the morning. 92 friday and saturday. it will feel a bit more humid here as we start the wkend. our next chance for rain holds off with the next cold front sunday into monday. the temperatures alongnd behind that front fall back into the80s. >> i was enjoying the overnight 60s. >> they felt really good. >> we get one more night, though. >> and then they'll be back soon enough. still ahead on cbs north carolina, a big-time college football player woing florida state fans but he also has a big heart and he is capturg lots of new fans wi an
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if like wine, you might like this story. a killer wine bole opener allows them to stick that.o. their guns a t operated
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triggeon to open. its madeby the company wi- -vues. user cans open up to 30 bottles of wine back-to-back ona sile charge. a dispute between neighborinessee families takes an ugly tu. the bad blood hit the boiling point when the deputies say a 57-yeaold took a bulldozer and smashed through his rival's home. the indent hne hours after a member of the family he s feuding th had been ated a separate charge no >> why would you want to family out of their home lecold right? >> and he is charged with trespassing and felony vandalism. a college football player has become a ig hero not just for what he is doing on the field but also for a heart warming act of kindness the field. as cbs's henna daniel reports the actions have earned him a
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>>lorida -- >> reporter: flori receiver travis williams continues his winning streak on one of his ggest fans, the sixth ercheerg hit football surstar.eporter: the tar player made natioadwhen this moment of ndnes werevi ting his tallassee middle sc serv sothing clicked in my head. let me goask him if i can sit with him. >> reporter: he is autistic and most day o, sione sat with him duri lunch. his mo t himfor this heart warming gesture on facebo >> i d know at made him
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w. >> i'm epter: on &, bo was vite entire team and watch the game. bo received big hs and personalized jersey.nndanis, cb u have love that or stay with s we take a live traffic oi-40 and i-540. o bad at all.
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. amazing individual you captured in austral we're tanga look at a rare white whale. >> the scientists used a e do pick up th fantastic footage. less than 6% of calfs are orn white, and they also tend to turn gray a year after their birth. >> it is pretty tolook at. >> how cool. >> i w an alligator like that at an aquarium once and it is awesome. >> just interesting.
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heading out and about today, whatever you y be ing, e forecast is looking really nice. e still near 90, but i'm calling that nice especially compared to the next several days. we're not going to be dealing with humidity as high as we're going to see. so really enjoy it while you can. around throughow. it sck just a ewloudmoving in for the end of the weeka femore clouds heading our way. the nextchance for rain holding off from sunday into 80s to the 90s. we were talking a few nights coming our way temperatures in the 60s. but we ha one m tonight where the temperatures willfall into the 60s before we're back into the 70s. the comfortable overnights are going away for a while. [ and not a bad start overall for the art of september. >> and labor day weekend was fairly nice once we got rid of some of the rain on saturday. at least we have this niese,
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wahing. have a great day.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
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xxxx this is judge mablean. everything we do involves the law. this is about what you heard and saw and everything you know. >> this was good. >> she's firm. >> i'm not responsible for this and i'm not going to pay for it? pay for it.u are not going to i make that decision, not you. >> she's honest. >> what do you h nothing. >> this is "justice with judge mab mablean." . george is suing his former co-worker. he says the defendant recorded him without permission and he lost his job as a result. >> all parties are sworn in, your honor. >> thank you. you may be seated. >> this is a matter of george tillman versus victor leblanc.


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