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tv   North Carolina News at 600PM  CBS  September 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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remain around the death of a high school senior who died in community swimming pool where she worked as a lifeguard. >> preliminary reports indicate rachel russia was shocked by an electrical current in the pool and then drowned. sean rodriguez has been digging into who is responsible for the maintenance of the pool. >> investigators have spent all day trying to piece together what happened but it turns out that if there was an issue, no one would have because electrical inspections were not required. >> the pool where rachel drowned is still empty. wake county deputies and to see cbi inspectors spent the day trying to figure out how an electrical current reach the pool. they spent a lot of time at the power box. the pools 808 will not say whether they were responsible for the pools maintenance nor
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people are in the water and then an individual will report may be tingling. >> i try to jump in and touch her and as soon as i touch her, i felt a shock run through me. i don't know that's her or something in the water or what you. >> this video shows how quickly an electrical current can incapacitate you. according to the consumer product safety commission only 14 electrocution deaths in a pool have en entire country. in pool safety and hot tubs and spas, it's very, very rare and very sad to learn that this could happen. but and and we pulled the most recent inspections and didn't see any major violations. it turns out electrical inspections are not required except for when the pool was
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the red cross said there can be warning signs but they are not always easy to see. >> certainly the pool has underwater lights, or if there are electrical outlets or anything like that nearby. though should always be observed before someone takes off into the water. many of us don't because of this as they risk. we are also asking apple companies about any products that might be in the water. experts say as as 10 milliamps could be enough to disagreeing you. and lead to drowning. >> raking news in the ongoing legal chapel hill student. they were driving drunk on interstate 85. a judge denied the defense is effort to suppress all cell phone evidence. the defense was also pushing to
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death examination video thrown out. >> cbs.drone of political reporter beau minnick joins us live from greenville where trump will be holding a rally about an hour from now. bowl, what did we expect to hear from trump tonight? >> integrationist been a key topic and tonight we expect to hear more from him on immigration. earlier today we spoke with some of his supporters who are here tonight and asked them i presidential election. >> this is a lifetime event, and, for his visit donald trump is making his way to eastern north carolina, to greenville. his supporters say they are eager to see him in person. >> i feel like you people need to be more involved in politics, and i'm just doing what i can't.
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usual usually one or two issues that stand out to them and they had their reasons why they support trump on those issues. >> it supports the military to have a strong ella terry system in the united much have it nipped in the bud. >> and he's addressing the crowd, you can watch that live on our website,
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bill clinton just wrapped up speaking to a crowd at the community recreation center at lyon park. derek lewis it there. what was mr. clinton's message tonight? >> president bill clinton was on stage here for about 30 minutes talking about why he believes presidential nominee hillary clinton is the best person for the white house over donald trump. and president clinton went on plans to make college more affordable and create equal opportunity for growth route the country. take a lesson. >> give people the path to citizenship and his take away this fog of uncertainty. if you did that, but people commit crimes, be immunized from being deported?
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the method to the crowd here was if you go to the poll in november, make what he calls the right decision. democratic vice presidential nominee tim kane is in the tranquil tonight as well, holding a fundraiser in chapel hill. earlier today he gave ace quote major national security speech. trump has with dictators and said the gop nominee is this respectful to the american military. the campaigning continues thursday as democratic nominee hillary clinton visits charlotte. watch that rally streamed live on on either your
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>> the schools that will be most affected will be a those nearest to the newly completed schools. but there are some other schools are out the county that are affected for multiple reasons. the new schools are being completed our accordance creek elementary in cary, rogers lane elementary and river bend middle school the school stop say the families to have to make a change and they have to make it as small as possible. they also tackle other issues in the coming months and, they are dealing with overcrowding and
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>> there will be lots of opportunities for us to weigh in, the public to weigh in and it's the first step of a several month long process. >> the draft will be available online and it will be public comment sessions throughout the coming months. two more drafts will be made it be vote on the draft will be made before the end of the year. >> when people in fayetteville continues to mourn the loss of the local businessman and community leader. >> we told you about how mike mansfield was beaten to death. still to come, what we are learning about mansfield's relationship with amendment police say left him for dead. >> and our four day streak of temperatures not in the 90's is
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the mid- 90's. it will tie you when that hottest day will be in when the forecast returns. >> p newspapers say it's time pat mccrory and republicans in raleigh
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billions in tax breaks that could have lifted north carolina's schools have been diverted into tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations. and what are we left with? the ratio of teachers to students is worse. funds for textbooks and supplies are scarce. teaching assistants have been depleted. pat mccrory: stop taking north carolina backwards. adelle: at first, i was so happy to teach in north carolina.
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and a lot of us even have to buy school supplies. governor mccrory talks about raising our pay, but he tried to cut education funding to its lowest budget share in over 30 years. like over two thousand other teachers, i'm having to move to another state so i can do what i love and make ends meet. someone needs to fix this. two elementary schools in the county have elevated levels of lead.
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haven and urban elementary schools shows elevated levels of lead were shown in several places but not in the kitchen. bottled water has been brought in for the kids. >> five cases of its laws have been discovered at fort bragg. for bragg officials say none of the soldiers have shown symptoms, none of them are pregnant and none of the family members have been affected. coming up, aman admits on facebook to shooting his ex- wife and 15 and, here's alive look from rice field each.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this ld trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while
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a can lay police officer has been indicted for involuntary manslaughter after a teasing incident that left a man dead in march. you may recall officer jeffrey santa for taste officer thompson following a high-speed chase from wilson to johnson and and aman police are looking for earl valentine may be in the richmond, virginia, or columbia, south carolina areas. valentine kicked in his ex-wife storm around 1:30 1:30 a.m., and the boy died and the woman is now in critical but stable
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deserved what she had coming. a restraining order was in place but expired last month. >> 37 -year-old hubert underwood and stephen rosser appeared in court today for first-degree murder charges. rogers has been looking into their pasts. he joins us now live and we learned the victim and one of the suspects have a together. >> because of his own troubled past, transferred was known known to offer sex offenders a second chance. check out these memorials. god saved me after your testimony, thanks for feeding me and my family. >> he was a cook over there so
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>> matt mansfield is talking about 37 -year-old hubert underwood, one of the men police say brutally beat 52 -year-old mike mansfield to death. the second suspect as previous charges for several driving violations. and he was able to also got him his current job at 301 wings. that's the messed up thing. it's kind of hard to wrap around. >> the car wash is closed for now, but the family has left a note saying they hope to have it reopened in the next several weeks.
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information. mansfield's funeral is scheduled for this coming friday taking place at 1:00 at the fayetteville community church. >> a raleigh firefighter is taking calls for higher pay to city hall. that's where amy cutler is and, amy, these firefighters have been voicing their concerns for a while. >> they want to keep this issue front an behind me, you can see that they are gathered in front of city hall. firefighters along with the rest of them are asking for a raise. they say they make much less than firefighters and cities of similar size. and they are including the
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>> the city has denied any significant pay increases in the last four years, and also they do not have a plan in place for any career development. >> a live look out here. the city council meeting is expected to get underway and we are expecting several of the firefighters and their family members who are gathered here to go into the chamber and i'm amy cutler, cbs front- runner. >> i'm in the weather center now with wes whole and stein. back in the 90's for a while and it will be a one-to punch this week. >> when we have low humidity, it's nice. i don't know if you will be thinking those thoughts over the last couple days. this morning sean, we were at 61 when we hit the road for
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tomorrow morning, 67 thursday morning 70, and friday morning, 72. so technically there is a little more than two weeks left until it's officially fall chains it is officially summer. temperatures have leveled off for many of us in the mid- to upper 80's. still some 90's holding on and these will only go up as we head into the next few days. as we go hour 10:00, falling to the 70s overnight and again, you are out the door wednesday morning. and i know it's hard to figure out what day is what when we have short holiday workweeks, but wednesday morning tomorrow, and that dewpoint temperature was creeping up to about 60 and that will continue to go up
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dewpoint temperature, higher the humidity and the more complaining we do about it all. two things are watching on the map, the picture and little bitty area of low pressure. that's her mean still spinning off of the new england coastline, and high-pressure is taking control. we put the maps into motion and not much will change thursday, friday it still going to feel like summer outside with 90's and high humidity. don't get rid of all of that including high-pressure until sunday and monday. and it includes they week cold front but it's also going to help drop our temperatures back into
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and, about degree or the degree or two hotter than where we were today. the 92 tomorrow, that will be our hottest day. and look at those morning temperatures. when you see 70s for the overnight lows, you know it will be muggy and a humid mess as you walk outside but, we have some changes sunday, monday and tuesday as you bring in small chance of rain with temperatures breaking into the mid- and >> and and, that is the silver lining. otherwise it will be hot. >> , 90's, 70s and 60's, as long as we are seeing the ball being played. the only thing really missing is the nfl regular season.
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panthers week one matchup. in college football, you can they lots of things to head they lots of things to head coach but don't ever question donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy. 'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' he's going like 'i don't remember'." "putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. i don't want to sound too much like a chauvinist." "you have to be wealthy in order to be great. i'm sorry to say it." i like people that weren't captured."
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>> it's time to the countdown begin. we are only about 50 hours away from the nfl regular season and what better way to kickoff kick off the season than the two teams that ended the last season. we took that foray super bowl rematch but don't tell cam newton. these are very different from the to the lined up to play the chairmanship back in february. and, we just want to play football. many people want to make it a rematch but it's not a rematch. they are a rate team and we
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>> the panthers and broncos will open the nfl season there's thursday in denver. and to the tar heels who for the second year in the row open arroyo open the season with a loss. they did not have the ending that usc fans hoped for. and not larry fedora. the coach made it very clear that he standing behind his quarterback. >> i haven't change the way i feel about mitch trivet ski. did he play as well as he would have liked to? no. did he play as well as i would like to into? no. will he play better in the future? yes. every representative as a starting cornerback, absolutely. >> the tar heels are no longer ranked in the top 25 and they
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the nation. duke and north carolina state receipts both in the coaches poll. if you think you had a rough day at work, at least you are the sky. this is the north american soccer league. watch the top defender in orange. not only does he give up the goal, he also learns how to sing soprano. if you missed while talking about, don't worry. we got every single angle. now i know the coaches say that effort is always a good brakes.
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i'm hillary clinton and i he wears it like a crown. "make america great again". but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china. in fact, the real donald trump outsourced his products and jobs to 12 different countries. so don't believe the hat. you can't make america great again, if you don't make things
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the candidates come out swinging. >> once again donald trump is totally unfit and unqualified to be our president. >> putin looks at hillary clinton and he smiles. boy, would he like to see her. >> pelley: as thll the battle in the battleground states. also tonight, a confession in the abduction and murder of an 11 year old 27 years ago. >> it's incredibly painful to know his last days, last hours, last minutes. >> pelley: a sexual harassment suit against former fox news chief roger ailes is settled with an apology from the company


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