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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  September 7, 2016 6:00am-6:57am EDT

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this is bill ray. quite a character. this is a little water and a
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it's what i do sometimes. >> keep your voice smooth. >> absolutely. for the viewers. >> you got coffee; right? >> i'm sitting up, aren't i? >> he's got something. >> i've got oxygen. take a look at what's going on outside. 69 degrees right now. skies are mostly clear. what we've got for you 6 0z and 70s. 69 raleigh. 71 nee yetville. a little cooler in boone. we look at the satellite picture. things look pretty good. we're not talking about any storms to follow up your morning. it's going to be quite nice and quite nice throughout the day. except for the heat. the bus stop forecast. very pleasant this morning. 70 degrees or so. the sun is up at 6:52 and then off the bus we're going to be ho hotter. yesterday's high was 91. today we see 93 degrees and it's going to get even hotter still. a fire tore through an apartment building there.
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park court and some time right around midnight. on the scene all morning and joins us live with how residents are recovering. >> well, good morning. you know things right now just a bit quiet compared to nearly six hours august when this fire teared through a 246 unit building as much as it is quiet there's a presence of firefighters here. they are monitoring to make sure that any hot spots do not buildings extremely burned while the other half isn't as well. the residents were able to get out. they're dealing with the emotional and financial tole of this loss t. did break out arnt midnight antethe loud screams and banging as people tried to get out. there was a fire tearing through their building. 13 crews were on hand. by the time they had arrived
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evacuating. those who may have been inside were assisted. people like laura are looking for a new place to stay. >> i don't think you ever expect that. so wake town that. so pretty scary. i heard the -- so i looked in the peephole and i heard that somebody yelling that there was a e. quick and ran out into the parking lot. >> reporter: i did get in touch with the red cross. just in the last half hour we did learn that i expect that the fire marshal and others will be back at 10:00 to begin their investigation and learn how this fired happened. for now we're live. cbs north carolina.
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thank you. happying now in a statewide search after an amber alert is issued for two young children. cbs north carolina's david hurst joins news studio with the latest. david? >> yes, police are asking for your help as they search for two kids who were abducted. looking for 6-year-old mc-- he was last seen wearing a white t-shirt. he's also missing two toes on his right foot due to a yellow boys in her hair. police believe a man took the kids. the 29-year-old is the kid's mom's boyfriend and last seen on durham street in greensboro. if you have any information you're asked to call police immediately. a nevada murder suspect is recaptured. it shot someone outside of a las vegas mcdonalds. when they were questioning him he managed to get out
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a truck. they tracked him down last night. an official trial day but still working to find out where it will be heard. his attorneys say they're asking for a change of venue to they can find jurors. he was arrested last december. the 2004 sexual encounter >> a police chase in arizona ended in a deadly police shooting wednesday. the black suv evading plus. this is on the run. people believe three people had just been involved in a bank robbery. they tried to stop the vehicle. they shot at the officer and drove off. at one two suspects tried to run away but they were later arrested. the driver continued the chase before crashing. that's when police shot and
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angeles, california. came to a fiery end. they started chasing the driving. he took off leaving police on the chase that ended when he crashed into a light pole. the front of the car started smoking. the suspect jumped the car quickly landed on the ground. he was then arrested as well. >> all right. going a quiet morning so far as outside -- >> now you spoke too soon. >> a lbtd of >> look at what you just did. >> that's how it works. >> you touched it right. we've got a couple of accidents down on park avenue in raleigh. the other thing that catches my eye some orange but look at the red that's sitting on glenwood avenue. the speeds down to 7 miles an hour. on u.s. 70 eastbound. also you see 401 northbound there in raleigh about the same speed. a little stop and go traffic
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get it in focus too. that usually clouds up also and we'll keep an eye on that through o the hours. >> 6:07. the time is -- just a matter of hours the new iphone. at least one popular feature is missing. >> and a terrifying moment for a child when a man breaks into a home and it's
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69 in ral raleigh and 69 in durham. 67 in south hill, virginia. turning into mostly 60s.
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looking for temperatures to rebound after the sun comes up. the sun will be up a little bit before 7:00 in the morning. so things will get hot. so enjoy these pleasant temperatures. fayetteville up to 94 degrees. mostly sunny and hot. this afternoon. when you're heading home. heating up this morning and lunchtime mostly sunny. about 88 degrees. in the triangle fair skies this morning. 87, 88 degrees at noon and home. a high temperature of 93 degrees. tomorrow is going to be # 4. friday, is going to be 94. and all in all things are going to be quite toasty. a quick check of friday night football. it's going to be dry. that's good news but you're going to need to plenty of water. warm and humid at kickoff. 76 degrees in the fourth quarter. so we know it's going to be hot as we get through the rest of the workweek. what about the weekend?
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>> all right. thanks a lot. bill. >> after spending six months in space three crew members from the international space station are back on earth. the trio landed safely overnight. one of them commander jeff williams. the nasa astronaut broke the record with 5 34 days. they'll be joined by another three astronauts later aurora. this is the first time they have seen the southern point in such detail. studying how the sun and others sources influence auroras. when the signals are converted into an audio frequency you can hear what it sounds like. that's cool stuff.
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next up, in a -- see how this tribute will help heroes for years to come. an new technology to help anyone who struggles in
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a little action down in raleigh. first of all an accident at park avenue and then a little closure. fayetteville street is closed. and there's a little slowdown on glenwood avenue but that's suspect to usual 7 miles an hour. so a little slower. just give yourself a little extra time. we pull out and things look all
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you're down in -- but things looking all right and as we take a look at i-40 at lake wheeler road i want to mention this because opening -- what they've done this morning is opened three rebuilt lanes from south saunders street to this wake wheeler road. the rebuild part of the fortify project and 40 is looking good there. they'll be different shifts going on both ways in other parts of the highway in the coming weeks. there's three new les good news as that continues to be rebuilt. >> traffic moving nicely. some top stories. cbs north carolina is following for you right now. a fire destroys a cary apartment building no. injuries are reported but about 20 people are now without homes. >> also two children from greensboro are missing.
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elementary schools but officials say the lead was not found in the kitchens. >> tens of thousands of college students are scrambling to figure out their next move. that includes a location in durham. the for-profit college is closing all of its campuses. the department of education recently blocked the school from letting any new students to use federal loans. it's part of a crackdown of what they call predatory practices. >> getting if they complete are oftentimes under accredited or unaccredited leaving a person in the position that they have tens of thousands of dollars in debt but a degree that doesn't get them a job anyone enrolled in the last four months have have their debt cleared. current students should check if their credits
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teachers are starting without a contract. the union says they're in regular talks to reach a deal and hope to make some progress but the union says they can't come to an agreement soon they will call a strike. it could happen as early as next month and that has some passionates parents a bit concerned. >> almost three years after the shooting. pleading guilty to 1 charges. the charges stem from the killing of a tsa officer. in november of 2013. two other tsa officers and a civilian were badly injured in that shooting. they all survived. one of them says the guilty plea will help him move on. he caused a lot of pain to a lot of people and i'm ever going to get back my friend or the moments that i lost.
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deal has helped me with closure to the event. >> the plea deal will spare the life but the 26 year old will spend the rest of his life in federal prison. the last patient who was still in the hospital after the pulse nightclub shooting is now home the orlando renal -- they treated people. the 12-year-old was home alone. a man you can see right here on this home security camera jumped through the house in the window. the boy stayed in the bathroom, called 9-1-1, once he thought it was safe he
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is shaken. >> you know, in my own house which it shouldn't be that way. >> the local sheriff's office is releasing this video and hopes that someone will recognize the is spotlight. >> dozens of people near st. louis, missouri, are setting up a memorial for the september 11th anniversary. more than 7,000 american flags are going on display. each one member killed while fighting the war on terror. each flag pole will hold the dog tags of oh photos and a brief bio of the military member who made the ultimate sacrifice. the chairperson says she lost her daughter in iraq more than ten years ago. >> it means so much that people will just come here and see the sacrifice that our love ones have made. i've been emotional probably for four or five months
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and some of these dog tation and pictures of our fallen heroes. >> sponsors are covering all of the events costs. the group flags of valor hopes to raise about half a million of dollars on flag sales after the event ends. it will go to four charities for veterans. >> extraordinary to see. that really beautiful. recently i visited the 9/11 memorial. it's overwhelming. >> it's tremendous to see if you ever have the chance. >> i had a right after the opening. the footprints. it's just amazing. >> it wasn't open when i went. >> i worked in building 2 for a while. so long before 9/11 but still, you know, just everybody has a story related to that in some way. >> they do. all right. our story is a hotter day than yesterday. and at least it's not going to rain. that's some good news. we're waiting on the sun to come. th is very plshtd. your coolest time of the day.
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northeast. so we're going to wait on what should be a pretty sunrise coming up. pretty close to 7:00 in the morning ssments so here's what you need to know. the next few days. still going to be above normal. normal high is 85. we're talking 90s. hot and more humid as we go into the weekend am cold front sunday but don't expect wide rain chances. just small chances sunday afternoon but it cutting the grass or should i say weeds? it's going to be pretty good this morning. the reason i put a cautioat 6:00 it's just hot and humid. better to cut early in the morning if you're going to get out there and cut the grass. mostly clear skies and a couple of those showers that i've been tracking through pennsylvania and into upstate virginia. we'll rotate toward the southeast around a trough of low pressure that's connected to that old low.
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71 fayetteville. what we've got for you is 73 at 8:00. 82 at noon. i've got 88 at -- i should 82 at 10:00. then the 90s. i've added the heat index in the mid-90s. 84 degrees after that sun goes down tonight. 894 in fayetteville. 93 in pinehurst. 93 smithfield and benson. 93 in cary. 09 in roxboro. henderson at 91 degrees. a little west wind. that's the remnants of hermine. that's the little trough of low pressure which will help swing those showers down. let's go with some partly sunny conditions tonight. a little hotter and more humidity. keep it going into friday. hung up to the north.
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that's what's going to come through but it won't get here until sunday. your forecast today. 9 3 degrees. that heat is going to go right up into pennsylvania and be l over georgia and a lot of the southeast expect for right along the coast. 94 for friday and on the weekend 92 saurday. >> all right, thanks, bill. >> coming up next apple expected to unveil the new iphone today and maybe a new way to listen. >> plus the maker of epipens under an investigation. how much does it really cost to make the life-saving
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'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' he's going like 'i don't remember'." "putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. i don't want to sound too much like a chauvinist." "you have to be wealthy in order to be great. i'm sorry to say it." "he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured."
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limiting competition by
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contracts. $600 for a pack of -- some company only pays about $30 per device. >> forll of us apyring scooping koos we hear there's some high-tech help. >> a new smart oven from bosch that can adjust cook times through an app. they will be available stag in octobe i am an aspiring cook. >> how much does it cost? >> that'a very good question. i'm not sure. >> probably thousands of dollars. >> i'm thinking a lot. >> jill, thanks a lot. have a great day. i don't know. i'd rather just have a cook than a new stove. >> a chef. >> but the stove would be cheaper. 6:27. coming up in next half hour a large fire displaced
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good morning. this morning we have cbs north carolina's -- she's on the scene of an overnight fire that leaves dozen without a home. we have david hurst. more detail on an amber alert. let's get to bill ray today. we are going to be warm again. is that right? >> i like to use the word hot. let's cut the to chase. to the chase. a little more humid. it's 69. right now we're at the coolest time of the day right now. as we're looking at right before sunrise. 69 degrees. and as we take a look we're going to have a pretty sunrise in a few minutes. a look around the state. 69 raleigh.
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a couple of sprinkles. that's what's trying to show up. skies mostly clear. this is the satellite picture. a couple of clouds up in virginia but none around us. it should be once again a gorgeous trip on the bus. it will be pleasant this morning. lots of sun. 70 degrees and off the bust bus 93 degrees. wind out of the west at 5 to 8 miles an hour. in the amp it will wel just to compare to yesterday, yesterday we had a high of 91. today 93 degrees. >> all right. now let's collect traffic because we've got unfortunately a new accident to talk about. and you can see it right here on wade avenue. we talked earlier about the accident in raleigh. this one is on the 40 area. and wadeavenue. there's an accident.
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here at i-40 and wade avenue. as we take a look at the durham freeway, looking good there. all roads clear and i-440. that appears to be moving good too. a pretty good commute this morning. >> thank you. sunrise to start digging through the rubble. leaving dozen people without a home. it happened around midnight at the eagle landing apartment complex. cbs north carolina has been there all morning. she joins us live. good morning. good morning. well, you know all morning we have been able to confirm that you will aft residents inside this 24-unit building were able to
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fire completely destyed this unit. however, we just learned from a resident that there are several pets that have died at least one cat and one dog have been found dead. she found that out when she was looking for her own missing cat. this news has spread as more community. this fire caused the roof resident hs begun to evacuate more man -- started to arrive. again all the residents were able to get out but they won't be allowed back in. that's because the building is considered dangerous at this time. for now people are just trying to cope with everything that's happened in the last few hours. >> like i'm still shaking. i just can't get like -- my mind is still blown. i'm really scared. >> it feels fast and slow at the same time when you're in that kind of
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those residents that's something we heard consistently from the morning when we heard om people impacted by this. right now there's a coupleof crews on the scene here just monitoring for hot spots. in the meantime they set uthe leasing office. we will coinue to stay on top of this bring you ew details. reporting live in cary. couple of days ahead for those folks. we're sorry about that. >> missing in a statewide search is underway. >> david hurst tells us an amber alert has been issu and joins us ow with the latest. >> they believe the kids' mom's boyfriend abducted him.
6:35 am
condition. he was last seen wearing a white shi a blue jean shorts she had yellow bows in her ir. the 29-year-old is the kids' mom'boyfriend. he was last seen in greensboro. back to you. i just lledmy state for the man accused of killing his ex-wife and -- they shot the two. his 15-year-old son died. his ex-wife is badly hurt. authies sahe admitted to the murder on social media. >> no remorse whatsoever. we spoke to him by phone. he told us thbasically he's armed robbery and dangerous and he wasn't come in we'd have to come get him. >> investigators believe he may
6:36 am
carolina. he has family in both areas. police say he's threatened to hurt them as well. >> on alert after finding out two of the elementary schools have elevated levels of lead. it says that elevated levels of lead were found in several places but not in the kitchens. the school system tells us bolings water is being brought in for the children. it was a busy day carolina for presidenti politics. donald trump drew a large crowd. heas critical of hillary clinton for dleetding e-mails from a private server she used while she was secretary of state. >> we can't havesomeone in the oval office who doesn't understand the meaning of the word
6:37 am
said he would release new fundraising number today. he now headso philadelphia where he'll deliver a private speech later. trump wasn't alone in the tar heel state. ll clinton campaigned per her in the triangle. aressed supporter in durham where he ked about hillary's mans for economy. clinton talked about the importance of voter registration. hiary clinton's running mate tim kaine was north carolina tuesday giving what the campaign calls a major speech on national security. he attacked trump's wn pla claiming he's no qualify. >> hillary clinton will be in charlotte tomorrow. yesterday she camed in florida. she spoke to students and faculty at the university of soh florida. she o tohed on her plans to create -- eliminate student debt. time check for you on this wednesday morning. it's 6:37. as florida officials battle the
6:38 am
underway on capitol hill. >> this isn't something that's up in the air, debatable. >> coming up, why congress is struggling to reach a deal on how to pay for the fight plus this. >> 2:00 in the morning. a tractor and pushing the house down. >> it's not up common to hr about someone getting into a fight but coming how a dispute in tennessee left a man without a home. temperatures are going to climb
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several days. right now if you want to get out at school time of the day. this is it. this is it. right before that sunrise. coming up in about 10 minutes. 9 in raleigh. 69 in durham. it's1 in fayetteville. 71 in pinehurst. 67 rocky mou. 67 in wilson. so you're drive time forecast, 69 degrees right 7:00, 70 degrees. 73 at 8:00. 78 at 9:00. mainly clear. pleasant, and nearly there you can see a couple high thin clouds t it's all in all going to be a very, very pleasant morning. hat about the rest of toda well here we go. heating up at noontime to 88 degrees. and as we check that out, you'll be able to see that a couple of clouds partly cloudy skies in spots. otherwise other areas with lots of sunshine. clouds in the afternoon. pa sunny we're going to get hot.
6:42 am
degrees with those partly cloudy skies. for thursday friday, mostly sunny. hot and a little more humid. we'll see 94 degrees thursday and friday but i've got an old cold front coming our way. not a moment too soon. >> how that's going to get here. >> i'll get it ready. >> thiis what's left of a tennessee man's home. it's just a pile of rubble there. it started friday. people he saw hiding in the woods. he told folks he thought they were his neighbors' employees. they searched that area but didn't find anyone. they arrested him for reckless endangerment. while he was in danger his neighbor took knocked down the house. his brother is a little bit furious. >> i've never seen somebody go push somebody house down. i want answers and i want to for thdamages of what he's done. >> the neighbor has been since
6:43 am
more charges could be filed as well. 6:43 right now but it is 5:00
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a man says he saw the clown when he looked down from his balcony tuesday morning. so he grabbed a machete and chased clown. he didn't catch him. he called police instead who searched the area. they don't know if this is copy cat situation or connected to a recent clown sit salem. the center will hold around 400 people. it's designed to take migrants off the city streets. the city's mayors says it will be the first of its kind. a -- they will be allowed to stay there for five to ten days >> . people in yaind are lining up for a new cell phone network. the richest man is rolling out the network for free.
6:47 am
change all of that. he's building the $20 billion network with his own for free until the ople use it end of the year. a bar is the new record holder for the longest domino drop shot. [ cheering ] >> that's a lot of alcohol. domino shot drop is when it dumps it dropped 4,578 glasses. the employees set up 6,000 but she had to deduct some of them but they managed to break the record. >> more than 160 employees were involved in the preparation from day one. we presented the idea. today on the floor from last night at 3:00 in the
6:48 am
>> this is the 130th world record. the previous was a bar in the bahamas. they've had the record since february of 2013. tropical storm newton is taking aim the baja peninsula and some of the famous resorts there. it made ld fall overnight as a hurricane but it was down grounded to a tropical storm just a few hours ago. parts of country are still seeing strong waves and y here. look at those waves and that wind. whipping those flags all around. pretty intense, very strong. >> no time for a vacation in cabo. >> not right now. >> they'd like you to come back whether they clean up. they had that big hurricane a year ago that destroyed cabo. we'll have to wait and see what that comes through. that's the pacific tropic. we're still watching the
6:49 am
mexico and new jersey and new york. we're in the subdued area of it. things will start to heat up. hotter today. 69 degrees outside right now. i've got the camera .ed towarded sunrise which will be up very, sunshe today will be a seven. we're going to see mostly sunny to partly sunny skies. comfortable but we're going to creep into the humid range today and quite humid on friday as we head in toward the weekend. so hope you enjoy the nice break. yesterday we did hit 91 degrees but it wasn't too humid out there. it was a dry at. up to the north of us, we've got a few showers through interstate 81 and kind of rolling down virginia. those are supposed to rotate through toward like
6:50 am
stay away from that. it's off the coast of jersey and new york. 67 south hill, virginia. 71 fayetteville. 7 1 in pinehurst. yellows to green -- oranges to reds this afternoon. as most all of us in the 90s sometime today. 71 coming up here at 8:00. 82 at 10:00. but it will feel like the high for the today. 93. heat index will be in the mid- 90s. there's an influence from the humidity again. actual air temperatures in the lower 90s. 93 ral levment 92 durham. 94 in fayetteville. so this low was once hermine and that little extension. a little trough of low pressure. that's going to send those showers down to stheast virginia b staaway from us. justick up a couple of
6:51 am
to mostly clear overnight. mainly sunny and we'll get a flow out of the west, southwest. hot again and a little more humid. same story on friday. temperatures in the mid-90s and hot and humid. this front looks promising. but it's going to be taking its time getting here. as a matter of fact, it won't get here until sunday and not a huge chance of thunderstorms. so 93 today. 94 on thursday. with the heat. night blitz forecast. 88 at kickoff time. 76 in the fourth quarter. so summer conditions for your september football for high school itz and can't wait to see some of those games this weekend. sunday, still near 90. a normal high is 85. so still hot into suny. we'll see a chance of a shower or storm but nothing widespread. the front settles to our south and we get the
6:52 am
chance of a shower or thunderstorm. both those days. that will be some good news there. it's time to check traffic. and allie is off today. i've got the job for you and we've got a job now with some accidents reported. a little slowdown on 70 and also 15/501. this one accident at park avenue but two new ones up re this wade avenue the left lane the cars start to pile up. so i'm sure we'll see delays there. another accident on i-40 westbound. wade avenue. as a matter of fact, you can see that. it was clearing up on the sideline there. so things are looking all right. i-40 and wade avenue. that looks good. look like it's pretty much at speed. a couple new lanes threesms new
6:53 am
the folks changing lanes on the even lane but the crawly area or fortify. we -- the government wants to see fortify. seems to be moving all right and finally i-40 and rock quarry road lking good too. >> play it safe and call it fortify though. >> i'm just going to be quiet. today's headline are next including the latest on contaminat water at two local schools. >> here's a preview of what's ahead. >> a majority of americans are not happy with about the choice between donald trump and hiary clinton. this morning, we've got another option studio 357. we'll talk with libearian president gary johnson and his running mate. howard schultz is here. an update on the campaign to identify and inspire good citizens. and we'll ta yto the italian village wher people liv100 year of age. at's a lot of candles.
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avoid a septic disaster with rid-x. if you please call authorities immediately. >> working to find out what caused an apartment fire in cary. no deaths or injuries were reported but close to two dozen people are without a home. they're working with the red cross to find everyone a place to stay. parents are on a-- cbs north carolina on taibed a letter that was sent to
6:57 am
lead were found in several places. the school system tells us bottle water is bein brought in for the children. >> turning to the weather now for a final check. we've got bill ray in this morning. >> hot today. >> yeah. >> in the 90s? >> in the 90s. you remember th 90s. you were just a little girl. >> i wasn't even born. >> oh, yeah. >> oh, please. [ laughter ] >> oh, please is right. >> i tried. >> 69 degrees right now. hey, look. at the sun is up. >> gorgeous. it's going to be a pleasant morning. 07 degrees on bus. catch it and hot and a little more humid off the bus. the high 93 degrees. beautiful sunrise. hey we mentioned a little accident at wade avenue and edwardsmill road. the accident must be off to the side otherwise most the roadways doing pretty good. >> looks good.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. you were being he wears it like a crown. "make america great again". but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china. in fact, the real donald trump outsourced his products and jobs to 12 different countries. so don't believe the hat. you can't make america great again, if you don't make things
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, september 7th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? after nearly three decades, a family finally learns painful details about the kidnapping and the haunting cfession played out in a minnesota courtroom. hillary clinton picks up an endorsement this morning from a major texas newspaper that hasn't chosen a democrat since before world war ii. and if you are happy with either presidential nominee, the libertarian candidates are in studio 57. we go searching to the secret of a long and healthy life. seth doane is in an italian


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