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tv   North Carolina News at 1100PM  CBS  September 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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we're staying on top of breaking news unfolding, in the search of a man admitted to shooting his wife and posting it live. the investigation across three states is now over. >> he was found dead in a south carolina hotel room. 8 anabel has been covering this tragedy -- aj has been covering th days. >> reporter: earlier today irv ballantyne was found dead in a south carolina hotel room with a self-inflicted gunshot wound picky kicked open the door of
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and 15-year-old son. the son died and his wife went to the hospital. he then posted to facebook live minutes after the shooting essentially bragging about killing his ex-wife. she went to the hospital and i found out today that she came out of surgery. police officials say she is doing a lot better for the first time since the shooting, she has been able to talk. earl valentine who has been on the loose four hours is now dead. the search is over for him. we will have a lot more information on bo an amber alert for two children from our state is still in effect and i. we first brought you this breaking news 11:00 last night. police are looking for devi and william mccollum. another man was originally listed as the adopt their -- abductor.
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a student was sexually assault on tuesday by a man that she knew. they are not saying which residence hall she was attacked at but they are encouraging people to call 911. investigators cleared the scene of the pool where racial [ name indiscernible ] -- rachel [ name indiscernible ] died over the weekend. no charges have been filed. with an electric shock. a mother faced with charges after her three-year-old was found dead in a van, she made her -- made her court appearance today. the child's father found the daughter in a van which she had been reportedly locked in for several hours.
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ther and daughter. we brought you this has breaking news this morning. fortunately no one was hurt in this fire. robert richardson is back about apartment complex tonight with the latest on the investigation and how these folks are moving forward. robert? >> reporter: sean, there is a security fence and some fire tape in front of these 12 units and a spokesperson says eight are condemned after flames destroyed much of the roof and some of the >> i heard people screaming that there was a fire and people needed to get out. i grab my dogs and we went running out the door. >> reporter: neighbors worked together to make sure that everyone got out safely. there was little they could do to save stuff from becoming smoke. her dogs are fine but some lost animals. the town expects and extensive investigation. one tenant said he's staying in
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see what he can salvage. >> unfortunately, it looks like everything is damaged over there, beyond repair right now. i hope the found some other arrangements. >> reporter: crews restored power to the dozen units on the right side of the building on wednesday afternoon. those tenants began to return on 4:30 but won't have running water until thursday at the earliest. however, they are still glad to be and have home. >> we were very fortunate. i'm very grateful. >> reporter: one of the people that lives in these 12 open units was carrying a 2 and half gallon jug of water he bought at the grocery store. he told me that is his shower for the time being. as for the security of these units, there's a guard on duty all night to make sure no one gets in here to do any looting. reporting live smack in carry --
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the candidates sounded off tonight in separate sessions. >> reporter: democrat hillary clinton was the first to answer questions tonight. one veteran asked her about her email scandal. >> communicated about classified matiriel on a wholly separate -- material wholly separate system. i took it very seriously. >> reporter: the former secretary of state says rock steadiness is the most important characteristic in a commander-in-chief. >> i view for says a last resort , not the first choice. >> reporter: republican donald trump says his experience in business deals will help him lead. >> i have good judgment.
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shots. i know what is going on. >> reporter: donald trump was asked about accepting praise from latimer hooton -- vladimir putin. >> the fact that he calls me brilliant or whatever you called me will have zero impact. >> reporter: both nominees were asked to not attack their opponents but focus on their own qualifications. donald trump said he would consider an undocumented person stay in the u.s. who wants to serve in the military. >> i could see working that out. >> reporter: both said more attention is needed marlie hall cnbc's new york. hillary clinton returns to north carolina holding a rally in charlotte. we are already in charlatans we met with some volunteers at a clinton field office making signs for her to arrive. >> all of these folks are tremendously excited, very
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are excited about the upcoming elections. they are here tonight making phone calls, preparing literature. >> reporter: -- >> clinton is expected to talk tomorrow about her plans to keep the nationstate. the rally will start at noon you can go to our website to watch it, governor pat mccrory focused on -- released a new ad today. >> when we were creating new a folks were pushing to make our schools allow boys to use the girls locker rooms and showers. are we really talking about this? does the desire to be politically correct out to rate -- outweigh our children's privacy and safety? not on my watch. this is north carolina. let's do what is right. >> democrat roy cooper's campaign pointed out how the
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millions of dollars of revenue because of this law. new tonight, the woman who shot and killed to restrained -- estranged husband after he shot her new boyfriend will not face charges. nonny -- they decided that monica smith was acting in self- defense. he lured the new boyfriend to the home by taking a picture of his ex-wife tied up. she was able to get his gun and shoot him. good news for divers across the state work those looking to renew driver's license will no longer have to take the road identification test. is is getting a lot of -- this is getting a lot of comments including here at this station. this is meant to increase services at the dmv offices. this is not the only place with lower wait times. the changes that the agency's calling success creating less of a headache for travelers across the country.
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the sandhills, a clown citing, the latest on the site -- citing. good news from the dsa and i show up until you we have more heat as we are into
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there's more pushback
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-- county line and only serves two counties. we're live at that site with the push back. >>-- report to the owners asking the county to look at this as just another business. some are taking issue with that analogy. this landfill is asking to grow up, to allow it to collect waste from seven additional counties. right now it can only accept demolition and construction waste from waken johnson county's. >> let me speak against the big boys. >>they made their pitch tuesday night, nearby homeowners expressing opposition.
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better idea of what is behind that. >> they are putting stuff underground. i don't know how deep it goes. it couldn't have an effect on our water. >> there's a concern of smell, i think was the number 1 thing people were complaining about. >>several people spoke to their children trying to avoid accidents because of the dump truck over the center line. >> reporter: her family has owned property for more than 200 years near that landfill. she showed me pho o more than construction waste. two of the pictures shows the runoff water which she claims is contaminating the area. they are not keeping things up to -- >> they are not keeping things up to requirements. >> they are not asking to increase the footprint. no matter how many people say they are exposed to the expansion of the landfill, the
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commissioners tabled the issue looking for more information. they are expected to make a decision at the next venetian -- next meeting perhaps in 2 weeks. i am amy cutler, cbs north carolina. tonight marks for years since the usc student was found murdered in her apartment. no arrests have been made in her death but this case is still an active investigation. they are offering a reward of up to $40,000 residents of cumberland county are on edge as there have been clown sightings. there had been two similar sightings, one in winston-salem.
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around 10:00 tuesday night a call came in of a clown sighting of the wooded area of apple hood lane -- applewood line. the call with anonymous and police didn't find anything. >> we cannot say whether there was or was not a clown. it is unconfirmed. >> reporter: some people at the intersection have no doubts about it works to i think someone watched too many clown shows or something. i think there someone here watching american horror stories of something in trying to impersonate or do the same thing. >> reporter: other people or ensure. >> i haven't seen any sightings of a clown. >> larissa corbett lives across the street from where the siding happen. she says her nine-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter play outside all of the time. she says regardless of clowns, when she heard about the story she told her kids to be careful. >>it could be a hoax or the truth. i still take safety precautions as always. >> reporter: fayetteville police say the same thing. appearance at should warn their kids about the dangers of
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the fayetteville woods, they want the people and down to quality see anything suspicious and they will respond to all 911 calls a common. reporting in fayetteville, a.j. janavel, wncn news. i rise today to talk about the cabarrus. i rise with about 100 mosquitoes straight from florida virus. i rise with about 100 mosquitoes straight from florida, mosquitoes capable of carrying the zika virus. >>anxiety continues to grow in florida as congress debates what to do to stop the zika virus. this number hasn't changed much since lashed year, state officials addressing this trend
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>> this will get a picture of your face and get your license number and identify you to the court and you can be arrested. >>the penalty has been increased for passing school buses up -- updating the fine to a minimum of $500. a rabid skunk brought a woman to the hospital -- sends a woman to the hospital but not until her husband had shot the animal dead. the skunk bit a woman in her garden near torso so the brain of the animal could be checked for rabies. >> it is best to test it if you are either able to trap it or kill it so that you can make sure it is tested. that is in your best interest. >> this veterinarian says all dogs, cats and horses need rabies vaccines. the injections last one or 3 years.
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about the vaccination. eric kane hermine has left a hefty bill. the storm left more than $2.6 million in damage. kill devil hills took the greatest damage. other damage was on hatteras island. fortunately there were no serious injuries. another tropical system newton is causing flooding concerns in the south was. this is video in nude 10 changed from a hurricane to a post tropical cyclone before reaching arizona. >> i think i would take the heat over that. >> we have to ask that. we have a tropical storm last weekend and this weekend we have 90s. what is worse? to i would say --
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>> i didn't mention choice c. [ laughter ] we have a few showers in a roundabout way coming from the circulation of hermine, sneaking into northern portions of our viewing area work there is i-95, there is the virginia border, a couple of showers. if you watch them, i will widen out, they are weakening. hermine is way up here to the northeast in there's a giant little bit of that moisture is making its way down into our neck of the woods. it is sizzling out mostly but a little bit of it is sneaking in. we are not going to see a lot of rain over the next several days. the moisture will come in the form of sweating humidity. our dew point temperatures are heading back closer to 70. remainder -- remember, the higher this number goes, the higher the humidity. also the warmer our overnight temperatures will be. tomorrow morning for the first
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degrees as thursday morning starts. as we go hour by hour, it will get hotter tomorrow, 80 degrees at 9 am, 90 at noon, 94 degrees will be the high for tomorrow, very similar to what we had today and we're keeping it mostly sunny and mostly dry. high pressure is the reason why we have those conditions. here is what i mean by the counterclaim circulation. the north because it is closer to the center of the storm a few of those showers get thrown our way. they run into this high pressure macer to dissipate. the rain likes to sneak in between where it has the least resistance. that is why we have a showers. otherwise it is hot and dry weather courtesy of this area of high pressure. it doesn't move much tomorrow but pretty much what we had today is what we will get tomorrow, same thing friday and
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of movement on the weather our forecast won't move that much either. the changes come sunday into monday. week continue to track this cold front which is state -- still way out there in the northern plains but it will be there sunday evening. we have a little rain expected sunday night the cooler temperatures by the time we head into next monday. i wouldn't describe tomorrow is cool however, 94 in raleigh, 95 in fayetteville, the seven-day forecast will hold us about into friday. that will become an issue because this is high school football season. nfl starts tomorrow too. at the kickoff gets going, friday night, 7:00 it's still going to be about 90 degrees. 85 degrees for the second half. make sure you are ready for that if you are planning on playing or watch -- watching high school football friday night. saturday will not be much cooler, 92 degrees and then about 90 on sunday. here is the cool front. look at what it does monday, tuesday and wednesday, drops a temperatures into 80s into the day and overnight lows into the
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cooler temperatures and better humidity. i'm not seeing 75 degrees yet. >> [ laughter ] >> be careful. it will be hot for the next couple of days. a popular pub opened up in fayetteville one year after it burned down. a lot of people >> we don't go to a lot of bars but this is where we always came. everyone knows your name. >> this was one of several businesses damaged in a fire and police later determined it was arson. police are still looking for the person who started it. >>it looks like a fun place to be. the new iphone does away with the traditional headphone jack in favor of a new digital connector with wireless headphones.
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its second-generation apple watch as well. the department of homeland security says they are hiring hundreds of new tsa officers and moving part-timers to full- time and that drastically helped with wait time's. more people are using recheck lanes as well. >> this is todd gibson with carolina panthers were able to even the score with a denver brought was. the rematch will kick off the 2016 nfl season. cam newton, can his line protect him in that came? we shall see. and there will be a rivalry
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ron rivera says tomorrow night's game against the denver broncos is the biggest game of the air only because it is the next game. the next game is against the super bowl champions and this is a huge game, one that panthers would love to win to get the small measure of revenge. in order for them to be victorious, cam newton would than he did the last time out against the broncos. >> this is the big stage. this is probably one of the biggest ages we will be on as a football team and if there is one thing he wants to do, he has an opportunity to play well and show what he is made of van gogh from there. >> the panthers and broncos tomorrow night from the mile high city. trayvon brown set up the first game of the year while waiting to find out if he was eligible for the 2016 season.
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the news is not good. he is out for the year according to the ncaa. he can practice with the team and he will have one year of eligibility left. he played in 17 games with 55 catches for 760 yards and similar -- senior jimmy williams will start in his place back game 1 against western carolina, it will be much tougher when nc state comes to town. they don't meet as often these days. saturday. >> this is going to be a big- time atmosphere. the biggest quality -- the physicality is what we need to prepare for as well as the speed. we had been in this battle before. we know that our guys will take the step that they need to take this week. we have to continue to get better. >> i am looking forward to this one, saturday kickoff is at high noon. renovations at the colosseum
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will like what they see. with the help of a $35 million face -- facelift, the old gal looks great. led lighting, interactive games and a walk of fame as well as air-conditioning for the first time in 67 years. finally tonight, a familiar face is coming back to the hurricanes. michael leighton laid part of three seasons with the canes and his contract is a two-way deal meaning he will probably with an injury. going back from reynolds, talk about a blast from the past, he looks great. >>women's basketball in gymnastics, they have a state- of-the-art arena to play and. >> it as they see. stomach that's the key. >>i think wolf pack fans will like that for sure. >>the seats are cushier as
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six is greater than one, changes everything. ? this is a feel-good story. the nc state community came together for a good cause. >> students, parents and staff all got together to build a habitat for humanity home. the goal was to get students connected to nonprofits in
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state -- at nc state. anything we can do to get the more involved in the community is a good thing. >> university hopes to raise $700,000 to help build the homes. it wasn't also hard for that. you could feel the heat however. >>we will not be record heat but we will be mid 90s, not upper 90s. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is.
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>> stephen: we believe the iphone 7 is the most exciting iphone yet. you've heard the rumors and, yes, they are true. we have removed the headphone jack. ( applause ) thank you. we also go button. ( applause ) now, some companies might stop there. but we thought if less is more, how much more could we less? we think you'll be very excited about all the things we didn't include. for instance, that fragile glass front? gone. ( applause ) and with no front, do you really need a back? also, the iphone 7 never needs to be charged because there is


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