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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  September 8, 2016 6:00am-6:55am EDT

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a meeting on the state board of elections could lead to a major change for dozens of north carolina counties. new rules could impact the way you vote this november, plus this. >> may beat 16 people and here i am. >> there is no evidence my system was hacked. both with some highlight from last night's town hall in the big apple. and -- >> it's just -- this constitution at -- institution at its worse. what some republicans need to do to avoid a looming government shutdown. thank you for watching north carolina news. it's 6:00 a.m. i'm russ bowen. >> i'm stefan chase. i'm joined along ali warshavski looking at the morning commute
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>> hot forecast. >> very warm. >> i say good. he says bad. >> 70s. >> i want fall. >> there's football. >> files like the start of baseball season. 73 in the central part of the state. look at the mountain, 55 boon, 63 asheville and on the coast, 70 and closer to showers north of elizabeth city in halifax and north hampton counties. you see a few clouds in the same general areas so clouds to greet you east of 95 and otherwise a brilliant sunrise. on the bus stop, 71 degrees so a warm morning, up to 90
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than yesterday. we'll see 95-degree, not record- breaking heat, ali, but in general, very hot this time of year. >> i'm more impressedded you pronounced my last night right for the first time ever than the actual temperatures. if you're heading through, major highways around the beltline but we have local road accident blunt s street and wilmington, your best way around it, the crash not causing delays bright and early, no delays through durham, no accidents to report on the durham freeway, 40, both highways moving well, 95 through fayetteville, local roads towards fort bragg, no accidents. if you're heading to rtp through durham, 147 going to take you 14 minutes there. if you're on 55, about 9, and
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cornwallis road, we have a lot more headlights out there and so far so good. we're expecting to learn how soon you will be able to cast ballots in the races. you the state board of elections will decide voting times for 30 counties, including ours. beairshelle edme will explain what this means. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, russ. this is between activist and the state's gop relationship and dates back to 2013 when a law was passed and could change. they will hand over petitions with the signatures of 10,000 voters, calling on the board to keep early votings original
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october 30. it's changed because of a law discriminatory and pinpoints communities by requiring an i.d. and decreasing early voting days. it "targets african-american with precision." it's clear the laws were made with the intent since officials say they stand by the 2013 law and is up to officials as to what happens next and will monitor this meeting with updates here on-air and online. beairshelle edme. >> thanks. new this morning, the 2016 presidential nominees are back on the campaign trail this morning after taking the stage in new york city.
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answered tough question from veterans. >> the main thing is i have great judgment. >> reporter: donald trump sought to win over voters including servicemen and women last night, main tag he was against the war in iraq. >> i was totally against the war in iraq. >> reporter: and hinting at a private plan to defeat i.s.i.s. >> if i win, i don't want to broadcast to the enemy what my plan is. >> reporter: he was challenged by an army veteran who questioned this policy for military members. >> do you to serve in the u.s. armed forces deserves to stay in this country legally? >> i could see myself working that out. >> reporter: he was defensive. >> if he says great things about me, i will say great things about him.
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troop into iraq ever again and will not put troops into syria. >> many defended herself. >> i communicated about classified material on a wholly separate system. i took it very seriously. >> reporter: they go head-to- head in their presidential debate at the end of the month. hena daniels for cbs north carolina. >> donald trump is heading meanwhile hillary clinton is making her way to the tar heel state with a trip to charlotte. coming up at 6:30, beau minnick will have a preview. while hillary clinton and donald trump fight it out in north carolina and battle ground states, authority in north dakota have an arrest for dr. jill stein, presidential candidate of the green party.
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vandalizing a bulldozer. she's among hundred of people in north dakota fighting construction of an oil pipeline. we're talking about reported sighting of clowns. there have been several in north carolina, including fayetteville. that's where cbs north carolina's lauren haviland is live with how people are reacting. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. edge after this reported clown sighting. we'll show you exactly where it was. the clown was reportedly seen here against this wood line. several families live nearby in apartment and homes. fayetteville police got an anonymous call around 10:00 tuesday night when officers arrived and didn't find anything suspicious. investigators also said they had trouble locating the 911 caller.
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while this is not the first clown sighting in north carolina, some people have their doubts. >> i think there's really somebody out here dressed up -- i think somebody watched too many clown shows or something, you know. "american horror story" or something. and they're trying time person nate or do the same thing. >> reporter: there have been reported sighting in winston- sa have yet to confirm this sighting. if you see anything like this report it. in fayetteville, lauren averland, cbs north carolina. >> very creepy situation. thank you for the report. >> 6:08 in the morning. it is thursday. the battle continues in congress over how to pay for the fight against zika. how one lawmaker tried using an interesting prop to get his point across. plus this.
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beloved comedian. when you can catch one of gene wilder's famous comedies. >> he did "silver streak" with richard pryor. 70s and a few clouds in your neck of the woods but we have sunshine on tap and hot
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i'm hillary clinton and i he wears it like a crown. "make america great again". but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china. in fact, the real donald trump outsourced his products and jobs to 12 different countries. so don't believe the hat. you can't make america great again, if you don't make things
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we're enjoying. >> yes, we are. 73 in fayetteville. you see the map yellow and green. the green, a little cooler temperature in the western part of the state but this is about as cool as we'll see, the sun coming up in less than an hour, temperatures will shoot on up so heating in fayetteville, 91
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and hottics 70s and 80s in the triangle, 90 at noon, not much fan relief and mostly sunny, hot, and humid, 95, not record heat but still pretty hot and will be just as hot. it was 94 today, 94, mid-90s and mostly remember, our normal high is 95. we have a cold front coming our way. i promised cooler temperatures if you're looking for that and will show you in 10 minutes. >> thanks bill. the big screen tributes to gene wilder continue. a one-night showing of one of many comedies. >> you're my creation!
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being shown october 5 and more than 500 theaters around the country. three regal theaters are screening the movie next month it will include a live intro by mel brook who cowrote the film with dean wilder, who passed at age 83. next, a five-hour computer outage is costly for delta airlines. wait until you hear how much they lost thanks to we have ever created. plus apple finds new way to connect iphones to their customers' ears but are they
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there's nothing like trying something new. that'shy we're introducing cheese dippers. the creamy cheese and crunchy breadsticks that go wherever you do. cheese dippers by the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. happening right now, people around the world are making their pilgrimage to mecca.
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required to complete the pilgrimage at least once for spiritual reasons. dylann roof's state murder trial will begin on or after january 30. 3,000 potential jurors are asked to report for screenings. he faces federal charges for the shooting at emannuel ame church in charleston. that trial is set for november. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty in both cases. >> i just thought everything but to walk out of here in july and not do that was a new low. david price is unhappy with congress and its inability to reach an agreement on zika. a billion dollar funding bill failed to pass the senate tuesday after democrats unanimously voted against it. this all happening as the we approach the possibility of a shutdown. for congress to avoid that, gop leaders will have to stand firm against the more conservative
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>> well, leadership needs to assert and democrats will support them in this that we need to keep our government's lights on and we need to, beyond that have a set of appropriations bill that do the work we're set to work -- to do. >> it will shut down if there is no agreement before september 30. mitch mcconnell is in talks with democrats to reach a december. as the fight over zika funding continues, one congressman is using an interesting approach in an attempt to sway other lawmakers. >> and i rise with about 100 mosquito straight from florida. they are capable of carrying the zika virus. this is the reason for the urgency. this is the reason for the fear. >> florida republican david
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convey fear and anxiety millions of floridians feel over zika. according to the cdc, the number of zika case in the u.s. is thousand in the thousands. officials at fort bragg announced five people on post were being treated for the virus. airliner delta will pay a pretty penny for last month's global outage. the airline said five-hour outage will cost them $150 billion. on august 8, delta had a computer problem at its atlanta they ended up canceling or delaying more than 2,000 flights around the world, include something at raleigh- durham international. delta later agreed to give affected customers refundeds or vouchers for future flights. if you were dealing within an historic drought, this is probably the last thing you need, a water main break in los angeles that sent water shooting into the air on wednesday and at first, crews weren't sure if it was coming
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happening o or if it was a broken main. they had to find a large line that buster and the damage road. nobody wants to deal with that. >> that is not nice. these are clouds east of i- 95 and a beautiful sunrise, 70, as cool as it has en 69. we'll have to see. above normal, hot and humid and will have a good ten degrees above normal, still on track for a cold front sunday, which will kick our temperatures into the 80s next week so that's good news but you know for us, it's been dry lately with decent rain from the tropical system and a small chance of an afternoon storm, which can be a
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don't want to get rained out. still hot, 92 on saturday, mostly sunny skies and 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 and will manage 90 degrees. we have clouds you see right there and a few showers up to the northeast of us and running williamsburg but there's roanoke rapids and skies are clear and we have a few 60s showing up, durham, sylar city, smithfield, roxboro, but the majority in the low 70 and will see 72 at 8:00, 83 at 10:00, wish it was 83 at noon but at noon90 and it's goi to be
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will feel like, d-90s at 4:00, 90 at 6:00. wilmington, dunn, irwin, fayetteville, 90s. there's a 96 benson and fit smithfield and partly cloudy skies and will see 90s and mostly sunny through the day and friday as you know about that. that's coming our way out west but will be here on sunday. for today 95 degrees and tomorrow, 94, and tomorro high school football s be very warm, 88, warm and humid, 76 in the fourth quarter
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chance of a shower or storm and 96 on monday and 86 on wednesday and a slight chance of a storm and cold front making it cooler past sunday. maybe be able to show you cooler temperatures although you like it hot. enjoy your 95. >> it's nice without the hand warmers and if you're heading out th door and through raleigh, we have a crh out there. it's been out there all rning long and not affecting traffic, not seeing delays but south wilmington, garner, if we take you into durham, no delays as you travel through this area, durham freeway moving well and if you're heading through fayetteville, 95 corridor towards fort bragg, local roads, no report of any
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64, 16 minute, glenwood avenue to creedmoer road, 6. u.s. 64, just 6 as well. if you're heading out the door, at ready creek, more headlights at 6:23 on this friday eve. get out there now because you won't want to sit in morning sh delays. >> we don't want to do that. thank you, ali. four new feature on the new iphone but not everyone is thrilled. plus new rules for small children
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amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds adjust on both sides for your best sleep ever. don't miss the biggest sale of the year- know better sleep. on at sleep numb store. apple pulled back the curtain on the smartphone to the usual fanfare. and the next time you head to disney world, you and your children have to follow new
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hey, jill. >> reporter: good morning, russ. am didn't wow investors with the new iphone and products launch. shares rose by a fraction. the iphone 7 is water- resistant, longer battery life and better camera. there's no headphone jack so am stun colluding a converter for people not ready to give up their hold school headphones yet. you can also buy wireless earbuds. investors are concerned there are not enough upgrades to spur sales. walt disney world is 3 and 9 have to have their fingers scanned before entering the theme park to prevent people from sharing tickets. older guesting have been scanning their fingers. and a new most interesting man in the world. he is 41-year-old augustine mcgran from france. he speaks spanish, can break a coconut with his hands. jonathan foldsmith held the
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can you split a coconut with your bare hands? >> no, i can tell you that right now. not at all but can eat a whole coconut. how about you? [ laughter ] >> reporter: all right, it's a start. >> exactly. always good to see you, jill. thanks so much. 6:27. coming up in our next half hour -- >> i feel real disrespected to put my name on an amber alert. amber alert mix-up. two children are missing, but authorities think someone else is responsible. plus before you head out outside. looky there. the sun is coming up and will make you feel pretty hot. bill reh will tell us how long
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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oing to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan. hey, there and good morning, everyone, for watching at 6:30. i'm russ bowen. >> good morning. i'm stefan chase. thank you for watching this morning.
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raleigh, where the state will have an important meeting today. and lauren haviland is following a disturbing trend make its way to north carolina. but first, let's check in with storm team meteorologist bill reh. we're going to heat up. >> we're going to get into the mid-90s and will a little hotter than it was yesterday and that is not saying much because it was of the at 94. we're in the low 70s in the central part some skies to the east and no rain showers for us. there's some in eastern virginia and will be rain free with showers near roanoke rapids from the spinout from the system that was hermine. on average a warm morning and will be 90 and will be easy to hit the high of 95 this
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with mid-60s and will feel like upper 90s when you factor in the humidity. lots of rays of sunshine out there. we have lots of cars i-40 at lake wheeler road because of a crash. near the rock action is near lake wheeler road. roads look pretty good 40 moving well towards fort bragg, 95, local roads and major highways through fayetteville nothing to worry about.
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athens, dry, things moving well. it sounds like something out of that movie but people are taking it seriously. clown sightings near woods are worrying people. lauren haviland joins from fayetteville, where a fighting was reported this week. how are people reacting? >> reporter: well, the fayetteville community is definitely on edge after this latest was. the clowns were reportedly seen against this wood line, just yards away a complex with several families inside. when officers arrived, they didn't find anything suspicious. investigators had trouble locating the 911 caller, they said. at this point, the sighting is unconfirmed but we spoke to a mother who lives nearby.
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she said regardless even if it's not true to be careful. >> anything can happen. it could be true but i still take safety precautions as always. >> reporter: just this week, there have been other clown sightings around the state in winston-salem and greensboro but in fayetteville, again, police have not confirmed the sighting but of course as always, they're encouraging if you see anything to call m. lauren haviland, cbs north carolina. >> thank you. a major zig this morning could impact how early you can cast your vote. the state board of elections will have a say on the voting schedules for 33 counties. pair shell edme is here to break down what that means.
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stefan. some boards of elections made the decision but for others, they were not able to decide on the hours, time, or the date so this morning the state board of election will make that decision. some said it's time to make change and the federal appeals court ruled a 2013 voting law targeted voters and restricted them from having heard. that was backed by the gop leadership that said the law is and still still fair. when the board meets, activists will try to make their case heard and democracy nc will be backed with 10,000 people who called on the state board of
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inta. the max is 99 people and notice the commentary will not be accepted and there was a form where people put their comments with their opinions on labor day and will bring that to you on-air and online at but for now in raleigh, beairshelle edme carolina. donald trump, tim kaine and bill clinton were in the tar heel state and today, hillary clinton is holding a rally in charlotte. beau minnick is there. >> reporter: clinton will be here in a few hours and will talk about plans to keep the country safe. >> there's some traction on
6:36 am
eager to see hillary clinton in charlotte. the night before her arrival, volunteers made signs to prepare for the raly. clinton is expected to talk today about how she would work as president with america's allies. >> she is someone who would be bridges instead of walls. >> reporter: you can watch the rally as it happens on our website, in charlotte, beau minnick, cbs north carolina. all right, we do have breaking news right now. an amber alert still in effect for two kids missing from
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officials said the person who was first listed as the abductor has nothing to do with the disappearance. they are believed to be with their mother. if you know where they are, you're urged to contact police. the search for earl valentine is now over. authorities said the man who confessed to shooting his wife and son on facebook is now dead. according to officials, the body was found in a south carolina motel room last night. killed himself. authievaleinw on oooting and teenaged son on tuesday morning. e son later died. kesha valentine is still recovering in the hospital. this week, kenly police sanafore was indicted on involuntary manslaughter and is making his first court appearance today. the charge is from a high speed chase that ended with the officer tasing 37-year-old alex thompson four times.
6:38 am
hospital. the family is hiring an attorney and will not comment further on the case. a state trooper who died in the line of duty is being remembered in a big way today. on this day four years ago, trooper gene demuth was killed while trying to stop a suspect during a high-speed chase so the highway patrol and department of transportation is dedicating and renaming a nash county bridge in his honor. it's asheville. he worked with highway patrol ten year and was in wilson and edgecombe county. he was also a u.s. marine for four years. >> 6:38 in the morning right now. fish out of water? ryan lochte won't be in water soon. the punishment for his rio asco. >> we're waiting to hear from our insurance guy whether it's covered. a minnesota family shaken awake by a rock slide.
6:39 am
caused or caused it. >> interesting. 64 degrees. that's interesting because that's one of the cooler temperatures around. good morning in sylar city and
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how far are we away from fall, 21st? >> the 22nd, i think. >> nowhere near. >> feels like we're going backward. >> is this june 21? >> the first day of summer again. temperature in the 70-degree range and upper 60s and will get much hotter through the day. as a matter of fact, let's get you through the drive time forecast, 70 degrees right now at 6:00 and 71 at 7:00, 74 at
6:42 am
nearly calm out there, not much wind. here's your futurecast for the next couple of hours, a few clouds northeast but in general we're sitting pretty if you don't mind the sunshine, but that will allow temperatures to get warm, 78 at 9:00, and then we'll be in the 80s at 10:00 and by noontime, we're going to be at 90 degrees. just at lunchtime, 90 degrees so that makes an easy call to say mostly sunny, hot, and humid, a little more humid than yesterday as the west to southwest wind around 5 to 8 miles per hour. 95 today, 94 tomorrow. 92 on saturday. it looks like, hey, we're cooling down -- i mean, still, 92 -- our normal high is 85 but you know what, russ? i've got an 85 -- i've got an 85 on the seven day and will show you, if you can wait, in ten minutes. >> all right, we'll wait. what else will i do? i will wait, bill.
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value waiting damage after a rock slide slam into their house. the family said several boulders crashed into the home -- one hit the front door and the second left a hole in the house and the third smashed into a bedroom. amazingly, no one was hurt. heavy rain started the rock side. the national weather service said the region got between 4 and 6 inches of rain the night before. . look at this video for northern arizona. a funnel cloud was spotted as thunderstorms rolled through the area but never touched down. the remain of across arizona. that system is causing flooding in parts of the state there. it's currently 6:43 in the morning. the day after a prime time forum, hillary clinton returns to the tar heel state. what some have planned for the day. ryan lochte has time to focus on his ? dance moves ?
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the moments that connect us don't happen overnight. they happen one morning at a time, and one cup at a time.
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>> other state republicans are responding to hillary clinton's visit. some say clinton still needs to be held accountable for deleting e-mail from a private server she used while secretary of state. >> who would have thought secretary clinton's e-mail problems would have risen to the danger level of national security they have been? news conference in charlotte ahead of hillary clinton's rally. ryan lochte's involvement in the lying scandal is landing him a ten-month suspension, according to a source with knowledge of the punishment. he's accused of vandalizing property in the gas station bathroom during the olympics last month, then lying about what happened. the other three swimmers involved in the scandal will be suspended, but sources say their punishments will be shorter. a u.s. soccer star has her
6:47 am
[ national anthem pling >> the washington spirit decided to pl it early against the seattle rain d megan rapinhoe took headlines last week while knng. it was meant to show solidarity with colin kaepernick but the spirit own desiredded to play "the star-spangled banner" before they were on the field. >> a strong show of support. an gh school foball team. >> your 20cougars! pay tribute to one of their comrades. >> here's the back story. before the , all 57 of foothill high school's players laid an orange rose at the feet of the cheerleader deciding ukemia asmonth. she's been going through il trps every day. was planned by senior
6:48 am
team. orange is the lor of leukemia awareness. you can tell how touched she is. >> great support system. it's definitely a day to be inside with the air conditioner -- >> sounds good. sounds good. >> we need a place with low humidity and cool air. >> yeah, because it won't happ outside. we'll be a good ten degreings above normal this time of year. we're waiting on what will great day. the sun comes up four minutes. it comes true. how much rays of sunshine r today? >> seven. >> yeah, we're going to see a mostly sunny day today, humidity forect in the humid tegory for the next three days so if you're looking f relief and maybe humy, although it will be humid on the coast but better because of
6:49 am
slight chance of a late day storm so the beaches will be dry, beach war temperature from 78 the outer banks to 82 by ocean isle beach. in the mountains, how about 82? cool temperatures and better chance overpreparation on hit-or-miss variety but t bu82 saturday, slight cold risk of showers. wea few showers ar low pressure once aroundfew clo morning but no rain. 69 wilson, 68 roanoke rapidses. it's dropped to 69 durham, 73 fayetteville and about as l as we'll see today.
6:50 am
then i put the heat index to show you it will feel like it's in t upr 90s, t heat advisonotriple digit het t l sebe wel be in the mid-90s for air temperature, 90 at 6:00. did you see that? 90 at 6:00. 95 in raleigh, 94 durham, 96 showers and dry with sunshine and southwest breeze and the high is around. we will go with mostly sunny come thugh on sund so95. hon i cooldo? i could watch a ttle
6:51 am
panthers will be and cooler ans, 85ckoff, 90s during nit ostly clear sknd playing t and dry, not humid at all. 74 -- ishful thinking. high school football games, warm and humid for now, 92 degreesand will see those t 90s into virginia but want you to look at the gh temperature the ohio valley into next week and sunday still going to be 90and if you're loing to pinpoint the chance, shers after 3:00 or 4:00, slight risk of a storm, dry in the morning, is sunny at
6:52 am
that could kick us into the lower 80s. you won't be schiffering but maybe you t have to use the air-conditioni. >> you can save money on your air-conditioning bill. if you're heading into work, probably not going to save on gas at this time of the morning. i-t lake eeoad, a crash here that's been cleared but getting busy, it's just that time of e another h on ithfld road, northbound side. we do have a lane block and why we see red on smithfield road. to get around this, bethlehem road, your best 264, knightdale. d lake wheeler road, i-40 westbound, again, los like it's been cleared but because of the time of the morning, a lot of people heading into work at the same time. we're starting to see westbound
6:53 am
i-40 westbound stalled vehicle. that just came across exit 278, nc 55 so another heads up to you if you're heading out the door and thrgh urm, fayettil good, 440at quarry is very busy, a lot lassiter r40 atoc people heading to work at the sa me oi- people around the ate are focused on raleigh as the decision could impact the election. plus -- morning." trump and clinton clash on foreign in a debate preview. their competing plans to take on i.s.i.s. and we're counting down to monday's broadcast from the smithsonian african-american museum of history and culture. we'll take you to the new england vacation getaway settled by freed slaves. alof thaand more.
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the state board of elections will look at voting rules for 33 counties including in our area. theyado come up with voting laws. a judge struck down part of north carolina's voting i.d. >>garner police are holding a public meeting to give residents an update on an embezzlement investigation. last month, cornerstone community management was homeowners associations in wake and johnston counties. during the meeting, police will give affected residents an update on the investigation and answers during a q&a session. duke university school of public policy is getting a visit from a special guest. jay johnson is speaking at the school about national security and counterterrorism. the evt isree and open to the public. he wl speak 7:00.
6:57 am
hot. >> it is. >> hotter than yesterday. >> by a degree. it's going to be 95 at the bus stop so hot and more humid, 71 on the bus. when do we get relief? how do you spell relief? i spell it m-o-n-d-a-y or c-o-l- d r-o-n-t. debt it? monday cold front? >> oh, you can spell. >> it i before e except after c? >> stick to your number. i'll do t. today but 80s next week. the bad news is back up clayton, 70, a fender-bender to the side there, too, so we need extra time and the a/c on again. >> see -- i like math because 2 plus 2 is 4 but when you tell me i before e and c -- rulings
6:58 am
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llary clinton: i'm hillary clinn anapprove this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this over sixty people here making irts lled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his its from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because heays there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is.
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captioning funded by cbs 2016. welcome to "s this morning.? donald trump and hillary clinton clash over foreign policy on the same stage. reveals colin poll's advice to clinton on using a personal account. will donald trump make a profit off of his presidential bid? how his own company is benefiting from campaign spending. a "playboy" playmate could go to jail for taking this pirp of an older woman at a gym and then posting it on snapchat. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.


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