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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  September 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> this is a time to put country over party. now on cbs north carolina, hillary clinton is in the tar heel state. the message for voters and lawmakers in north carolina. plus this. >> this was muskie want scale. customers charged for accounts they didn't know they had. investigators hope to learn about the origin of life through as road. we'll have more on the first-of-
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good morning. i'm stefan chase. >> good morning, i'm justin quesinberry, in for russ bowen. >> it will take stuff from an asteroid? what if there's gold. >> i hope it shares. >> good point. >> let's all get along. with every temperatures getting along, getting up there, the coolest temperatures around 74 raleigh, 72 fayetteville, boone, 56 so 50s and 60s in the mountain, 70s on the coast, and a few clouds trying to poke their nose into north carolina,
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heads up to you on raleigh. raleigh boulevard at new burn avenue, poole is your best route around that. heads up there. you can see the dance bill just did -- make your morning a lot easier. 95, 401, no accidents. if you're heading on 540, 23 minutes on toll road, rtp, 16. outside to i-40 at wade avenue no, delays on i-40 at 6:02 this morning. stefan, justin? >> thanks a lot, ali. breaking news from spain. >> authorities say at least two people died when a train
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right now. we'll keep you updated as we learn more information. unc chapel hill student and other members of the community are honoring and remembering the nearly 3,000 victim who died on september 11, 2001. >> the event is set to start any moment now at keenan memorial stadium. lauren averland is there right now for us. how are the victims being remembered, exactly? >> reporter: me will climb 2076 stairs, representing the stairs in each of the world trade center towers. i'm here with a senior rotc member, taylor edwards. tell us what are we doing today? >> we're here to honor first responders who perished during the 9/11 attack and running equivalent of 110 flight of stairs because that's how many
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honor them. >> reporter: why do you think this is important for community members from the chapel hill fire department, police department -- even people -- you know, students at unc? >> this is important just to realize that the world is a bigger place than just what is right in the now. the first responders, they're the ones giving their lives during these attacks and whatever you were doing at home, you know, take a minute to reflect on that. these people died to others so -- >> reporter: i know this is your second time doing this. you know, what -- what goes through your mind? i mean, that's a lot of time to just think and reflect on this terrible tragedy. >> yes, ma'am. so i would say, you know, i get tired about the fifth row of stairs we're going up there and just to think some people, they had to run to save a life and with all of their fear on, that's a big thing for me and
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they had to go through. >> reporter: thank you, taylor, and this event is about to kick off in a couple of minute. we'll have a live report around 6:30. lauren haviland, cbs north carolina. >> suns a nice trip. thank you for sharing. there are number of ceremonies in and memorials over the next few day. we have a full list at if you'd like to participate. you can find side of the home page screen. the fbi said a pair of north carolina men hacked into the accounts of high level officials and their families. they face two charges. andrew is from liverman if other is from moorehead city. they hacked into the counts from october to february and are part of a group that
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pays. hillary clinton spending time in the tar heel state. she spoke at johnson c. smith university and was critical on donald trump's comments on military generals reduce to rubble. many criticize republican lawmakers for passing the voter i.d. law. donald trump will return on asheville. early votes could to out today. officials are mailing out absenter ballots. beairshelle ed way has more on what you need to know. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, justin. today is the first day though ballots will head out to carolinians who won't make it
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unlike other states, they are not required to give a reason you only need to be a resident and registered voter. oftentimes certain groups are allowed to but stipes it's peel who done have a regular schedule. if you want that option, you have to vote seven days he requests is made, the board offer lb. will verify and send you pack youring lot. make it to election officials and you have some time make -- to use an absentee ballot. weaponyou have to make that by
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>> makes the election all the more real. thanks. >> and easier to vote, too. >> 6:08. a colorful mystery in russia. what some believe caused the bright color. >> this is the largest deacon nation history we are in. problems in las vegas. how many were exposed to mercury. 71 in irwin hello, harnett county. how long it will get?
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
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the weekend is here. bill reh will tell us about the forecast. >> it affects penal differently. you like the 90s. >> perfect. >> it may be people for you at home. we have everything because it will cool down after the weekend so here you a couple of 60s. 72 in fayetteville, 74 raleigh. sunny and hot and with the humidity, upper 90s. you have an excuse, take a deep
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so well above normal but see that 30% chance? that means a couple of storms late in the afternoon and sunday evening and cold front is coming through and if you like cooler air like i do, next week we have >> i'm a happy gal. thanks, bill. surveillance video shows how a murder suspect managed to escape an interrogation room. he's being questioned about a murder last friday night. you can see he is able to escape. perez was captured after a standoff. time check on your friday morning. 6:13.
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the owner knows what happened. how he's spreading the word. >> the exact same spot for 47 minutes. i turned my car off. a major delay on a delaware highway after a tractor trailer overturns. why the crash took more than
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>> three, two, one. and it willoff of osiris-rex. a nasa spacecraft is on its way to a distant asteroid that could one day hit planet earth. the osiris-rex took off from cape canaveral to begin a seven year journey. hena daniels explains how it will work. >> everyone is go. >> reporter: osiris-rex named
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registration and fertility, left to learn more about the origin of earth. >> its seven year mission, to boldly go to the asteroid and back. >> reporter: it blasted at 22,000 miles per hour. >> we're turning science fiction into science fact and fast what >> reporter: it will take two years to arrive and once there it will map the asteroid and reach out its robotic arm to kiss the flying space rock, collecting dust and travel to bring to earth. >> we'll be answering some of the most fundamental questions
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how does this planet form? >> reporter: if the quest is a success, it will bring back the largest bounty since moon rocks. parent of students at a las vegas middle school are furious by how officials handle a hazmat situation. >> nobody from the school board spoke. you had a police officer saying "i can't answer that." >> almost 1300 student and staff at the school had to be screened for mercury wednesday. many had to stay overnight. nine student and three administrators were directly exposed to mercury. the las vegas fire department said this was the largest decontamination they have dealt with.
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note 7, you should probably not fly with it. the faa warns anybody flying with the phone should not turn it on or charge it during the flight. passengers are urged to not put the phones in checked bags. samsung recalled the device after reports it caught fire. that's how a man in florida said his suv was destroyed. he left the phone charging in the vehicle when and later posted on facebook in an effort to warn people. a delaware highway became a sea of copper after a crash early wednesday morning and while it sounds pretty, it was a nightmare to drivers. blank pennies fell onto the roadway, 40,000 pounds of copper. they were on their way to be
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the entire mess. officials are trying to find out why a siberian river turned bright red. russia's ministry of natural resources said it could have come from a leakage at a chemical plant. chemical contamination is not a worry because it's not linked to water supplies. check this out. the tallest building west of the mississippi is now celebrate, the workers who put up the fire posed on top of it. the tower is getting the 294- foot spire to make it almost 1100 feet tall. you can only get to it with a special ladder. the workers were harnessed the entire time. can you imagine what that was like? >> how scary would that have been? >> especially if you're afraid
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work on that. >> we're all, like, aah! you celebrate things. >> new york has the highest -- >> west of the mississippi. >> -- chicago. los angeles third place. >> how about that? >> trying to put l.a. in its place? >> no, don't do that. >> oh, my. >> let's move on, shall we? >> been to l.a. yeah. 7 don't have to worry about getting schiffer-y outside but it's humid so you may not like it too much. what a pretty shot. you have to like thi . you can see the colors before dawn -- excuse me. it's dawn now but before, sunrise at 6:52 and will see a beautiful sunrise when it occurs in less than an hour. here's what you need to know for the weekend. still hot and humid, saturday hotter.
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if you're making plans, don't worry about precipitation until maybe late sunday afternoon into the evening hours. 88 on average. upper 70s through hatteras and ocean isle beach so it's looking good to get wet in the mountains. 78 sunday and high, thin clouds in virginia, poking their nose into north carolina but in general mostly skies, 72 fayetteville, 72 wilson. sunshine and heating to 90 at noon.
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afternoon as the humidity is out there, 94 at 4:00, 89 at 6:00. hot this afternoon, 95 in sanford, 96 raeford, 95 dunn and pinehurst. 93 in smithfield, 95 benson and durham and raleigh, 93 in roxboro, southwest winds 5 to 8. it will stay north, high pressure continuing to bring in the hot worry for the game, although toasty, and high, thin clouds. this is coming our way on sunday and will give us storms. hot and humid.
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storm is possible and temperatures will cool down. monday, 20% chance but look at the high temperature map with 70s and will stay the rest of the week. then down to 83 on thursday. how are the roadways? good morning. can you tell bill is a broncos fan? he's excited. we have a crash out there and starting to affect traffic on raleigh at new burn, poole road your best route. fayetteville streets and will bring traffic so heads up. durham roads are good and fayetteville, 95 well with no
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southbound drive times u.s. 1 from 540 to downtown and 40 from i 540 down downtown, pretty average this time of the morning. cornwallis road, more headlights approaching sunrise very soon. >> we're getting there. wells fargo facing a multimillion dr >> what thousands of the bank's employees did that ripped off customers. ?? ?? ??
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the creamy cheese and crunchy breadsticks that go wherever you do. cheese dippers by the laughing cow.
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the floor of the stock exchange to tell us more. happy friday, jill. >> reporter: happy friday. good morning, stefan. wells fargo bank agreed to pay $190 million in fines to the government and customers. employees opened phony accounts without the okay of customers in order to meet sales goals and get bonuses. the bank said it fired 5300 workers linked to the scam. air b&b is overhauling its the changes include new technology that minimizes photos and encouragings instant booking. >> perhaps a step in the right direction for air b&b. >> reporter: well, you know what? they're taking these allegations seriously and it's good to see. >> certainly looks like it. thank you, jill. have a great day. it's now 6:28. coming up in our next half
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>> how hundred of people in chapel hill are honoring
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y clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is.
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irts right off our backs. good morning and thank you for watching at 6:30. i'm justin quesinberry, in for russ bowen. >> he's enjoying some vacation morning. >> glad to >> i'm stefan chase. we'll have a look at how election will start today for some voters. but first, we'll check in with bill reh and will be a hot one, nice right now and hot later. >> the ladies out there standing around can feel the warmth but not as bad as it will get later today. we have generally 70s in the central part of the state, cool in the mountain, but skies are
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bright, sunshiny day today. if you're at the bus stop, 71- degree, sunrise at 6:52. we'll see off the bus at 95 degrees. i'm telling you, that is hot and it's september. you know, it's not record- breaking. let me check the record. it's 99, set in 1939 so a >> really? >> it seems like a hot one. if you're heading through downtown raleigh and fayetteville closed so heads up on that. right now accident-free. u.s. 1, i 540, 17 minutes and
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downtown, 20 minutes. it's closed. things are moving pretty well right now. unc chapel hill students and others are honoring and remembering nearly 3,000 11, 2001. lauren, how are the victims being remembered? >> there's a few hundred people here including rotc members, chapel hill fire department, and police. they're climbing 2076 stairs, representing a stair in each of
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this is the third annual memorial stair climb. rotc members said this is not only a way to honor those lives lost but those who fought the global war on terror and fought to save lives on september 11. many of us that are old enough can remember exactly where we were on september 11, 2001. some of the rotc members said they are way too young to remember, actually, events. while they were climbing, each of these more than 2,000 stairs within the stadium -- they're hoping to reflect and remember what it took to fight throughout on september 11. they have been climbing for a half hour and is tough.
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remember those lost. lauren haviland, cbs north carolina. north korea said it conducted a higher level nuclear warhead test. it was first detected in south korea as an earthquake. president obama was briefed on the situation. officials were quick the test. a ninth grader was shot in the head and alert when she was taken to the hospital. police are not saying anything else so far. on thursday, a student kills a classmate before killing herself. that's according to authority
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mexico border. the injured student is expected to be okay. the suspect shot herself with her own gun and are trying to find out what led to the shooting. a funeral will take place for a fayetteville business owner who was beaten to death. a verbal argument between mansfield and the two men started inside a two outside attacked him outside the building. police were called to maple street where police found a man and woman and on harvard, where another person was shot. police entered a building after throwing tear gas inside but there was no one inside.
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garner police now say close to $1 million may be missing from local homeowners associations in wake and johnston counties. cornerstone stole the money. no charges have been filed. authorities are investigating and say it will state election officials are mailing out absentee ballots. beairshelle edme joins with what you need to know to send in your vote. >> reporter: election day is 59 days away and there are some that will make their choice as
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requirement is to be a resident. the second is to be registered to vote here. people do choose ballots and military members as well as college kids out of state. you requests a form or i.d. you e-mail or tax it back and there are some deadlines to keep in mind. you have to be registered to vote, deadline october 14. you have to do that by november 8. you can find all the
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>> we have more information on the awkward moment on live tv for a third-party candidate. dozens of people left dang untiling the mountains. how a rescue team is up and down. most of us will see a lot
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y in another political dustup over coal ash. woman: governor pat mccrory's office is refuting claims he misled the homeowners about the safety of their well water. dr. megan davies was the state epidemiologist, but she resigned this week, saying she cannot work for a department and an administration that deliberately misleads the public. she claims the state never should have told people who live near coal ash ponds their well water was safe. man: they say all they want is the truth. >> welcome back. quesinberry and reh helping you wake up. it's almost a little fallish
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afternoon. >> the temperature drops to 90 and 69 in durham, 64 roxboro, 66 sylar city, 69 wilson and 72 fayetteville, 72 in lewisburg and what we have going on for you, a couple of clouds and things are going to be in 70s and clear and calm, 72, 71, 77 so we go through the 70s, 80s at 10:00. at noon, 90 and up to 95 degrees today, generally sunny, hot, humid, winds 5 to 8 miles per hour and 71 tonight, 92 tomorrow with mostly sunny sky,
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few more clouds. i have upped the chance to 30%, better chance of storms and most of sunday will be dry and showers and storms. after that, some relief and i think you'll enjoy that because >> thank you so much, bill. hundreds of people were trapped in cable cars above the swiss alps. it happened when the cars tried to cross over each other and left 110 riders stranded nearly 12,000 feet above ground and rescuers used helicopterrers to get those riders done. 6:42 now. she's trying to become president, but jill stein is a
6:43 am
it. i feel like people bash us for what we have to say. the first game of the season for the panthers was a
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. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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this year's presidential election features two major party nominees with historically low approval ratings and is drawing some to >> nominee from the green party and libertarian party are getting attention but probably not the kind they want. green party candidate jill stein got herself into some trouble this week after appearing at a protest in north dakota. >> she's charged with trespassing and vandalism after she was seen spraypainting a bulldozer. she said while she will go back to face those charges, she's not the real criminal. >> the real vandalism is the desecration of the indigenous
6:46 am
place. it is the release of attack dogs on some peaceful protestors. >> a native american tribe said the pipeline will destroy burial and prayer sites. a judge is expected to rule on the requests for a temporary halt of the construction. libertarian candidate gary johnson is fighting off criticism of his own this morning. >> the former governor of new mexico was asked about the civil war in syria during a morning talk show appearance. >> what would you do if you >> about -- >> aleppo. >> and what is aleppo? >> you're kidding. >> no. >> now, aleppo is syria's largest city and is the center of the country's refugee crisis. johnson later explained he blanked, saying he thought it was an acronym. he adds mistake shows he's human.
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yeah, tough start to the 2016 season for the carolina panthers. in a rematch of last year's super bowl, cam newton and company traveled to denver to take on the broncos. heading into half-time, carolina was looking pretty good with a 17-7 lead but the second half was much different with the panthers only managing three points. they still had a shot to win the game with a last-second field goal but kicker -- uh, yeah. he shanked it season definitely big news but there's another story that started before the players hit the field last night. ? through the perilous fight ? >> that's broncos linebacker brandon marshall seen taking a knee during the national anthem following similar protests by colin kaepernick and eric reid. marshall has spoken in support
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but felt -- it was a move to also use his position to raise awareness about social injustice. >> and i feel like, you know, this was the right thing to do. i feel like this is the right platform. this is our only platform, you know, to be heard, and i feel like a lot of times people want us to just -- you know, shut up and entertain them, you know, shut up and play football, but we have voices as well. >> like coplin donate money to charity and programs for veterans. football is back. >> it doesn't feel like football weather. >> it feels like -- they keep saying "bad news." we're like, it's hot! >> it's great if you're a fan but bad news if you're running up and down the field.
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>> tomorrow. >> you sit in that stadium in greenville -- >> you're going to roast. >> all right, all right. [ overlapping conversation ] >> it's better than hand warmers and toe warmers anyday. >> we're just asking for 70. >> yeah. or 80s -- not 95 or whatever bill reh is about to present us. >> is this where we ask folks to go on social media site -- >> yeah, weigh in, take a survey. >> whatever you do to agree with the ladies or the nt >> there you go. 74 degrees out there, differences of opinion. one thing we agree on, no tropical system to worry about, unlike last friday. rays of sunshine -- yeah, there you go -- >> nine. >> -- nine today. humidity levels, yeah, it will be more humid because that is
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morning and late in the day, 1 in 3 shot of showers or storms because here comes the front, near 90 and we have a few high clouds up to the north and partly cloudy skies a pleasant morning from the position don't 74 raleigh, 72 fayetteville and 81 degrees and will be high in the mid-90s and high of 85, warm during the
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fayetteville. we want normal. that is what it's supposed to be but are not close. mostly sunny skies and after we rolled through the map, nothing eventful besides the heat. the front approaching us with green on the map and and storms and that high will bring us back to normal. >> 95 today and what about football games over central north carolina? in general, upper 80s for kickoff, 70s and no strong wind, rain, or worries there. as we were talking about, 92 but if you're driving to
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staying dry and mid-80s and state at ecu, an exciting game and 30% chance monday -- there you go, 84. we're normal on monday, 85 on tuesday and 88 wednesday. nice again on thursday, 83. i hope you think that's nice. >> i feel like you're saying steph and i are thinking but it means. we have a pretty easy ride, nothing out of the ordinary on 540, 440. we have not had many accidents, just one cleared and fayetteville is closed martin and we have the hopscotch
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through fayetteville, free and clear and fort bragg. cumberland, heads up, east lots you want to park, north lots for when it's crowded. the free ware, five minutes there so no delays. durham to rtp via nc 55, >> it's the boys who are abnormal, just to set the record straight. >> oh, my goodness. hey, i've taken this debate to twitter. @justinqperry. we'll be back with news you need to know before you go. and a special event to honor lives lost on 9/11, 15
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studio 57 and we'll talk to donald trump's campaign manager. and charlie and sully sullenberger return where the plane crash landed. >> everyone knows everyone survived and we celebrated heroic moment. they don't know what happened after that. >> the news is back in the morning.
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look at news you need to know before you go. unc chapel hill hosted the third annual memorial stair run to honor victims from the 9/11 terrorist attacks. six were unc alumni. participants climb 2076 steps, the same number of step in the world trade center towers. two shootings happened within a ten-minute span. the first was on maple street. police were called to harvard avenue minutes later.
6:57 am
police do not have any suspects right now. after a 12-hour meeting, the state board of elections voted on 33 early voting plans for our state. 33 different counties did not come up to a unanimous decision so they had to present early voting plans to the board of elections. wake county will have eight extra locations. cumberland county voters will be able to vote on sunday and will have ten locations. >> all right. taking a look at the weather now for our here we go, 71 but off the bus, 95 so a hot and humid day, hot over the weekend, but a cold front on sunday will give the chance of a shower or storm and then some 80s next week so that will be more seasonable. reasonable? >> seasonable and reasonable. >> don't get them started. i-4 at clayton bypass, heads up, wake county schools will get out early so you will
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>> thanks, ali. >> have a good one. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, september 9th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? breaking overnight. the world condemns north korea's newest nuclear test. the can now send a warhead on a ballistic missile. hillary clinton and donald trump accuse each other of dangerous foreign policy views. trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway and clinton's running mate tim kaine both here in studio 57. >> captain sully sullenburger returns to the hudson river and telling charlie how the flight 1549 changed his world. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener."


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