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tv   North Carolina News at 500PM  CBS  September 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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officer the police chief said little felt threatened and fired three times. >> i think the citizens need to be able to see what occurred and be able to draw those conclusions for themselves. >> graham was paralyzed after that shooting and six months later died from medical issues. no chaes earlier that was a civil federal court judge that asked that video to be released. this case is still under a civil case. we will have more coming up at 5:30 p.m. >> authority say she left her two -month-old in a hot car. here is a 911 call. >> there is a a.b. in a car and i don't know how long it's been out here.
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>> amy cutler explains to us what talbot was doing. >> it was hot and uncomfortable outside but imagine what it was like in the backseat of a car without the air conditioner running. that's exactly where police say a raleigh woman left her young child. this is it copy of the police report alleging that 37 -year-old young child in the back of her car for nearly 40 minutes. police here said, and call for help. employees say officers and wasted no time breaking it window in order to get the child out. >> it is cool, especially with the temperature in the eastern
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>> i'm sweating bullets with the car and you should leave them in the car like that. >> we first brought this to you as breaking news yesterday are life-threatening. steve springer joins us live at durum police headquarters with re. tonightt instatre velong a new lead into that suspect after coming close to nabbing the person >>nvga snt t this h trt they dot
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particular location and we had good information to believe either the suspect was at the apartment that is on this but to go straight or fled the apartment that is on this particular street. >> it turned out the home was empty and the suspect wasn't there. it all began a few blocks away in this neighborhood just after 3:00 yesterday afternoon where a man and woman were shot inside this home on maple street are not life-threatening and police walked off a large area. >> i'm just surprised. yesterday was a very active day, there was a lot going on. >> when you say active day, what does that mean? >> it was quiet over here.
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street shooting, police rushed to a seen several miles away on harvard avenue for another shooting. that shooting was connected to the one which happened on maple street. >> people will be people, but that's the world we are living shootings were targeted but they did not say at this point where they believe those victims were targeted. in the meantime they were also saying they could certainly use the public's input as they continue their investigation. >> us officials help capture that suspect in a shooting.
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and then disappeared. they are adding an illegal gun possession charge since he is a convicted felon. >> state and government officials issued the permit to duke energy so they can start draining water from the pond at the marshall steam station. the state governmental agency says the permit requires duke enero quality standards. the spill happened two years ago when a collapsed pipe caused coal ash to be dumped into the river north of the triad. people living near his have been forced to find resources of drinking water. >> developers want to turn the mill into an apartment complex.
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plan. >> it is very much needed in this area. >> they are talking about the apartments going up next door. >> they sold the properties to the developer so they can transform it into an one third of the 30,000 square- foot building was destroyed by a fire last may. the mill has been vacant for the past ten years. nearby business owners say they are glad that they were able to salvage the property, hoping it will bring them more foot traffic. >> they are glad they are able to bring new develop developments in the area while still holding
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character. and in hillsborough, north carolina. >> what a difference a week makes. seven ys agoit was all rain, today it was all day sun and now back into the 90's. no rain on the radar but temperatures still in the low 90's after mof even though humidity is high, it's not extraordinarily high so we don't have a index of 100 or anything but, mid- to upper 90's is what it feels like. not much will change this weekend but, there will start to be some changes. high-pressure remains in control now and through tomorrow, but we are still watching this cold on rsuay t and it will drastically change our forecast for next week.
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down to 89 by 7:00. dry and 85 by a . if you are heading out for friday night football, it will stay warm and muggy. we will update you on the timing of cold front number one on sunday and introduce you to cold front number two coming up in just a few minutes. >> president obama is condemning north korea's latest nuclear never accept the country is a nuclear safe. north korea says the effort was to increase the nuclear arsenal and in response to international sanctions following his earlier nuclear tests. the leaders of south korea and japan are working with president obama to implement existing punishment measures and majors and possibly add more sanctions. families of september 11 victims are one step closer to being able to sue the government of
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the senate. the white house is against the bill think saudi arabia is a key ally in the east. 15 of the 19 hijackers from 9/11 we're saudi nationals. >> this sunday marks the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. attorney general mode loretta lynch was among those dedicated a commemorative plaque for the survivor tree which was planted in the department of justice since 9/11. it does not dim the memory of the those we lost or erased from our minds the many acts of courage that brought light into that dark day. >> she went on to say that the sapling was seated from a pair tree that stood on the world trade center plaza. locally, people are also
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military law enforcement officers, the students and staff were on hand at wake tech in raleigh to hang a wreath for the 9/11 victims. the memorial wall was a place of silence is families led candles for their loved ones. the speaker for the event was right across the street when the world trade center was attacked. >> i couldn't believe my eyes. then having the second tower get hit while i was on the ground, the impact unbelievable. i really felt the heat. i felt the force. i realized at that moment along with everyone else around me that this was not an accident. >> givens says it has taken time to heal from being part of those moment but he says it's important every year to honor the victims and the fallen heroes. there are several 9/11 events happening this weekend. if you'd like to attend, go to
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called 911 remembrances. >> the phone number on the flyer has a 919 area code and those received the notes say the notes are not welcome. >> pick your own community, we have a good community and we all stick together. we are not racist. >> last month several neighborhoods received similar flyers. >> win-s today they arrested david armstrong saying he confessed about line about the clown knocking on his window. police say that armstrong said he saw a clown and tasted into the wood. he's now charged with filing it false police report. several clown sightings are still being investigating. >> one guy caught the action. coming up peter tells us how he
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>> dozens of people in the area saw a bright objects should across the sky yesterday afternoon. >> one caught it on camera. he talks to the man wh >> the scene during the day is something special. you don't get many videos like this. >> chester got it windshield mounted camera for his car six months ago. >> but, not in case something polls from the sky, he was worried about wheels. >> the driving around here is pre- bad and i've had lots of close calls. >> while sitting in rush hour traffic, he and his camera so the bright ball fall. >> if the light hadn't turned
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blocking his view, nothing caught on tape. >> paul burns says it is likely one of two things. either the meteorite or what's called space junk, things like debris from old rockets are satellites that he says fall all the time. this one was unusually right which meant it could have been biggr he says meteor season is getting underway and runs through december. >> it's bigger than a shooting star. pretty fascinating to see. >> we posted the video on our website,, or you can see for yourself. >> i like how he reminds us that it's your season that is starting. but something like that, you
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beginning today, you can vote absentee for the november election. officials are now, and, that's the county board of elections by november four first. and morris became t after four years of debating, that will double clinton's capacity. the water is gone in louisiana and now the work begins. it was a major disaster says major john bill edwards. he's on capitol hill lobbying
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state rebuild. >> and while the storm didn't have a name, every person that it affected does. homes and businesses that have never flooded before were suddenly underwater. and not just their homes. >> 7 trillion gallons of rain in south louisiana in the last month, tilling >> this is the first of four scheduled springs at the pesticide neighborhood. and they have seen 596 travel
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it's getting toward the middle of september. and if you are heading out for date night or have friday night football plans, sure you are ready for it. and it drops into the low 80's, and humidity, while it was not horribly high, it was still pretty darn and tomorrow morning, if you are happened at them early, and the humidity will be changing next week but so will the humidity. it will be stuck in the upper 60's. most of the summer it's been in the 70s. we will be stuck in those upper 60's through the weekend until our cold front arrives.
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into iowa right now and expected to be here in about 40 a hours. we have some rain to deal with but most of our weekend is dry, thanks in part to this ridge of high pressure. so today's weather map and today's weather similar to yesterday and very similar to tomorrow, not many changes so it will continue to stay hot, humid and dry. things will shift around on sunday and most of the day it will be dry and hot as the front approaches us. showers develo will move here. the good news is, it's not expected to be severe. there could be some heavy downpours and after the front pushes through into monday, most of us will be cooler and less humid although the front does look to kind of hang up and stole along the coastline. and this is just the first of
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wednesday night through thursday and that could drop some of our daytime highs into the 70s. now we are talking real september weather. and now the middle of september, lawyer we proving that. we continue to keep an eye on this cluster of thunderstorms. it has now been upgraded to an 80% chance of something developing and that will be our next named system. a of 40% chance of developing. however, as it pushes westover the next couple days, the upper level winds are expected to tear it apart. so the only thing that has a chance of becoming named is the system way, way out there, and
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low 70s, 86 by lunchtime tomorrow and on her way to a high of 92. i will call saturday the pick day of the weekend, not because it's cool and comfortable but because it is dry. low 70s and heading to 85 by lunchtime. temperatures hover around 90 and we have a 30 or 40% chance of scattered showers and storms. tomorrow's high is 92 degrees. we go 90 on sunday, and after the cold t, 84 degrees. if you don't like that, just wait until wednesday night. our second cold front will drop us into the low 80's by next thursday and friday, and it could be next friday that not only a few of us touch into the upper 70s but also next friday morning that a few of us could have morning temperatures in the upper 50's. >> fridays have been interesting. we have hot and 90's this week
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morning. >> that will be nice for a change. change. how much is i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. change. how much is there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs.
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? amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds adjust on both sides for your best sleep ever. don't miss the biggest sale of the year- all beds on sale with the queen c2 mattress only $599.99. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. 100calories per day, that's the suggested sugar consumption for kids. >> should 30 show too much sugar increases inflammation in e body's arteries and other
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medical problems. the organizations at the limit for kids between two and 18 years old but they also say kids under two should not have any added sugar at all. >> the beautiful thing about these guidelines is how strict they are and it really reemphasizes how easy it is to slip a few grams here and a a few grams there of this added sugar. >> to much sugar can hurt a child's metabolism and change their palates. be changed so you know how much sugar is in a dish. >> merle marks 15 years since >> merle marks 15 years since the worst attack on i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes.
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ion, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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million vehicles worldwide to fix a deadly airbag issue. the company says that the cars computers can go into test mode keeping the front airbags from inflating and a crash. gm says it will notify affected customers. >> overwhelming demand could push back when you receive your new iphone seven or seven plus. the orders begin this morning and there has been so much interest that apple says it could be november before some people get their phones. this is one way to get your phone by different color. the black version is drawing a big demand so silver, gold and rose gold are expected to ship on time. >> we could not cut through anymore, we had to walk all the way around. >> and they sinkhole swallows a car, we are live with how that affects more than just drivers.
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we will hear from some who say the climate is especially meaningful to them. >> we begin with the shocking video of an officer involved shooting in fayetteville. >> it happened three years ago but police only made the footage public of couple hours ago. age a annabelle joins us live at the police station with the breaking news. aj? >> just withhe from the man's family who was shot in that video. they tell us that they are happy that the judge decided to release that video and it only takes a few seconds for lawrence graham to escape from the car while at a traffic stop.
5:30 pm
holding a gun at the exit the car and starts to run. that's why he fire the shots. the chief says the more details are available through court documents. >> we are still in civil litigation over this, but, we will let those statements provide the picture that they have. >> you hear him from the civil case in an affidavit. i have have those affidavits and i've been looking over them. i will have more on the statement that ex- along with a longer look at that video. >> within the last hour, a durum durham road is all set to reopen after being shut down over a sinkhole. >> north carolina's derek lewis has spent the daily hearing from people who are very
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up. >> that will open shortly. you can see the progress has been made and right now the division of highway trucks are still blocking this road. cars cannot come through but the north carolina department of transportation says they are expecting this road to reopen in just a few minutes. >> it took them a little bit longer to get where they were going. >> wha around. >> brady said the road closure at about 30 minutes to their walk. >> if you go this way you end up at 179. and there's the huge cut off of the time and $2 for the bus. they call this sinkhole, between club boulevard and bundy avenue.
5:32 pm
recovering. tonight the road is ready to reopen. workers have installed a new water line, done some fine grading and some construction. >> there's lots of people that live on this road and commute and travel this way. >> the road has been repaved and right for this road to cool off so that they can reopen it. coming up at 6:00, you'll hear from neighbors who say they fear another sinkhole like this could happen where they live. >> sunday marks 15 years since the worst terror attack on our nation soil. and, i think everyone in this
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years ago. >> unc rotc students and community builders represented a step in each of the world trade center towers. >> it's important in a symbolic way to get out and be sure that none of us forget the lives that were lost 15 years ago. >> each step was a time reflect. >> i get tired about the fifth row of stairs, going up there, and just to think that some people had to run this to save a life with all of their gear on, that is a big thing for me and it keeps me going throughout the whole run. >> the climb was especially meaningful to local's first responders. >> the change the way we look at our business and it changed what families experienced when
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>> matthew sullivan responded to ground zero in the weeks after the attacks. >> it was a tough time but, it was also in the example of compassion and support. >> push it. push. >> climb each and every stair. >> whatever you were home, these people died to save others. >> powerful moment. two student organizations are also honoring those who died on 9/11. they will play 2996 be placed around the morehead patterson area. they will also hold a small ceremony for the six alumni
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tonight. the coast guard has suspended its search for the crews passenger that went overboard this week. the 32 -year-old new york woman fell from the 11th deck of the carnival crews liner at the near the bahamas. and, that will be 2800 square miles. in the end of the agency said canceling the search was a painful >> there were some words in there that didn't seem -- the radar is different today. and it was this time last friday. >> it rained all day last friday but it was only in the 70s. today we have no rain on the radar, sharon haswell, but,
5:36 pm
and not worry about any rain, but you will have some heat to worry about. we are stuck in the mid- to low 90's, same deal. it still pretty darn warm along the coast and this week and will be much better weekend on the coast. if you are getting ready to run to the beach or taking off tomorrow morning for a trip. by 7:00, down to still going to be pretty darn muggy. it will not only drop our temperatures but our humidity and i will to you how much cooler coming up in a few minutes. >> he should have never put her his hands on her. >> it happened this week on the girl's 16th birthday. she says an officer was arresting her brother when she went to check on him.
5:37 pm
arrests and she stepped on his feet when he was trying to bring her under control. and, i was thinking my back hurts and my foot hurts and i have this big ruse on my arm. >> as for the girl, she is now charged with two misdemeanors of assauin officer. >> the north carolina student is in the hospital tonight after a heater malfunctioned, releasing antifreeze. the school district is not going into specifics but a parent set her child witnessed the whole thing. >> he said there was some type of hot liquid spewing out all over the bus. and the child's condition has
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donald trump talks conservative values and hillary clinton meets with republicans on national security. >> hillary clinton met with a group of national security experts in new york on friday. more than 50 republican national security experts say donald trump will make america less safe including former homeland security secretary michael chertoff and richard fontaine, a former foreign- policy advisor to john king. clinton is to of them say he's trigger-happy. >> she is totally trigger- happy. >> north korea announced it has conducted another nuclear weapon test. whoever met wednesday november will have to deal with that. >> she plans to use sanctions to further isolate north korea
5:39 pm
carolina. >> the issue to statement saying north korea's nuclear program grew stronger while clinton was secretary of state but trump smith manager wouldn't say how he stopped the nuclear program. >> he's not going to reveal his plans, he made that very clear. >> the first presidential debate is scheduled for monday, september 26. >> next week will likely be carolina. donald trump is set to hold a rally in nashville on monday while joe biden campaigns for clinton charlotte. >> dessie was one of two men found guilty and him or her case from ten years ago. a few weeks ago, a judge ruled his confession was can come worst and overturned the conviction. the state says that's not the case and they will continue to
5:40 pm
rendon marshall says he will continue to neil during the national anthem for the foreseeable future. >> i'm obviously against social injustice so honestly, i am a.m. man of faith. >> marshall played college football in nevada alongside con kaepernick. they released a statement saying they but there understand and respect this is a personal decision. >> several are dead and even more recovering after a train derailment in spain. 80 people were killed after a train slammed into a well. >> imagine spending the night dangling at 12,000 feet. that's exactly what happened to dozens of people in the french alps. the mess started when two cables crossed each other on a
5:41 pm
people cars suspended and several people trapped high above the ground. rescue crews got several people down safely but the rest were not so fortunate. >> we were there almost ten hours in the cable car. it was just before midnight before they finally got us out of the gondolas. >> that is a long time to dangling. >> dozens of southern charleston players will not be allowed to play in the biggest game of the year. >> by the ncaa is going more than 30 athletes that have taken the field. plus-- >> people were looking at it as something of hate rather than a sale or something like that. >> a texas store is scorned for trying to use 9/11 to sell mattresses. we will play you part of the ad
5:42 pm
at interstate 40 and interstate
5:44 pm
break. >> following breaking news right now, we just got an update from police and they they are looking for this woman. 77 -year-old barbara wyatt who they say hit 23 -year-old
5:45 pm
he was taken to the hospital where he died. >> the manager of a texas store is apologizing tonight after using 9/11 to try to sell mattresses. take a look. >> right now you can get any mattress for a twin price. >> storewide salecome all day long. >> that has been slammed on social media. the store's manager said she neme >> people were looking at it as something of hate rather than something of like a sale or something like that, and we don't want to be known with hate, we want to be known as love and caring and giving, and that's who we are. >> they had has since been pulled from the stores facebook page. >> heads-up, parents. flu season guidelines are going
5:46 pm
the americans association of pediatrics has taken flumist off of the table after they academy of pediatrics deemed it subpar. it is an interim decision and could he reversed. >> all north trenton schools are required to implement policy on how to treat students with concussions. the state has long had a concussion policy in place for athletes but it has been expanded to cover elementary schools they are talking about how to recognize concussions. >> the number of drowning deaths have skyrocketed the summer in myrtle beach. over the last five years there have been five drownings and six of those came this year alone. this will be a summer that haunts them for the rest of their lives. >> whenever you have loss of a
5:47 pm
our lives. that really stays with us for a period of time. >> all first responders with beach visual will get together before the end of the year and see what can be improved. >> parts of ohio are cleaning up tonight after a round of severe storms. lots of rain fell over the last few hours causing cars to hydroplaning. we have not had any reports of serious injuries. in a florida man hits the water for a fishing trnd situation. >> i count to ten and then they kept getting those are and more aggressive. >> those ten creatures were sharks. the 24 -year-old said there were sharks and he was stuck with nothing but a fishing pole
5:48 pm
them off. >> was that the florida man's name, chuck norris? is that the only thing that man could fend off. we are into the weekend but it will still be hot outside and sunny, with no clouds as we look off into the distance at the downtown raleigh skyline. is still 92 degrees. the tenth day of september shouldn't be this hot. things are calm at our do you really have some clouds, and and charlotte. in the city they actually call or throw the flag. in the mountains, cooler in asheville as we look at the biltmore. 87, and we finish our tour along the coast and wilmington where it is 87 degrees good weekend to go to the coast because it'll having tropical storm off of our coast this
5:49 pm
still so warm and 85 degrees by a . 79 overnight is mostly clear dry conditions and another muggy start to your saturday morning, right where we were this morning about 71 degrees. so the service map today and yesterday for that matter, high- pressure flexing its muscle and keeping the area hot, dry and humid. but we are waiting on the cold front that will move through the midwest tonight, through missouri and illinois tomorrow, and guwh sunday? it doesn't get here until sunday night those sunday will be another hot and dry day. we expect showers to start popping up and moving in after about 3:00, and that cold front will start to move through. so monday will be cooler, less humid, but there will also be some showers. this cold front is just one of two moving through next week. the second one could be
5:50 pm
it's also rather busy out in the tropics. couple of things we are not too worried about, this little cluster of showers and storms in the florida keys. another just outside of the caribbean but this one way out there actually has a an 80% chance of developing. and this will make sense that we have so much activity out there because tomorrow is the tenth day of september. and this kind of tells you when and at its peak is tomorrow. after tomorrow we should start to see fewer and fewer tropical systems develop. however as you know, it stays pretty busy through most of september. back here at home, the have temperatures in the low 90's tomorrow. if you are taking the 90 minute trip to greenville, it will be a warm one. temperature is about 86 and
5:51 pm
where you go in the state. the cold front sunday night drops us into the mid- 80's monday and tuesday. we warm up on wednesday before wednesday night's cold front drops us into the low 80's by next thursday and friday. so there is your biggest drop. that's exactly what we forecast soha our friends at ellen kelly heat and air for sets wish. we are learning more about how they are helping people homeless in fayetteville and so much more. >> it is getting hot though. >> i don't like being right when it's 94.
5:52 pm
raleigh woman changes his plea. >> buses friday night which means the blitzes back. we take you live to the field
5:53 pm
hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while he's taking the shirts right off our backs. we've been telling you about the recall of the galaxy seven note smart phone.
5:55 pm
safety commission says, turn it off immediately, and airline passengers should not use the phones were still them in checked baggage. more than 30 trusted the all players have been suspended for tomorrow's game against for the state players will miss the game because they committed a minor ncaa infraction by using took money to buy other items in the campus bookstore. trust in southern's football coach had already been suspended over a violation. kush is that clemson committed that same violation over the summer but are were not suspended. >> the stage was set for the biggest college football game. and the jumbotron features for led screens, each about 30-foot
5:56 pm
the cumberland county fair is officially underway tonight. and after today will cost you $7.2 get in. >> the raleigh home show is the best one you could think of. >> people are downsizing their living space, and so you've seen the shipping containers and making them livable office spaces. >> the event runs through sunday afternoon and tickets are $10 at the door. my sister lives in austin and there is a bar in austin where an entire bar is built of shipping containers. >> the windows they make are different than the ones you probably see here. but they get creek creative with them, that's for sure.
5:57 pm
i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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y one price: the one you sign up for. don't wait. call an at&t expert and switch today. ?? break. >> this video shows the moment a fayetteville police officer shot a man in the back during atrophic stop. >> i'm sean maroney. >> insurance as well. denton little shot brown, and
6:00 pm
later. we are staying on top of the breaking news, and what else did the chief review today? >> what he revealed was, the reason they are choosing to release this video now. the judge said it is one that could be released. and they tell us that the reason they are putting this video out there is want to remain as transparent as possible and they feel that the that the officer was threatened. >> what you saw was a traffic stop that began normally, according to most folks, and ended up with life-threatening consequences. >> another officer can be seen walking the driver of the car over to the patrol car to be frisked. this is when contraband is found. you can see it visibly on the hood.


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