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tv   North Carolina News at 600PM  CBS  September 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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later. we are staying on top of the breaking news, and what else did the chief review today? >> what he revealed was, the reason they are choosing to release this video now. the judge said it is one that could be released. and they tell us that the reason they are putting this video out there is want to remain as transparent as possible and they feel that the that the officer was threatened. >> what you saw was a traffic stop that began normally, according to most folks, and ended up with life-threatening consequences. >> another officer can be seen walking the driver of the car over to the patrol car to be frisked. this is when contraband is found. you can see it visibly on the hood.
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see it, and that's when the officer is distracted. can see him looking at the fight off-camera. seconds later, lawrence graham who was in the passenger seat and little felt threatened and fired three shots. he says this is why transparency is important. >> i think our citizens need to be able to see for themselves wh that's exactly what they see for themselves >> as i mentioned, this case is still in civil court and i've been going to the affidavit. i just look through officer littles account of the situation and he said he felt threatened. graham actually looks back at him and made i contact with him with the gun in his hand turning toward him, and fayetteville
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decision. a raleigh man pleaded guilty to shooting and killing his girlfriend. 26 -year-old danielle steal will spend several years in prison. back in april of 2015, richardson was six months pregnant with steals baby at the time were able to save her baby daughter. and 837 -year-old raleigh mother is accused of leaving her infant in a hot car for more than an hour. it happened around 6:00 last night in a shopping center off of capitol boulevard. and, attorneys are working to determine who was behind a pair of shootings less than ten
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apart yesterday. >> that happened at 308 yesterday afternoon, and just in minute later, all three were targeted and at one point yesterday, information led police to a home where they thought the suspect was hold up but the home turned out to be empty. construction is set to begin on the abandoned textile mill in hillsborough. it was heavily damaged by a storm less than four months ago. building have been taken from within ten years before the fire, and now david hearse reports say $20 million plan for more than 100 apartments is underway. >> lisa wiles still remembers the smell and feeling of the massive mill fire right next door to her business. >> i could stand across the
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>> now the town has so the property to a developers of the can transform the note into a1 hundred 14 unit apartment complex. >> it is expected to keep the historic character and architecture of the mill but consist of look domenic luxurious apartments. is glad to see developers adding residential spaces as well. >> it stimulates what has gone. ou wayside, our clothing mills have gone by the wayside and now, have a chance to revitalize. >> nearby business owners say they are glad they had a chance to salvage the property. >> going from seven years ago to now is absolutely remarkable. >> construction is expected to begin in the next few weeks. >> authorities have not yet determined the cause of the
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suspicious. >> temperatures back in the 90's but what kind of cool down will we get tonight? wes is here with they quick look at the forecast. >> can i answer none? because it will be equally as warm and muggy as it was. outside right now it is dry, and that's different than one week ago. so high school football, you will be sweating. temperatures in the low 90's and he index in the - the heat index was above 100 so at least the heat index is not incredibly high, just kind of high. high-pressure continues to stay in control of our weather but we have a cold front and it will be here with rain sunday night. after that it will be -- as we
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that. we will see one another one gets there and when the next one comes after that. >> the blitz game of the week tonight is weak feel that southern durham. todd gibson is enduring with a preview. >> it's going to be hot out here but should be a good game between wakefield in southern durham. some great players have played here, poly kendall henton. a dual threat quarterback who could beat you with his arm or his legs. and he's now the part-time starting quarterback at wake forrest. southern durham fans to the double take tonight, have to excuse them because of quarterback on the other side of the field this evening is a hidden clone. matt mckay is also a three-year starter and he can beat you with his arm or his legs.
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see state. i talked with both coaches, one trying to get the cake going in the other searching for ways to stop him. >> he can do lots of things with his arms and his legs. it's pretty easy to find ways to get him going. he enjoys running the football and throwing the football and we try to do everything we can around him. >> it's the chance of a big play, and it's really evident at that point. >> back live, gatorade will be key tonight. lots of water and lots of gary. gatorade. it will be very hot tonight. southern comes in with a 101- 102 record and wakefield comes in with a 101-102.
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>> everyone is talking about the quickness on the field tonight but, it was something quick across the sky last night that has lots of people's attention. >> the fireball was seen as far north as frederick still virginia. local experts are saying the quick flash of light and what it likely is. >> plus, 9/11 memorials across the country. as we had to break, here's the look at right-field beach case
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raleigh police are honoring an officer killed in the line of duty 14 years ago. he died september tenth in 2002 when he wrecked his recycle and a high-speed cha daughter. >> a raleigh police officer who died in the line of duty in 2002 was honored today. charles paul served our pd for 12 years. he and his wife had a one -year-old daughter. people throughout our area are honoring this weekend's
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attacks. a 21 gun salute marked a ceremony today in fort bragg. it on at the lives lost in 2001 and this year marks the 15th anniversary of the attacks. >> it the time to quiet down and reflect upon what happened on september 11 and all this happened since. and th homeland from further attacks. >> the eternal flame on base was constructed of some of the steel from the 9/11 buildings. online now you can find it lists of 9/11 events throughout our area. it was incredible. it's amazing to see something like this during the day.
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it next. >> this time of year, our average high should be 94. we weren't there today and we
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing.
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that's my plan. we have a clarification to a story that we brought you at 5:00. we want to make it should clear that hartnett county sheriff wayne coates is not leaving his post. in fact he is planning to run for reelection in november of 2018. >> the durum sinkhole that swallowed up a man in his suv and flash flooding in late july is repaired and the road is just
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derek lewis is there with an update. >> that update, this road has reopened. they have repaved this road since the incident act in july. officials close glen road because of this 15-foot sinkhole between club boulevard and bundy avenue. a up man whose suv overturned into the stream that night is still recovering. today the road people who live in this area say they are concerned about something similar happening again. >> because i'm from florida and i'm near the sinkhole, i wonder if one will open up near my house. >> now in hopes of this not happening again, there are some upgrades. the city has installed a new water line as well as a colbert and done some fine grading. >> a fireball in the sky
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north carolina through virginia. >> you can see it in the white area in the sky. scientists say it was either a meteor or what they call space junk. we caught up with the man who caught whatever it was on camera. >> i don't how many times i've been in places where he you see sothing interesting happening but you don't have a camera around. >> he put a -- cameron his car six months ago in case he gets in a wreck. thatn >> experts say on this distance is hard to say whether it's a of meteor or spacecraft debris. astronomer doug lively called the video a great, rare shots. >> the sun is so bright, this is why we don't see a lot. >> most nights you are likely to see something and you can
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tonight at 7:30 p.m. >> where than 250 people file reports about spotting yesterday's fireball. they say that's helpful as they study the stars. >> the more people we have reporting, the more we understand what it was and where he came from. >> one of the things that was curious about is, what if it was close enough that i could go find it? >> the astronomer say likely vaporized entering atmosphere. >> live in the weather center this friday. evening time comes or you think it cools down but it's not doing it whole lot of that tonight. >> it supposed to do that the timber tenth but like to lie like august, we've had lots of cool down days. keep in mind, normal high this time of year, 84 and 85.
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but the trend with two gold cold fronts coming next week will be to send those back to below normal readings or, closer to the normal high. temperatures hovering around 90 degrees after topping out at 84 today. that humidity while pretty darn high is not horribly high. the dewpoint temperature has leveled out in the upper 60's today. we know what that feels like. so because it is here that means we don index of 105 and we don't have the heat advisories but it was still hot today. if you are getting ready to head out, he defied degrees by a . you won't need the umbrella, and the sun goes down, and we are at 81. dropping through the low into the low 70s overnight and if you are up and at them early tomorrow morning, your practice or garage sales, it will be
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but that will all change as we get into the second half of the weekend. hot and humid, and dry. that's what they will be saying as they cover this weekends with weather. most of the day will be the same, hot and dry. but as this cold front approaches us, we will have some showers ahead of it and those will move in and pop up after 3:00. late sunday night, the front moves through and monday, it will around, there will also be a few scattered showers but this is just the first of two cold fronts. now it looks like the second one will move in wednesday night into thursday and that one could drop our temperatures even more. so september will feel like september. boy are we proving that. not worried about these two. were he to percent chance of this developing south florida which would head into the golf,
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this remains the most likely system to develop. a disorganized area of showers and storms, and the national hurricane center said there is an 8% chance of department. and if that when gets named, we are down our list and ian will be the next named storm on the list. nothing to threaten us except some heat and as we break down your weekend, it will start off warm and muggy tomorrow morning in the is not the dry on sunday but equally as warm. from the low 70s early on to mid 80's topping out at 90. that's the coolest day we've had in a while, and 830 per or 40% chance of late day showers and storms. if you are headed to that demon deacon blue devil game, those
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degrees. we have a few cold fronts, too. sunday night and mid wednesday night, two cold fronts on one seven-day. and that will drop our temperatures into the mid- and low 80's next week, with overnight lows in the 60's. >> all right. >> you know, last night we allstate here late, and it wasn't fun. >> it's going to be hot out but there is lots of high school football but today no one is talking about the score of that game. instead they are talking about a series of illegal actions on the field which people are now calling disturbing. plus, there will be a north
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see but, honestly some parts were hard to watch. i'm talking about last night where at one point the panthers lost to the broncos. but instead of the game, all anyone could talk about today where the huge hit that cam newton took. today they are being called violent, intentional, illegal and disturbing. one of these big hit through a penalty flag so after the game he asked if he expected them to do it better job of him. >> we all have jobs to do including the referees. we have to do our job better. it wasn't something that i know they did intentionally but it's not fun getting hit in the head. we didn't lose the game off of that, i know that for a fact. we just have to put more drive together. >> my guess is we will see him get a whole lot of favorable calls over the next few weeks.
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fans. and nc state will take on for the first time in decades. they know that they mistreat tomorrow like it's just any other game. >> we are not going to get so far off of the path. this is just another leg of the journey, so we can make sure that our kids are prepared for the football game. and they know what's going on. tomorrow at noon. speaking of nc state, if you watched any of the only fix this year you probably recognized the sky. he was back on campus today and told us about many things including the time he was asked to autograph someone's body. it will let him tell you that story tonight at 11. and last but not least, it is friday which means it's time
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my friend todd gibson and i will break down several of the areas football games and you can tweet using hashtag wncn lips. now i'm oh little bit jealous because he was out there live, and he will see an awesome game up close and personal. >> and the weather will be better than it was last week. >> kickoff temperatures tonight about 90, so stay cool e good news is we have 80's hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: an urgent phone message. the government tells owners of samsung's galaxy note 7 to shut them off immediately. they could explode. >> it was very surprising to me how quick the dash caught on fire. >> pelle north korean nuclear explosion sends shockwaves around the world. the south says the dictator is spiralg out of control. 15 years later, 9/11 first responders face new health problems. >> my short-term memory is almost gone. >> pelley: and steve hartman, when the man being stalked by a relentless lover. >> reporter: like you can't get away from her really.


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