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tv   North Carolina News at 1100PM  CBS  September 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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flis police showed us this video this afternoon more than three years after it happened. good evening. >> thanks for joining us. shows us the moment lawrence graham iii was shot by officer denton little. little was never charged. graham was shooting and died a few months later. breaking down reaction to the video what -- and what prompted the release. >> reporter: today a federal judge ruled video would be released. there were never charges in the case but there's a civil case going on and i've been going over the documents of the case and those documents, the statements, shed more on the few seconds of video we've been
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gunshot. you see here as officer denton little getting distracted by a scuffle. lawrence graham in the passenger seat jump tss out with a handgun. the whole event takes a few seconds. a lot happenedn those moments. little says when he realized gram was running and holding a gun and that graham was looking at him. at this point gramed going to shoot at officer little. so officer little fired three shots hitting graham twice. his gun was found over a fence in adjacent field. after an investigation no charges were filed. investigators say the shooting was justified. chief chief harold medlock says the video will show what happened. >> our citizens need to be able to see for themselves exactly
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those conclusions for themselves. >> reporter: graham was paralyzed from that shooting and few months later he dpried medical complications. his family will hold a press conference in fayetteville . they told us earlier they've been fighting to get the video released and happy that the judge ruled in their favor. we will have more reporting here in the studio. two people were seriously hurt after in rollsville at u 14 #0e 1. the driver of the black car was headed north on 401 ran red light and plowed a silver car ts stopped. charges are expected. two people are dead after a head-on crash in goalsboro. troopers responded around 5:00 this afternoon. investigators tell us the driver
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lewis died. police asking for your hel locating a missing teen aiminger who may have a cognitive impairment. they issued a silver alert for 17-year-old charles reed. he was last seen last night at a home in the churp hl national. police are worried because he has not had his medication. if you have any information call night dale police. police in durham continue to look for leads after three people were shot incidents blocks apart from one another. outside of downtown. police thought they had a suspect barricaded in a nearby apartment but no one was inside. the victims are expected to survive. consumer product safety commission. the agenc telling fwhin a sam sung galaxy 7 note phone stop using it. from the explosion risk.
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batteries over heating. just last night the faa advised travelers not to carry the phones on planes. the man accused of shooting and killing his pregnant girlfriend will spend 13 years behind bars. daniel steele pleaded to the shooting that left kimberly dianne richardson dead last year. she was six months pregnant with his child. a raleigh mother accused of leaving her innant a hot car. sonya jinnelle talbot charged with misdemeanor child abuse. a person called 911 to report the child. police responded and smashed the window. the child is doing okay. ny developers looking to tur a burned down mill into an apartment complex. they unveiled a $20 million complex include 114 units.
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third of the 30,000-square foot building was destroyed by a fire. nearby business owners say they're glad they are salvaging it. >> adding the number of people in this area. there's nowhere to expand into downtown hillsboro. being able to expand outside the downtown and still have access to downtown is amazing. >> authorities have not yet determined the cause of the fire but are calling it suspicion. campaign 2 tar heel state. donald trump and joe biden will be here. attending a rally on monday night. joe biden will be in charlotte monday morning. happening at central piedmont community clerj college. ceremonies are taking plays to commemorate the 15th
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attacks. the metal caldron that houses the eternal flame on post. hundreds ofr community members gathered to climb 110 flights of stairs. each of them representing a stair climbed in the world trade center by first responders. the town's police chief says it's a symbolic way to honor those who lost their lives. you can find more on the 9/11 remembrance ceremonies over the weekend on witness the town of smith field has a new police chief and he's no stranger to johnston county. mike scott promoted keith powell to the position. he's been serving as interim police chief. personal foul has been with the department since 1994 where he worked his way up. the annual cumberland county fair kicked off.
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tomorrow at 2:00. military and first responders day on sunday. the fair runs through the 18th at the crown complex in fayetteville . sfwl this story has much of ral ra lee talking all day long. >> what appears to be a fire ball appears across the sky. take a look at your screen. in the lighted area there. you see the white dot falling to the ground. that was thursday night. the man caught months -- he bought that six monthingses ago. he recorded an object in the sky. >> i don't know how many times i've been in places you see something interesting happen and you don't have a camera around. >> to see this during the day is something special. you don't get many videos like this. >> nc state professor pall burns says it was a meteor or space junk.
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friday night. you know what that means. it's high school football. >> we're bhans from the blitz. jeff jones and todd begins recapping the games. >> we're putting the wraps on a hot and dry day. we're watching showers and storms in the midwest. . that's where the cold front is.
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>> raleigh police honoring an officer killed in the line of duty. he wrecked his motorcycle d high speed chase. he served for seven years. the durham police department presented ideas of what its new headquarte could look like. >> the new buildings located on east main street startn the fall and be completed by summe year. ny it's the ninth day of september and some of us are in the low 80s. it's not supposed to be that warm and muggy. that's what we're stuck with. dry weather and that is something we won't be stuck with much longer as rain and cooler temperatures are on the way. one of the reasons we are so warm tonight is because our dew
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summer. it averaged in the upper 60s today. the higher that number is the higher our humidity is and you'll feel it the next two days before sunday night's cold front. here's the second to last hot ta. starts off at 71 degrees. it will be a warm and anything mugy start. we jump to 76 at 9:00. 86 by noon and 92 tomorrow. feel it unless you're watching that thermometer like a hawk. the weather map hasn't change. it's been four days in a row with temperatures in the 90s. i've got number 5 tomorrow. not many changes. here come the changes on sunday. sunday will be day number six in a row with temperatures in the 90s. the day is still hot and dry. the front doesn't come through until the evening hours.
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showers and storms and bring it on. the cold front moves through and we will be cooler and less humid when we head whack to work and school monday. because it's going settle to the south it -- we will have a few scattered showers. wednesday another krovrnt cold front comes through and that will drop our temperatures more. a couple of updates in the tropics. nothing in the immediately however the cluster of showers and thunderstorms just south of florida and also the ones northeast of the caribbean remain rather disorganized. the cluster in florida the chance of development has gone down. the chance of dwom development have gown for this cluster of thunderstorms in the atlantaic. a 09% chance of development. a depression ob r or named
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this weekend for an update on the tropics. the first nfl weekend that and college football. i don't know anyone will be outside enjoying the heat. we'll be watching football. 73 earl tomorrow morning. 86 by lunchtime. 92 with dry drooi weather on saturday. the pick day because i think a few showers and storms will interrupt as we head into late sunday. the day is a high of 90. a 30 to 40% chance of a few showers and storms. college football in town this weekend. the dmon deacons coming to duke. kick off temperatures 91. it will be hot and dry tomorrow. if you're heading to durham . if you're making the 09-minute trip east playing ecu. that game is at noon starting
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football weather tomorrow. nor will it on sunday as we top out at 90. we've upped the rain chance to 40% over the last 24 hours as the cold front approaches. leaves us with a 30% chance of rain monday and a high of 84 morning temperatures about 67. that won't be bad. there's cold front number two coming wednesday night. that droups dropses up into the low 80s with overnight lows in the low 60s. it's possible by next upper 70s by the virginia border. someone could have temperatures in the upper 50s and that is fall-like weather. but it's still a week away and we have a hot weekend to get through. >> we'll get there. >> eventually. >> it's nice considering this friday compared to last friday. we've seen folks playing football. >> drier tonight. >> perfect for that.
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>> the big hits. the hello, welcome to the blitz. hard to believe it's already week four of the high school football season. southern they do that by playing the biggest, strongest and fastest opponents they can find nape are a 3 a tonight line up against 4 a wakefield. you need more than spirit to beat the wolverines. you need luck. it was all on wakefield. the pass falls into gary persons hands. he takes it 20 yards for a touch down. the seven-point lead grew bigger. the wolverines led by 12 at the half. they win 21-3.
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getting better throughout the year. sharp the heart and soul. he brings it and lifts them up. they played so much better than they've played in the past couple of weeks. >> we'll have much more from that game of the week and other games coming up a lirt in the blitz. on the other side of town cleveland hosting west johnston. the wild cats haven't given up they worked their way intu the end zboen. he not stopping. he's going in for six. fourth and goal from the five. you have to kick the field goal? no. if you're wes johnston you go for it and score. just like that wes johnston 3-0 they done with and twhin thing nape get the w 55-23.
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sports. cardinal gibbons takes care of business. wake forest what they have been doing all season. they score a lot of points and don't give up many at all. southeast raleigh found the end zone mrebt the oi times. they win 48-7. >> here in raleigh. leesville took on garner . they were both hoping to get back to their winning ways tonight. nickname. they were going wild in the stands. remember this name. dwayne hall lowway. this kid can do it all. look at that. making people miss. that big run on the ground. he kept it up with a touch down. we know he can run it and aparticipantly he can too. the trojans dial up a trick
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are just getting the action started on the blitz. we have more scores. ary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his
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there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while
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>> we started tonight's show with southern durham now we show northern as well. they travel to mill brook tonight. the students show us there are things way more important than sports especially this weekend. this is really cool.
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classy move. i like this. big special teams played by kneel brook. they block the punt. these guys average nearly 40 points per game because they can score on special teams. my ma'am man tier 30 yards out. like finland finds barn hill for a 48-yard score. it bounlt enough. the wild cats get the grain hope. this is not how you want to start your conference play. bryce weeden takes that all the way bk for six. the falcons respond with 33-yard catch watch him make people miss. working his way. closer to the goal line and all the way down to the one. a few plates later third and goal. eventually blocked the
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>> let's go back to the scoreboard. clayton pulled off their third straight win and put 40 points. heritage won by 15. that's their closest game all year. north johnson picks up a win over princeton. 48-20. >> over in kerry a show down between teams that one. who would get it. from the moment the panther creek took the field. they looked like they wanted that win bad. how bad? >> justin smalls gets it. looks like he stole that right from our camera man. the 7-yard score med it 7-0. recovers it here. that led to a lot of power at the goal hien and more points on
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win of the season. big one. they that i can -- take this 47-10. more scores. ee smith up on douglas bird. they win 28-6. dudley beats hillside. >> we aren't even close to being finished. we still have an in-depth break down of the game of the week. all that and more coming up after this. out to the cleveland rams twitter. they gave us a personal look at the team huddle.
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>> as you saw earlier wakefield able to pick up a win in the gam week. e with showed you the highlights but our todd begins had a front row seat and part of the game that you didn't see. >> reporter: wakefield features one of the most dynamic quarterbacks matthew mckay. the difference in this game the spartan quarterback could generate no offense. wakefield would get all the points they need.
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off target with their passes. southern receivers could not haul it in. the wolverines defense was against as well. mckay throws a late touchdown pass. 21-3 wakefield. spartans could not hit pay dirt. >> a week from today it gets no easier from southern. meanwhile wake field hopes to >> every week we see a ton of good of good plays and great ones. we found three as our nominees for this week's play of the week. you have to love a good trick play. dwayne halloway connected with chester. that score and that is some impressive offense. now this on the other hand is
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the fumble. that was one of many plays they made. they got a big win against cleveland. they've barely given up any points. >> our last nominee from wakefield. the ball bunnss -- bounces in the sky. taking the ball all the way back to the house. that held durnl to nominees. you can vote for your favorite play online at > as you guys know friday nights aren't only about the game. check out the green hope bands. -- band. the band of the week. they had the fans and players ready to go all game long. > to the nfl. it was the super bowl rematch that everyone wanted to see.
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i'm talking about the one point panther's loss to the broncos. all anyone can talk about are the hits newton took. they are called violent, intentional, illegal and disturbing. only one hit drew a penalty flag. after the game he was asked if the refs will do a better job of protecting him. >> we value jobs to do including the ref. we have to our job better. it did intentionally. it's not fun getting hit in the head. we have to find ways. we didn't lose the game off that. i know that for a fact. we have to find ways to put more drives together. >> came says it's not fun getting hit in the head by line backers. mymy guess we see came get a lot of favorable call ts. ? fy you watched any of the
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also a senior at nc state. and decorated was back in town answer some of our questions. some tougher than others. he talked about his favorite moments in rye yes -- rio and some of the strange ones. >> i was signing some kid's forehead. i was uncomfortable. i said are you sure>> he said yeah. dloits. sign my forehead. >> so that was interesting. i was >> you're not used to being asked to sign someone's forehead. one interesting thing he told us is he is actually not watched the replay of the race since he not out of the pool that day. he saw it once when his mom showed him in rio and hasn't watched it again since. whatever it is it seems like
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the blitz. on behalf of todd begins and myself. we want to give thanks t photographers who ran all over town getting the highlights and we want to thank you guys for watching. without you we wouldn't have a show. we hope you enjoyed it and look to see you again next friday for week five. if you're a panthers fan. calm koun. the team will be just fine. the offense looked great. the defense looked l room for improvement. wooil see great football and
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