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tv   North Carolina News at 700PM  CBS  September 10, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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>> verne: 45-7, 2:35 to go. perine again. >> verne: that will make you a fan favorite. gain of 17. trying to gain a competitive impact on this game, perine is trying to earn cher >> gary: perine is trying to earn carries in the next game. >> verne: allie laforce. >> allie: verne and gary, coaches are always looking for different ways to motivate their players and coach mcelwain came up with a good one where he said "write down how you can
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team." he took their names off and posted them all over the televisions and the locker room so the team could see. i think it worked. >> verne: perine is 0 for 100 yards now. his second gain as a player 1st gators. theodore, alabama, 17 carries, one catch. 28 yards and a touchdown. 45-7, 1:09 to go. the streak will be extended to 30 games >> gary: when you combine it together, 30 games and 30 years,
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allie pointed out in the open there were a couple of times they came close. >> verne: including the last two years and as you documented, 1993. remember notre dame over navy, 43 years years, roger staubach had that win in 1964 and then when navy ended the streak the 45-7. then navy played very competitively with notre dame for the next couple years. that should do it. jim mcelwain out of missoula, montana. mark stoops. they met each other as coaches in 1997. mcelwain at montana state.
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>> verne: 45-7 the final. play of the game presented by napa auto parts. he hit antonio callaway. that one went 78 yards. it's worth another look. listen to mick huber, florida's play by play radio man. >> del rio. rainbows one downfield for callaway. he makes the catch. there he goes. away, callaway, touchdown, touchdown, touchdown, he just went 78 yards for a gator
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>> gary: if you've got a star player like callaway, strong defense like florida does and a quarterback that doesn't make mistakes, you've got a chance. >> verne: the two offensive stars, del rio 320 yards, four touchdowns, one interception. lamik5 perine. 17 carries, 105 yards on the ground. for gary danielson and allie laforce, i'm verne lundquist saying so long from gainesville. again, our final score. 45-7. we're going to take our road show in to oxford, next week. as alabama tries to end a two-game losing streak to ole miss. closed captioning provided
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closed captioning provided by cbs sports division >> adam: welcome to the jeep post game show. i'm adam zucker. >> adam: in the game you just saw, florida over kentucky 45-7. make it 30 in a row.
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kentucky did score. kentucky ended up getting on the board at the end but florida dominant. >> brian: this was a resounding victory for florida versus the state of kentucky -- pitiful football. go back to last week. they give up a big lead versus southern miss, they go on the road and have an excellent opportunity to get a bad taste out of their mouth and they do nothing. they lay a fat egg. >> rick: a lonely place forar you can't sleep. all you can do is think about how to fix this. he will go to the office. block out the noise. when you have completed as many passes to the opponent as you do to yourself it's a long way back but it starts with him. he will go right to the offense when they get off the plane. >> adam: the team from western kentucky having abouta rough a day. western kentucky that had over 500 passing yards last week saw jalen hurts solidifying his role
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>> rick: jalen hurts picked up where he left off last week, ardarius stewart, hurts two touchdowns. i think they've got a good one. >> adam: calvin ridley as well, 38-10 the final in that one. georgia with jacob eason making his first start. they had to hold on tight against nicholls. >> brian: nolls came to play. colonels. since 2013 they've taken on nine f.b.s. schools. they knew what they were up for but they weren't up to the speed to tackle and isaiah mckenzie took it 66 yards to the house. >> adam: a punt return inside his own 10 that allowed the colonels to make a run in the game. bama going to the grove next week looking for revenge after losing the last two to ole miss. last year, of course, chad kelly, rick, they want to get back in the groove today.
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kelly finds one of his favorite targets. quincy adeboyo. >> adam: trevor knight an easy day as texas a&m took care of prairie view. four total touchdowns for him. in a weather delay with vandy on top of middle tennessee 19-10 despite not completing a pass yet -- coming up we'll show you they say a lot of things about rain. (engine revs) like how hard it's gonna fall. (engine revs) the things it does to your parade. we've got a saying about rain, too: when it rains... it roars. the all-wheel-drive lineup from dodge.
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his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. ?? the bud light party is for everyone. men bar crowd:yeah! women bar crowd: woo! people of all genders! we don't care we'll sell you beer. steel mill workers: yeah! ?? >> adam: welcome back to "the
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night of college football action, northern illinois and u.s.f. followed by cal and san diego state. we go back to the scoreboards, and what you are about to see should have been the last play of an oklahoma state win, rick. >> rick: mike gundy wants throw this away. get the game over. mason rudolph does that but it's not out of the pocket. it's intentional grounding. they decide they're going to give central michigan another play but the rules if the team in possession commits the foul and the penalty includes a loss of down which intentional grounding does, there is no untimed down, this play shouldn't have happened. it was an amazing play that should never have taken place. >> adam: an amazing play that shouldn't have happened. the m.a.c. admitted fault. the big 12 replay view in stillwater could have intervened and did not. >> brian: this needs to be
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the penalty. if you give them the ball back or say the game is over, they have been rewarded so they still win the ballgame and central michigan doesn't get another attempt. >> rick: whoever said common sense rules? >> brian: it should. >> rick: i think that will be an amendment but this is unbelievable that this was allowed to take place. the question, will the game be changed? will central michigan state give it back? no. >> adam: take a knee, with it. troy held off. deshaun watson 33 touchdown passes but it took a while. florida state winning. their star defensive back left the game. they go to louisville next week. ohio state starting to pull away from tulsa. a weather delay stretching across halftime, michigan, wilton speight four touchdown
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they had a weather delay as well. it is a final now. 42-0 over lamar. lamar, houston will be playing in houston tomorrow. how about the service academies. all of them 2-0 for the first time since 1996. the last year that army won the commander-in-chief trophy. 348 rushing yards today by the black knights and navy benefitting from clock mismanagement by uconn. top-25 action tonight includes l.s.u. trying to shake off that loss at lambeau, guys. jacksonville state gave auburn a game last year. leonard fournette will not play. remember that hit he took late in the game against wisconsin last week and bristol, tennessee is going to see some rubbing and racing between the hokies and vols. that will just about do it for this week. thank you for watching "the jeep post game show."
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next saturday it is the home depot s.e.c. on cbs. a top-25 s.e.c. west showdown. number one, alabama at number 19, ole miss. coverage begins at 3:00 p.m. eastern with "autotrader college football today" thursday night football returns to cbs and nfl network thursday with the jets and the bills and the nfl on cbs kicks off tomorrow with regional action. many will see the bengals and jets. it gets started at noon eastern with "the nfl today." for all of us, have a great evening and we'll see you next week. by cbs sports division enough. yea, i'm over it. ?? we shouldn't need commercials to tell you we're powerful. no thanks. genders don't play sports. athletes do.
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north carolina news starts now. >> good evening. thanks so much for joining us. newly unsealed dashcam video shows a fayetteville police officer shooting an armed man in the back more than three years ago. tonight the family of lawrence graham who died 6 months after the shooting talked with us about their son, the incident and the impending lawsuit against the city. >> reporter: the city wants to be transparent about graham family attorneys say they filed a motion to seal the video. today the family says it's best the video be made public. for tracy knight, the video here is just too hard to bear. it shows her son, 20 year old lawrence graham exiting a vehicle running away from
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police say middle then shoots graham in the back. family attorneys say when graham exited the car, he threw the gun over the fence. >> officer little observed the gun in the air. it was a clear bright day. the gun was going through the air clearing a 4 foot fence. >> reporter: family attorneys say graham had no criminal record and didn't want to be charged if police found the gun. the city maintains officer little never saw the gun leave grahaman for his life. >> laying in that hospital bed and they wouldn't let me see my son. >> chief medlock decided to have him placed under arrest, interrogate him and keep the family away from him. >> reporter: according on an autopsied report, graham died
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from the shooting. but the family is holding on to special memories, including graham's love for dancing, family and food. >> he had a long future. now it's gone. [ indiscernible ] with his family every night, every day, holidays, birthdays. >> even though if the police pulled me over to this day, my heart is beating because i don't know what he would do to me. >> reporter: officer little was never charged with any little is no longer with the fayetteville police department. cbs north carolina. >> when reached for comment, a police spokes person said there would be no additional comments as litigation is still pending. it was definitely a warm september day today. we're taking a live look over the city of oaks right now. relief is on the way. bill. >> not today, obviously. it's the 5th day in a row we
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couple clouds up to the north of us but there is a cold front out to the west that will be here to give us relief starting tomorrow. if you have plans this evening, 80 at 8:00 and the upper 70s with partly cloudy skies. muggy overnight and a lowdown to 72 in raleigh, 73 in fayetteville. we'll see 70 around south hill virginia. coming up after the break, we will talk to you about when the
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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tomorrow marks the 15th anniversary of the september 11th terrorist attacks. today a man who made it out of the twin towers shared his story. how that man who is blind was able to escape. >> reporter: just like everyone else, we ran to get away from the collapsing tower. >> reporter: michael's story isn't j it's also a story of team work. escaping from the world trade center on september 11th without being able to see. he was in the north tower when the first plane hit. >> we were on the 78th floor on the north side of the building. we had no clue what happened. >> reporter: he has been blind since birth. he had his guide dog with him. together they made their way down the stair case as a team. >> as we were going down the
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it was my responsibility to be confident and encourage her. >> reporter: even when they became engulfed in the dust cloud, together they ran. >> no way i d able to run successfully if it wasn't for roseel. >> reporter: roseel passed away in 2011, the same year he published a book called thunder dog. >> people asked me what i what i think about today. >> reporter: he speaks across the country now. on the day before the 15th anniversary of 9/11, he spoke at the west regional library in kerry. there's now a new guide dog by his side, africa. >> i will remember roseel. she was a great guide dog. what an incredible story of
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wow much. 85 degrees outside right now. we know about tonight. here's tomorrow: afternoon, afternoon between 2:00 and 8:00 is the best time for a shower, thunderstorm as a cold front approaches. we'll make it up to about 89. chance of showers or storms. look how much cooler it will be on monday. 82 degrees with clouds. just a slight risk of a shower. another cold front is coming we stay in the 80s next week.
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>> announcer: an awkward living arrangement... >> my ex was not working, so i let him move in with me. >> announcer: ...gets more complicated. >> judge judy: your former husband and the defendant were a couple? >> yes. he moved out when they broke up, and i invited felicia to stay. >> announcer: then the deal went to pot. >> she thought she smelled marijuana smoke in the house. >> judge judy: she's got two small children. she doesn't want you in her home. >> announcer: "judge j" you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution melinda kendall is suing her ex-roommate, felicia mccarron, for unpaid rent, the balance of their lease, and eviction fees.


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