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tv   North Carolina News at 700AM  CBS  September 11, 2016 7:00am-7:59am EDT

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. coming up. how we are remembering the attacks. >> plus a local man recounts how a four-legged friend helped is western north carolina that has the fbi getting involved and first, we head outdoor. it is 73 degrees out there. we take a live look. >> the sun is up and shining. >> it is sunday. september 11, 2016. thanks for watching north carolina news at 7. >> i am beairshelle edme. >> i am stefan chase. >> thanks to mother nature.
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raleigh. the sun is officially up here and pretty decent start to the day here. >> here is a live look from the country club m cary. and it is -- country club in cary and maybe you have plans outdoors. although it is dry right now. we don't have anything popping up and with the exception of a few high clouds. and we will see a chance of showers and storms. later today. >> tempere 60s and # 0s and this time yesterday. it is 73 in raleigh and 72 in durham and louisburg and in clayton. 73 right now. in fayetteville. >> a cold front will move through the area today. >> this is the first of the series of fronts that will impact the area. >> this is the best showers and storms all week. this is lower 80s as we head into the day tomorrow. >> outside this morning. >> expect a mixture of sun and
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lunchtime and 89 degrees. >> few storms possible as we head through this afternoon and into the evening as well. >> it is just shy of 96 degrees and few scattered storms at six. week and cooler temperatures ahead. >> relief from the heat. we will be back with the details coming up. >> this marks 15 years from the worse terror attacks in the nation's history. >> this is 19 men that highjack south towers of the world trade center in new york city. >> a third was flown into the pentagon. it crashed in a field in pen pen before it could reach the intended destination. >> during the weekly address. president barack obama wouldn't let america change core values. >> this weekend, we remember the true spirit of 9/11. >> we are still the america of
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>> of ordinary folks who took down the hijackers and turned thundershower pain into hope. we are still the merck that lacks out for one another. >> bound by the shared belief that i am my brother's keeper. >> nearly 3,000 people were killed in the attacks and the country was left with will i don't knows of dollars in property damage. a man >> ask me what i think about except 11th. >> he escaped from the north tower. he is blind and he had his guide dog with him on the 78th floor. together they made it down the staircase before the towers collapsed. >> the building was struck. >> clearly something happened and we had to evacuate. we went to the stairs and we started down. >> for you will of you outside, you saw the flame and the fire
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>> he has a different guide dog by his side today and travels around the country speaking about his experiences on noim. >> so thankful he is ago life -- he is alive. >> this is the globe balance war on terror and in holly springs. that starts at 8:45. day of service and remembrance begins this morning at 8:30. at the fuquay varina fire station. and they will be making care packages this afternoon. they are being ma first responders. >> moving now to breaking over night. two dozen people are injured after a balcony collapse in trinity college. >> this happened on the school's campus. they gave way and bringing down the two balconies below it. the worse is cuts and broken bones. >> police in shell pay are working with a hand accused of shooting a police officer.
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saturday. according to officials. he was searching for a suspect that warrants when it all hatched. >> he is now in the hospital with stable but critical condition. >> this is happening in asheville. and pickerring was found dead on the blue ridge parkway. her mentally unstable father was also there. federal investigators say he now faces first charges. he will go before a judge sometime tomorrow. >> . >> new this morning. fayetteville police are trying to figure out who shot this. officers were called to the building around 9:15 last night. several people were inside the business when they shot through the front window. >> one person was hit and that victim is expected to be okay. >> the victims of an apartment fire in cary are now searching for new homes.
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for the second time in months. >> they moved into a hyde park apartment after the blast place flooded. but it is now among the dozen who are fenced off right now. >> after tuesday plate. they are trying to remain hopeful. we are in somalia the and in 2,004. >> trying to live the dream. and end up like this: never seen a fight like this. >> they are waiting to be led and how much of the property survived and the cause is still under investigation. time right now is 7:06. two officers are being investigated after a shooting. how authorities say they shot the wrong man. >> plus a new museum in washington d.c. is dedicating this to african-american culture and history. we bring you an exclusive look inside. >> outside this everyoning, the sun is officially up.
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. this ends with two officers on administrative leave after shooting the wrong person. they are responding to a call about an intoxicating man and when they got there. they saw the man standing outside the apartment building holding a gun.
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suspect but it turned out. he was the one that actually called police. the victim was taken to the hospital for treatment. >> so, a bit of a disagreement in the newsroom this morning. some like it hot and some like it cooler. some like the 90s and some like the 80s. stefan likes the hotter weather. i am a fan of temperatures that are below 90 degrees. it has been a really hot summer for us. >> yes, it is. summers on record so far for a large portion of the united states. the fact that we have cooler temperatures on the way and it is a welcome change for some here. we will start with a live picture from shaw university and showing the raleigh skyline. we are seeing sunny skies and this satellite and radar looking good. and we are dry and things are going to stay dry here as we continue through this morning. before they arrive this
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and louisburg and 73 in rocky mount and goldsboro and in raeford and fayetteville. >> the cold front will arrive. this is the first in a series of two fronts that are pushing into the area this week. >> first one will bring a chance of showers and storms into this evening. and the second one holds off until wednesday. it will bring cooler weather with it on wednesday here. >> so, this afternoon. expect a few scattered lunchtime. hit a high temperature around 89 and we fall to 86 degrees. >> i will let you know exactly when the cooler weather will arrive and what you can expect in the complete team forecast. >> thanks a lot. >> it is 7:12. still ahead. cbs north carolina. >> the smithsonian. getting a new addition and we getting a new addition and we have got
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the moments that connect us don't happen overnight. they happen one morning at a time, and one cup at a time.
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. it will stand out there. >> this has a very distinct look. i loaf norah's description of it. it looks like a crown. when you see it in person and
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structure. and raising the money. building the structure. to this point. at this time in history. really. when race recommendations, people say are not so great and we have issues. and this me siewm yum is going to open with a ribbon cutting by president barack obama, the first black president. it gives me goose bumps. >> you have the attorney general loretta lynch. >> that's right. we are going to speak with loretta lynch ane her at a replica of a lunch counter where interest was a famous sit in from greensboro, north carolina and that's what the museum is about. >> it is about cultivating and cure rating many of these objects from around the country. we talked about. >> there is going to be especially mit's casket and matt turner's bible and harriet
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coneian had in 16 cities across the country. which is save our african-american treasures and thousands of people came forward and delivered art tacts and they will be displayed throughout the museum as well. >> make sure we under. it is about the present and the future. >> lots of conversations with take place there. and discussions about race in america today. >> this museum does not open up until later this month. this is a big ceremony and we will take you first behind the scenes in case you can't make it to washington this year. we want to show you on the show. >> we like to do big deal things. >> i have a feeling after we get a peek inside, they will make a special trip to see it. thank you for being with us. >> we look forward to it. special broadcast. cbs this morning, this is live from the african-american
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>> we tip our remembrance of the september 11th attacks throughout the morning. in 15 minutes. we will share the story of a hand who was a nypd police officer on the tragic day and how he is now giving back to the comiewfnt. don't want to miss it either. >> it is so valuable to see the people who were there on the ground and we saw the one man who was in the building earlier. we spoke with him from >> firsthand accounts. so important to hear. >> turning to the weather now. kristin ketchell joins us. it is a little bit of a relief in sight. >> we had temperatures well into the 90s. if you are like me i am a fan of cooler temperatures and we have cooler weather in the forecast. it is relatively lively here for the next couple of days.
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in raleigh. it is looking great out there as we kick off our sunday. but unfortunately, that is not going to be the case all day. >> satellite and radar. no wet weather. it is sitting offshore here. >> we do have clouds and higher and thick clouds moving in from the west. >> this is all thanks to the cold front and bring us the chance of few showers and storms this afternoon. it is 73 degrees in littlington and fayetteville. and 73 degrees also in rocky mount. and these will be climbing up to 89 this afternoon. we are going to be warming up a bit. not quite as warm as we were yesterday but still some chance of storms and showers later. after 2:00. this is the best to see them developing. it is very scattered at best and not everywhere going to exerns wet weather.
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it is a little lower and instead of being in the steamy category. we are in the muggy category and we will get rid of the humidity as well this week. it will take a couple of days here: forecast is partly sunny and scattered showers and storms as the next cold front moves in and not expecting anything in the way of severe weather. >> storms. it is definitely a possibility. the front moves through and stalls to the south and municipal and tuesday. smg some storms will be possible. especially in you are close to the front and areas to the east and south of the triangle have the best chance of seeing additional shower and storm ak tiity and tuesday afternoon as well. >> that front fizzles out and another cold front is on its heels here for wednesday. that will lead to a mostly dry conditions for the start of wednesday. >> few clouds rolling in and this comes through mostly dry.
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it is overnight into thursday morning. >> future cast. >> showing clouds. by the day. 2:30 to 3:00. >> first chance of seeing showers and storms popping up and they will be picking up here as we head through the evening hour. >> big chance for heaviest rain right around 6:00 this evening. then we dry out overnight with the exception of few light sprinkles during the overnight hours and then we have a chance of seeing the showers and we keep a close eye on the tropical wave here out in the open atlantic. the national hurricane center has given it a 90% chance over the next five days. it is not moving at all. it is stationary and has 30 miles an hour wind gusting to 40. we will copy a close eye on that. and it comes out shortly. the forecast again for today. right around 90 degrees.
7:22 am
raeford and pinehurst. >> 90 in clinton and goldsboro and 93 in wilson and rocky mount. and 88 in durham. chapel hill and 87 in roxboro, henderson and south hight hill. >> tomorrow, behind the first cold front. it falls into the eight 0es and we kick off the work week. showers and storms and this is south east of the triangle. and small chance of it looks mostly warm and out of the next cold front and once the cold front moves through. the forecast for the rest of the week looks great. >> 83 thursday. >> 80 on friday. we are still in the low 80s. we start off next week own on saturday. they are also back in the low and mid-60s. so instead of waking up to muggy. 70 plus degree temperatures in the morning. we have more comfortable temperatures and lower humidity
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nice change. >> it is a better hair day. >> yes. and for me. >> that is always good for me. >> it means, i will sweat a little bit less. >> for my team of the. >> and see a few more clouds. won't be dealing withs much sunshine. it helps a little bit. >> cheer them on. >> cheering who. >> eagles. >> go saints. >> sorry. >> i will watch the panthers. i grew up in philly hand you grew up fan so i will root them on when the eagles are not playing. >> ending for the ages on saturday, rather, how a team managed to upset oklahoma state
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with the ncaa, it said it never should have happened. they were given the last play by oklahoma state and according to ncaa, it is supposed to end that point: tough loss forever the cowboys and they were not the only time to get upset. >> former conference rivals and tcu faced off for the first time since 1991, horned frogs are the number 15 team in the country. but that didn't intimidate the raiser -- laze sore backs -- razor backs. and arkansas blocked it and they won the game not after one but two overtimes. >> this is a new record. and the record was set during a game that wasn't played in a stadium. >> that was played in bristol motor speedway and the racetrack was into a football field and just five hours.
7:28 am
to 24. get this. interest were 156,000. 990 people there. and that is -- 156,990 and that is the most. >> beairshelle? >> they are getting a lot of attention. >> it is making its way down to the high school level. they got this photo from a viewer. majority of a high school football team kneeling while the national this is by kaepernick and other athletes who are demonstrating what they see are injustices to minorities. >> we will have a sports wrap for you after all of the news starting at 11. >> keep it right here. we have al rot more news coming up in the next half hour. >> including this right here. >> donald trump returning to north carolina and find out
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. right now that is not going to be the case all day today. chance of a few showers and
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littlington and clinton and goldsboro and 73 in rocky mount. next cold front arrives and brings us a few chance of showers and storms here. it arrives behind it and cooler temperatures in the forecast for this week ahead. as far as temperatures go for today. we are heating up threatty quickly and 74 degrees at eight. 85 degrees at noo 89 degrees and showers and storms likely after 2:00 today. >> i will let you know when the showers and storm also arrive and what you can expect for the week ahead. today a somber day. thousands across the country are pausing to honor the terror at takes that happened 15 years ago. we are bringing you live to memorial events and washington d.c. and also m pennsylvania
7:33 am
>> new york city tributes are planned throughout the day to honor the two terror attacks. >> 40 lanterns were lit last night carried to the wall of names. >> flight 93 was hijacked with plans to crash the planes into the white house or the u.s. capitol billing. when they realized what was happening, they stopped everything in the cockpit and the names of those 40 passengers and crew will be morning. pentagon was the third attack site. 15 years later, it is messing the other two sites have. a visitor center to help people learn about what happened on that day. >> victims. family members are trying to change that. the pentagon memorial fund has raised money towards that evident but they still need more. they hope to break ground on a center in 201 and finish it by
7:34 am
>> even after 15 years. many who were alive still remember what we were doing and how we were feeling. >> so many of us do. >> cbs north carolina justin quesinberry has the story of a man whose life is grounds zero. >> reporter: 15 years ago today johnson was a new york city police officer. he lives in cary training mentors for schools and after school programs. i it feels like borrowed time. i was there at the building and it missed me. so i don't want to miss the opportunity to become the best i can be and help other people become the best they can. >> johnson said he tried to get people to safety on september 11th as a member of the nypd and said he went inside the buildings. and helped people acrosses brooklyn bridge. he watched the twin towers
7:35 am
were melt. >> he recalls the hearing cries for help. also, he remembers the hope had the weeks that followed and he was mopping the team searching and finding survivors in the rubble. >> i remember digging and finding people, you know, and we did rescue a lot of people and i remember, would stand in streets with signs and yell thank you. thank you, everywhere we went. >> his work now as a mentor is a lot like being a first responder and sometimes what is important is not that you respond but how you respond. >> beairshelle edme and stefan, that is a message he hopes to spread to others on this day of reflection: this is the right way and doing something good. and making positive change.
7:36 am
miss the opportunity to be the best he could be. and even after having made such a sacrifice. >> still wanting to give back to the community. so many people who were a party of that day. wanting to tell that story and it is necessary. >> certainly enjoying listening to the first accounts of what happened on that day. >> our coverage continues on the day on line on generallistic, you could put half of tramp supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. >> right? democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton spent the weekend defending herself after making those comments friday. she issued a statement the next day saying she was wrong and wouldn't stop calling out
7:37 am
campaign. chelsea clinton will hold a woman in leadership panel. she will be discussing building a economy for everyone in north carolina. not just those at the top. later the same afternoon. she will lead the grand opening of the new coordinated office in durham. then on wednesday. she will campaign for her mother hillary clinton in raleigh. >> tomorrow, joe widen visits charlotte. he will participate in an event highlighting the up vestment to support community klemms and together to create a strong middle class. it will be followed by a fundraiser by the governor's association in raleigh. >> republican presidential nominee donald trump will be in asheville at the u.s. cellular center. and it begins at six. >> they went door to door throughout the triangle. and they visited a neighborhood near crabtree valley mall and making sure people are
7:38 am
about republican candidates. >> very much of the field program has been built around. face on face, number 1 contact and engagement. and the traditional programs in the employment past and we are out every day. and knocking on doors and reaching our voters face to face. this is the republican national come multdtee. most popular pictures of the century. >> look at the woman featured in this popular photo. >> kristin. >> outside this morning. we are seeing sunny skies. >> this is from the elementary school in cary. few clouds out there and wet weather likely today.
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. 90s are gone. 80s here to stay. >> we will be near 90 today. but nowhere as warm as the past several days. we are seeing sunshine. off to a nice start from shaw university and you can see the
7:42 am
sunny skies and few clouds popping up and the radar is dry. that is how things will stay through this morning here. >> temperature wise. we are on the warm side. it is 73 degrees it is 73 rocky mount. goldsboro and 73 also in raeford. our next cold front arrives and brings us showers and storms later today and cooler temperatures to follow after something to look forward to as we start the week tomorrow. >> this is a mixture sun and clouds. >> 85 degrees. >> 89 degrees. tew storms possible scattered storms possible at six. and 86 degrees the tuesdays then. we will see cooler weather arriving and few more chances of showers and storms. we will have more coming up in the complete forecast. >> we will check in. and the time now is 7:42 much
7:43 am
york as we remember the terror attacks and how people throughout the triangle are honoring the victims of that day. plus this. >> we can hear someone screaming for help. law enforcement risking their lives to save a family. lives to save a family. we have those adelle: at first, i was so happy to teach in north carolina. but we've fallen to 41st in teacher pay, 44th in per-student spending, and a lot of us even have to buy school supplies. but he tried to cut education funding to its lowest budget share in over 30 years. like over two thousand other teachers, i'm having to move to another state so i can do what i love and make ends meet. someone needs to fix this.
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the moments that connect us don't happen overnight. they happen one morning at a time, and one cup at a time.
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pause for silence at 846 just about an hour away. >> it is this tomb that hijackers crashed flight 11 into the tower of the world trade center. this will begin when the second tower was hit and when the flight hit the pentagon. the nation will pause again at 9:59 when is when the south tower collapsed crashed into a pennsylvania field. and then once again at 10:28 when the north tower of the world trade center collapsed. >> most of the victims of the terror attacks were at the world trade center. >> hundreds of first responders rushed into the burning tower and never came out. >> kenneth craig has the story of one father who is use his grief to create a powerful
7:47 am
died in the collapsed in the towers. 29-year-old father of two, his memory hivs here along with other victims of the terror attack. >> this is a difficult space. >> this is a very difficult space. >> this is jonathan's father and retired firefighter. he spent three months searching ground zero before he found his son's remains and then tip td combing the debris for victims for another six months. give us was here searching. every day. 24 hours a day. hands and knees. >> reporter: during that time, the damaged liberty deli became a gathering spot for rescue and recovery worker. >> he eventually trumped the space into the 9/11 tribute center. a kind of interim museum until the official one opened in 2014. not only did it stay open. it will move to a bigger space next spring where it will
7:48 am
>> i get to talk about my son. i cry. >> i can't tell you how many times i cried this week. >> pouring himself into his work helped. but adopt remove the pain. >> i have not seen my buddy in 15 years and i miss -- not seen my buddy in 15 years and i miss him. >> the tribute center gave him a mission to educate and lighten and to understand how 9/11 not only changed his life but the world. kenneth craig. >> cbs news. new york. a story that is so powerful. right now we have got to look at a few local events happening here in the area commemorating this day of remembrance.
7:49 am
and memorial service starts at 11:00 this morning at village baptist church had fayetteville. in raleigh for first time. the oakwood cemetery will open up for appreciation nor 9/11. that is at 4:00 this afternoon. we have all the details for you on the website at wncn. a burning car earlier this month and they rushed into action with one using a fire extinguisher to keep it under control and another dragged an injured man to safety. that is when they realized, there are two children in the back seat and they pulled them out. >> i didn't think. you grab them and you get them as far away as you can. >> firefighters arrived and
7:50 am
fifth victim thrown from the vehicle is found nearby. fortunately. everyone has since been released from the hospital. >> great news. >> they are all okay. >> iconic photo that marked the end world war ii. >> now the woman seen in the picture has died. she served as a dental assistant during the war and believed to be the woman seen in the photo that was taken in new york city after japan's surrender reached the city. >> a friedman ises one of the most famous images. she died thursday at the age of 92. i am sure when they were out on the streets there. they never imagined they would be a part of something so iconic and symbolic. nor did the photographer know that he would be getting one of the most recognized photos not only here in our nation but across the world. >> she has so much class and so much grace.
7:51 am
>> weather not looking bad outside right now. we have temperatures in the 60s and 70s and cooler temperatures in the forecast. and we have to get through today and chance of showers and storms first. live look outside from the country club in cary and you can see them out there this morning. nothing popping up on the radar here. except shower. way off to the east. you can see a line of clouds back to the west here. and this is our next cold with the showers and chance of a few storms as well. >> it is 73 in raleigh this morning. 72 in durham and louisburg and 73 in rocky mount and goldsboro and 73 also this rae fords and fayetteville. >> temperatures today will be climbing into the upper 80s to near 90 degrees. we are up to 85. 87 degrees at two. and 89 the high today and
7:52 am
tipping until eight or 9:00 and we will see it really winding down for us today. >> as far as humidity goes. dewpoint as 67 puts us in the muggy category. and we have fallen from yesterday with the dewpoint of 70. things are more comfortable today and still joaf all. a little humid feeling a this afternoon. >> watch for part will you sunny skies. and afternoon and evening as our next cold front pushes into rain all week. it will clear the area here. and stalling to the south and east. and tomorrow, tuesday. some storms possible. if you are closer to the front here for the start of this week here. south and east. and picking up a few more showers in the afternoon and evening hours. >> monday and tuesday. >> it moves out and fizzles offshore here. >> another cold front is on the heels for wednesday. they will push through mostly dry and behind this fronts.
7:53 am
of the cooler temperatures. >> we will break things down on the future cast this morning. by, two, 3:00. we start to see the first little hints of showers and storms developing. we have a better chance of the showers and storms here as we head had the early evening hours. >> right around dinner time. >> notice the deeper colors indicating the potential for heavier down pours. >> storms possible there. >> sprinkle or two left over and we are dry for om tomorrow afternoon. if you are close to the front. >> so, areas. along the i-95 corridor and best chance of seeing this tomorrow. >> as far as the tropics go. >> this is the national hurricane center d has about a 80% chance of formation in the next five days. it is something worth watching here. >> 30 miles an hour gusting to 40. it slowly drifts west to see if
7:54 am
storm. something to keep an eye on over the next few days. 90 degrees at fort bragg and raeford and fayetteville. >> 89 in pinehurst and dunn around 88 degrees in rocky mount. and 87 in roanoke rapids today. 88 in chapel hill and durham. louisburg and henderson on south hill. >> behind the front, temperatures will be cooler. >> 8 temperature. >> small chance of showers and storms the afternoon tomorrow. then again on tuesday, wednesday, the second cold front moves and it will be warmer with highs in the upper 80s again. check out what happens behind it. >> # three on friday and back up to 83 on saturday. we are dry. and mostly sunny. we are less humid and you will definitely feel the difference. especially during those
7:55 am
with outside currently. we will be dealing with the temperatures in the low to mid-60s. it is a refreshing change. >> my air conditioner can use a little bit of a break. >> the electricity bull goes down. >> what do you normally set your air conditioner at. >> 70. >> oh, my goodness. >> is it strange i am at 77. >> little bit. >> i like it and the humidity and none of that bothers you. >> i can't stand the humidity. the humidity is one thing i can't deal with. and i am happy we have less humidity in the forecast especially for the end of the week. >> i will agree to disbrie with you. >> keep it here on cbs north carolina. the north carolina institute of political leadership. hosting three hometown debates
7:56 am
the they will be at barton college and we will have just in a few minutes worthy and
7:57 am
. they are hosting three debates. they feature candidates on the
7:58 am
debate at the kennedy t there's something out there. that can be serious, debate at the kennedy t even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about
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. a day that will stay in our country and heart. >> this is what happened september 11th and 15 years that have passed. > >> how a four-legged friend helped this man survive carolina and h >> good morning, everyone, i am stefan chase will cool side we are seeing sunshine. >> this is from shaw university. showing the sundanceing off the fayetteville. >> this is the next cold front and that is going to push through the area today after


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