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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  September 12, 2016 6:00am-6:59am EDT

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ve. ensure. always be you. the details on a cease fire that could end a bloody conflict and why are so hopeful. and >> we want to show lo unity. show togetherness in the chaos. >> nfl teams mark the first sunday of the season with gestures of unity and awareness. we'll hear from two of the players. >> before we get to those stories we start this hour with breaking news out of durham. police are on the scene of a fatal shooting at an apartment complex on east parkway. we do know one man has been killed. another man was taken to the hospital. cbs north carolina has a crew on the way. we'll bring you updates throughout the morning on
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regular scheduled program. good morning to you. >> it's good to have you. >> thank you. >> meteorologist alyssa korfant whotion back from a big vacation. let talk about this weather. >> yeah. we have a chance for a few storms but i'll get to those in a little bit many you're tracking a big accident. >> a one car crash that's causing some actions. i'm 440 at capitol boulevard. still out there. this has a lane blocked off as you try to travel on to 440 west. we'll take you to the map and show you exactly where it s. southbound exit ramp is closed. a heads up to you there. travel through durham looks pretty good. durham down into fayetteville. no accidents have been in though those two areas. so if you're traveling through fayetteville a nice easy ride in.
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25 if you're heading from the gardner area. 540 there. just about 15. outside 440 and you know what? at least there's no rain falling, no weather issues on roadways today. >> that's some good news, allie. as we head into the afternoon tracking the potential for is a shower or storm. a live picture. looking towards downtown raleigh. like we said, no rain, no fog here in the triangle. now we have been showers throughout the morning. mainly been south of clinton and sampson county. you can see those are even quickly tapering off. none of that around this morning. 70 right now in durham. 71 in raleigh. we're at 66 in roxboro and 68 in siler city. fayetteville checking in at 73. we'll be right around 78 at lunchtime this morning.
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nowhere near as hot as last week. spent the majority of last week in the 90s. today, a high of only 83. wac back to 81 at 6:00. after about 3:00 today. more opt rest of the workweek forecast in about 10 minutes. right now, baaing back to you. >> the car wash owned by a fayetteville man killed early in the month is back open this morning. police say he was at an argument. they are charged with murder in his death. his friends and family say he was known for helping get work and he fed the homeless in a space he maintained near the car wash. >> now charged with second- degree murder after police say he helped kill his stepfather. officials found ken wall's body. hi d was ruled suspicious.
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>> a cease fire is expected to begin today. officials there and here in the u.s. are hopeful it will lead to an end of the country's civil war which started five years ago. jonathan explains how the deal was reached and what it's supposed to do. >> the united states and russia are unlikely war-time ally and joint plan of attack against jihaddist will unfold in two phases. the first phase begins monday at sundown. the time when the u.s. backed rebels and the russian baaings regime agreed to a reduction in violence. specifically, air strikes. during this period, humanitarian aid will be delivered to neighbors. if and only if this partial
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joint air strikes against the islamic state and militant groups. >> well both super powers -- they both share disdisdain for terrorists that have flourished during the unrest. secretary of state john kerry forged the deal. >> out of all of this complexity there is emerge now a simple choice between war humanitarian relief. >> kerry acknowledged success won't be easy. a similar deal was agreed to in february but fell apart when russia moved artillery to help us. >> there's a lot of up certain tis and room for conflict under the plan. russia and the united states will target areas that i both agree on the islamic
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will see eye to eye on what those areas are. and it's unclear when consequences russia would face for violation. cbs news, london. >> 6:06 is your time on this monday morning. tesla has a self--driving upgrade. how the features are safer for from passengers. >> instead, a catfish. how this head. this is a real story. we are not making this up. >> i'm going to have to belove you when i hear it. very warm and muggy across the stand hills wsmer a lotting at a small chance later
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six straight days in the 90s. that's not normal. 80s back for highs today and continue for the majority of the week ahead. this is a live picture from raleigh durham international airport. starting to see brighter conditions but sun doesn't rise until 6:56. so we have a waying to before we see that sunrise this morning. 71 right now. right around 70 through 7:00. then we start to see those temperatures climb back we see a very small chance through about 8:00 and then we should be dry when we could see another round of showers and storms. here's a look at your satellite radar composite. it was really just falling across southern portions of cumberland county. some thunder and lightning about an hour ago there. that's quieted down since. 66 in roxboro right now. mid-60s in south hill.
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raleigh. 74 in wilmington and in rayford. so walking you through today the overall message will -- won't be nearly as hot. 70 at 8 a.m. 78 at noon. 83 our afternoon high. the best chance for a shower or storm this afternoon is going to remain south and east of the triangle. i'll let you know how long that rain chance hangs around for. >> a touchy moment of unity from the se coaches, staff everyone stood together with their arms locked during the national anthem. it was meant to raise awareness about social injustice. >> our goal was to challenge other people to -- not separate but with us. we want the city to come together and be able to do that. >> there are things in our country that need to be changed but that's why our country is so great
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and make those changes. never afraid to make the uncomfortable the norm. >> the team's move follows recent protests by 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. he sat down or took a knee boyfriend several before several games. >> they were not alone. similar gestures across the nfl. other teams also locked arms while some players took a knee. several players for new england anthem was over. still ahead a shot of adrenaline for some grandparents. how their families surprised them. the world dog surfing championships. how they are doing more than just mother in-law with a keen sense of smell... glad bag, full of trash. what happens next? nothing. only glad has febreze to neutralize odors for 5 days. guaranteed.
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the governor takes aim at a state toxicologist today in another political dustup over coal ash. woman: governor pat mccrory's office is refuting claims he misled the homeowners about the safety of their well water. dr. megan davies was the state epidemiologist, but she resigned this week, saying she cannot work for a department and an administration that deliberately misleads the public. she claims the state never should have told people
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>> he buildings what he hopes is the world's biggest teeter to ther. this looks fun. an engineer came out to measure it. he started working on this back in 2014 all in an effort to create a lasting legacy. >> biggest thing is they didn't say dad, you're nuts. or you're crazy, going to kill yourself. they just let me do my thing, >> i want a ride. >> you can be on one side and i'll be on the other. guinness is expected to let him know in about eight weeks. >> i don't know if i can take the risk. that's a little too scary for me. you might not believe in case you see it for yourself. suddenly a fish smacks you in the face. that's exactly what happened to a woman in pennsylvania. the woman says it happened labor day morning. she heard a noise in the trees and when she looked
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as for how it happened, her friend has a theory. >> apparently a bird had a fish and dropped it right on lisa's head. >> i think that of all things to happen like -- it was traumatic at the time and so many worse things and bad things that happen. >> the woman did have a couple of produces and cuts but as you just heard she's taking it all in stride. good for her. >> her theory makes sense. th some cold water canine showing off the surf skills. the first ever world dog surf championships. the owners say it takes a especially breed to brave that really chilly water. it was all for a good cause. all proceeds from the event went to local humane societies and animal rescues. way to hang ten, guys. also big changes to tesla's autopilot software soon.
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that happened four months ago. a driver slammed into a tractor trailer that his autopilot did not see. the new system will rely more on radar instead of cameras. that's because traditional cameras may not work well in some lightning conditions. take a look at this surveillance video. police hope it will help them catch someone accused of hitting a man with his own car. he was dropping his mom off when someone jumped into he almost got ran over in the process. that man is going to be o.k. police found the car later but still looking for that suspect. >> the store clerk is recovering this morning after a car smashed into a store. the impact was caught on newly released video that we're taking a look at right now. you can see a blue track backing away from the store. but then it suddenly lurches forward. it sent shelves and the clerk
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injuries. the driver was charged with reckless driving. >> a really rough day friday. they were pulling into a spot in the parking garage when their car jerked forward and right through a barrier. fortunately steel wires caught on to the tires so it was left dangling there. the driver managed to climb his way to safety and only had a few bruises. remember how to drive a manual? you'll find out. >> they've got jokes and lots of laughs. while some may have taken them out for lunch some engineers at ford had a different idea. they got together and took their grandparents drifting. things got really interesting when they got behind the wheel. as we just the, it looks like they really enjoyed it. >> whipping it.
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that wheel? he looks lhemeandriver. >> my grandma had quite the ot [ laughter ] >> grandpa. we're doing weather first. some chances of rain. >> chances of rain later today and much cooler. that's something that's going to impact the entire area. 71 right now. a live picture from our tower camera. i flipped it around so look east and wait anxiously for that sunrise. sunrise doesn't happen until 6:56 this morning. still have a little ways to go. 71 degrees our current temperature. we have been talking about showers throughout the course of the morning. the good news is cumberland county is dry. that doesn't mean the roads aren't wet but the ground wet for kids heading to the bus stop. certainly keep that in mind. about an hour, hour and a half ago we were even -- some thunder and lightning across southern portions
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65 right now in south hill. 63 in henderson. 71 in raleigh. while fayetteville is reporting 7 3 degrees. going through your day it's warm and muggy. if you're around the north carolina, virginia border it's actually really comfortable. 78 at noon. 83 our afternoon high. nowhere near as hot as we were last k. now last week, we spent about 6 days in the 09s as we continue this week. nowhere near as hot. stay in the low 80s today. actually spot on for seasonal. 85 tomorrow the warmest day is wednesday 88. back into the mid-80s for thursday. that's all because we had a cold front come through yesterday. that front now stationary front off to our south and east. that's close enough to bring us that small chance
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today. that moves off to the east. it's back to our west around the great lakes region. won't be really a factor in our forecast until thursday or friday. ahead of it, warmer temperatures for the mid-week. here's your future forecast. most of us on the dry side through lunchtime into the early afternoon hours. the best chance is about 3:00. continuing through 6:00 and south and east of the triangle. if you're around the triangle decent amount of sunshine today. drier weather will return. we're still looking at that mix of sun and clouds. if you're traveling south through south carolina there will be the chance for rain as we head into our tuesday. but here locally highs in the low 80s around raleigh and durham. really comfortable for us. 85 as we head towards the fayetteville area. overnight tonight drop to right around 68. we're dry, we're warm and as we head into the coming
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for us. 85 tuesday, 88 wednesday. that cold front i was talking about back to our west, that comes into play thursday and friday. we're at 85 for a high thursday. 82 friday. and as we head into the upcoming weekend, it looks like we start dry on saturday. 83. chance for a few showers or storms in our forecast for sunday. 6:21 right now. let me hand it over to allie. >> now that is t accident earlier closed down the onramp to 440 west. so we are starting to see things back up. we're going to show you video from our photographer on scene there. a single car crash. someone is in the hospital now with serious injuries. so this is backing things up and we'll take you to our maps and show you exactly where it is. again, if you are heading out the door and need to take capitol boulevard, extra time is needed here. the exit ramp is closed at 440 many takinged
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bet. through durham roads look good. nothing to worry about there and down through fayetteville 95 corridor moving well. a look at the southbound drive times on u.s. 1 from 540 to downtown 12 minutes there. if you're heading on 40 from 540 to downtown about 12 minutes. 16 for the other time. i-40 getting very busy. so if you're heading on capitol ev >> good idea there. we want to take you to breaking news out of durham. they are still on the scene of a deadly shooting at an apartment complex. >> we do know one man has been killed and another man was take tonight hospital. cbs north carolina has a crew on the way and we'll bring you more information as it comes in. 6:22 and fantasy football with
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glitch. what had thousands of fans freaking out over weekend. >> two of the biggest meurveg streaming -- see how
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opening day, really? hashtag fail. and samsung shares hit a two- month low. samsung is expedites new ship pts because those batteries could catch fire. they took the extraordinary step of warning people not to fly and turn them on plane. >> yeah. glad that you're still getting the word out. that's a scary situation with the samsung foans. we hear that spotify has now competition. >> it's true. amazon an pandora have less expensive. they'll cost $5 designed to undercut the more expensive services. >> you know what?
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a little secret. i'm a cheapskate. i have the free pandora and i heard the new ad for the $5 pandora just maybe i'm going to sign up for this one. what about you? >> $5 a month. you know what? that's like a latte at starbucks. >> o.k. so skip on the out on one of those. >> i actually have ponied up know when fur on a 16 mile run you kind of don't want to deal with commercials; right? >> you are so -- i only do 2 miles still. i still understand. great to see you. thank for the news. time right now is 6:27. coming up in the next half hour the presidential campaign is once again bringing big names to the tar heel state. being asked by a doctor to scale back. find out why.
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forecast. back with what we can expect
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sitting in for russ this morning. >> you and russ do share one thing in common. you both look great in glasses. >> thank you. >> thank you for tuning in. we're going to get to your morning news on a check on traffic. we are following some breaking news from >> police are investigating a double shooting at an apartment complex. david hurst is on the scene with more. good morning, david. >> good morning. we're here at the apartments. if you take a look mind me crime scene tape around one apartment unit. that's where the shooting took place. they came out here at 12:45 this morning and found one man dead with a gunshot wound. they also found another man with a gunshot wound but
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hospital. they are on the very early stages of the investigation. they're not sure yet if this was a random incident. we'll stay on top and, of course, bring you the latest as more detail become available. reporting live in durham. cbs north carolina. >> all right. thank you. >> all right. now it's time to get a check on the forecast. we've got storm team meteorologist. she's back fresh off vacation this morning and she brought up a big question. california sunshine? we want it. >> i think it's a win-win all around. here we are right now on our satellite radar composite. most of us on the dry side. we had a few early morning showers. so if you're waking up in those areas the rain has moved out. a little bit before you see the drier conditions on the roadways. as far as the temperatures are concerned 71 this morning in raleigh.
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northward we have 63. 65 in south hill. mid-60s in roxboro. so let me walk you through your forecast today. 70s in the warm side the 8 a.m. you make it to 83. nowhere near as hot as last week am shower or storm around #-bg an continuing through that evening drive home. look like today is the wet day for some of you and drier weather tuesday and wednesday. those changes in your forecast in about here's allie trafficking a significant morning accident. >> good morning. it's 6:32 but this crash happened around 4:00 this morning. and it does still have the on jamp to 440 blocked on capitol boulevard. if you're heading west you can see this is causing some major delays as you head in. we'll she you exactly where it is. again it was a one-car crash. someone taken to the hospital with serious injuries. and now we are seeing yellow on the maps indicating it's causing some delays as
6:33 am
nothing like that to worry about in durham. that's the only crash we have out there this morning through fayetteville roads look good. # 5 local roads to fort brag should be getting to work on time. if you're heading on u.s. 1 from 540 to downtown. 15 minutes there on 70 from 540. outside now to i-40 at wade avenue. very busy. a lot of people heading to school and work bright and early on this >> congestion building for sure. state and federal authorities are getting involved and the search for a man accused of shooting a police officer. officials in shelby were looking for 23-year-old -- they say during that search he shot an officer. he was taken to the hospital. authorities say he will face attempted murder charges for that shooting. . >> officials in reno, nevada are looking into what caused this fatal overnight
6:34 am
airport. it happened right after the plane took off. the plane crashed into one of the airport's parking lots. all three people on board were killed no. one on the ground was hurt but the impact destroyed or damaged several cars. >> they are trying to figure out what led to a deadly bus crash at the airplane. officials say the bus' driver picks up members of the football team before circling back to the airport and crashing into a concrete pillar. the bus driver died some of them pretty badly. officials don't know yet why the driver turned around. and in new mexico, authorities say they are -- they have arrested a man for a bomb square that left hundreds of people waiting sunday. officials at an albuquerque airport found a suspicious package leaving them to evacuate the area. a number of flights were also delayed as a result. after several hours, bomb technicians cleared the
6:35 am
operations to continue. a 40-year-old man was later arrested in connection with that package. a big change in the plans for hillary clinton as she recovers from neum this morning. the campaign says doctors have ordered her to take it easy. the home stretch of this campaign. more from new york. hillary clinton says she's her doctor says the 68-year-old was diagnosed with pneumonia on friday. although the illness was not publicly revealed until clinton stumbled sunday when leaving the 9/11 ceremony at ground zero. she went to her daughter's apartment after the incident and then headed to a suburban home not far if new york city. her doctor issued a statement saying, while this morning's event she became
6:36 am
donald trump has not commented but in the past the republican nominee has repeatedly questioned whether hi opponent has the strength to be president and the stamina to take on terrorists. >> he returns to the campaign trail after taking a day off to pay tribute to victims of the september 11 terror attacks. the latest cbs news bament ground tracker poll shows the race is tightening in florida. clinton holds just a two- point lead there. in ohio, another key battle ground state. clinton has a 7- point lead. >> cbs north carolina. time check for you this monday morning. it's 6:36. the pan thers didn't play sunday but that didn't stop them in being involved throughout this weekend. >> yeah. see why the teams are under investigation. >> well, temperatures northward are pretty comfortable. look at. this 63 in roxboro and oxford. now some of you will see the
6:37 am
i'll let you know who coming up next i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured.
6:38 am
sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think...
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in. perhaps summer is on the way out. imagine that. >> it's hard it believe. six straight days of the 90ss. today is the first day that we stay in the 80s. that will be a nice change. 71 is where we are right now. check out this sunrise. looking pretty nice. now, official sunrise at 6:56 this morning. so you still have it time to wake up, grab that cup of coffee before you have to
6:40 am
have we been on the dry side. we've seen a few passing showers there. even some rumbles of thunder and even some lightning. all that has quieted down for your morning drive in. most of you will stay on the dry side. so let's get to the temperatures. still a bit warm and muggy around the triangle and southward. 73 in fayetteville. 74 in rayford. 66 in sanford. northward pretty cool and comforten. 63 here's that bus stop forecast. out the door. right around 70 degrees. warm. manly dry. later this afternoon, 83. nowhere near as hot there will be a small chance for a shower storm south and east. most on those rain chances for the rest of the workweek in just a little bit. >> keep our fingers crossed we don't have to use the umbrella. >> you have seen this. the carolina panthers started
6:41 am
loss in the super bowl rematch last week. but it was a hit on cam newton that had carolina fans talking and now that play is the subject of an nfl investigation. it happened toward the end of the game when he took a shot to the end. he was motionless on ground for several seconds but he wasn't pulled out the game. whether the medical staff made the right call. an emphasis on head injuries. they established a concussion protocol. now take a look at this. an emoy easy. a mets player just hit a grand slam. going about 110 miles an hour. when it left the bat but the employee who was holding a sign in one hand, there you go. he caught the ball bare handed with his free hand. someone might need to look at assigning him free agency. next, party in red square.
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still keeping a close eye on breaking news. a double shooting at an apartment complex. cbs north carolina david hurst joins us live from the scene with more. david? >> we're here at the south terrace apartments. you'll see this entire apartment unit is blocked off with crime scene tape. investigators have been going in and out all morning to dwter evidence. they've been out here since 12:45 this morning when they initially got the call. when they arrived on scene they found one man dead with a gun shot wound. they transported another man to the hospital but he's expected to survive. like we said, investigators have been out here all morning and the residents now just waking up,
6:45 am
discovering this for the first time. she realized it was her apartment looked out the window and saul of the crime scene tape and police. residents waking up going to work, getting ready, finding out. we'll continue to follow this developing story. we'll hear from residents here. bring you the latest on cbs north carolina. for now reporting live in durham. cbs north carolina. david, thank you. the next story certainly been a talker. the city of east liverpool in of attention for a recent post on its facebook page. officials there are trying to call attention to the growing heroin problem and a warning for you this morning. some of the js may be considered graphic some. police responded to a report of someone driving e radically last week. they found two people who overdosed in heroin. the couple's 4-year-old son was in the backseat. officials want to share these
6:46 am
-- we discussed this. we talked to upstairs. the administration upstairs and they were all involved in this decision. >> the couple seen in the png were both arrested on several charges. and outdoor party end with gunfire and police are trying to figure out who's responsible. it happened saturday night at an apartment complex near a local universi. and take tn a nearby hospital. >> not justified to shoot a little kid. let a gun on on the highway. >> expressing shock and disbelief. they say the child was shot on a highway. police say the baby was take to be the local hospital with minor injuries. but they aren't saying why someone shot at the vehicle the child was in.
6:47 am
participate in a on kind race. >> it's called a pizza marathon. raced through some of the restaurants. they had to eat a slice and walk to the next one. 600 pizza lovers vote on the winning rest rawntd. >> and a big birthday party in anniversary of the foundation. musicians and actors crowded streets. well speaking of history we are learning a lot more about the past of mars. new images of the planet's surface. nasa recovery landed in 20126789 it's been exploring
6:48 am
sending us new information. there's actually water there on the planet. it's data helped scientists realize that ancient martian lakes offered conditions that would have been favorable to life. >> well from deep space to deep underwater that's where cuban artists is putting his new creation. part of the underwater art museum that was created in 2009. we might need to head to cancun. >>let book those tickets asap. >> a check of weather and a little bit of rain chances out there; right? >> a small rain chance later today. south and east of the tri angle. we are talking about much cooler temperatures as we head into the rest of the workweek. so a few storms possible today. a cooler week ahead and the next rain chance after we get beyond today won't be around until thursday
6:49 am
ahead. actually going to come with temperatures very close to seasonal. that's right around the low 80s for this time of year. 83 is actually where we should be. let's go ahead and get straight to your tower camera. this is a live picture of the sunrise this morning. 71 degrees. that bright sky starting to line up. official sunrise still about 5 minutes away or so. you have time to get up and grab that cup of coffee before the sunrise greets you. showing we have had r morning. rainily across southern portions of cumberland county and southern portions of sampson county. nothing severe and all of that has moved off. so the good news is as you get ready the weather will not be a concern. 70 in durham. 62 in henderson. 65 in south hill. if you're around raleigh or southward still dealing with some mugg conditions. 73 in clinton and goldsboro.
6:50 am
7 # at noon. we're dry throughout the morning. into first thing this afternoon, after about 3:00 is when i think we see the chance of shower or storms. won't be that wide spread. really where we were last week as well. that's all because of a front came through yesterday and now has stalled out across the eastern portions of our state. and with it nearby we have that smal triangle. we'll start to focus on our next front. that's still up towards the great lakes region. plenty of space to go through before it finally amuses through our area. just a little bit warmer and dry tuesday and even into wednesday. so at 9 a.m. this morning we're dry, looking at a nice mix of sun and clouds. same situation at lunchtime today. into the afternoon. after about 3:00 that chance for a shower or storm. you'll notice this model
6:51 am
dry today. very isolated in nature if we do see the storms develop. drier weather returns tonight and continues for our tuesday. as we head into the afternoon, on tuesday, just a nice mix of sun and clouds. an update in the tropics i want to pass along to you. this is across the central portions of atlantic and 80% chance of developing over the next 48 hours. 40 miles an hour winds with us right now. still very unorganized. if it does become a tropical storm it will s low 80s back here at home. 85 in fayette vul. overnight near 68ment partly cloudy. we stay dry and warm. as we head into the coming days dry and warm will also be the trend. 88 wednesday. the next cold front that's here for thursday and friday. small chances for showers and storms both days. we'll be dry on saturday. chance for a few showers and
6:52 am
let me pass it over to allie. what's the latest on that early- morning accident? >> you cannot get on to i-440. you haven't been able to since 4:00 this morning. this is causing some delays and confusion. wake forest road might be the best option of getting on towe l take youto the maps a show you what it looks like. closure at capitol boulevard at that onramp there. it's delays. a car fire at exit 11. starting to cause some moderate from durham through fayetteville. and if you're traveling from oks good. the durham area to rtp this morning, on -- a freeway to rtp five minutes there. if you're heading from 55 take you about 9 minutes.
6:53 am
lo of people are up and at them. heading into work. >> that's what i like to hear. coffee in the morning. 7 minutes left in the newscast. a lot more local news to bring you. >> but first before we go to break here's what they're working on for 7:00. diswhrfnlgt good morning to you. we are very excited today. why? because we get to broadcast live this morning from the new smithsonian national museum of culture. giving the first extended look inside before the museum opens later this month. it's a powerful step through history from slavery not try yumps in entertainment, sports and the white house. >> many special guests including general colin powell, john louis and loretta lynch. you'll see some remarkable pieces of history like the plane flown above us. all of the major news of the
6:54 am
?? glad forceflex. extra strong to avoid rips and tears. be happy, it's glad. the governor takes aim at a state toxicologist today in another political dustup over coal ash. woman: governor pat mccrory's office is refuting claims he misled the homeowners about the safety of their well water. saying she cannot work for a department and an administration that deliberately misleads the public. she claims the state never should have told people who live near coal ash ponds their well water was safe.
6:55 am
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a quick look at some news to know before you go out. a shooting at a durham apartment complex leaves one man dead and another man injured. live from the scene with more on what's happening. david? >> residents here are waking up getting ready to go to work and this is the unit right now as well as all the police cars and police officers and investigators ons scene. police say they responded out here about 12:45 this morning and found the one man dead with a gunshot wound. they found another man with a gunshot wound but he was taken to a local hospital and is expected to survive. investigators have been out here all morning. in and out of the apartment. we asked investigators here earlier whether they
6:57 am
they weren't able to release that information. they expect more information to be released sometime in the next hours. so we'll stay on top of this developing story. stay with cbs north carolina for the very latest. for now, rein durham. cbs north carolina. all right. we'll continue to update that throughout the morning and the news update at noon. well want to take a look at the weather and see what we're dealing with. >> here in raleigh looks great. look at this shaw university camera. we just dropped into the upper 60s here in ral lea. a raleigh. 74 in fayetteville. high today of 83. south and east of the triangle. allie? >> good morning. and 6:57 at i-440. still have that onramp to the highway closed due to a one-car crash. pretty serious injuries. so this some confusion. wake forest road might be your
6:58 am
going to continue tracking for the morning. thanks he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, apreligious bigot. e. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president.
6:59 am
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this special broadcast of "cbs this morning" is being brought to you with limited commercial interruptions by target and toyota. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, september 12th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? welcome to the smithsonian national museum of african-american history and culture. we are giving the extended look into the national mall's extended treasure and a century in the making. >> we will show you key moments of history that are on display, including a cabin that held more than a dozen slaves and a lunch


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