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tv   North Carolina News at 530AM  CBS  September 16, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> it's a very emotional time for us right now, but i know i'm trying too deal with something that i've never dealt with before. >> a 79-year-old man is set to head to court today after spring lake police say he called 911 and admitted he killed his wife and daughter. plus this. >> and i will never give up. i'll never walk away no matter how tough the going gets. >> democratic presidential nominee hilary clinton is back on the campaign trail. what she addressed during her stop here in for watching north carolina news. >> good morning. happy friday. we're going to get to your morning news and a check on traffic before you head out. first, though, let's say good morning to storm team meteorologist. good morning alyssa. >> good morning to you, guys. good morning to you at home, as well. you could see a little bit of drizzle on that morning drive, but as you can see on our satellite and radar composite, that's too fine for our radar to detect.
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door. let's get to your current temperaturesment they're mild. i'll warn you that first and foremost. 69 in raleigh and durham. 71 in lillington. it is a bit breezy out there this morning, and that has made it so it's no fog out there like we've been dealing with the past few mornings. 70 at 8 a.m., 80 at lufrng time, feeling great for your lunch hour. 84, not as warm this afternoon, with just a stray shower possible through about 6:00. a closer look at the weekend forecast ahead. yes, it's right around the corner coming up in abo thank you. we move now to some breaking news. right now, raleigh police are nfthing ing -- investigating after finding a body on newbern avenue. >> cbs north carolina's lauren is live at the scene with information that police are now releasing. lauren. >> it's still a very active scene. we're behind two businesses off of newbern avenue. take a look. you can see crime scene tape is surrounding j.d. and kimbrel's parking lot.
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i can tell you just further behind this police is where the body was found. again, this is off newbern avenue. again, crime scene tape several investigators here, but, again, there are several answers that are still need to be answered right now like it's unclear whether detectives are investigating this death as suspicious or not. so, again, right now, raleigh police are investigating this death. we are trying bring you the very latest as soon as we learn more. live in raleigh, lauren, cbs north carolina. >> lauren there working the scene for us. thank you. in other news, a sex offender accused of kidnapping a six-year-old is set to be in court today. >> new hanover county deputies say the girl was playing in her yard near carolina beach when she was abducted. she was later found chained to a tree in a wooded area miles from her home. cbs north carolina's david hurst joins us live in studio with
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neighbors and friends. >> yeah. it's a parents' worst nightmare but a fortunate ending as the six-year-old was found safe thursday morning. police say someone kidnapped six-year-old stephny lopez castro while she was playing outside her home wednesday evening. an amber alert went out and 15 hours later, a k-9 unit led police to her in a wooded area a few miles from her home. witnesses say she was chained to a tree, and police took 46-year-old douglas edwards into custody. the wilmington man is a registered sex offender released believe edwards knew the girl. >> i mean, that never happened before, but, i mean, we got to keep the eyes on the kid. >> a six-year-old was taken to the hospital, but the family tells us she is in good condition and is expected to be released today. back to you. >> all right. david, thank you. we move to some more breaking overnight news. fire crews from chatham and wake counties responded to a fire at a business around 2:00 this morning.
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boise cascade wood products. no one was hurt. no wrd on what caused that fire. a 79-year-old retired member of the u.s. army is expected in a cumberland county courtroom accused of killing his wife and daughter. police say bobby king shot and killed his 84-year-old wife, dorothy, and 54-year-old daughter, cynthia, early yesterday morning, and then called 911 to admit to it. authorities say he did not provide a motive. a family member told cbs north carolina he suffered from depression and dementia. a funeral today for the shelby police officer shot and killed in the line of duty. officer tim brackeen was serving a warrant when police say he was shot by 23-year-old irving fenner, who is awaiting an extradition to north carolina from rhode island. officer brackeen died two days after being shot. he leaves behind a wife and a child. governor pat mcrory will attend brackeen's funeral. a man in new york city is in critical condition after getting
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32-year-old when they say they saw him trying to remove a boot from the wheel of a car that he apparently was living in at the time. police say after a brief chase, judah hacked an off-duty detective's face with an 11-inch meat cleaver. police shot him. the detective was treated for his injuries. turning now to campaign 2016. hilary clinton is back at work trying to win votes to get into the white house, and her first stop returning to the campaign trail after recovering from unc greensboro for a little more than 20 minutes. she addressed key topics, including the acc and ncaa pulling tournament events out of the tarheel state. she says house bill 2 amounts to legalized discrimination. the republican national committee put out a statement saying north carolina voters do not trust clinton. her supporters say it's donald trump that voters don't trust. republican presidential candidate donald trump is planning another trip to the
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university. that's at noon. and in kenansville for a 5:00 event. evangelist franklin graham, billy graham's son, is, quote, outraged over the acc's decision to pull championship games out of north carolina. in a letter to the commissioner, he called on john not to make political pawns of student athletes. he also went onto say companies and organizations now boycotting the state are guilty of, quote, scheduled for today with governor pat mcrory, we expect him to address the controversy surrounding house bill 2. yesterday for the first time since the ncaa and acc decided to pull championships, mcrory spoke about the decision in charlotte. communities across the state are expected to lose millions of dollars that would have been spent here. two republican senators have now come forward saying they think the legislature should consider repealing house
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the state. >> that's not the type of state we are, and i don't know of one example that the media has brought up where we've discriminated against anyone or arena or football stadium or anything else. scompl i'm hoping that the movement you've heard about this week means that there are people here interested in fixing it so this is a one-time hit and not a five-year hit. >> the governor will be a guest today on the american pastor's network. his interview is set for noon. before you grab those keys and hit t in. good morning. >> good morning. it's 5:57. i-40 is what we're giving you a look at now. things are moving pretty well on i-40. same thing goes if you are heading out the door on 4:40 and 5:40. if you're heading through durham, durham freeway, 85. both moving well, and 95 through the fayetteville area. you are able to go the speed limit. a look at your eastbound drive times on 540 from glennwood avenue to u.s. 64, 18 minutes there.
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10. outside now to i-440 at athens drive at 5:37 this morning, not too much to complain about. >> all right. thank you. the time right now is 5:38. police officers are under investigation this morning after they shoot and kill a 13-year-old in ohio. later, what investigators say happened and who was looking into this case. plus, apple's iphone 7 is available today. sort of. find out why you won't be able
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her name was kathy taft, and she had touched so many children's lives on the state board of education. the police wouldn't have been able to catch her murderer if roy cooper hadn't fixed the problems at the state crime lab that he discovered when he became attorney general. now governor mccrory is attacking mr. cooper, trying to gain politically from the pain of victims and families. governor, please stop. discover card. but i'm calling about that credit scorecard.(to dog. sure! it's free for everyone. oh! well that's nice! and checking your score won't hurt your credit. oh! (to dog)i'm so proud of you. well thank you. get your free credit scorecard at even if you're not a customer. the latest iphone goes on sale today, but if you did not preorder one, don't plan onlining up outside of any apple stores. they already sold out of the iphone 7, this one getting a lot
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plus are water resistant, have improved battery life, which is pretty important to alyssa and i, right, and as well new camera features. we were just talking about this. we got to have battery power. >> we need battery power. the water resistant feature would have come into handy a few years ago as well. 69 degrees right now. this is a live picture from the raleigh durham international airport. pretty quiet as we do start off our morning. you can clearly see the terminal which means no fog at the i did have a little drizzle as i was driving into the office. just watch out for that. shouldn't slow you down too much. mid 60s in henderson and south hill. 70 in clayton. we have 71 right now in lillington and clinton, and 72 the current temperature in fayetteville and rayford. pretty warm for this time of year as we do start off our day. as you're planning your day, again, 8 a.m. temperature should be close to 70. 80 at lunchtime. i'm going to be honest with you. your lunch hour looks really nice. if you are taking your lunch
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quick run, should be coverageable there. 84 our afternoon high, staying mainly dry. we're back to 81 through 6:00. i do want to show you, though, what's in store for the weekend ahead. we'll stay right around the mid 80s tomorrow. we spike, though, to 88 on sunday staying in the mid to upper 80s on monday. that's the best rain chance coming through over the next five to seven days. i'll have a breakdown on those rain chances coming up in about ten minutes. and the time right now is 5:42. still to come, a woman in new york is charged in connection with t toddlers. what investigators say she did and the misdemeanor charges she now faces. this is what we do the job for right here. kids like sam. >> later on cbs north carolina, why police officers in texas
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i'm roy cooper, and you deserve the truth about the crime lab. when i became attorney general, we discovered a backlog of more than 5,000 dna test kits and years worth of shoddy investigations. but what governor mccrory isn't telling you we also solved over 2,000 crimes and put killers and rapists in prison from cold cases. we fixed the problems at the crime lab, and governor mccrory knows that. in this morning's top stories, breaking news. right now, raleigh police are investigating after finding a body on newbern avenue near old
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is a live look as you see officers stationed outside of this location. police are not releasing any other information right now. we will, of course, continue to update this story throughout the morning both on air and online. you can find that on the six-year-old kidnapped wednesday near wilmington is expected to be released from the hospital this morning. witnesses say authorities found stephanie lopez-castro in a wooded area near her home chained to a tree. 46-year-old douglas edward is now facing kidnapping charges. he is expected a funeral will take place today for the shelby mrifr -- police officer shot and killed in the line of duty. officer tim brackeen was serving a warrant when police say he was shot by 23-year-old irving fenner. >> he's shooting him! oh my god sfwlchlt oh my god! they shooting. >> in ohio, police shot and killed a 13-year-old boy after thinking his bb gun was a real one. it started with a report of an armed robbery as officers tried
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teenagers pulled out what they believed was a weapon, prompting officers to open fire, killing king. >> this is what that gun looked like. in addition to this appearance, it also had a laser light attached to it right underneath the barrel. our officers carry a gun that looks practically identical to this weapon. shooting will automatically be presented to a grand jury to determine if the officers involved will face charges. i will light you up. get out now. >> wow. >> get out of the car. >> wow. really? >> the family of sandra bland reached a $1.9 million settlement in a wrongful death lawsuit. three days after officers arrested the texas woman, bland was found dead of an apparent suicide in her jail cell. a special inspection report
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checking up on inmates often enough. an ex-convict who posted anti-islamic rants online confessed to setting fire to a florida mosque. it is the same mosque that the orlando nightclub shooter occasionally attended. an arrest affidavit says 32-year-old joseph michael shriver also said he was embarrassed by the crime and never intended to hurt anyone. no one was injured in that fire. the fire took place on the 15th anniversary of the september 11th terrorist attacks. a new york woman will appear in court connection with the death of her two-and-a-half-year-old twin boys. investigators say heather ace left the boys alone at their home for an hour and a half. that's when a fire started inside the boys' bedroom. investigators do not know what started the fire. their 25-year-old mother, though, is charged with two misdemeanor counts of endangering the welfare of a child. bipartisan lawmakers are pushing the president not to pardon edward snowden.
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documents he stole were military and defense secrets that had nothing to do with americans' privacy. snowden insists he helped the country by revealing secret domestic surveillance programs. former charlotte mayor pat cannon is out of federal prison and in a residential reentry program here in raleigh. he was sentenced to 44 months after pleading guilty to accepting more than $50,000 from undercover agents while serving as mayor. he took over as mayor in december of 2013 and was arrested four months later in march. continued to be a problem for much of south carolina as well as georgia. the slow-moving system weakened then strengthened again. the storm dumped record rain in parts of florida and georgia and, yes, i know the big question this morning is, is it going to impact us here in central north carolina? >> you know what, it's now off to sea enough that i don't think it will threaten us whatsoever. maybe some strong rip currents from time to time, especially around the wilmington area. so if you are heading to the beach this weekend, watch out for that.
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issues for us, and that aes not even a big deal either. so let's start off with a live picture from shaw university. we're looking towards downtown raleigh. pretty nice start to our day. skyline all lit up on this friday morning. 65 degrees in henderson and south hill. 68 in roxboro. we're at 69 right now in durham and in siler city, also in the upper 60s around portions of lee county. we have pinehurst at 70. nearby rayford, 71. i do think we'll be close to 70 the door say right around 8 a.m. i do want you to watch out for patchy drizzle. won't slow you down much, but there could be enough that you may have to use your windshield wipers a few times on your way to work. 80 at lunchtime today and 84 our afternoon high. nowhere near as warm as where we were yesterday. yesterday, we hit 90 again. nine out of the past ten days have actually been in the 90s. we are back to 81 as we head towards 6:00, and i can't rule out a stray shower, but keep in mind, most of you will stay dry.
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because we have the stationary front off to our south. that's keeping tropical storm julia off to our south away from our skies. but this front is close enough to home that we have that small rain chance associated with it. so let's work on the timing of those rain chances. we're looking at dry conditions through lunchtime today. dry for your lunch hour, and it's going to be great. temperatures really ideal. as we head into the afternoon hours, here we are, just a stray shower possibly. mainly south or east of the won't be surprised if we see pretty cloudy skies. that's where we'll be to start off our saturday. saturday afternoon, again, a small chance for a shower or storm possible. by no means will everyone see this wet weather. we also have another named storm in the open atlantic. this is tropical storm carl, strengthened yesterday afternoon. winds right now at 45 miles per hour moving to the west at about 13 miles per hour, and look at this, it's going to travel through the open atlantic over the next few days, over the
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to about 65 miles per hour by tuesday morning. could be nearing hurricane status as we head towards next wednesday. so that's something that we'll be watching closely. by middle of next week, we should know how close to the east coast it should travel. 84 our high in raleigh. 83 in durham today, and 86 in fayetteville. game -- week 5 of our friday football forecast, and look at this, 78 at kickoff. 74 by the second half. pretty good night, though, for high school football all in all. 67 degrees our overnight low , three-day forecast, you'll see we're still in the mid 80s for saturday. back to 88 on sunday. small chance for showers or storms over the weekend. best chance for rain in the section 7 days will develop on monday. that's your latest forecast. here is allie with a check on the roads. >> good morning. it's 5:51. things are moving nicely. this is certainly the time to get out the door to beat that morning rush. we are getting close to it 540, 40 moving well through the raleigh area, through durham. no accidents to report to you
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roads look good. you are seeing all green on our maps, which means no delays. do have a detour to let you know about. started yesterday. howell street to fort bragg fairgrounds is closed off near bragg boulevard. your detail is 295 if you are heading in that direction. look at your westbound drive times to research triangle park on 540 from u.s. 64 to rtp. about 22 minutes there traveling from the garner area going to take you about 24. so pretty avrng for this time in the morning. i-40 at lake wheele starting to get pretty crowded early on this friday morning but, hey, it's friday. >> what a difference. >> that's the good news. >> 30 minutes ago didn't look as crowded. people off to work. time right now is 5:52. still ahead, a bridge is glowing blue right now, all to remember a little boy kidnapped and killed decades ago in minnesota. in 30 minutes, when a memorial service is taking place to honor the hief of jacob. but before we go to break, here is a look at what's coming up later this morning on cbs
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>> i'm charlie rose. coming up, the united states ambassador to the united nations samantha power on how to deal
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six years ago, my mother was murdered. her name was kathy taft, and she had touched so many children's lives on the state board of education. the police wouldn't have been able to catch her murderer
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now governor mccrory is attacking mr. cooper, trying to gain politically from the pain of victims and families. governor, please stop. right now, raleigh police are searching for a bank robber chl police say this man robbed the fifth third bank on six forks road just before noon yesterday. they say he gave a teller then got away with cash. he did not show a weapon, and no one was hurt, but if you have any information, police want to hear from you. through sunday, a bridge in minnesota will glow blue to honor the life of jacob. danny heinrich kidnapped, sexually assaulted, and killed the 11-year-old in 1989. earlier this month, heinrich led authorities to his remains. memorial services will take place on sunday. the bridge lit blue representing child abuse. tomorrow, hundreds of people
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for a scholarship honoring a murdered unc student. someone beat paige to death four years ago in her apartment. police still have not found her killer. tomorrow in noon to 5:00, you can buy a barbecue lunch in support at the building in hollister. the money supports two scholarships for native american college freshmen. police officers invaded a texas neighborhood all for a six-year-old boy. there they go. sa thanking them for protecting him, his family, and friends. he also said he was, quote, thankful for them putting the bad people in jail. sammy's mom shared the letter, and it ended up getting a lot of attention including from the fort worth police force. officers wanted to say you're welcome to sammy in a very special way so they did. he got quite a treat there. austin police honored one of their k-9s for his service. diesel has been with the department since 2011.
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arrests. pretty good. he's retiring because of a medical condition. he will now live with his handler, and he got some cake before he said good-bye. >> there you go. quite the sendoff. time right now is 5:57. we continue the next half hour to follow breaking news in raleigh. lauren. >> the body of a woman was found dead here in raleigh. i'm lauren. coming up on cbs north carolina, we'll have the very latest from raleigh on this investigation. plus, a little girl kidnappefr expected to leave the hospital today. >> well, right now, she's just playing, having fun, hugging everybody, kissing everybody. she's so happy. she just want to be with mom and dad and the friends, and she want to go back to school. >> coming up in our next half hour, why we expect to learn more about -- today about the suspect in the case. before we go to break, taking a live look outside over the city of raleigh.
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at least for now. we are going to find out more about the forecast right after the brea when good, clean food comes to the door, do your best to contain your excitement. now delivering to your home or office in raleigh.
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when good, clean food comes to the door, do your best to contain your excitement.
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now on cbs. >> this is personal when this is in our community. >> now on cbs north carolina, young girl in wilmington is kidnapped and found hours later. how and where authorities found her and who they say is responsible. plus. he was struck by the suspect with a meat cleaver. >> a bizarre leaves several officers and a suspect in the hospital. how police say the unique encounter began and ended. plus this. i was. i was treated like a suspect. >> the woman accusing a unc football player of rape speaks to a national audience. why she says she chose to come forward with her case. good morning to you. happy friday. thank you for watching north carolina news. i'm in for russ. >> glad to have you.


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