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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  September 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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fears on the rise as engineers scramble to repair a gasoline pipeline in the deep south. how the situation is already impacting supplies and prices in north carolina, and throughout the east coast. a twist from governor but -- pat mccrory on the ongoing controversy surrounding hp 2. what he says the city of charlotte must do first before he backs out from the controversial bill. right now here is a live look at raleigh this morning, september 17, good morning and thank you for watching north carolina news at 6. already a very cool start to our morning. fog at the airport right
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you can see some of those foggy skies out there. not impacting very much. we do have visibility down to about .30 miles in raleigh. 1 mile in henderson. that fog is very patchy this morning. we will see some of that fog lingering over the next couple of hours for the fog lifts we see sunshine across the area today. not showing any wet weather here, a few showers sitting offshore, off the coast. it will actually stay there throughout the day today. i area stays dry all day, as we start off your weekend here. 67degrees right now in raleigh, 68 degrees in durham, 69 lillington, 70 fayetteville. overall with this area of area of high-pressure tour northeast experts are mostly dry and warmer day today compared to yesterday. i temperatures in the mid- 80s this avenue. 68degrees at 8 o'clock, 77
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will see tomorrow afternoon with a high temperature of 80 d egrees. i will let you know how long the warm weather will last coming u p. we began this hour with the "breaking news" in philadelphia. a shootout ends with a seven people injured including two police officers on the gun man. the chaos erupted just before midnight when a man walked up to an officer's car, and just started shooting hitting her at least eight times. the suspect fled and eventually fired shots in a bar where he struck a security exited the bar and used a woman as a shield and shot her as well. running from that scene, the suspect started to another car wounding a man and a woman. and then wounded a second officer. the gunmen wasn't shot shot and killed by other responding officers. they uncovered a letter that showed the suspect intended to kill a police officer. >> a bunch of rambling, which educates his hatred for police officers and probation officers. he does mention a particular probation officer, obviously we
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individual down. to make sure they are okay, first and foremost. but, just in line and keeping with a possible motivation, this rambling suggests that he clearly was trying to target a police officer. >> police credit sergeant sylvia young's body armor for saving her life. right now, there is a scramble to repair a leak in a gasoline pipeline, and sll county, alabama. delete for screws to shut down the colonial pipeline that runs from houston all the way to new york. aaa says gas prices could jump by wife -- .15-point 25 in the next couple of days. as long as cruise can get the pipeline back up and running. an executive order was issued earlier this week in an effort to keep fuel trucks on the road
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steps. for now, no panic, yet. >> it would depend on how much more it would end up being. i guess, because i do camille quite a bit, for work, monday through friday that would make a big difference. >> the pipeline should become -- repaired by nestli. chapel hill students are taking a stand this weekend, more than 200 people gathered at the university to support delaney robinson. a fellow student who came forward to say she was raped by a classmate a fo us they wanted to show their solidarity. the university is not doing enough to address complaints. they marched to the department of public safety. for some, it is personal. >> i am profoundly disappointed. 3.5 years ago i was part of a federal complaint against the university, for mishandling sexual assault cases. i really believe the university was doing better, they created
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>> the chancellor sent out a name out to students, and it she writes that she cannot discuss the case specifically. she says they follow the highest standards based on federal law. meanwhile, a bit of controversy flared up during last night's college football game between risa baylor. during halftime rices marching band reference there rivals ongoing sexual assault scandal by performing title ix during its performance. the scandal led to the dismissal of court -- coach r broyles, ken starr the former president and chancellor also left the school. the city of charlotte will have to act first, that is the -- message from governor pat mccrory's office. the law has been criticized nationally, for being discriminatory against the lbgtq community. in a statement released friday, mccrory's office says he will call a special session to
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the governor's director of communications went on to say "we can confirm there is a board to repeal, among the majority of state lawmakers in the house and senate. the governor will call a special session ." house bill two spilling over to the upcoming november election. gary pendleton said he would like to see a special session happen as soon as possible. he is running for reelection against them two opponents in district 49. safe in restrooms and shower facilities, but also has concerns with how broad the law is. >> there is like, i don't know, a dozen things, in the bill that nobody expected. of course, everybody was in a rush, and they passed it and went on back home. >> when you hit basketball, football in north carolina. people may not have been paying attention start paying attention. that is unfortunate.
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i am sure that others are as well. i want to talk about other things, but i want to see florida kill hb 2. [inaudible] >> earlier this week, also called for lawmakers to take a look at repealing hospital 2. moving from our capital to the nations we are covering the race for the white house, butterfield, the chairman of the congressional black caucus slammed donald trump i calling him a fraud over history of accusing president obama about lying about his birthplace. >> he started this silliness years ago. by saying that president obama is not an american citizen. he had no proof of it. so he started this disgusting behavior, seven or eight years ago, questioning the president's citizenship. he would not have done that to
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>>reporter:donald trump meanwhile dismissed claims that he is a racist. as craig boswell reports, he is accusing democrats of playing the race card. >> welcome to all, of you, deplorable's. >>reporter:donald trump accuse democrats of playing the race card, hours after reversing his stance on the birth or controversy. >> when they are in trouble, they always pull out the racist word. they are in very big trouble. i >>reporter:earlier, donald trump abandon his contention that president obama was not born on us soil. >> president barack obama was born in the united states. >>reporter:he also falsely accused hillary clinton of starting the controversy, during her 2008 campaign. then, took credit for ending it. >> i finished it. >>reporter:'s comments set off
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black caucus label trump a disgusting fraud. >> donald trump is nothing more than a 2 bit rayson -- racial arsonist. >> i was pretty confident about where i was born. i think most people were as well. >>reporter:donald trump is this big announcement about the birth or controversy to promote his new hotel here in washington, dc just blocks from the white house. he would not -- he would not allow reporters inside. a new ll 13-point lead among women. but 53% of female voters do not think donald trump respects women much. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. time track 6:09, if you are planning to get one of these, a tattoo, listen up. getting ink may not be worked -- worth the pain and effort. you need to pay close attention to who is doing the work. and understand what you are really subjecting your skin
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spots, and we will see some sunshine eventually replacing some of that fog this morning.
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this. is. everything. honey bunches of oats. it's all of this, this, this, and this. it's the mother of all cereals. of that. it's the most cerealriffic cereal. in all of history. yeah, it's that good. honey bunches of oats. this. is. everything. thank you for sticking with us here on "cbs north carolina." already this morning at a 67 degrees. i feel like we have seen such a
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with in the past three weeks. the '90s are gone. >> it has been so great here with the temperatures back in the 80s. that is where they should be this time of year. that is where they will stay over the next several days. outside this morning, we are dealing with a little bit of fog, keep that in mind if you are planning on heading out and about early, little bit of patchy fog may have struck some of your visibility on the roads. please use caution. visibility down to .30 milesn wake county. be careful there. 4miles in henderson, four-mile visibility in siler city and also in smithfield. the fog is very patchy, it's not everywhere but you may run into it if you're planning on being out and about early here. we've got wet weather setting way out to the southeast and that is where it will stay today. we are looking at a mostly dry afternoon. 67degrees raleigh, 68 durham, 70 is your current temperature
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warmer day today compared to yesterday. we have this area of high pressure to our northeast. what is left of tropical depression julia spinning off to our southeast. it will not be a factor in our weather today. mostly dry with the exception of mainly a stray shower in our southern counties as we head into this afternoon. patchy fog gives way to partly sunny skies, by noon 77 degrees. a mixture of sunshine and clouds with a high temperature of 85. continuing, temperatures falling to 82 degrees. warmer temperatures, and the forecast come over the next several days. lost a few chances for rain. i will have a complete breakdown coming up. the time right now is 6:14, coming up the latest on a bizarre incident that arrested bizarre incident that arrested on an amtrak train taste the many sides of brookside.
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exotic fruit flavor inside. brookside.
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a scary situation unfolding in san fernando valley, california. passengers were forced to evacuate from an amtrak train after force of an armed man on board. report started just before 10 o'clock last night, when passengers reported seeing a man with a gun behaving erratically. the train stopped at the chatsworth station, and everyone was ordered off. by the time deputies arrived the man barricaded himself in one of the trains cars.
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go with the flow and pay attention to what the police s ay, get out of the way. >> dozens of people have been stranded for hours. the incident is causing delays and other trains, as well. more young people are getting tattoos, but they are not always happy with those results. the fda says consumer complaints are on the rise in the government agency is issuing new warnings about the dangers of tattoo ink and industry that is currently under anna warner takes a look at what consumers are really putting on their skin. >>reporter: san francisco hairstylist, samuel loves his salvador dali inspired tattoos. >> i like the art of it. i like the expression of the art. >>reporter: when it comes to what is going under his skin -- >> out of sight, out of mind. [ laughter] >>reporter:you don't spend too much time thinking about it? >> i want them either way.
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much thought. >>reporter:many tattoo fans don't, unless they get a reaction like this. some people have reported sensitivity, allergic reactions, and infections. >> wi-fi cap getting bigger and bigger. >>reporter:sarah, the sister of a cbs news employee, says this tattoo she got in 2013 quickly became infected, and sent her to the emergency room. >> they tell me it was a pretty bad infection and put me on antibiotics. and some crutches, and i was on crutches for a few wee u >>reporter:at this new york city tattoo parlor, the owner, who goes by the name bang bang, ceci takes careful precautions, to include rubber gloves -- >> lots of glove changing in this job. >>reporter: sterilized instruments. >> dangers and tattoo shops are things you do not see. it's micro back area, diseases and germs that we have to clean and sterilized. we need to give extreme care to their preparation.
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ink. san diego dermatologist, arisa ortiz study the issue. >> what is concerning about tattoo inks, is that we do not know what is going into these tattoo inks. >>reporter:the fda notes many pigments and inks are industrial gray colors used for printers ink or automobile paint. ortiz says some contain heavy metals, like cobalt or cadmium. >> it can cause many types of different problems. allergic skin inflammatory reactions, or even types of skin cancer, when you go in to get a tattoo, it is important that you are aware of that to do not think it is just harmless pain going into your skin. >>reporter:the fda report seven voluntary recalls of tattoo ink since 2004. one that came after 19 people contracted a serious infection from contaminated ink. this owner says he trusts his
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scrutiny. >> i think, in the future, they do need to really test what is inside of them. >>reporter:the fda is in the process of doing just that. the agency recently came up with new ways to look for harmful toxins, and those inks, and is trying to develop methods to identify just what is in those color pigments. they could not tell us whether there would be new regulations out of all of this. anna warner, cbs news, new york. storm julia. it is on its way away from us, right? >> actually downgraded this morning to a tropical depression. it will be out of the picture. still may cause some issues for areas along the north and south carolina coast just some high surf and rip currents. at least, in length, things are not looking too bad for us. outside right now we are dealing with some fog. you can see some of those foggy
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morning. aside from that fog, not a whole lot going on outside here. satellite looking mostly clear with the exception of some of that fog. the radar showing a few showers sitting up your southeast. that is where the showers will generally stay throughout the day today. speaking of that fog, visibility down to .30 miles in raleigh and parts of northwest week county. please do some caution, the fog is very patchy out there. not everywhere experiencing that fog this morning, but if you are out and about early, please be careful. 67degrees raleigh, 68 degrees and arm, 67 siler city, 64 lewisburg, 70 is your current temperature in fayetteville. we will be a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday, and a couple of degrees above normal this afternoon. topping out at 85 degrees. very small chance of an isolated shower, especially
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later this afternoon it will be short-lived. i think the majority of the area stays dry all day. that's thanks to this area of high pressure sitting up for northeast here. at least 70 skies, a mostly dry afternoon, we will get rid of that fog here this morning. we will see some sunshine today, as we headed to our day t omorrow. we may see a few showers creeping their way on shore as tropical depression julia starts to spin off the north carolina customer. upper '80s tomorrow, ahead of our next cold front which will push into the area on monday. this cold will bring us our best chance of rain all week. chance of a few isolated to scattered showers are best as we head into the start of the week monday afternoon. 10 i latest on tropical depression julia. winds 30 miles per hour gusting to 40, and it is pretty much stationary.
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sitting on the coast of africa right now with 45 mile-per-hour winds gusting to 60 miles per hour. latest track, on julia -- karl has us staying over the atlantic the lot -- next several days. likely strengthening into a category one hurricane by early thursday morning. beyond that we will keep a very close eye, it may make a swing out over the open atlantic, but we will watch a very closely here over the next few days. temperatures across the sand hills today in the upper '80s, 87 degrees at fort bragg, fayetteville and raeford, 85 sanford, 86 lillington and done. 85 rocky mount and wilson, 86 goldsboro and benson, 87 degrees in clinton. looking for 84 degrees today in durham, 85 degrees also in raleigh. college football across the
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mixture of sunshine and clouds. forecast looks pretty good. a high of 88 degrees for your sunday, chance of a shower or storm in the afternoon. monday is our best chance for rain, all week. we dry out after monday, a lot of sunshine in the forecast coming your way. tuesday mostly sunny with a high of 87. 87 also on wednesday with more sunshine, fall officially begins on thursday with a high of back in the upper '80s with sunny skies for friday. a pretty good-looking forecast. temperatures in the 80s all week. getting close to 90 degrees by the end of the week, but i do not think we will quite make it there. >> with fall here, we cannot
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well, it's not friday night anymore, we can still show you highlights from last nights game of the week. a battle between neighbors, chapel hill has dominated east
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games by a combined score of 106-2118. it has been pretty bad. you can never say never in a rivalry game. if you are looking to pull off an upset this is what you have to do. will schmidt walks it in for 7, and sometimes it is better to be lucky than good. wildcats gone for the kick, but the snap is fumbled. they remain calm and found his receiver will schmidt again. east chapel hill was up 14-0. here comes the tigers. ac stout to find ben kelly to tie the game at 14. chapel hill up by 2 at the half. that turned out to be the difference. they take this 129-27, even in defeat east chapel hill says there is plenty to be proud of. >> i am proud of them. they have nothing to be ashamed about, and i am not ashamed to be a coach. these guys busted their tails today. >> good to hear that from coach
6:30 am
friday. every week we sifted through all of the highlights and save our best of the best for right now. it's time to show you guys our play of the week nominees for week 5. dalen's pro, he takes the hand often takes it down the left side, shows off some pretty shifty moves making 2 guys miss on his way to the end zone. play number two, boy does he have some talent. he ran through tackles on his way and for a 57-yard touchdown. that was one of his three first- half touchdowns also. our last play of the week was the opening play of the game, garner took back the very first kick of the game, donovan evan shows up speed, speed, and speed on his return. very nice job, young man, very nice job. now that you have seen all of this weeks nominees go to and let us know which one you think should be our play of the week.
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for sports this morning. to him this evening for highlights in reaction to the area's biggest college football games. we will see you then. coming up in our next half hour, a stunt puts his life on the line -- a stunt man rather
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a live look at raleigh right now. thank you for watching "cbs north carolina"." we have all of your top stories coming up in just a moment. but first let's head over to the weather center and chat a bit with storm team meteorologist, kristen ketchel with a look at our weekend forecast. >> a little foggy out there this morning, looking toward the east and we can usually see, this guy getting a little bit brighter ahead of sunrise. unfortunately, we are we are not seeing very much in the way of sunny skies. we will see a little bit of sunshine as we head into this afternoon. this morning we are dealing with the fog which is reducing our visibility. .30miles in raleigh, fog very patchy, but it is out there. 1.7-mile visibility here in roanoke rapids, five miles in
6:34 am
got some low clouds and fog, and we've also got some shower sitting off to our east here, as you can see on our satellite and radar here. these showers actually associated with tropical depression julia. if anything, our southern counties may see an isolated shower this afternoon. i think most of us are dry all day. 67degrees currently in raleigh, 68 degrees in durham, 66 rocky mount, 67 goldsboro, 70 your current temperature in raeford and we will seek -- fog and clouds this morning. a high today 85, falling to 82 degrees with partly sunny skies at 6 p.m. we have warmer temperatures in the forecast and a few chances for rain coming your way. i will be back with those details coming up. "breaking news" 2 fort worth police officers are in the hospital after being wounded in a shootout. investigators say the officers were called and responding to a
6:35 am
shooting at them. one officer is in critical condition, the other escaped serious injury thanks to the body armor. >> both families are here, with their loved ones. our police family is here also to support both officers, and we ask that you send your prayers, and prepare to take a few questions, but realize that i cannot and will not give out any particulars about the ongoing scene happened to the gun man. $9 million of bond, that is what a man accused of kidnapping and indecent liberties with a child in wilmington must now face. douglas edwards was arrested thursday hours after investigators say he kidnapped a six euro girl. she was on miles away from her home chained to a tree. the girl is now home with her family this morning. the man who helped police by loaning them a saw to cut the girl free was stunned by what he saw.
6:36 am
pretty much i thought she was in shock. >> edwards appeared in court, on friday, authorities accredited joint document -- law enforcement and fbi for helping find is that a go. in cumberland county, bobby king was arraigned on friday on first-degree murder charges. the veteran is accused of killing his wife and daughter. the judge told king he could get the death penalty, if convicted. after the hearing, king's daughter praised chief for allowing her to visit her father at the police station before he was taken to jail. >> when i walked in, my father didn't even know who i was. then when his mind came back, he said hey baby, like he had no idea what had went on. but, i wanted my dad to know i love him. i forgive him. and that we are here for him. >> he says he suffers from
6:37 am
carolina man killed over the summer fighting isis, is being return home this weekend. 27-year-old william savage is one of three americans who joined a kurdish forces fighting isis and syria. the other two americans will return to the family's home in denver. relatives gathered at an amtrak station there is their loved ones caskets were hoisted from a train. records show, none of the americans joined the us military but decided to join the kurdish to do what they could to fight terrorism. "breaking news", in philadelphia, 2 police officers investigators say the officers were wounded shortly after 11 o'clock near penn station. a suspect was shot and killed. police in denver say they are still looking for a man reported to be carrying a gun or a hospital yesterday. the complex was locked down amid reports of gunshots. officers conducted a room by room search of rose medical center lasted through the night. police have not given the all clear for the complex, but their investigation continues. >> realized, this is a very
6:38 am
we are open and ready for however this turns out. our job is to prepare, and make sure that we are in place so that we can respond to whatever comes. >> authorities.out that the man they are looking for, is only a person of interest, at this point. not a suspect. former itt tech students can now apply to get their en state were enrolled in the school before close the stores earlier this month. the school closed after the us department of education call for more oversight to address the colleges ongoing failure to meet accreditation standards. contact the attorney general's office to learn how to apply. a traffic alert if you are commuting on i 40. sunday night cruise will shift traffic onto the three rebuilt lanes for near lake wheeler road to just past the exit ramp
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time right now, coming up, encouraging new information in the fight against child cancer. why parents and kids have more help than ever. plus, things really break loose during a major-league baseball game. if you are heading out in about early this morning, watch for some fog. we've got patchy fog but it is thick in some this. is. everything.
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unbelievable. stuntman eddie. i sent his hero evil knievel failed to accomplish 42 years ago. they mimicked the legendary jump across the snake river canyon and twin falls, idaho. it took him three years and more than $1 million, of his own money to make the job. he says he made the jump not to prove that he could do it, but to fulfill the dream of his hero. watching it, i feel nervous for him. i can only imagine how he felt
6:43 am
accomplished such a major goal. >> still scary though. being shot out of a cannon. >> you're minimizing it, a lot of scary. >> good for him, at least. >> i am sure he will be talking about this accomplishment for years to come. let's talk about whether, we have great weather to do a little less adventurous activities outdoors today. >> not too bad outside, we are dealing with fog but it will be replaced eventually by sunshine as we headed to this afternoon. not too much fog and carry right there, this morning. not able to see the skies getting brighter ahead of the sunrise here. your visibility is reduced because of fog, .30 miles in raleigh, fog is currently thickness this morning. we've got a four-mile visibility in henderson, 2.5 miles in smithfield. low clouds settling in over the area, in those places. we will see the fog and low
6:44 am
afternoon. not showing very much of the way of clock cover, the clouds that are out there not going to linger very long here. the showers you see sitting off to your southeast, those are going to stay there. not be an issue for us today. 67degrees in raleigh right now, 68 durham, 70 fayetteville, we've got a mostly dry and warmer day heading our way t oday. mid to upper '80s, and we've got partly sunny skies in the forecast, too. that fog only an issue for the early with partly sunny skies by lunchtime. a mixture of sun and clouds by 3 p.m. with a high temperature of 85. mostly dry, very small chance of an isolated shower especially across the sand hills this afternoon. we got warmer weather, in the forecast, some water weather in the forecast, too. as a peek ahead of what the first day of fall will bring. i will have all of those
6:45 am
a goldsboro woman wanted for leaving her dead mother in a freezer has been mother in-law with a keen sense of smell... glad bag, full of trash. what happens next? nothing. only glad has febreze to neutralize odors for 5 days. guaranteed. even the most perceptive noses won't notice the trash.
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warning. this commercial contains brief moments of product nudity. stripped of chocolate. its peanuts exposed around a soft caramel center. a payday bar will get you through your day. expose yourself to payday. a goldsboro woman accused of putting her mother's body in a freezer has been arrested. sold the freezer to a neighbor for $30, back in may. she had told the neighbor, not to open it because it was being used as a time capsule.
6:48 am
and failing to report a death. new research shows the cancer death rate for children continues to decline. daniel nottingham introduces us to a little boy who is beating the disease. >>reporter:3-year-old aiden kramer is bursting with energy. >> i play the drums, and the guitar, and the piano. >>reporter:less than one year ago, he was in a hospital battling leukemia. the most common cancer in >> that is the worst thing you can possibly think is, i have zero control over this. i could very well lose my child. >>reporter:a new government study says the chances of surviving childhood cancer are improving. from 1999-2014, there was a 20% drop in cancer deaths among children and adolescents. >> cell therapy, these are now going to be brought to bear to improve on this progress, such that we expect
6:49 am
deaths from childhood cancer. >>reporter:the study also found that leukemia is no longer the leading cause of cancer deaths in children and adolescents. three out of 10 cancer deaths are now from brain cancer. >> the progress has lagged behind in brain tumors. we have to double our efforts to improve the outcome for the children's. he met after five months of chemotherapy, aiden is now cancer free and giving back to other patients. >> other kids, at the hospital >>reporter:his chances of relapse are high, so he has regular checkups. would say oh my goodness, you never know he was sick. i am grateful for that everyday. >>reporter:this family is making every day count. daniel nottingham, cbs news, temple city, california. >> what a cutie pie, we hope you get to feeling better. try to take a rough night for baseball fans in denver. players and fans wound up running for cover when a hail storm hit the middle of the ninth inning. the good news here, the colorado rockies were able to
6:50 am
over san diego 8-7. all we needed was mother nature to apply and drop some hail for us, i think all sports fans would be asking for hail. hell is very unpleasant to be an especially when you are not covered like a lot of those fans. luckily it was short lived there. right now we have fog out there this morning. you can typically see the raleigh skyline in the background here, this time of morning, but the fog has settled in. it's cutting those buildings in half, so you can see, visibility is reduced because of the fog. our satellite generator not showing too much going on here. we do have shower city tour southeast offshore. those are all associated with tropical depression julia. those will stay offshore here for the most part today. we are looking at a relatively dry day across the area. visibility down to about three tenths of a mile in raleigh
6:51 am
4miles in henderson, 2.5 miles in smithfield. areas where we are under 10 miles, we do have some low clouds that have settled in around the area, as well. 1.7miles your current visibility in roanoke rapids. temperatures in the 60s for us, seven degrees in raleigh, 68 degrees right now in durham, and clayton it is 64. lewisburg and roanoke rapids 62. these temperatures today will be climbing into the mid- 80s, a little bit warmer than we actually were yesterday. we will get rid of the fog in the low clouds this morning. with partly sunny skies there most of today. temperatures climbing to 85 degrees in a small chance of an isolated shower after about 3 o'clock this afternoon. most of our day will be partly sunny and mostly dry. we have this area of high- pressure tour tour northeast. tropical depression julia spinning offshore. it is stationary right now, we will stay there for the next
6:52 am
once we get into our day tomorrow we will see a few showers as julia starts to drift a little bit closer to shore here. some of the showers make it onshore and impact our southern counties. most of us stay dry tomorrow, as well. this will bring us our best chance of rain, all week. that will happen on monday. it pushes julia further out to sea, and we are dry through most of the week ahead. winds gusting to 40 miles per hour, off the coast of north and south carolina currently. we have a new tropical system here, this one way out over the open atlantic, this is tropical storm karl. winds 40 miles per hour now gusting to 60. it will track out over the open atlantic moving west, by thursday there is a pretty good possibility it will be a category one hurricane over the
6:53 am
bit warmer across the sand hills, 87 fort bragg in fayetteville, around the triangle temperatures in the mid- 80s. 85 raleigh and kerry, 84 chapel hill and durham. football looks great today whether you are going to see unc face-off against james madison. temperatures in the 80s for the kickoff of all of those games, with partly to mostly sunny skies. panthers a play at home tomorrow for t the 40 niners in town at charlotte, looking at a temperature around 86 degrees at kickoff, 88 degrees by that last play. game starts at 1 p.m. tomorrow. high temperature across the area tomorrow, 88 degrees, small chance of an afternoon shower or storm. better chance heads our way on monday with a high temperature of 85 degrees. cold front not going to do much for us temperature wise, still in the 80s. as a system of high-pressure building behind that we are dry
6:54 am
thursday. with a high temperature of 86. >> as much as i love to see the 80s, i can imagine in a few weeks we will be complaining how cold it is. i guess we should enjoy it. >> we had a lots of 90 degrees days this summer. in the triangle we did not hit 100, however we had a lot of 90- degree days. i think the cooldown is going to be very nice here. the time right now is 6:54,
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6:56 am
new rules are set to go into effect soon at the do gardens. dogs and other pets will no longer be allowed starting january 1. the university says it has become more challenging to protect the plants and wildlife while also providing the best experience possible to its visitors. kicked off as we can with a pretty eye-opening lunch. he helped start of the annual bug fast. oh, my goodness. look at sean's face. he was judging an iron chef style cookoff featuring chefs at the big easy.
6:57 am
yes, and which also happened to be the theme of this year's bug fast. 30,000 made their way make their way to raleigh at the sides museum. this is the 20th year for the event that formally caps off today. way to go sean, you're taking one for the team. continues in downtown raleigh today it features an amazing array of art for the entire family. bill rae certainly had a good time when he checked out the event yesterday, even opting to which is a symbol of the festival. no surprise bill would check that out. look at him. he's just enjoying the weekend. the event continues there tonight. never shocks me when bill has a little fun out there. >> the weather is great for all of the events going on, and whatever else is going on across the area today. mostly dry with a temperature of 85 degrees. a few showers likely tomorrow afternoon.
6:58 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it's september 17th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." donald trump tries to put the birther issue to bed, but sparks yet another controversy over guns. plus, the zika danger zone in miami triples. we will have details on the new infection. >> uber launches self-driving cars in one u.s. city. what it means for a driverless future. kicking off a new era. for the first time in decades


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